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Relationship astrology. The composite chart is the chart of a relationship. Composite chart aspects are explained and interpreted. The meaning of Sun conjunct Mercury.

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Composite Chart: Sun - Venus Aspects

When the composite Sun is conjunct composite Venus: 

You have come together for pleasure, affection, shared interests, and enjoyment. Together, you are a charming and likeable couple. Maintaining peace and harmony between you is a priority, and sometimes you might find yourself avoiding messier (yet important) relationship problems in order to maintain your relationship at a comfortable level. There may also be an overemphasis on your wants, desires, and pleasures; and neediness, moodiness, and false charm between you could become an issue. It's easy to have fun with one another, although hard aspects to this Sun-Venus conjunction from outer planets in the composite chart might challenge the expression of affection between the two of you, as well as the comfort with which you interact.

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