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Capricorn Love Compatibility

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Love Sign Compatibility: Comparing Venus Signs in Astrology

Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Matches for CAPRICORN

Note: You are likely familiar with comparing sun signs to determine compatibility. It can be much more revealing to compare Venus signs in romantic relationships! Find out your position of Venus by sign here.

Keep in mind that you can use these compatibility interpretations for Sun Signs as well!


If your Venus is in Capricorn:

When your Venus is in Capricorn, you are generally steadfast and deliberate in love, finding safety and comfort in all that is tried and true. You can be on the cautious side about sharing your heart, but your reliability as a partner is hard to resist for many people.

You act respectfully in love, and take extra care not to hurt a partner. For that matter, you take extra care not to get hurt yourself! This self-protective quality can sometimes frustrate your partner, simply because you are not very comfortable with letting yourself go on a romantic level. Once your defenses are down (at least some of them), you are a warm, tender, and even vulnerable lover.

Things are at their best in your relationships when your partner understands that you show your emotions and care through actions rather than words. What appears to be a certain coolness, aloofness, or even snobbishness actually hides a fair amount of vulnerability and warmth. When you feel safe and comfortable with someone, you are far more demonstrative.

Yours is a strong sensuality. You attract others with a quiet charm that fairly reeks with competence. There is a controlled manner about you when it comes to love, and potential partners can sense it. It can drive them wild if they are so inclined! You are attracted to a partner who is responsible and respectable. Someone who is passionate may at once scare you and appeal to you, and these conflicting emotions and reactions can lead to quite a powerful attraction. Perhaps a passionate person is exactly what you need to loosen up a little. You have much to offer others, and your dependability is sure to be appreciated in the long haul. For those who are up to the challenge, discovering the earthy sensuality and vulnerability inside you will be a tremendous reward. They will have to win your trust, and a little persistence will certainly help.

(See Venus in Capricorn for more details on the Venus in Capricorn temperament). 

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Aries: The differences in your styles of expressing love should be pretty obvious right from the start. This can be a source of much fascination, and some misunderstandings as well. Your relationship needs are decidedly more practical and earthy than those of your partner. In matters of the heart, your lover acts first and thinks later. You, on the other hand, consider all of the ins and outs of the partnership: is it practical? Will it work down the road? Do you work well with each other? None of these things are quite as important to your partner, as he or she tends to think in the here and now, while you take into consideration the future of your relationship. If you share your finances with your Venus in Aries lover, you are in the position to help curb your partner's habit for impulsive spending, and whether or not your lover appreciates that depends entirely on him or her! Your partner might complain that you are a little too serious at times, but hopefully you will enjoy the fact that your partner is remarkably capable of infusing relationships with fun and activity. Because your partner is more forthright in love than you are, it is likely his or her responsibilty for getting this relationship going, but if your partner thinks they can always be the leader, they might have another thing coming! Certainly, you are definitely more cautious with your heart, but you also have a reserve of strength that is mighty indeed. Your partner might consider you to be somewhat of a challenge, but challenges in love are generally considered exciting for Venus in Aries. Some clashes are inevitable, but with understanding and love, this relationship can work.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Taurus: This is one of the easier combinations because, although you are different enough to sustain each other's interest, you share enough common goals in love to keep tension to a minimum. Both of you share a basic appreciation for sensuality and earthy pleasures, and you will likely agree on how you spend money to boot. Neither of you jump into partnership thoughtlessly, so yours may be a somewhat lengthy courting. On the other hand, you make each other feel so extraordinarily comfortable and safe that you might surprise yourselves and give in to the feelings you have for each other more readily than you would with others. Seeing eye to eye on matters of the heart (and the bank account) can do wonders for any partnership. You are more likely to be the one to take action in your partnership, and may sometimes find your partner a little too complacent. However, you know that you can rely on one another, and this is something that is important to you both. Each of you has a way of attracting the good things in life, and your partnership is sure to be characterized with healthy abundance.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Gemini: This is one of the more unusual pairings that can be fascinating and frustrating at the same time. Your partner has a lighter attitude toward love and commitment than you do. You are likely to appreciate the fact that your partner can help infuse your relationship with humor, liveliness, and activity, although you may not feel as safe with this person than you do with some others. Your concern with commitment, and tendency to plan for the future may be a bit foreign to your more happy-go-lucky lover. You are sensual and practical at the same time, perhaps a little shy or awkward when it comes to the first stages of love, but really quite dependable in the long haul. You like your solitude, and your partner likes his or her space. If your lover can avoid feeling threatened by your need for alone time, and simply take advantage of those moments to pursue some of his or her many and varied interests, this partnership can work well. You are more able to handle your lover's quips and teasing than others, although you might complain that his or her head is in the clouds. Your feet are definitely on the ground, but you don't shy away from ambition and progress either! Despite this, if your partner is the more flighty of Venus in Gemini people, he or she might even find you downright boring. This isn't to say you are boring, but your partner does favor a livelier, more active partner than you may express. In difficult pairings, you might be inclined to think your partner is about as substantial as cotton candy! It's all in perception, as well as your different values. This is not considered to be an easy pairing, as we are mixing Air with Earth and Mutability with Cardinality. Gemini and Capricorn have little in common. Nevertheless, many couples have such combinations, probably because we are often attracted to differences. Perhaps it's because we sense that the other person has what we lack, and vice versa! 

