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Taurus Love Compatibility

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Love sign compatibility: Comparing Venus signs in Astrology

Zodiac Sign Compatibility: TAURUS

Note: You are likely familiar with comparing sun signs to determine compatibility. It can be much more revealing to compare Venus signs in romantic relationships! Find out your position of Venus by sign here.

Keep in mind that you can use these compatibility interpretations for Sun Signs as well!


If your Venus is in Taurus:

Venus in Taurus symbolsWhen your Venus is in Taurus, your needs in love are largely determined by the pleasing of your senses. The first of the earth signs, Taurus is very physical. You are sensually inclined--not sensation-oriented like Aries, but rather keenly tuned in to the world of the physical five senses. (The sixth sense belongs to the Water signs!) To understand the Venusian Taurus nature, it is helpful to think of three "S" words that Taurus values: sensuality, stability, and satisfaction. 

You are somewhat conventional in matters of the heart, with a strong sense of commitment and purpose. You are not romantic in a frilly or dreamy way, yet you certainly have the sense of the romantic when it comes to honoring others and surrounding partnerships in simple luxuries. You are practical, and relationships are taken seriously. This does not necessarily mean that you are incapable of having one-night-stands or the like, but a partnership means a lot to you and you don't take your responsibilities lightly. You have a strong, constant love nature, and you offer loved ones much comfort in your stability. You seek out security through partnership. You tend to hold on to partnerships, and you place basic security needs over emotional or spiritual needs. As a result, others may see you as a rock, or they can easily get frustrated that you overlook the nuances of the relationship, depending on the audience.

Your tastes are well-developed, and you prefer to surround yourself with things that feel luxurious and comfortable, yet simple. Your taste in home decor reflects your own love nature! Satisfaction is important to you, and your lover's physical presence is demanded. Unless Venus is strongly aspected to Neptune, for example, you are very much concerned with all that is physical, often completely ignoring the spiritual needs of your partner and relationship. You are persevering and you are not afraid to wait if you know you are likely to get your prize! Changes make you unsettled, and you react to any sudden changes in the course of your relationship by digging in your heels.

(See Venus in Taurus for more details on the Venus in Taurus temperament). 

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Aries: While you are more than capable of taking things slow, your partner craves instant gratification in love. You can benefit each other by balancing each other out, as you have markedly different styles and needs in love. You see in your partner what you lack, and vice versa. However, both of you are rather me-centered in your approach to love and this can be a difficult combination as a result. Stubbornness and clashes of will are more than likely to pepper your relationship over time. Because your partner gets off on excitement and challenge, he or she might find you a tad slow, or even dull, in your approach to romance. You are very focused on sensual pleasures and comforts, while your lover's style is more utilitarian. You are a peace lover (although you won't shrink from any argument), and you look for harmony in your environment, but "harmony" looks rather monotonous in your partner's eyes. This is a very passionate pairing, and your partner, at least on the surface of things, is likely to be the leader or aggressor in this relationship. Still, however receptive you are, you are nonetheless a force to be reckoned with in your own right! You are strong, and it can be very difficult to nudge you out of your chosen position or stance. Although side-by-side signs are very dissimilar, the fact that we are matching yin with yang (or + with -) adds some wonderful attraction and sexual excitement to the mix. This is a powerful liaison, and although it can be challenging to get things right, you are not afraid of, and your partner actually enjoys, a challenge!

How You Relate to a Partner who also has Venus in Taurus: Your similarities in terms of needs and styles in love can be both pleasing and difficult. Both of you are earthy, sensual lovers. Love for you both is a tangible, sensual experience, and neither of you takes relationships lightly. Safety and comfort are important in your love relationships, and your partner feels the same way. You will more than likely agree about what to spend your money on, if you share finances, and how to decorate your home, if you share space. Because you are alike in matters of the heart, however, there can be some difficulties with clashes of will and stubbornness. Both of you are rather passive, although magnetic, so it may be a little difficult to get things off the ground. Certainly, if things do get off the ground, the relationship has a powerful chance to last. There may be a tendency to inactivity when you are together, simply because each of you is rather self-satisfied and content. Watch that the relationship doesn't get itself into a rut, and that communication is kept alive. Nevertheless, your shared commitment, tastes, and needs can help cement a relationship that is rewarding to you both. 

