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Interpretations of Venus and Mars in the signs, in combination. The positions of Venus and Mars by sign and how they affect a person's romantic and sexual styles.

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Venus in Pisces, Mars in Sagittarius


Venus and Mars Combinations

Romantic & Sexual Styles


  What are the signs of Venus and Mars in your natal chart? Venus-Mars combinations tell a lot about a person's romantic and sexual style.

Each Venus-Mars combination is interpreted in terms of elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) and is then refined in terms of signs. Thus Venus in Aries (a Fire sign) and Mars in Taurus (an Earth sign), for example, will have the same elemental interpretation as Venus in Leo (a Fire sign) and Mars in Capricorn (an Earth sign). Note that some interpretations are forthcoming.


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Venus in Pisces, Mars in Sagittarius

Your Venus is in a Water sign and your Mars is in a Fire sign.

Venus in Water, Mars in Fire (Romantic Water, Fiery Desires): You are romantic and sometimes quite unrealistic when it comes to matters of the heart, regardless of how practical you may be in other areas of life. You never treat love relationships as business deals—you are far too emotionally involved in them. You possess much erotic vitality, and you have a strong need for physical affirmations of love. You have a tendency to jump into relationships, simply because you are both optimistic and sensual. Be careful not to bring your past relationships into your current ones. Your needs in love are quite conflicting. On the one hand, you are attracted to edgy and daring adventures, but on the other, you need emotional closeness and security. A bundle of contradictions, you are emotionally very vulnerable, yet you don’t always want others to know this. You are an emotional and intuitive lover with excellent hunches. Sometimes blunt and direct, you can also be extremely sensitive. Your love life is somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster. You crave the drama and attention characteristic of a new romance, yet you have a deep need for security and attachment. You are romantic and even poetic, and changes of mood are your way of life! Your lover never quite knows who they'll meet in the bedroom—the adventurous side of you, or the sensitive and caring side.

Venus and Mars in signs that are square: Your romantic needs and sexual needs are quite different, and this presents a constant struggle for you. When you feel satisfied emotionally and romantically (when you feel most loved), you cannot help but feel a lack on an instinctual level--and vice versa. You may be a tad argumentative in close partnership as a result of this basic inner conflict. You can also be very reactive in your relationships, and this can mean you end up acting in a way that is not in your own best interest!

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