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Born Today: Birthday Profiles April


Born Today: Personality Profiles

What follows are general characteristics for people born on a date in any birth year, based on Astrology, Numerology, and Cartomancy.

If You Were Born Today, April 1: You are a person of great faith and conviction. Straightforward and determined, you pick yourself up after a fall quickly. Self-reliant and strong, you also have a sensitive side. You are not afraid to stand apart from the crowd and stand up for your beliefs and convictions. You are not always comfortable asking for others' help, but you should probably do so every once in a while so that you avoid the traps of feeling lonely or uncared for. Famous people born today: Debbie Reynolds, Susan Boyle, Jane Powell, Matt Lanter, Annette O'Toole.

If You Were Born Today, April 2: Security and stability are exceptionally important to you, but that doesn't mean you don't take any risks--they are simply calculated ones. You are highly intuitive and positive, and can articulate yourself well. Often, partnerships bring the most success into your life. However, you often take on more responsibility than others. You are never pretentious, answering to your own inner voice and inspiration. Famous people born today: Hans Christian Anderson, Marvin Gaye, Emmylou Harris, Michael Fassbender.

If You Were Born Today, April 3: Sociable, likable, and adventurous, you are an inspiration to others. You are versatile and multi-talented, but often restless, so it can be difficult to choose one life path and stick to it. You enjoy being the center of attention, and can be very playful, witty, endearing, and imaginative, and often a great story teller. You are always hungry for new experiences, which can be the reason that your life is quite eventful and interesting. Famous people born today: Marlon Brando, Wayne Newton, Doris Day, Alec Baldwin, Eddie Murphy.

If You Were Born Today, April 4: You expect to work for what you want in life, and are always aware of your responsibilities. Nevertheless, you are playful and sometimes mischievous. You are straightforward in your dealings with others, and sometimes quite blunt! You value honesty and integrity in others as well. A confident and friendly manner sometimes hides a tendency to worry a lot about your future. You are an independent thinker. Famous people born today: Robert Downey Jr., Heath Ledger, Maya Angelou, Anthony Perkins, David Blaine.

If You Were Born Today, April 5: Multi-talented and artistic, you are wonderfully expressive, direct, and straightforward. You have little patience for people beating around the bush, as this is not part of your own nature. While you do say it like it is, and you can be surprisingly blunt, you might frequently change your convictions and goals when you are inspired and enthused about something new. Discontent with the status quo can lead you to seek unconventional and exciting adventures. Famous people born today: Spencer Tracy, Bette Davis, Colin Powell, Gregory Peck.

If You Were Born Today, April 6: You are security-minded overall yet do act on impulse from time to time. Your friends are especially important to you, and you will go out on a limb for someone you care about. You are a great worker with a good eye for detail. Good at leading, you do enjoy being in control! You are a passionate and strong person with a big heart. Famous people born today: Lowell Thomas, Merle Haggard, Marilu Henner, Paul Stephen Rudd, Eliza Coupe.

If You Were Born Today, April 7: You are hungry for experience, and this trait certainly makes your life interesting. Very creative and innovative, you are forward-looking and sometimes leave things behind perhaps too easily as you find something else that captures your enthusiasm. You are not always good at listening, and you prefer to be in control. You are capable of great success. Famous people born today: Jackie Chan, Billie Holiday, Russell Crowe, James Garner, Francis Ford Coppola, John Oates.

If You Were Born Today, April 8: You are a true pioneer with exceptionally strong business sense. You have little patience for slacking off and slowness. Quick-minded and generally thorough, you are also very independent, rarely asking for help. This trait can lead you to feel lonely at times. However, you are quick to help others if they sincerely need a hand. You make an excellent manager, and while you like to lead or do things on your own, you are not arrogant or overbearing. Famous people born today: Mary Pickford, Betty Ford, Julian Lennon, Patricia Arquette.

If You Were Born Today, April 9: Not easily understood, your emotions fluctuate a lot, although you tend to wear a manner of strength and will. You have very refined and particular tastes, and others might find it difficult to know how to please you as a result! The truth is that you are very sensitive to subtle issues that others might overlook. At times you can be very frank, which can be refreshing to some, and offputting to others. You are highly competent and success-oriented. Famous people born today: Dennis Quaid, Hugh Hefner, Jenna Jamieson, Kristen Stewart, Elle Fanning.

