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Born Today: Birthday Profiles June


Born Today: Personality Profiles

What follows are general characteristics for people born on a date in June for any birth year, based on Astrology, Numerology, and Cartomancy.

If You Were Born Today, June 1: You are a true artist at heart. You see the world around you in a unique way, which endears you to others. You are thoughtful and curious. At times moody and at other times inspired, you can also vacillate between great practicality and idealism. You might find that following the dictates of your head, which is often your choice, gets you into more trouble than following your heart. Trusting your intuition is the challenge. Famous people born today: Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, Heidi Klum, Andy Griffith, Pat Boone, Ron Wood.

If You Were Born Today, June 2: You are a true companion who comes alive in any one-to-one relationship. Thoughtful, kind, funny, and warm, you can also be very stubborn! Your desire for security and reliability is so strong that at times you may try to control your life and those in it. You are an excellent mediator or go-between as you not only crave peace and balance, you also intuitively understand how to resolve conflicts fairly. You are extremely sensitive and imaginative, and possess quirky charm. Famous people born today: Thomas Hardy, Jerry Mathers, Dana Carvey, Bo Diddley.

If You Were Born Today, June 3: You are especially perceptive and imaginative, an excellent story teller, and well-liked, not just due to charm but because you take the time to make others happy. You are very strong-willed, even if you don't always come across that way. When young, you might worry a lot and have problems turning your thinking process off enough to truly relax enough. However, as you gain life experience, you learn to embrace change. Famous people born today: Josephine Baker, Lili St. Cyr, Tony Curtis, Chuck Barris.

If You Were Born Today, June 4: You are ambitious with a good head on your shoulders, particularly for business. You know what to do to get the job done. You are hard working and very conscientious, no matter what job you do, but especially so when inspired. At times you can drive yourself too hard. When irritated, you can be a little bossy or arrogant, but overall, you are quite companionable and friendly. Famous people born today: Angelina Jolie, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Parker Stevenson, Bruce Dern.

If You Were Born Today, June 5: You need to have many things going on at once in order to feel satisfied in life. You seek variety and try to avoid situations that are lifeless or dull. As such, you are better off in a job that is creative, and in fact, you are likely to be quite successful in such pursuits, as long as you learn to plan ahead and manage money well. You pick up a lot of information from your environment and easily feel restless as a result. You are a great storyteller and conversationalist, and others find you fun to be around. Famous people born today: Pancho Villa, Bill Moyers, Robert Lansing.

If You Were Born Today, June 6: You are playful, sweet, and charming, and can be very skilled at selling pretty much anything! You have a great love of beauty and pleasure, and while you can be fickle, you're not irresponsible either. You love telling stories and sharing jokes. Personal freedom is essential in your relations, and you have a very progressive view of relationships in general. Famous people born today: Sandra Bernhard, Thomas Mann, Bjorn Borg, Amanda Pays.

If You Were Born Today, June 7: You have strong business instincts which can aid you in your worldly goals, but you also possess a distinct spiritual side which you share only with those very close to you. Some might call you lucky, but in truth, you make your own luck. You can be a tad stubborn and this quality can make relationships challenging, especially as you tend to attract the same quality in others. Famous people born today: Paul Gauguin, Dean Martin, Jessica Tandy, Liam Neeson, Prince, Anna Kournikova.

If You Were Born Today, June 8: You are a true networker, reaching out to people and insatiably curious, and possessing a real flair for the dramatic. Your drive is powerful and you thrive on challenges. You are witty and always have something interesting to contribute to any conversation. Famous people born today: Robert Schumann, Barbara Bush, Joan Rivers, Frank Lloyd Wright, Kanye West.

If You Were Born Today, June 9: You possess considerable personal power, charisma, and determination. You have a magnetic personality with a flair for the dramatic. While sensitive and considerate, you are also very strong-willed and not one to be controlled or directed. It is quite likely that you will achieve financial success. Famous people born today: Les Paul, Jackie Mason, Michael J. Fox, Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Cole Porter.

If You Were Born Today, June 10: You are strong-willed and possess an excellent mind. You can bring much creativity to the business world, or put your creative talents to practical use with great success. You are have good people skills, able to mix with people from all walks with life with great ease. You are capable of much discipline and your disposition is cool but likeable. You are capable of making many sacrifices in love. Famous people born today: Maurice Sendak, Judy Garland, Gina Gershon, Elizabeth Hurley.

