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Leo Horoscope, Year 2014 Overview: Summary of the year ahead for Leo the Lion.

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2014 Leo Overview


2014 Leo Overview: Horoscope 

A powerful year is ahead for you, dear Leo. Jupiter will move into your sign mid-July, stimulating a personal new beginning of sorts and upping your personal magnetism to new heights. Until then, you are in a strong period for doing inner work and for healing.

Working on your communication skills is essential this year, particularly in the first half, when assertive, fiery Mars moves through your solar third house of communication, some of this time in retrograde motion. You can be very active making connections and getting the word out now, but there can be some problems with impulsive or even brusque communications. This can also play out in terms of physical movement and transportation. Tone things down as much as possible, particularly on the job in January, and everywhere else from March to mid-May. some of the greatest joys - and challenges - come through learning, communications, and connecting. You need to learn to listen to others so that you discover the value of true communication and exchange, and to see both sides of a situation. Learning to slow down, to be sensitive to social graces and networks, and to sensitize yourself to others' needs and communications, will release you from nervous tension and help you achieve more happiness and inner balance. You are also challenged to spend more time in your own neighborhood, with siblings, at school, and with family.

The first half of 2014 is powerful for healing and serving - and thoroughly enjoying the process! There is some tendency towards overdoing escapism, however, which should be watched. May is especially strong for finalizing a creative project or reaping the rewards from one, as well as better energy for family affairs. While family and/or home life can be felt as restrictive and confining at times again this year, in May, there is more enjoyment or pride in meeting responsibilities.

You're doing a lot for others, and for the most part, you feel good about it, in the first half of the year.

Your most important work in early 2014 is finding peace with the past. This will free you up for better enjoyment of the Jupiter in Leo transit that begins in the middle of July and runs well into 2015.

Saturn's influences on you continue. There can be some lessened vitality or susceptibility to mild health issues. Home is not always the ideal place for escape and relaxation in recent years and in 2014. Making the home a healthier place, both physically and psychologically, will do much to improve this.

There is more emotional sensitivity and openness this year as well. Increasingly, you're experiencing a greater need to explore your inner needs and psychological makeup.

Watch for neglect or even deception in money dealings, particularly with others. Some of you could be racking up too much debt, or a significant other may be a drain on your resources in some way.

The second half of the year is about awakening for you. Your desire to truly live life rather than simply going through the motions becomes consuming now. You project yourself with more confidence, and many of you are enjoying a newfound confidence in your own body and manner. You are letting go of the more immature behavior patterns of the past and becoming especially comfortable in your own skin. This is a great time for improving your manner and appearance, although this tends to come with very little effort - it's a natural process. People truly like you, not necessarily for what you do, but for your personality, and they especially enjoy your company during this cycle. Personal pleasures, freedom, self-expression, and creativity are big on your list of priorities.

Exciting energy is with many of you in your love life. You may be attracting foreigners, teachers, or intellectuals into your experience, and some of you can have a long-distance romance or meet someone special through your travels. What is most important to you at this point in your life is a meeting of minds. You crave intellectual stimulation, and you're hungry to learn and experience new things. In the first half of the year, love may be on the complicated side (for some, it's absent). There may be a relationship that is private or sacrificial in some manner. From mid-year forward, there is a romantic revelation, blossoming, or awakening going on. Your romance ruler, Jupiter, forms a positive aspect with your relationship ruler, Uranus, from September forward, and this stimulates excitement in your love life. It's also a strong time for travel, education, and recognition of your creative talents.

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