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Relationship astrology. The composite chart is the chart of a relationship. Composite chart aspects are explained and interpreted: The meaning of the following aspects are presented: Sun conjunct, sextile, trine, square, quincunx, or opposition the Saturn.

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Composite Chart: Sun - Saturn Aspects

When the composite Sun is conjunct composite Saturn: 

There is a strong sense that this is not a relationship to be taken lightly. In contrast to the composite Sun-Neptune aspect, this relationship fairly demands that roles are defined. There can be a business-like quality to this relationship, even if it is a romantic one, as the practical side of relating is emphasized and the need to be responsible to one another (and to others) is somehow clear. The main problem with this aspect occurs when partners become critical or overly demanding of one another, failing to allow much room for human error, and losing sight of the romantic feelings that they once felt.

When the composite Sun is square or in opposition to composite Saturn: 

While it may not be apparent at the beginning of your relationship, eventually there can be a feeling of obligation between the two of you that can seriously undermine fun and romance. Sometimes this takes the form of burdens that you, as a couple, experience, and other times it is part of your relationship dynamic. It might seem that every time you're feeling good about your relationship, something sets you back. It will be important to avoid coming down on your partner, either by criticizing or reminding him/her of their "duties" too often, as the relationship can eventually feel too heavy and burdensome to endure. Roles need to be defined, but some leniency should be afforded to one another.


When the composite Sun is trine composite Saturn: 

There is a strong feeling that your relationship is going somewhere, and you have a nice feeling of security through it. Dependability and commitment are emphasized in your union. Problems are generally taken in stride. Your responsibilities to one another and to the people around you as well as the structures you've built together are met. Together, you are a reasonable, realistic, and responsible unit. Unless there are other strong aspects suggesting otherwise, you're not big risk takers.


When the composite Sun is quincunx composite Saturn: 

Sample from the Romantic Compatibility report:  Circumstances beyond your control and not of your choosing may intrude themselves upon you two, and prevent you from having as full a relationship as you would wish. You may have to overcome great odds in order to be together, or simply find that other duties, obligations, and commitments don't enable you to be together as much as you would like. Beware of reinforcing thoughts of gloom and doom, struggle, or "we can't", and try to focus instead on what you do enjoy about one another and your relationship. Inevitably, there will be lacks, gaps, regrets, or missing elements in your relationship, but if you concentrate on what IS working, you'll have a better chance of overcoming those difficulties.


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