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Solar Returns: Ascendant


Interpreting solar returns

Predictive Astrology - Techniques for Predicting the Future


On this Page:

  • Solar Return Ascendant in Signs.
  • Natal House Brought to the Solar Return Ascendant: Interpretations.


Solar Returns Feature: Page 4

On page 1 of our Solar Returns Feature, we offered our preferred techniques and key points to consider when interpreting Solar Returns, as well as an example Solar Return.
On page 2 of our Solar Returns Feature, we offered a second example of a Solar Return at work.
On page 3 of our Solar Returns Feature, we discuss more techniques for fine-tuning a Solar Return analysis.
On page 5 of our Solar Returns Feature, we offer interpretations of the Solar Return Sun in aspect to other Solar Return planets and points.
On page 6 of our Solar Returns Feature, we discuss the importance of the Moon in the Solar Return chart, by sign, house, and aspect.
On page 7 of our Solar Returns Feature, we compare books and suggest resources for interpreting Solar Returns.

On this fourth page of our Solar Returns Feature, the possible meaning of the sign of the Solar Return Ascendant is explored, as well as the natal house that is brought to the Ascendant of the Solar Return chart.


Solar Return Ascendant Signs


The Solar Return Ascendant sign shows your overall temperament, attitude, and approach to life in the year ahead.

In Aries, you may take initiative in the area of life where Aries falls in your natal chart. You could also be impatient or impulsive in this area. This is a year of opportunities, in that you will be more adventurous and you will have the courage to make changes. You are more likely to attract new circumstances, people, and experiences into your life. Your approach to life is more direct than usual, and others might complain that you are more self-absorbed than usual! Decision-making is quick this year, and you are likely to be more physically active.

In Taurus, domestic issues and finances will be on your mind. This is a year of overall stability. Your approach to life is markedly conservative and practical. You are resistant to making big changes, and you are skeptical of new initiatives. You are generally content to leave things as they are, and you are not inclined to seek out brand new experiences (or people!). Inertia and resistance to making changes may characterize the period. You have the power to attract this year, especially through patience. You may also feel the need to have more beauty in your life, via your surroundings and perhaps with regards to a desire to improve your appearance.

In Gemini, you are outgoing, sociable, and very curious. Your attention span may be short, however, and you might have your finger in too many pies. Your interests are vast, and it can be hard finishing projects you complete before your attention moves elsewhere! You open yourself up to many possibilities, and perhaps too many. You may find it hard to keep commitments.

In Cancer, you wear your emotions on your sleeve this year. More sensitive than usual, you have your eye on security. Your attention turns to your home front, your family, and domestic issues. You may be more introspective than usual. Oversensitivity and defensiveness may be a problem. Security is a driving force this year. As Cancer's ruler, the Moon holds important clues as to what area of life in which you may encounter instability and change, and why you feel protective of your sense of security as a result.

In Leo, your urge to create is strong. There may be more involvement with children or especially romantic inclinations. Your physical appearance and your manner become very important, especially since Leo is on the first house and it rules the "star" of the Solar Return chart--the Sun. You may be more dramatic and expressive this year, or this could point to a focus on children, hobbies, or other Leo-ruled areas of life, depending on your personal inclinations as well as your life circumstances. I had Leo rising in my Solar Return charts in the years I had two of my children (both born with Leo Ascendants), for example. Be sure to look to the house position of the Sun for areas of life where you have a strong opportunity to express yourself and your creativity.

In Virgo, focus is on your work, your habits, your health, and your routines. It may be a rather unspectacular year--a year when you may be caught up in making adjustments to your life and/or worrying about problems. It can be a rather mundane year (unless your Sun or Ascendant is Virgo natally), but one that is quite busy. You may feel like you are doing a lot of preparing but don't exactly know what it is you are preparing for. Mercury's placement can provide some clues as to which areas of life require adjustments.

In Libra, this is a year when you find the need to compromise, deliberate, and accommodate. Your goal is to find balance and achieve harmony. Venus' position can provide clues as to which areas of life prompt you to feel this need. There can be a strong focus on relationships and partnerships, or you can begin a new partnership that demands a lot of your attention. You may find yourself accommodating or appeasing others much of your time, and you have to watch that you don't become too compromising or overly concerned with not rocking the boat. Interestingly, this Ascendant can be present in a year when people marry as much as one in which people divorce. In many cases, it can be a very happy year--one in which the individual feels like life is running very smoothly, likely because he or she is keeping peace at all costs.

In Scorpio, powerful feelings come to the surface. It can be a very introspective year when you cut off the areas of your life that seem to be superficial or unsatisfying on a deep level. It can be a year when you alienate others with a seemingly hardhearted manner, or when you break friendships or cut off specific social activities. Much depends on the natal house that is brought to the SR Ascendant. It could also be a year when you are extremely focused on specific things, possibly to the point of obsession. Whatever the case may be, you have donned a strong persona in order to deal effectively with the changes that you know need to take place in your life.

In Sagittarius, you feel more adventurous and possibly restless this year. This may be because you have been feeling limited or "caged in" recently, and your desire is to break out of that rut. You may not know where it is exactly that you want to go, but a restless feeling is present. In some cases, legal issues need to be attended to. You may attract support from others, or have a reason to be more hopeful and optimistic about life. Jupiter's position can hold some clues as to what exactly is feeding your spirit, giving you a new lease on life, or providing you with hopefulness. You have to be careful that you don't overestimate your capabilities this year. Try not to gloss over important details, such as the bills that need to be paid.

