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Monthly Horoscopes - December 2012

A guide to the month ahead for all signs of the zodiac.

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Horoscope Quickies Dec'12


December 2012 Overview Horoscopes 

The following are overview horoscopes for an upcoming month, written by Annie. For our detailed December monthly horoscopes, see Monthly Horoscopes from December 1.


Notes/Overview: In December 2012, a New Moon occurs at 21 Sagittarius on the 13th and Uranus begins direct motion also on the 13th. Jupiter quincunxes Pluto on December 20th and then quincunxes Saturn on the 22nd. Saturn sextiles Pluto on the 26th. A Full Moon occurs on December 28th in the sign of Cancer.



Energy for work is powerful this month, dear Aries, and so is your desire to set your own pace with Mars in your professional and public sector until the 25th, and the Sun in the same sector from the 21st forward. While you are strongly motivated and competitive, you might also have some problems answering to authority. It's a career peak, so take advantage. Learn when to tone things down and when to jump on opportunities. You might vigorously defend your beliefs this month, and you can get riled up all too easily, so do take time to center yourself and calm down. Choose your battles wisely. You also have a thirst for adventure this month, which can take you outside of your routine from time to time. If possible, make some room in your life for adventurous escape. December can bring some extra support for your career, possibly financial, but it can also come from a business partner or alliance that helps you to make changes that benefit your business in the long term.



December continues a trend in which close relationships are in strong focus for you, dear Taurus. You might also tend to push your normal boundaries, and possibly those of a partner as well. Satisfy your itch for more adventure in your life by mixing up your routine, taking up a new physical activity, enrolling in a course, or making travel plans. Watch for extravagance or neglect when it comes to your money and income this month. You are more generous than usual, and this is a good thing, but the tendency now is to borrow from your future in order to go all out in the present, which can be regrettable as you begin the new year! Seasonal bonuses or gifts can be bigger than usual. It's a strong month for connecting with someone special, although there are likely to be times when you feel the need to defend your own customs and values. Some of you could have a few troubles with in-laws. The last week of the month can bring a celebration of an academic achievement, an important announcement, long-awaited travel, or an opportunity in the communications field.



December brings very strong focus on your close relationships, dear Gemini, mostly in a pleasant way, but sometimes to the point that you feel your own needs are not being acknowledged enough. Focus is on give and take. Stand up for yourself but avoid pushing too hard for freedom right now. With Mars in your solar eighth most of the month, there can be a tendency to bottle up difficult feelings and to act out in other ways. However, your best bet is to get in touch with these feelings and to work things out in a more direct manner. It's the season to honor your relationships, to align with your alliances rather than get involved in a tug of war. Mid-month, a "new beginning" theme is active in a partnership. Some of you could commit to a relationship, while others could resolve to start fresh in an existing relationship. It's a good time to arbitrate a dispute, to work out a compromise, and for social activities in general. The last week of the month brings money matters into sharp focus.



You begin December with easy charm and good energy for attracting who and what you want into your life, dear Cancer. You are more willing to express yourself and your feelings. As the month progresses, the inner workaholic emerges! Watch for too much attention to what's not working in your life this month. While you have much work to do to tidy up your life right now, you should consciously take a step back from time to time and ask yourself if you are focusing too much on details that won't truly matter in the long run! Nevertheless, you stand to gain much from ironing out some of the nagging problems in your life, as long as you keep expectations of yourself in check. The tendency to do too much for others is strong, so do remember to enjoy yourself from time to time. Partnerships can really heat up in December. Being active with a partner is important to you right now. The extra energy should be channeled productively, or you could find relations tense. The last week of the month brings a Full Moon in your sign, leading to a personal revelation or epiphany.



December should be an especially playful, joyful, and creative month, dear Leo, but work can also figure strongly and you are likely to pour a lot of energy into organizing your daily life and routines. You're doing it all this month, and while you can feel that your life is especially full and vibrant, do watch for over-extension. With Mars moving through your solar sixth house much of December, overdoing can lead to minor illnesses or health complaints, so slow down from time to time! Also, be careful that you preserve healthy relations with co-workers in your haste to get things done. Social life can be strong, but finding a balance between close relationships and acquaintances or social engagements can be tricky. You may need to say no to certain invitations just to keep things from becoming too chaotic. Mid-month brings creative and long-term plans into motion. You have a clearer sense of where you are headed in a romance, as well as artistically. The last week of December can bring an overwhelming need for a time-out. Get extra rest and avoid taking on new commitments.



December should bring warm energy on the home front, dear Virgo, and a lively love life. The trick to handling the month well will be to find a balance between work and family, as both demand a lot of attention from you. The first two weeks of December are strong for communications of all kinds. Get in touch with people, express yourself, and work on communications projects. Favorable energy is with you for positive reception of your ideas. Mid-month, good energy is with you for a new beginning with a family member, particularly if there have been some resentments or difficult emotions brewing. The timing is perfect for holiday celebrations with family to run more smoothly. It's also a fine time to begin working on financial matters that you may have been neglecting. A new budget or support plan can figure strongly now. Some of you could receive a special bonus or a loan could come through. Mars moving through fellow Earth sign, Capricorn, most of the month is great for personal energy levels and for pursuing your heart's desire. However, there can be times when your romantic life, or relationships with children, can be over-stimulating. The last week of December is excellent for your social life.