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Cancer: Opposites attract, and you and your partner's Venus (love) signs are in opposite signs of the zodiac! You are sure to find each other fascinating indeed. The attraction will be powerful as you represent qualities that your partner lacks, and vice versa. However, over time, your different partnership needs can cause a few problems. Your partner's approach to love is sensitive and intuitive, while you tend to be more practically inclined. You prefer to have tighter control in the emotional department. However, both of you are very mindful of the future. You are both quite willing to commit, although somewhat unsure about it at the beginning. This slow and cautious approach to commitment likely stems from the fact that both of you know that you are responsible people and rushing into something might get you into something that can be difficult to break. This might mean that your relationship takes some time to get off the ground, and your partnership can involve quite a bit of "feeling each other out", and in some cases outright testing of each other, in the initial stages of romance. When your relationship settles, you will most certainly take good care of each other—you in a practical sense and your partner in a nurturing way. You have much to learn from each other, and loads to offer one another. Your relationship will meet with the most success if you appreciate each other's differences, rather than single them out and use them as emotional weapons against each other. Dependability will characterize this pairing, and both of you put dependability near the top of your "lists" in the relationship department!

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Leo: Your partner is insatiably expressive in love relationships, often impulsive, and very demonstrative. You possess a more steady, practical view of relationships. Dramatizing feelings is as natural as breathing to your partner (he doesn't just like something, he adores it; he isn't simply hurt by what you say, he is devastated, etc.). You, on the other hand, are more reserved about your feelings and desires, as you are cautious about letting another person into your heart. In fact, you may at times find gushy emotions uncomfortable and downright impractical. You may question the sincerity behind your partner's demonstrations. Both of you value loyalty and security in partnerships, but your styles of expressing love are radically different. Your partner needs to be reminded that the constancy of your feelings are very valuable. You are certainly more concerned about where your relationship is headed. Your partner, on the other hand, is living for the moment where love is concerned. If you share finances, similar conflicts can arise between you! Both in love and with money, you believe in moderation, and your partner is inclined to go overboard in both areas. Remember that your partner's ego is tied up in how you treat him or her, and there is the risk that your partner's apparent over-confidence will prompt you to want to curb it by limiting compliments! If this is the case, your partner is likely to lose interest fast. You need to understand that your partner is far more insecure in love than he or she lets on. You value solitude from time to time, and your occasional withdrawal is sure to fire your partner up. Your partner's head is often in the clouds when it comes to love, and his or her vision of the future is generally positive, while you are largely realistic. Sounds like an unlikely couple? It does, but if both of you are willing, you can certainly learn a lot from each other. You  might enjoy your lover's ability to brighten up your day, and your partner will love your extraordinary sense of humor and commitment to making things work between you. 