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Gemini: Your Venus signs are side-by-side, meaning you both approach love relationships very differently. This combination can generate much intrigue and fascination. In fact, side-by-side signs tend to turn up more frequently in love relationships than those that are traditionally considered compatible. Perhaps it's because we tend to be attracted to challenges. If your differences are not accepted and appreciated by each other, however, over time they can cause many disagreements! You are a steady person in love, very sensual but quite practical as well, taking commitment quite seriously. Your partner tends to live in the moment when it comes to love, and is an expert at infusing relationships with playfulness and a lively spirit. Although you find each other intriguing, the problems start when you recognize that your values are at odds. Your partner values verbal exchanges, while you value stability and security. Your lover shows his or her love by playfulness, teasing, and interest. You, on the other hand, are less concerned about variety and fun than you are with having a partnership that can be depended upon. A touch means more than words to you, and both constancy and physical presence do as well. Your partner might complain that you take what he/she says seriously, and wants to hold him or her to it. Your partner's moods and wants change at a moment's notice, and he or she doesn't like being pinned down. When you are in need of regeneration, you tend to turn to physical and natural pleasures, often in solitude. When your lover is distressed or out of whack, he or she wants to be able to talk it through. He or she enjoys new experiences and environments, while you are not as quick to embrace change. This is a partnership that has much potential if both of you are willing to learn from each other, mainly because each of you expresses qualities that the other lacks. If either or both of you are stuck in your ways or self-righteous, this will be a rocky partnership! However, when your partner is unsure, he or she can find great strength in you; and you can certainly enjoy your partner's wit and social ease—he or she is wonderful company.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Cancer: You instantly sense a seriousness and warmth in your partner that you are drawn to. The dependability your partner senses in your style appeals to him or her as well. You are a person your partner can truly feel safe and comfortable with, and that is important for him or her. You will appreciate your partner's warmth, as much of it is tangible. Although your partner tends to be the more emotional of the two, you can help your partner to feel more secure than most people. Security is most important to both of you! The risk here will be that the relationship becomes too patterned, and too predictable. You don't readily respond to indirect expressions of feeling, and your partner is certainly an intuitive person. Your Venus in Cancer partner sometimes needs to be pushed and prodded in order to open up, and because that does not come naturally to you, communication can suffer as a result. You will likely agree about issues surrounding family and finances. Both of you are committed to creating a comfortable environment and building a solid future. Flexibility, however, can be lacking in this partnership, and your partner might feel you are a little too stubborn for his or her liking. You revel in sensual pleasures, as does your partner, and ultimately you are most satisfied with strong, permanent alliances. This is sure to please your partner! Once your partner has gained your trust and loyalty, you can be like the Rock of Gibraltar—you could be exactly what your partner needs to steady his or her sometimes swirling emotions and to calm and soothe his or her fears. It would be wise to try to understand your partner's occasional moodiness in love. Stubborn and inflexible moments aside, this partnership has great potential for stability and longevity.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Leo:  Your partner senses your steadfastness and staying power, admiring your strength and conviction. Both of you value loyalty, and both of you are very capable of giving it to one another. Your partner can be somewhat flirtatious and playful, and you might misinterpret this behavior as disloyalty. You are inclined to be somewhat possessive, but you must understand that your partner is actually quite loyal. He or she simply enjoys attention.  Leo and Taurus are both fixed signs, which means each of you tends to hold on to your relationships. This can mean that your relationship will last longer than many, although longevity does not always mean the going is easy! This can be a sexually magnetic combination, with the only potential problem in the bedroom stemming from your stubborn natures. Both of you look for security in your relationships, and your partner senses that you will give him or her just that. In partnerships in which money is shared, how you spend money will frequently be an issue. Your partner might be an impulsive spender, riding on emotional drama ("I absolutely need to buy this"). The melodrama is not limited only to romance, but with money as well! Although you appreciate the finer things in life, just like your partner does, you put more thought into purchases. You have much to offer each other, and mutual respect is likely, with the only serious potential problem a clash of wills, as both of you are strong individuals! Sensuality, commitment, and pleasure are accentuated in your relationship.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Virgo:  You and your partner are both Venusian Earth signs, which means you definitely share some common ground. You want to build a workable partnership, and so does your partner! You look for security and safety in love...ditto for your lover. One of the main differences in your temperaments is your partner's willingness to make adjustments. You tend to be a more stubborn soul, possessing staying power, for sure, but not the flexibility that your partner offers any relationship. This issue may be the most difficult of your problems together. Both of you are sensual lovers, appreciating the simple pleasures of sex. Sexually, you are more capable of calming your partner's nervous nature than most lovers, helping to make him or her feel whole and scads more comfortable in his or her own skin. Your partner is sure to appreciate the aura of safety that quite naturally surrounds you. You sense your lover's commitment and integrity in partnership, which is very pleasing indeed! Shared interests and projects are important to your partner in terms of satisfaction derived from partnership, and you always appreciate this work ethic, although you have to watch that your partner doesn't take on too much of the hard work. Although your lover is rather humble in matters of the heart, he or she needs to feel appreciated. 




