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Fortune Telling Oracle:

The Dice Oracle is a fortune-telling game. Ask a question about love and romance for an answer based on Dice Divination, or Astragalomancy—fortune-telling using two dice.

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The Love Dice Oracle

Love Dice Oracle

Select a question from the list below (one question at a time), concentrate, repeat the question, and then press "Ask!" for an answer:

Love Questions

1- Shall I be happy in love?

2- Does the one I love, love me?

3- What does marriage/partnership hold in store for me?

4- How shall I know my future life mate?

5- How many significant romances shall I have?

Wish Question

Will the wish I am thinking of now be fulfilled?

The Love Dice Oracle game answers specific questions based on dice divination with two dice. Remember that it is a game, and the answers are completely random.



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