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Virgo: Both of you have Venus placed in earth signs, and the similarities between your needs in romance and partnership will be obvious. Security in partnership is a shared value, and each of you takes responsibility for their share of the relationship. Although pairing two earth signs sounds a little...well, dry...there is sure to be plenty of mutual respect and appreciation circulating between you! You cherish some moments of solitude, and that is something that your partner will need to understand and respect. There is no reason for him or her to feel threatened with this behavior, although it might just come down to that when you don't yet know each other well. Both of you are somewhat reticent at the beginning of a relationship, perhaps more so on your side, perhaps because both of you are responsible people who can be a little shy and cautious in matters of the heart. It may be slow-moving at the beginning as a result. However, this is a commitment-friendly combination as you will find much to trust in one another. Both of you have a work ethic and are relatively conservative with money. You will work hard at making things work, and so will your partner. Each of you is concerned about putting down roots. Criticism tends to come naturally to both of you, although you are more concerned about keeping it to a minimum so as to preserve the relationship's integrity. Both of you, and perhaps especially your partner, will have to try to channel it into constructive areas instead of letting loose on each other! All in all, however, this pairing is an easygoing and stable one. 

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Libra:  Both of you place a high value on partnerships, and you are equally committed—only in different ways! If you can get past the differing styles of expressing love, then you will find this common thread is a bonding one. Your partner is most concerned with equality in relationships, and is often busy weighing the pros and cons from day to day. You are also concerned about your relationship, only you are somewhat more reserved when it comes to open expression of love. Eloquence and romance are important to your partner, while practical expressions of love are important to you. You will appreciate your partner's commitment to you, deriving a sense of security from it. Your partner should appreciate your commitment as well, and is likely to feel very at ease with you. You exude a charming air of competence, which is a definite turn-on for your partner! The attraction between the two of you is likely to be high. Your partner's willingness to adjust and adapt brings a definite strength to the relationship, and it would be wise for you to both appreciate and acknowledge that quality in your lover. In turn, your partner should acknowledge your stability in love, and appreciate the security he or she derives from this constancy. Your styles in love are different, but mutual respect is always possible despite this, and will go a long way towards compatibility. 




How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Scorpio: The passion you sense in your Venus in Scorpio mate is real, and this thought excites you. Although other lovers may find you a tad reserved and perhaps even undemonstrative in love, your Venus in Scorpio lover has a way of making you feel extraordinary. Because you both fear and crave intimacy, your partner is probably one of the most ideal people to get to you. You are intrigued, and your partner is sure to find you equally fascinating—even a challenge. Your dedication to a relationship will be appreciated by your partner, probably more than most, and it is when you feel appreciated that you are at your romantic best. You both have strong personalities, in different ways, and this may cause some tension at times. However, neither of you can stay attracted to someone "weak" for too long, so the mutual respect can do wonders for your partnership. This is a stimulating combination, one with a lot of give and a lot of take. If anything, you will certainly never be bored with each other. Perhaps what you appreciate most from your Venus in Scorpio partner is his or her ability to see past your defenses. While others may be intimidated by your often cool and even aloof exterior, your partner knows there is a lot more to you.  

