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Born Today: Birthday Profiles May


Born Today: Personality Profiles

What follows are general characteristics for people born on a date in May for any birth year, based on Astrology, Numerology, and Cartomancy.

If You Were Born Today, May 1: You are an independent, determined, and faithful person who is at once stable and restless! While you have a calm manner that soothes others simply by your mere presence, and you value security, you have a rather restless spirit and need to create some challenges for yourself in order to feel "alive". You remain youthful throughout life, with a mischievous quality that is unmistakable. Famous people born today: Jack Paar, Joseph Heller, D'Arcy Wretzky, Judy Collins, Tim McGraw, Rita Coolidge.

If You Were Born Today, May 2: Down to earth, practical, and responsible, you are a hard worker (some might say a workaholic!) with a strong will. A calm and capable aura surrounds you. Security and stability are what you crave most, and while you are generally very practical, you set your sights high. Famous people born today: Catherine the Great, Benjamin Spock, David Beckham, Sarah Hughes, Lily Allen.

If You Were Born Today, May 3: Thoughtful and involved, you express yourself well, possess quiet charm, and easily endear yourself to others. You have an artistic bent that is undeniable, and your creative mind can help bring financial success. You are multi-talented and many of you spread yourself over multiple career paths and hobbies as a result. You expect a lot from yourself, and sometimes too much, which can lead to indecisiveness. Famous people born today: Bing Crosby, Sugar Ray Robinson, James Brown, Mary Astor, Christopher Cross.

If You Were Born Today, May 4: You are hard working, and somewhat of a perfectionist. Stability and security are especially important to you, and many of the choices you make in life are driven by the desire to achieve these things. As a people person, you tend to feel that life is much better when shared. You are excellent at promoting cooperation and creating harmony. Famous people born today: Audrey Hepburn, Randy Travis, Lance Bass, Will Arnett, Alexander Gould.

If You Were Born Today, May 5: Determined and often stubborn, you have ambition and can work hard for what you want. You are multi-talented and somewhat restless. While you value stability, you crave stimulation and create new challenges for yourself to reach, which keeps your life in a state of flux. You are a good conversationalist, quite amorous, and especially attractive and magnetic. Famous people born today: Karl Marx, Tammy Wynette, Tyrone Power, Chris Brown, James Beard.

If You Were Born Today, May 6: You have a strong business sense and are tuned in to the value and worth of things. Most of you are good with money. Security and stability are things that drive you and are behind many decisions you make in life. You are amorous, curious, attractive, intuitive and possess strong presence. Famous people born today: George Clooney, Orson Welles, Sigmund Freud, Willie Mays, Rudolph Valentino, Tony Blair.

If You Were Born Today, May 7: You are an earthy yet artistic person with a strong appreciation of nature, music, and the arts. You are charming and personable in a quiet way, and also very loving, although you easily withhold your concern and care if you feel someone is not giving you the proper respect. Moodiness and indecisiveness are strong possibilities with this birthday, as are great talents and sensitivity. Famous people born today: Robert Browning, Tchaikovsky, Johannes Brahms, Gary Cooper, Traci Lords.

If You Were Born Today, May 8: You are a playful, witty person who is also success-oriented and determined. You can be changeable in your manner, despite being solid and focused overall, so that others are not sure who they are going to meet from one day to the next! Light-hearted and personable many days, you can also be serious and withdrawn at other times. You are mentally quick and have a unique perspective on life. Famous people born today: Harry S Truman, Melissa Gilbert, Don Rickles, Enrique Iglesias.

If You Were Born Today, May 9: You are romantic and soulful, and yet determined and stubborn. At times moody, you often long for something more from your life. Others find you very appealing and attractive. You often go it alone when you don't need to. You have strong feelings and intuition, and have a special affinity for music. Famous people born today: Candice Bergen, Billy Joel, Raquel Welch, Rosario Dawson.

If You Were Born Today, May 10: You are a giver, yet a go-getter--ambitious, but always considerate of others. You instinctively understand that change is necessary for growth, even though you do hold on to traditions, habits, and people. Romantic at heart, you love deeply and often permanently. You are strong at networking and promotion. Highly intelligent, you constantly feed your mind with new information. Famous people born today: Fred Astaire, Bono, John Wilkes Booth, Sid Vicious, Gina Philips.