How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Libra:  Both of you have your Venus in Venus-ruled signs! This means you both value peace, harmony, and balance. This common ground can help smooth over an otherwise rather unlikely combination. This is a pairing of rather dissimilar temperaments in other departments. While you take a rather practical and earthy approach to love, your partner inclines to be intellectual about it (your lover thinks and talks a lot about his or her relationship). All too often, Earth signs (including Taurus), interpret the intellectual approach to love typical of Air signs as either lacking in sincerity or disloyalty. Your lover can easily become frustrated with your seeming disinterest in discussing your relationship. You are sure to appreciate the enormous amount of time your partner invests in your relationship, although you may eventually question whether his or her approach is actually getting results. You see, you are far more interested in what works in love—what you see in tangible terms. What "could be", "would be", or "might be" doesn't pull much weight with you. With a natural inclination to see where a relationship needs adjustment, your partner is usually more than willing to compromise—a trait that might be considered a necessity with you, as you are not the most flexible of lovers. Your partner's thirst for interaction may not be easily quenched with your rather self-satisfied attitude. You are more likely to agree on what you spend your money on, and your mutual commitment to making your shared environment comfortable, balanced, and beautiful. Mutual respect and tolerance will be important in order to make this partnership work.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Scorpio:  Opposites attract? Very often they do. The interesting thing about opposite astrological signs is that they do share a common theme, helping them to see eye-to-eye from time to time, at least. Both of you are stubborn individuals, rather fixed in your habits and tastes, and essentially intense and loyal in love. Neither of you lets go of partnerships—or each other—easily. Your partner tends to be more intense about his or her attachments than you are, and your overall peacefulness should go a long way to calm the sometimes tumultuous waters of your partner's emotions and needs. Each of you is attracted to the other's strong personality and willingness to commit. Your partner senses in you the ability to "go the distance", and mutual respect is likely the result. This is a sexually intense and magnetic partnership. Who will run the show? Ideally, both of you will, in different ways, but power is important to both of you, and your strong personalities may clash at times. One of the most common differences between Taurus and Scorpio lies in how you approach love relationships. You may find your partner overly complex, while your partner might consider your needs too simple! Your desire is for peace and stability, while your partner thrives on boat-rocking from time to time. Your partner tends to feel threatened when a relationship becomes too predictable, but predictability is your goal! This basic clash is inevitable, and finding a common ground will be essential. This partnership has an exceptional chance of lasting.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Sagittarius:  The connection between the two of you may seem a bit odd, due to vastly different styles and needs in love, but understanding and compromise can make it work. Your partner enjoys having fun in love, and is capable of infusing your relationship with heaps of excitement. Excitement in a partnership is not as important to you. In fact, in your book, stability and predictability are attractive qualities of any partnership. Your partner is a risk-taker in love (and finances!), while you tend to play it safe. You dig in your heels and get comfortable, and your partner has his or her sights on bigger things. A tendency to believe that the grass is always greener somewhere else is something that can easily frustrate you, as your needs are quite simple and contentment is your goal. Your possessiveness can create serious problems in this partnership. Your partner is a much happier and giving person when he or she feels free. Enjoy your partner's spirited attitude toward love and partnership. At the same time, it would be wise for your lover to understand your desire for security. Giving your partner the freedom to be himself or herself, and vice versa, will be the key to the success of this relationship.  