If You Were Born Today, June 11: You think and move quickly and often dramatically. Highly intelligent, you are always absorbing and processing information in some cases to the point of nervousness. It can be challenging to turn your mind off enough to relax at times. Some might describe you as a little eccentric--certainly highly original! Your beliefs are strong and you stand up for them with courage and conviction. You are also very security-conscious and dislike feeling indebted. Famous people born today: Jacques Cousteau, Gene Wilder, Richard Strauss, Shia LaBeouf, Joshua Jackson, Hugh Laurie, Peter Dinklage.

If You Were Born Today, June 12: You are sociable, popular, and insatiably curious. You have writing and/or speaking skills and enjoy expressing yourself. At the same time, others find you an interesting conversationalist. Moodiness and restlessness come when you are not intellectually stimulated or on the move. Even so, it would be wise to slow down from time to time in order to get in touch with your deeper needs and intuition. Famous people born today: Anne Frank, George Herbert Walker Bush, Charles Kingsley, Jason Mewes.

If You Were Born Today, June 13: You instinctively know that change is necessary for your growth, and you also go through many transformations in your life time. You are at once fascinated with and worried about the unknown. This compels you to be as prepared as possible and to plan ahead. You like to be prepared for the unknown and often plan ahead. You are not only hard working, you love to work and feel at your best when you are responsible and committed. You are creative and unique in the ways you express yourself. Famous people born today: William Butler Yeats, Paul Lynde, Malcolm McDowell, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Tim Allen.

If You Were Born Today, June 14: You are quick-witted and versatile. Your nature is a tad contradictory, as you crave change and adventure, yet need stability and security. At times impulsive, and other times very deliberate, your dual nature can be both intriguing and frustrating! You are a person who enjoys building and accumulating, and you can be very resourceful. Famous people born today: Yasmine Bleeth, Steffi Graf, Che Guevara, Donald Trump, Burl Ives.

If You Were Born Today, June 15: Your mind is lightning quick. Your unique wit, love of entertaining, and endearing nature make you a lively companion. You have a youthful quality no matter what your age. Partnership is extremely important to you--you thrive with the support of a significant other. Many of you achieve more success in business with a trusted partner. Famous people born today: Neil Patrick Harris, Helen Hunt, Courteney Cox, Wade Boggs, Jim Belushi, Anna Torv.

If You Were Born Today, June 16: Your imagination is boundless and you are a true visionary. You possess an endearing youthful quality throughout life, and can be quite persuasive when you want to be. You are given to daydreaming and require frequent periods of rest and solitude in order to renew your spirit. You do thrive on sharing your ideas with others, but you need time alone to refresh. You can be quite ambitious, and at times critical and impatient when feeling restless or unfocused. Famous people born today: Erich Segal, Tupac Shakur, Ian Buchanan, Wally Joyner, Joyce Carol Oates.

If You Were Born Today, June 17: You are wise, intelligent, and communicative, always desirous of increasing your knowledge and staying informed. Many of you are authorities on a particular subject. You can also be quite driven once you've found a goal to focus on. You tend to loosen up and enjoy life more as you grow older, and you age well. While you can be sociable when you are around others, you often choose relative solitude and don't always seek out social events. Others admire you for your dry sense of humor and intelligence. Famous people born today: Barry Manilow, Venus Williams, Joe Piscopo, Jason Patric.

If You Were Born Today, June 18: You are highly intuitive - an "old soul" who can understand people from all walks of life. Not much can get past you! Your ability to communicate articulately and, at the same time, with great warmth is admirable. You can be inconstant and contradictory at times, due to mood swings and emotional restlessness. You are respected, charming, and very fair with others. Famous people born today: Paul McCartney, Roger Ebert, Isabella Rossellini, Carol Kane.

If You Were Born Today, June 19: You are mischievous, playful, and youthful throughout life. Finding any one path to follow is a little difficult for you, simply because you are multi-talented and prefer not to be tied down to any one thing. You are also highly versatile and clever with a personality that sparkles even though it can be contradictory at times. You will go to great lengths for love, and you are capable of making sacrifices in order to sustain a partnership. Famous people born today: Kathleen Turner, Paula Abdul, Phylicia Rashad, Mia Sara.

If You Were Born Today, June 20: As gentle and likeable as you are, there is a resolute part of you that is unmistakable. This combination of heart and courage almost guarantees success. You also have a strong belief in yourself, which helps to take you places, quietly, gracefully, and surely. Love and relationships are very important to you, and you will go to great lengths for a person you love. Famous people born today: Nicole Kidman, Lionel Richie, Chet Atkins, John Goodman, Errol Flynn.