If You Were Born Today, May 11: You are gifted, talented, and well-respected. You are not fond of others telling you what to do, so a position in which you lead others or you are your own boss suits you best. You are independent but also thrive in partnership. While you are reliable, hard-working, practical, and solid overall, your emotions can be quite contradictory. A perfectionist at heart, your calm exterior can sometimes hide a worrying nature. Famous people born today: Salvador Dali, Natasha Richardson, Martha Quinn, Phil Silvers, Cory Monteith.

If You Were Born Today, May 12: Personable, friendly, caring, and charming, you are a thoughtful person and can put yourself into almost anyone's shoes. Funny and witty, you have a true way with words and can be quite excellent at writing, promotion, advertising, and the like. You are also good at managing money and coming up with money-making ideas. You are versatile, yet stable and secure. Famous people born today: Florence Nightingale, Katharine Hepburn, Tom Snyder, Yogi Berra, Tony Hawk, Mary Kay Ash, Emilio Estevez.

If You Were Born Today, May 13: You are a steady, reliable, and responsible person. You are not always patient with slackers, but patient overall. You instinctively know that good things come to those who wait, but you also know how to make things happen with determined effort. You are witty, no-nonsense, respectable, and solid. Famous people born today: Stevie Wonder, Daphne Du Maurier, Joe Louis, Beatrice Arthur, Robert Pattinson, Hunter Parrish, Debby Ryan.

If You Were Born Today, May 14: Creative to an extreme, you are also highly intelligent and possess strong business savvy. Many of your ideas are very marketable. Somewhat unconventional in thought, you quickly become bored with routine thinking. However, that is on a mental level. You can have a few stubborn habits yourself, and when your mind is made up, it can be difficult to steer you off course. Famous people born today: George Lucas, David Byrne, Dante, Cate Blanchett.

If You Were Born Today, May 15: You are a hard worker who possesses strong values. Motivated by a great need for security, you are organized and cautious for the most, although sometimes restless. You are forthright, saying it as it is, dependable, and trustworthy. You also possess excellent business sense and manage money quite well. Famous people born today: Brian Eno, David Cronenberg, Richard Avedon, Caroline Dhavernas.

If You Were Born Today, May 16: Exceptionally talented in the creative arts, including music, you are very able to focus your energies enough to make a success out of yourself in the arts. Your personality is colorful, yet somewhat reserved and very poised. At times you can be so one-track minded that you can get into a rut. Charming and romantic by nature, you are likeable and personable. Famous people born today: Liberace, Janet Jackson, Megan Fox, Henry Fonda, Pierce Brosnan, Debra Winger, Tori Spelling.

If You Were Born Today, May 17: You are inspiring, excellent at promotion and sales, and strong-minded. Music may be a talent, or at least extremely important in your life. When confident, you are radiant, helpful, and a joy to be around. When insecure, however, you might have a tendency to bring others down with you! Stubborn yet attuned to progress, there is a well-defined spiritual bent to your personality. Famous people born today: Erik Satie, Dennis Hopper, Sugar Ray Leonard, Trent Reznor, Enya, Nikki Reed, Bill Paxton, Tahj Mowry.

If You Were Born Today, May 18: While you are sociable and confident, you have a spiritual side and a strong need for privacy. You are creative, unusual, passionate, and a tad mysterious, but ultimately very reliable and trustworthy. You possess tremendous business sense, and the determination to go after what you want. You are imaginative and know how to use your imagination in the business world. Famous people born today: Perry Como, Tina Fey, Frank Capra, Reggie Jackson, Chow Yun-Fat.

If You Were Born Today, May 19: You possess a regal manner, an exceptionally sharp intellect, and great independence. Others frequently turn to you for advice, and you make a gentle and effective leader. You follow your own belief system and are passionate about what and who you believe in. Your intuition is top-notch. Famous people born today: Andre the Giant, Pete Townshend, Malcolm X, Nora Ephron, Polly Walker, Sam Smith.

If You Were Born Today, May 20: You possess much strength of character, warmth, sensuality, and intuition. While grounded and steady overall, you have a flair for the dramatic. You are exceptionally self-aware, and spend your life learning, largely through intuition and observation. You are loving and kind, but seldom forget a slight. Famous people born today: Honore de Balzac, Cher, James Stewart, Dolly Madison.

