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Relationship astrology. The composite chart is the chart of a relationship. Composite chart aspects are explained and interpreted: The meaning of the following aspects are presented: Sun conjunct, sextile, trine, square, quincunx, or opposition Jupiter.

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Composite Chart: Sun - Jupiter Aspects

When composite Sun conjuncts composite Jupiter

Your relationship is permeated with good humor, warmth, mutual respect, and lenience. This is not to say that you won't have ups and downs together, of course, but this aspect in your composite chart reveals that together you can weather pretty much any storm that comes your way (unless this conjunction is severely challenged - for example, if it's squared by Saturn or Pluto). Very comforting indeed! Yours is a relationship that suggests growth and fulfillment.

Sample from our Romantic Compatibility report: Enormous benefits, expansion, success, and growth come to both of you through the vehicle of your relationship. You'll be blessed with unusual good fortune and fulfillment, both materially and in less tangible ways. Most of all, you will feel that you have plenty when you are together. Instead of seeing limitations, you'll be able to see possibilities for an expanded life, opportunities that you may have missed before. Religion, philosophy, or higher education may become a focus in your relationship, even if neither of you is especially inclined that way.

You increase one another's optimism and broaden one another's viewpoints, opening up much more of the world to one another. Long distance travel or making connections to other parts of the world can be a part of this.

Essentially, your relationship is about increasing growth, freedom, and expansion in your lives. Much success and fulfillment are generated when you are together. Forgiveness and tolerance are essential "ingredients" in your happiness.

When composite Sun is in opposition to composite Jupiter

Giving one another the benefit of the doubt is something that seems to come naturally to you. However, you might also encourage lazy, self-indulgent, or excessive traits in one another through this very lenient attitude. Striking a balance will be important.

When composite Sun is square or quincunx to composite Jupiter

You want the best for one another, but sometimes this is because you're too lazy to discipline yourselves or simply too lenient with one another. Challenging one another to be a better person should be the goal, rather than making each other happy only for the moment. Somehow, when you are together, you tend to be overly optimistic or possibly even neglectful of the more mundane details of your existence together--paying bills, saving for a rainy day, exercising, smart eating, housekeeping, and so forth. You might eventually lack faith in the promises you make to one another, or in your shared dreams, as you seem to lack follow-through. If you can discipline yourselves, this can be a warm, happy, and tolerant relationship.

When composite Sun sextiles or trines composite Jupiter

You generate warm, positive, humorous, and satisfying feelings through your relationship dynamic. Working together, you can achieve much, as long as you grab opportunities when they arise. You are exceptionally tolerant of one another, and you "allow" each other personal space. As a couple, you are able to bounce back from low or difficult periods quickly and possibly with even more confidence in one another.

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