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Relationship astrology. The composite chart is the chart of a relationship. Composite chart aspects are explained and interpreted: The meaning of the following aspects are presented: Venus conjunct, sextile, trine, square, quincunx, or opposition the Pluto.

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Composite Chart: Venus - Pluto Aspects

When composite Venus is conjunct composite Pluto: 

This is likely to be a very passionate relationship, pulling up intense feelings within both of you. Problems occur with normal fluctuations of intensity as the relationship progresses, and expectations that the level of intimacy and intensity should remain high consistently (which is virtually impossible). Attempts to maintain intimacy can actually backfire if controlling or manipulative behavior is involved. Be mindful of the intense feelings you arouse in each other, and make sure you avoid playing games in order to "keep" this relationship that seems almost primal. Games can only push you away from each other in the long run. Extremes of romantic feeling are stimulated so that you can experience feelings of love and hate alternately. The desire to be one another's "only and best" lover is strong, and there is an all or nothing feeling running between the two of you. Even if demands are not overt, there is an underlying pressure present that can eventually sap you of personal and creative energy. This is a demanding relationship, and you should be prepared to work hard at it, as it can be a very rewarding, fateful, life-changing, revealing, and intense union.

When composite Venus is square or in opposition to composite Pluto: 

This relationship can never be taken lightly, as it exists to transform your values and change your attitude towards love and relationship. It demands a lot from you both. This relationship starts off intensely and you are likely to become very close quickly. However, attempts to maintain this high level of intimacy and emotional involvement or dependency can eventually break down the relationship. One or both of you might resort to tricks and manipulative behavior in an attempt to keep the partner dependent, loyal, and intensely involved. Fear of betrayal or loss can be a self-fulfilling prophecy in this case. You are likely to come face to face with your own emotional baggage or "slush"--the darker side of yourself when it comes to attachments--through one another. Be careful not to demand more from your partner than he/she is capable of. It can be hard to let go of one another. If this relationship dissolves, it can easily turn into an angry battle over division of property, possessions, or offspring; or it can leave one or both parties feeling bitter, resentful, and angry for some time. As hard as it is to let go of the relationship, it can be equally hard to let go of angry feelings after a break-up.


When composite Venus is sextile or trine composite Pluto: 

This is hardly a casual relationship. Instead, it is destined to change your attitudes towards love and relationship, as well as your values. The need to be loyal to one another and to maintain a high level of intimacy and bonding between you is strong. Willingness to change, adapt, and make sacrifices for the relationship is notable. Passionate feelings are aroused in both of you, and you are more able than most to keep this passion alive because you take normal fluctuations of intensity in stride and don't demand more than your partner is capable of.


When composite Venus is quincunx composite Pluto: 

Sample from the Romantic Compatibility report: Deep forces from within both of you will complicate your interactions with one another. You trigger deep feelings in one another, including those you may be accustomed to hiding, such as powerful passions, extreme possessiveness, an urge to dominate (sexually or otherwise). Avoid manipulative plays such as guilt, emotional blackmail, jealously, or threats of abandonment - at all costs!

Your connection with one another will have a deeply transforming affect on you both, and even your seemingly casual interactions will somehow influence or change you. That is, if you do not get entangled in some of the subterranean power struggles mentioned above.

Part of the purpose of your relationship is to bring up aspects of yourselves and of your attitudes towards loving others which you have kept in the dark until now.


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