If You Were Born Today, May 21: You are exceptionally witty, playful, and possess a youthful quality to your personality your entire life. You are highly creative on a mental level, have an excellent memory, and love a good debate. Sometimes short on patience, you might feel that others don't move as quickly in thought as you do. However, you are also a people person. Famous people born today: Plato, Henri Rousseau, Mr. T, Raymond Burr.

If You Were Born Today, May 22: You are a person with integrity, who is forthright and intelligent. You can be somewhat of a perfectionist, and you are often hard on yourself and sometimes others as a result. Your ideas and opinions are strikingly unique and unusual. You are forever learning and sharing what you've learned. Famous people born today: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Richard Wagner, Naomi Campbell, Laurence Olivier.

If You Were Born Today, May 23: You are versatile, witty, creative, and full of spunk. You have a lot to teach but simply enjoy sharing your knowledge and ideas with others. People love your sense of humor and playfulness. At times you can be unreliable, simply because you have more ideas than you can put into action. Starting a new project is your forte. Famous people born today: Joan Collins, Jewel, Drew Carey, Margaret Fuller, Artie Shaw.

If You Were Born Today, May 24: You are capable of practically anything you set your mind to once you find your calling. You have a commanding manner, and you set clear boundaries. You have strong opinions and love exchanging ideas with others. When your heart is won, you are loving, considerate, and involved. You have a good head for business. Famous people born today: Queen Victoria, Bob Dylan, Patti Labelle, Priscilla Presley, Kristin Scott Thomas.

If You Were Born Today, May 25: You are a witty, humorous, talkative person. Under the chatty or sociable surface, you are a lot more serious than you appear. In fact, you never take anything at face value. You consider yourself unusual, and most people agree! You are highly imaginative with fantastical dreams and ideas. Famous people born today: Robert Ludlum, Mike Myers, Anne Heche, Karen Valentine, Cillian Murphy.

If You Were Born Today, May 26: You are very insightful and often help others to better understand themselves. Artistically gifted, you have a real creative bent in addition to general "smarts". You are exceptionally hard working and quite ambitious as well--a combination that virtually guarantees success. Famous people born today: John Wayne, Peter Cushing, Helena Bonham Carter, Peggy Lee, Miles Davis, Stevie Nicks.

If You Were Born Today, May 27: Life is always an adventure for you because you are extremely curious, inquisitive, and always open to learn from your experiences. You are very friendly, giving, and naturally charming. You instinctively know that change is a natural part of life and learning, and try to keep positive. You need a lot of mental stimulation in order to stay interested in projects and work. Famous people born today: Henry Kissinger, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Louis Gossett, Jr., Bruce Cockburn.

If You Were Born Today, May 28: You are a determined, independent, and possibly quite stubborn person. You possess common sense and great wit, and you come across in a straightforward way. As practical and logical as you can be, you are also very intuitive and attuned to the world of beauty and creativity. A strong desire to achieve security drives you. Famous people born today: Ian Fleming, Kylie Minogue, Gladys Knight, Rudolph Giuliani.

If You Were Born Today, May 29: You are an "idea person" with a sharp mind and a gift for gab. You are exceptionally passionate and quite idealistic about love, which can lead to ups and downs in your love life. You exude strength of character, although sometimes your harder outer "shell" can hide a person with many soft corners inside. Famous people born today: John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, La Toya Jackson, Melissa Etheridge, Annette Bening.

If You Were Born Today, May 30: You are a people person, always curious about others and very friendly and enthusiastic. As sociable as you can be, however, you are also very partnership-oriented, and come alive in one-to-one settings. While  you don't always follow others' advice, you do love to ask, if only to stimulate conversation and to set your own thinking processes into motion. Cheerfulness and a unique sense of humor are your trademarks. Famous people born today: Wynonna Judd, Mel Blanc, Manny Ramirez.

If You Were Born Today, May 31: Your clever mind and strength of character are traits that others tend to notice first, and that earn you respect. You are an engaging conversationalist, offering unique perspective on whatever topic is on the table. You are very capable and determined, and have a distinct traditional side to your personality. Famous people born today: Walt Whitman, Clint Eastwood, Joe Namath, Lea Thompson, Brooke Shields, Colin Farrell.

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