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Sagittarius: Your love natures and needs are quite different, which can set you up for both challenges and growth opportunities. Your partner throws him or herself whole-heartedly into the love of the moment, without much interest in long-term relationship planning. You, on the contrary, are considerably more cautious about starting a relationship, but once you make a commitment, it is a lasting and serious one. The potential clash here is the direction of the partnership. You want to garner some sort of security from plans for your relationship, while your partner is hell-bent on "winging it". Your partner attracts others with a friendly, optimistic personality, and you exude a certain quiet, cautious charm when it comes to love. Chances are that your partner is the more outgoing of the two—not necessarily in a general personality sense, but in terms of the kindling of your romantic relationship. Your Venus in Sagittarius lover's spiritedness was likely a big turn-on for you, at least at the outset. As things move forward, however, you might, if you are not careful, tend to pick at that very optimism, perhaps due to your own fears of being insecure in partnership. Your partner might complain that you take things too seriously, and wish for more "oomph" and adventurousness. Nevertheless, with understanding, you have much to offer each other. Allow your partner to loosen you up, as he or she offers a freshness and encouragement that is hard to find elsewhere, while you can most certainly help your partner to see the value of planning ahead and treating others with respect and concern.

How You Relate to a Partner who also has Venus in Capricorn:  Similar goals and similar needs in love provide a healthy and solid foundation for your partnership. No matter how different you are on other levels, the fact that your relationship needs are comparable can help smooth out your pairing. If you share finances, having both of your Venus signs in Capricorn can certainly help you see eye-to-eye on how you spend and save money. Both of you are able to save for a rainy day, and you appreciate that your partner is just as responsible in this respect as you are. Each of you can be a little shy or standoffish at first when it comes to getting to know each other intimately, so this relationship may take a bit of time to get off the ground, but once together, the mutual respect between you will certainly take you places. Of course, whenever we are combining two of the same signs, there is a risk of getting into a rut, but if you have enough differences in other areas of life, stimulation shouldn't be too much of a problem. You can rely on one another, and that is sure to feel good.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Aquarius: This is a somewhat odd combination, as your Venus sign position is in a next-door-neighbor sign to your partner's Venus. In astrology, next-door-neighbor signs have a difficult time finding common ground. However, there can be quite a bit of intrigue. Each of you has a certain aloof quality about you when it comes to romance and love. However, your manner hides an earthy sensuality and attachment to the person you love. Your partner's aloofness, on the other hand, isn't hiding anything! Your partner is genuinely somewhat detached when it comes to relationships, and is less interested in committing to one special person. Your partner enjoys making friends and sharing social activities with his or her mate. You are usually content to spend more private time with your partner than spreading yourselves around in a social sense. You are a little more possessive of your partner as well. Certainly, your partner will give you plenty of space to be yourself, and that is a true gift. However, you might be looking for something more substantial. Your partner has a gift of being able to step back from a problem in order to find ways to solve it. His or her ability to reason is something you might appreciate, as long as you don't slip into the feeling of being threatened by that ability to detach. With love and understanding, this partnership can work. It simply might require more adjustments than either of you may desire.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Pisces: Your Venus in Pisces partner is likely very drawn to your aura of strength and conviction. You exude an air that you "have it together", and this is very attractive to your partner, as he or she is not as regimented in his or her feelings for others. You, in turn, are likely to be intrigued with your lover's kind and hospitable nature. He or she actually listens to what you have to say, and understands it! Your partner's willingness to adapt and accept can be extremely attractive to you, as you are more disciplined and definite in what you want from a partnership. If the both of you can accept and appreciate each other's differences in expressing love, this can be a mutual admiration society. However, when the chips are down, these differences might cause challenges. Your lover might find you too rigid in your expectations from the partnership, and you might easily find your partner's dreamy love nature too ethereal. However, this combination is a mix of Water (Pisces) and Earth (Capricorn), which can be very fertile. Your Pisces partner will be more able than most people to tap into your heart, uncovering the warmth underneath your somewhat cool exterior. You will appreciate your partner's adaptability and acceptance of your commitments to the partnership and to other areas of life as well.


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Important Note:

We offer sign-to-sign compatibility interpretations assuming readers know that the comparisons attempt to show both the negative and positive sides of only one point of comparison. In reality, there are countless points of comparison that need to be assessed before making any judgments (if indeed a judgment is necessary!) about the overall compatibility of two people. All combinations can work with love and understanding! While some combinations may be a little easier to deal with than others, there exist countless real-world couples who make each and every sign combination work.




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