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Venus in Gemini, Mars in Leo


Venus and Mars Combinations

Romantic & Sexual Styles



What are the signs of Venus and Mars in your natal chart? Venus-Mars combinations reveal a lot about a person's romantic and sexual style.

Each Venus-Mars combination is interpreted in terms of elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) and is then refined in terms of signs. Thus Venus in Aries (a Fire sign) and Mars in Taurus (an Earth sign), for example, will have the same elemental interpretation as Venus in Leo (a Fire sign) and Mars in Capricorn (an Earth sign). Note that some interpretations are forthcoming.


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Venus in Gemini, Mars in Leo

Your Venus is in an Air sign and your Mars is in a Fire sign.

Venus in Air, Mars in Fire (Romantic Air, Fiery Desires): You are a youthful, spirited, intelligent, and passionate lover, and you tend to be attracted to partners with similarly lively natures. It is vital that your mind is stimulated in matters of the heart, but you also feed on romantic excitement. You need a certain amount of space—freedom of movement, both physically and mentally—in any relationship, and you don't care for restrictive or possessive partners. You offer your partners a certain level of freedom to be who they are, and you appreciate the same in return. You value being friends with your partners as well as lovers. You respond most lovingly to verbal expressions of interest and affection, and you are a playful and spontaneous lover. You are turned off by partners (or potential partners) who are uncommunicative, lacking in spontaneity, or otherwise dull. You can be a real flirt, but you usually are able to deliver on your promises! Your partners find you lively, intelligent, and fun. Sexually, you are almost innocently enthusiastic and you sometimes need to be encouraged to slow down! You are able to rationalize love and feelings to a certain degree, but when your passion is aroused, you really get going.

Venus and Mars in compatible signs: Your romantic and sexual natures are similar, but varied enough to make your love life quite exciting. For the most part, you know what you want in love relationships. Your charm is subtle and natural. While you don't generally come on strong, you don't need to. There is a buzz of understated sexual and romantic energy about you that promises a good time.

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Some Famous People with this Combination: Harrison Ford, Channing Tatum.


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