If You Were Born Today, April 10: You are strong-minded, playful, assertive, and charismatic. You readily take the lead and take on challenges. You are playfully competitive, and you remain youthful throughout life with a mischievous streak. It's not easy for you to be told what to do, and thus it's best that you are your own boss or that you set your own pace. Famous people born today: Joseph Pulitzer, Omar Sharif, Steven Seagal, Mandy Moore, Haley Joel Osment, Alex Pettyfer.

If You Were Born Today, April 11: You are fiercely protective of those you love, and you will rise to any challenge, quickly picking yourself up after a fall. You are hopeful and mostly optimistic, although you are subject to many mood swings, of which only those closest to you truly know about. You are generous with your time and quite helpful, but you also instinctively know when to draw the line, as you need time to and for yourself. Famous people born today: Tricia Helfer, Joss Stone, Ellen Goodman, Jennifer Esposito.

If You Were Born Today, April 12: You are a very bright and interesting person. Your thoroughly unique spin on life is generally appreciated by others. You possess a certain amount of poise that earns respect, but you can also be very humorous and playful when the mood grabs you - and in fact, you can be quite moody and sometimes difficult to truly get close to. You are capable of making great sacrifices, and you recover quickly from reversals of fortune.  Famous people born today: Tom Clancy, David Letterman, David Cassidy, Herbie Hancock, Tiny Tim.

If You Were Born Today, April 13: You are a success-oriented person. Although you may not actively pursue success, it tends to come to you anyhow as you work determinedly. While you are willing to take some risks, you are basically very security-conscious. You rarely ask for help, feeling that if you can't learn or do something on your own, it is somehow not very satisfying. You can be a bit of a workaholic and should try to avoid being so consumed by your work that your personal life suffers. Famous people born today: Thomas Jefferson, Don Adams, Ron Perlman.

If You Were Born Today, April 14: You are spunky and vivacious, with a personal presence that is powerful indeed. Although you are assertive, you are also very gracious and poised. There is a restlessness to your nature that keeps you on the move. There is also a distinct spiritual side. Your love nature is playful, and you are capable of making big sacrifices for those you love. Famous people born today: Pete Rose, Loretta Lynn, Anthony Michael Hall, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Carlyle.

If You Were Born Today, April 15: You always seek to be fair with others, trying to find a balance. As security-minded as you are, however, you tend to follow your heart in love rather than to listen to your voice of reason, and there are times when you can be extremely impulsive. Your intelligence tends to come more from your perceptiveness and innate understanding of the world around you than through studies. Famous people born today: Leonardo da Vinci, Emma Thompson, Jeffrey Archer.

If You Were Born Today, April 16: While you yearn for security and stability, you are easily bored with routines and can get antsy if you don't have freedom of movement. This can make you somewhat difficult to please at times! You can be quite indecisive in love, and in long-term setups you'll need to vary the routine frequently in order to keep your interest levels high. Dynamic and spirited, you have a kooky sense of humor and your interests (as well as talents) are many. Famous people born today: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Peter Ustinov, Ellen Barkin, Charlie Chaplin.

If You Were Born Today, April 17: You have inner strength and persistence that helps you to overcome obstacles. You understand things that go over others' heads, and your sense of humor is spirited. The drive for material security is strong. Power struggles are often present in your love relationships, generally because you tend to be attracted to people who as strong-minded as you are. Famous people born today: Victoria Beckham, Thornton Wilder, Jennifer Garner, Rooney Mara.

If You Were Born Today, April 18: Your life is connected to change, and as a result, you are an interesting, knowledgeable, and perceptive person. You are good at communicating, humorous, and sociable, yet you have a distinct private streak. Others can find you baffling at times, not always knowing what to expect! You are creative and are happiest when you are creating something original. Routine career positions should be avoided. Famous people born today: James Woods, Conan O'Brien, Melissa Joan Hart, Rick Moranis.

If You Were Born Today, April 19: You have a dual personality - you can be tough and determined, but also sensitive and obliging, and you can draw upon either when suitable. You are unlikely to be financial wanting for very long. Perceptive and bright, you quickly size up a situation and are particularly intuitive when it comes to others' motivations. Famous people born today: Kate Hudson, Dudley Moore, Ashley Judd, Tim Curry, Hayden Christensen, Jayne Mansfield.