December should be an especially busy month for you, dear Libra. Even your home life could provide little relief from hustle and bustle. Your best bet is to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to information you're receiving this month - some of it will be distracting, useless, and incorrect! Nevertheless, pay attention to some of the ideas you're getting now, as you are sure to come up with something fabulous. Excess energy is experienced in your home life this month, and it will be important to try to direct or channel it into productive activities. A close relationship can begin to move forward after a sluggish few months. More clarity is with you, but you should nevertheless expect the unexpected with a partner. There is a need for less restriction or hard and fast "rules". Some of you could experience difficult family relationships in the last week of the month, when clashes tend to pull up deep emotions, and quite suddenly! A partner and family may not be mixing well for some of you. Nevertheless, you are set to begin the New Year with a renewed commitment to going after what you want, to having fun, and to enjoying romance.



December gets off to a good start for you, dear Scorpio. With both Mercury and Venus occupying your sign (until the 10th and 16th, respectively), you are especially communicative, persuasive, charming, and magnetic. You feel affectionate and you are able to express your feelings with ease. It's a fine time to enhance or attract a relationship. A partner is on the same page as you, or at least has you as a priority right now. Money is in high focus in the month ahead, and you may be in the position to boost your income, but should watch for extravagance. You should also watch a partner's spending as well! There can be a tendency to go overboard, and to borrow from your future. In the last week of the month, you may be asked to speak or to clarify a matter, and some of you could see a book or paper published or completed. There can be a lot of activity with neighbors, work, siblings, and acquaintances. An opportunity to travel could present itself.



This is a strong month for you, dear Sagittarius. You have a nice balance in your chart between personal and interpersonal focus. It's your take-charge month, but it's also important to tend to your closest relationships. In fact, late November's Lunar Eclipse occurred in your partnership sector and sets the tone for December. A relationship may be on shaky ground, but in a good way - it's time to do some clean up. Venus enters your sign mid-month, where it will stay until mid-January, so that your personal charm is in fine form through the holidays this year. Friends are supportive and work tends to bring rewards. You're more able to set the pace and take charge. Watch for indulgence this month, as well as impulsiveness with money. Holiday celebrations are unlikely to go as planned, so be as flexible as possible for maximum enjoyment. The last week of December is excellent for energy, good ideas, and communication in love relationships, but impatience with communications and transportation should be watched.




Much is going on behind the scenes this month, dear Capricorn, and although you're not especially outgoing right now, you're no wallflower either. In fact, with Mars moving through your sign until the 25th, you're more than willing to go after what you want, to assert your needs, and to put others in their place if they overstep their bounds. It's your deeper feelings and affections that tend to be under wraps for the time being. Do be careful this month when it comes to impulsively talking about matters that open up conversations and issues that you'd rather delay for a clearer time. Energy is abundant, and if not channeled constructively, it can turn into anger and impatience. Look for healthy ways to push the limits. Decisions are complicated much of the month, your love life is private, and you tend to focus on closing projects. You are a person who prefers clear and definable situations, but it's unlikely to be the case this month. Aim to exercise patience. 




Networking and making connections are in high focus in December, dear Aquarius. The first ten days of the month are excellent for career relations, recognition, reputation, and support. The 13th brings a New Moon in a friendly sector of your chart as well as the direct motion of your ruler, Uranus. This brings especially forward-looking, positive energy into your world, which carries well into the holidays. You begin to feel more understood, relationships with siblings and neighbors improve, and communications projects move forward. New beginnings in May, particularly projects and relationships, tend to bear fruit or come to a head in December, but it won't be until the last week of the month when you're truly ready to push plans forward. In fact, until the 25th, you are in need of extra rest, and energy levels may be lower than usual. Avoid pushing yourself, and this applies to both physical and mental levels. Major decision making can wait. You're likely to begin the New Year with more gusto and ambition than usual.



Dear Pisces, strong energy is with you this month for career, recognition, prominence, believability, and visibility. Others are recognizing you as a leader and believing in your competency. A project begun earlier this year that revolves around home and family might be realized now. December is a good month for money for self-employed Pisceans; and it's also strong for publishing or promotional activities. Your social life is likely to be lively, if not downright dramatic, this month. There is a tendency to excess, particularly around family or when it comes to spending money on the home. Even so, as much as career and public life call, your true joy can be found in and around the home, which sets up a warm and special, if slightly unconventional, holiday season. From the 25th until early February, you'll be needing extra time for rest and relaxation. See to it that you get it. Romantic revelations or proclamations are possible towards year's end.




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