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Monthly Horoscopes - February 2012

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Horoscope Quickies Feb'12


February 2012 Overview Horoscopes 

The following are short overview horoscopes for an upcoming month, written by Annie for Essential Magazine. For our detailed February monthly horoscopes, see Monthly Horoscopes from February 1.


Notes/Overview: In February 2012, Mars continues to retrograde in Virgo all month. Neptune enters Pisces on February 3rd.

A Full Moon occurs at 18 Leo on the 7th, and a New Moon occurs at 3 Pisces on the 21st.


Although your ruler, Mars, is retrograde this month, dear Aries, and this can point to some sluggishness or hesitance, you're not lacking in attention. With Venus gracing your sign from the 8th forward, you'll be turning heads and attracting money as well. The 7-10 is especially strong for your social life and possibly romantic excitement. Your intuition is becoming a stronger part of your life this month, and many of you will be feeling a little more psychic. Be wary of behind the scenes activity with a friend or co-worker around the 23rd, when a secret could be revealed or jealousies could surface. This is a good time to watch your health and to schedule medical check-ups.



Career and business matters are strong in February, dear Taurus. Some of you will be meeting new and intriguing friends. New contacts might intimidate existing ones or a romantic interest, however. A friend might reveal something you'd rather keep under wraps around the 23rd. Some challenges can surface in a romantic relationship or in relationships with your children this month and next. It's time to make some changes in your approach. Romantic problems can be especially prominent from the 8th forward, as matters from the past can resurface. Avoidance is a strong tendency right now, but not advised.



There can be some difficulties with family or around the home in February, dear Gemini. Work conflicts might be the source, particularly around the 23rd. Things may not be moving at the pace you'd like, but it's important to be patient. Despite small inconveniences, career matters are strengthening for you. A more creative direction is possible now, and you'll find that it suits you very well. Intuition is beginning to play a strong role in your professional life. The 7-10 can bring a new friendship or exciting news into your life. Romantic interests are tied to friendships and group activities.



Finances can receive a nice boost this month, dear Cancer. It's a good time for filing taxes, budgeting, and applying for loans if necessary. You may find the pace of your daily life challenging in February, however. Responsibilities on the home front can be daunting, and finding the time to run errands and handle paperwork may be a challenge. Others might complain that you're not keeping in touch. Disagreements are more likely around the 23-24. Travel is looking more and more appealing these days, and the more exotic or romantic the getaway, the better!



A partner and friends have important and practical feedback for you this month, dear Leo. February brings partnering into strong focus. While you may not feel in charge, it's a good time for learning more about the people in your life. You are growing towards a more romantic or spiritual approach to your intimate life. Watch for struggles with money or values, particularly with a partner, around the 23rd. It can also be a time of confusion or misunderstandings occur regarding finances and ownership matters. In fact, all month, it will be important to watch spending and pay attention to fine print when making purchases or commitments. Avoid lending unless you're certain you'll get it back.



February brings plenty of work to do, but also your fair share of socializing, dear Virgo. The temptation to push ahead with personal plans is strong, but circumstances could have you feeling stuck. You'll be at your strongest if you tame impatience and work on projects that need fine-tuning or completion rather than adding more to your plate. Your partnering needs are metamorphosing now and in coming months. A stronger desire for a soul mate-type bond is with you. While relationships are strengthening in general, watch for the 15th and 23rd, when others can challenge your opinions and possibly even your character. Correct misunderstandings swiftly, and don't dwell on matters you can't control.



While your romantic life is lively this month, dear Libra, it's also a little unstable. A partner may be in a state of confusion or stuck in the past. In general, it's not the best time to ask for commitments from others. Living in the moment, and enjoying it, without too many expectations is your best bet right now. Work is strong towards the end of the month, and you're likely to immerse yourself in it. The only caution here is to avoid stirring the pot or aligning yourself with people who you don't entirely trust around the 23rd. A more creative approach to your work is favored now and in coming months.



Relationships with family are strong this month, dear Scorpio, and your attention to domestic matters brings rewards and positive feedback. February 7-10 can bring surprising developments surrounding work and career. Associates and higher-ups are paying attention, so make sure you're shining. A little healthy showing off won't hurt at this point. While romantic relationships strengthen in general towards the end of the month, a conflict with or about a friend can surface around the 23rd. Friendships, in general, require more care this month and next. Misunderstandings can be frequent and complications can arise.



While family life is mostly strong this month, dear Sagittarius, there are two life "departments" that can stir the pot in February: career and romance. Pressures can mount on the professional front, and you may be experiencing delays and assorted slowdowns. Try to steer clear of differences of opinion and other conflicts. Watch for gossip or misunderstandings especially around the 23rd. Romantic surprises or upsets can occur around the 9-10 and 15th. While your charm is strong this month, some relationships can fall short of expectations.



You're luckier with money in February, dear Capricorn, and you have a good sense for how much to invest and where. Money matters in general can improve, and conditions are favorable for loans, support, and taxes. More creativity and imagination are brought to your communications - your writing and speaking. You're developing entirely new interests and absorbing more information naturally. Intuitive powers are strong now. While you can be a little foggy with cold, hard facts, you're picking up more subtle cues from your environment. Delays and complications with travel or legal matters are possible in February, particularly around the 23rd.



You're personally popular this month, dear Aquarius. Others tend to have your best interests at heart. Your high spirits can lead up to an emotional declaration around the 7th. Money matters are generally good, but complicated at times in February. Differences in values can spark a conflict around the 23rd. While you're becoming decidedly more creative when it comes to making money, and your intuition tends to serve you well, the tendency to overlook important facts is strong as well. Prepare as much as you can in advance for delays and machinery breakdowns this month.


February is a month of coincidences and hunches that come to pass. You are especially intuitive and in high demand these days, dear Pisces. However, partnerships can be challenging at times, and especially around the 23rd. Allow others space and time to sort things out. Reconnecting with people from your past might figure strongly now. Finances can be up and down in February - there can be small windfalls and unexpected expenses. Overall, however, you are in a personally powerful position, particularly after the New Moon in your sign on the 21st.



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