If You Were Born Today, April 20: One of your strongest qualities is your resourcefulness. You are excellent at assessing what works and what doesn't, and you easily come up with a solid approach. You can be impatient at times in your drive to succeed. Your tastes are refined and pronounced. In love, you can have a dual personality - warm and sensitive one day, and distant the next. Famous people born today: Jessica Lange, Tito Puente, Carmen Electra, Ryan O'Neal, Luther Vandross.

If You Were Born Today, April 21: You are charismatic and a leader at heart. Always aware of the impact you're making, your gestures are often grand and you do things in a big way. Inner restlessness keeps your life from becoming dull, although your drive for security is very strong. In long-term relationships, your actions speak louder than words, but it wouldn't hurt for you to express your affections verbally more often! Famous people born today: Tony Danza, Queen Elizabeth II, Andy MacDowell, Iggy Pop.

If You Were Born Today, April 22: You are a perfectionist with an unusual perspective on the world. Both imaginative and conservative,  you have a knack for bringing both worlds to whatever you do. While you are charming and witty, you can be impatient with others when they are not following quickly enough or they are otherwise in your way! Famous people born today: Jack Nicholson, Glen Campbell, Peter Frampton, Amber Heard, Francis Capra, Aaron Spelling.

If You Were Born Today, April 23: You are extremely clever, and oftentimes mischievous - a trait that keeps you youthful in spirit throughout life! As intelligent and talented as you are, you see so many possible paths to take that it can be challenging to focus on only one. Fortunately, you are versatile enough to make more than one life path successful. You tend to attract non-traditional relationship set-ups.  Famous people born today: William Shakespeare, Sandra Dee, Lee Majors, Joyce DeWitt, Valerie Bertinelli, Shirley Temple, Roy Orbison, John Hannah.

If You Were Born Today, April 24: You are a determined person and you intuitively know that with patience, you can accomplish anything you set out to do. You easily earn respect from others around you, due in part to your regal manner. Your family is extremely important to you, and many of your values are quite traditional, which keeps you grounded and responsible. However, you are unafraid of embracing the new, even if  you do so slowly. Famous people born today: Shirley MacLaine, Barbara Streisand, Kelly Clarkson.

If You Were Born Today, April 25: You are a sensual, intuitive, and emotional person who is sometimes misunderstood, generally because you don't easily let others in on your deepest thoughts and feelings! However, you are very much respected. You tend to think before you speak or write. A calm exterior can hide some nervousness and worry, as well as an intensely emotional nature. In your work, you are a perfectionist. Famous people born today: Ella Fitzgerald, Renee Zellweger, Al Pacino, Jason Lee.

If You Were Born Today, April 26: You are a very fixed and determined person. These qualities help you to determinedly focus on a goal and patiently see it through to fruition. However, at times you can be one track minded and stubborn! Change and instability tend to bother you more than most. You can also be an exceptionally good worker with excellent work ethic and a strong sense of responsibility. Others know they can depend on you. Famous people born today: Carol Burnett, Michael Damian, Channing Tatum, T-Boz, Jordana Brewster.

If You Were Born Today, April 27: You are poised and come across as calm and refined. You are not easy to get close to, and much of your nature remains a mystery to others. Nevertheless, you are charming and others tend to respect you. You are extremely observant and generally think before you speak, and you are a great listener.  Famous people born today: Jack Klugman, Coretta Scott King, Ulysses S. Grant, Sheena Easton, William Moseley.

If You Were Born Today, April 28: You are a practical, security-minded person who feels most comfortable in the world of the five senses. Gentle and intuitive, you form close relationships with others that last. Although you are considerate and concerned, you can also be quite stubborn and fixed in your ways. You are a very hard worker, often taking on more than your share. Famous people born today: Jay Leno, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Ann-margaret, Jorge Garcia.

If You Were Born Today, April 29: You are an inventive and expressive person with a strong aura. While you hold onto many traditional values, there is an unconventional streak to your personality that is unmistakable and fascinating. At times cynical, you can also be inspiring with your unique and quite witty take on the world. Famous people born today: Daniel Day-Lewis, Jerry Seinfeld, Andre Agassi, Dale Earnhardt, Uma Thurman, Michelle Pfeiffer.

If You Were Born Today, April 30: You possess much in the way of common sense as well as a very practical nature. You have a straightforward manner, but you are also capable of great imagination. You can be quite determined, independent, and some might call you stubborn. Thoughtful and considerate, you enjoy making others happy in small but important ways. Famous people born today: Willie Nelson, Kirsten Dunst, Jill Clayburgh, Annie Dillard, Johnny Galecki.


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