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Capricorn: This is one of the easier combinations because, although you are different enough to sustain each other's interest, you share enough common goals in love to keep tension to a minimum. Both of you share a basic appreciation for sensuality and earthy pleasures, and you will likely agree on how you spend money to boot. Neither of you jump into partnership thoughtlessly, so yours may be a somewhat lengthy courting. On the other hand, you make each other feel so extraordinarily comfortable and safe that you might surprise yourselves and give in to the feelings you have for each other more readily than you would with others. Seeing eye to eye on matters of the heart (and the bank account) can do wonders for any partnership. Your partner is more likely to be the one to take action in your partnership, and he or she may sometimes find you a little too complacent. However, you know that you can rely on one another, and this is something that is important to the both of you.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Aquarius:  Both of you are strong individuals with rather fervent ideas of what you want in a partnership, and those ideas clash in many ways! You are somewhat more traditional in your view of partnerships. You value constancy and dependability in your relationships. On the other hand, your partner resists doing things that are tried and true, preferring to forge out a new track rather than traveling along the "beaten track". You want your love life to be uncomplicated, sensual, and comfortable. Your partner knows how to stick with things, as you do, and isn't especially attracted to complications as well. However, he or she doesn't find comfort in a partnership that stays the same and doesn't seem to be going somewhere. Ideally, you'll find a common ground, although it is difficult to predict who is going to budge, as you both can be somewhat stubborn! The only option is to try to learn from each other. Your partner's quirkiness can be fun and even electric. You can remind your partner how wonderful simple pleasures can be. With effort, your partnership can certainly work.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Pisces: Although you have your differences in the way you express love, this is a fertile and creative combination. You are strong and dependable in relationships—perhaps exactly what your partner needs, at least most of the time! Your lover doesn't always feel strong, simply because he or she is a sensitive soul who can be quite impressionable. A solid and steady partner such as yourself will help ground your lover. He or she is certainly more changeable and flexible when it comes to relationships. You might find that your lover views your dependability as both positive and negative at different times, depending on his or her mood. Sometimes, your lover considers you to be a bit too set in your ways. Other times, he or she will fully appreciate the predictability and simplicity of your needs in partnership. Your partner is likely to take great comfort in knowing that he or she can lean on you when need be. Both of you appreciate art, although your tastes can be quite different. You might sometimes complain that your lover is indecisive or too changeable—moody, perhaps. But if you recognize that his or her tenderness (something that you are sure to value) is an absolute constant, you are sure to "overlook" his or her seemingly inconsistent states of mind. You can complement each other very well.


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Important Note:

We offer sign-to-sign compatibility interpretations assuming readers know that the comparisons attempt to show both the negative and positive sides of only one point of comparison. In reality, there are countless points of comparison that need to be assessed before making any judgments (if indeed a judgment is necessary!) about the overall compatibility of two people. All combinations can work with love and understanding! While some combinations may be a little easier to deal with than others, there exist countless real-world couples who make each and every sign combination work.

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