If You Were Born Today, June 21: While you come across as slightly detached due to a refined, sociable demeanor, you are in fact quite sensitive, warm, spiritual, and loving. You also tend to worry quite a bit, and ideally this trait lessens as you age. You tend to thrive in a partnership, but you could often give more than you receive. Creative and imaginative, you are also very broad-minded and although you are intensely curious about people, you are rarely petty. Famous people born today: Jean-Paul Sartre, Juliette Lewis, Ray Davies, Prince William, Michael Gross, Meredith Baxter.

If You Were Born Today, June 22: You are an unusual, charming, and determined person. You have a bit of a perfectionist in you, and while you can be enormously sensitive, you are also so focused that you rarely give up on something (or someone, in some cases). You are dedicated, gentle yet strong, possess an unusual intelligence that might be defined as emotional intelligence, and you can be very stubborn in the pursuit of your goals. You are also very security-minded. Famous people born today: Meryl Streep, Kris Kristofferson, Cyndi Lauper, Tracy Pollan, Lindsay Wagner, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Katherine Dunham.

If You Were Born Today, June 23: You are an interesting combination of sceptic and believer. You tend to over-think and worry as a youth, but you relax more as you age! You have a totally unique take on the world, and you might especially enjoy unravelling mysteries and uncovering truths. Some might call you moody, as you can sometimes be quite retiring and other times very sociable. In fact, you love people, but you frequently need time to yourself to refuel. Famous people born today: Selma Blair, Clarence Thomas, Bob Fosse, Joss Whedon, Duke of Windsor.

If You Were Born Today, June 24: There is a gentle element of your charisma that is unmistakable, and yet your quiet strength is also obvious. You have a real homebody streak in you. Work and home life are two very strong drives. Security is important to you, more than most, and you don't make big lifestyle changes easily. Your love life is often laced with drama. Famous people born today: Jack Dempsey, Jeff Beck, Michele Lee, Minka Kelly, Mindy Kaling, Mick Fleetwood.

If You Were Born Today, June 25: You have an unusually strong, and to some, uncanny, sense of the needs or problems of others. You are an observer, and although very much a people lover, you frequently need your "space" in order to regroup. You often don't speak about something until you're quite certain you know what you're going to say. Your intuition is outstanding - you need only learn to trust it. Famous people born today: Carly Simon, George Michael, George Orwell, Phyllis George, Chloe Webb.

If You Were Born Today, June 26: You are wonderful at organizing and directing, but you are not afraid of hard work either. In fact, your success generally comes from your own efforts. You may need to make a conscious attempt not to live in the past, as this tendency is very strong and can sometimes keep you from moving forward. You have a strong idealistic streak that can lead to a colorful romantic life, but also quite emotional. Famous people born today: Pearl S. Buck, Peter Lorre, Chris O'Donnell, Ariana Grande, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Sean Hayes.

If You Were Born Today, June 27: You are a wonderful conversationalist and idea-person. You have a way with words, and others tend to appreciate your sense of fun. You are very able to make sacrifices for others, and sometimes do so to the detriment of your own progress. This is particularly true in your love life. You are highly creative. Possibly the most impressive of your many abilities is your empathic qualities that allow you to put yourself into virtually anyone's shoes and understand. Famous people born today: Tobey Maguire, J. J. Abrams, Julia Duffy, Lionel Richie, Helen Keller.

If You Were Born Today, June 28: While you enjoy a good debate and tend to bounce ideas off other people frequently, ultimately you make your own choices and do your own thing. You come alive in partnership, and perhaps ironically, "find yourself" as an individual more readily if you are partnered, but you do need personal space. You are very perceptive and a natural leader. While you can be dominant and wilful, you are also expert at seeing both sides to any given situation. Famous people born today: Mel Brooks, Gilda Radner, John Cusack, Kathy Bates. 

If You Were Born Today, June 29: Quietly charismatic, you attract attention as an intriguing person, even if you are not looking for it. You are very emotional, and this is a strength, but it does sometimes prevent you from moving forward. While people in your life are usually helpful, you often end up doing things yourself in your own way. You are extremely loving and compassionate, but you have an independent streak that compels you to take the lead.  Famous people born today: James Van Der Zee, Gary Busey, Stokely Carmichael, Matthew Weiner, Dr. William James Mayo.

If You Were Born Today, June 30: You have strong desires and passions, and you can live a somewhat dramatic life. You are warm and caring most of the time, and a little controlling and bossy at other times. Love and partnership complete you. You crave stability overall but your need for excitement can attract unusual circumstances into your life. You are an interesting conversationalist with truly unique ideas, and you go out of your way to make others happy. Famous people born today: Lena Horne, Susan Hayward, Mike Tyson, Michael Phelps.

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