In Capricorn, you focus on your responsibilities, career or business concerns, and the material world. You may feel a real need to buckle down this year, and Saturn's position can provide clues as to why and where this need is coming from. You become aware of a need for more control or self-control this year. You may feel undervalued and could don a more serious persona this year. Be careful not to let responsibility turn into negative, black-and-white thinking.

In Aquarius, your need for independence and individuality is strong this year. You may break out of your shell this year and express a "new you". Some level of emotional detachment and stability is likely. If you are not normally stubborn or individualistic, people around you might be surprised by your behavior this year. Be careful not to alienate those close to you as you branch out and feel the need to express your individuality.

In Pisces, this could be a very dreamy, possibly directionless year when you tend to prefer to live in a dream world rather than attend to picky details of everyday life. It could be a time when you hide yourself away a little, work on something behind the scenes, or have a greater need for solitude. It could also be a real "escapist" year. Something hidden or private may occupy a good portion of your thoughts and your time this year. Some restlessness is likely, and you may have some concerns about what lies ahead of you, which could be at the root of your need to escape.


Of course, the natal chart always has to be taken into account. Nobody
"becomes" a Pisces rising for just one year, for example, so the natal Ascendant should be considered. Also, if the Solar Return Ascendant is in the same sign as the natal Ascendant, it promises to be a power year. If the SR Ascendant is the sign of your Descendant, you may feel somewhat at the mercy of others.

The following interpretations of the sign position of the Ascendant in the Solar Return chart come from the Solar Return Report.

Solar Return Ascendant in Aries

This year will bring new initiatives and projects. You will feel the desire to undertake new enterprises and take a new path. You will also feel impatient with your usual daily routine. If you are calm and slow by nature, this influence will make you more energetic, but if you are already a very active person, you will become more aggressive, perhaps even explosive and argumentative. You will definitely be energized this year. It is up to you to find ways to utilize this energy and drive in the best way.

If you would like to make a radical change in your life, or just want to assert your individuality more, this is the year to do it. The Mars energy will give you more courage and the will to take action, but you can also be more prone to accidents because you act hastily or impulsively, not thinking before you leap. Your own personal needs are more important to you at this time than the needs of others. You will also feel the desire to impose your opinions and will on others to a greater degree than usual, even to the point of strongly opposing them.

Under this influence you will feel stronger and more energetic. It would be a good time to take care of any health problem that arises. However, it is not a good year to have surgery if it can be put off to a later date. It would be advisable to engage in some physical activity or sport during this year in order to keep you more emotionally and physically balanced. You may suffer from fevers or headaches more frequently than you are accustomed to.

During this period you may find yourself wanting to spend time with Libra friends and associates as they can be a calming influence on you. It is possible for you to get involved in a new romantic relationship or better your relationships with business associates. If you are involved in some legal matter, it would be to your advantage to settle out of court, coming to some mutual agreement rather than exposing yourself to a law suit.

Solar Return Ascendant in Taurus

Material matters will be very important to you this year. This is a favorable period for increasing your financial position. You may start looking for new ways to increase your income and, if other indications are favorable, you will find the means to do so.

You could find yourself being more realistic and stubborn than usual. You will be more tenacious and persevering in pursuing your dreams. It is important, however, to not be so obstinate and unwilling to compromise that you cause undue tension and resentment in others. You may find yourself having the desire to acquire beautiful or expensive things to a greater degree than you are used to.

This year will bring you in contact with practical people with whom you could possibly form a productive business arrangement. But you should be cautious about moving too fast in these ventures as you might find that the results do not meet your expectations.

If you have artistic inclinations, it will be a positive year for expanding your creative talents. This influence may attract you to begin to study such fields as art, interior decorating and design, or crafts such as pottery, which could ultimately result in material profit.

Physically, Taurus rules the throat, the neck, the vocal cords and the thyroid glands. You will be more inclined than usual to have sore throats, colds, or laryngitis. You may be more tempted than usual to over-indulge in rich foods which could cause you to gain unwanted weight. You will find yourself having the desire for comfort and ease rather than wanting to get involved in sports or physical exercise.

During this period you will find yourself wanting more stability in your life. Emotionally you could experience contradictory feelings. You will find yourself encountering Scorpio types of people who could have a strong influence on you. Be careful not to get involved in scenarios which create tension, jealousy or possessiveness in you or those you are dealing with. You should select your friends carefully and try to keep cool and calm when a difficult situation presents itself.

Solar Return Ascendant in Gemini

You won't be bored this year as it promises to bring a great deal of diverse activities, perhaps too many interests for you to choose from. There will be a tendency to start many things without being able to finish them during this period or in the future. You should control the number of projects you tackle and concentrate on the ones that can feasibly be completed in a reasonable amount of time so that you don't scatter your energies. Short trips and more moving around than you usually do will be favorable during this period.

Your mental and intellectual activity will be increased, causing a desire to engage in some type of learning in order to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Your mind will be very alert, clear and quick, enabling you to find immediate solutions to the problems that may arise.

If by nature you are a calm and easy going person, during this year you will accelerate and become more talkative and curious. If you are nervous and tense already, you should try to slow down somewhat and rest every time you feel a need for it. The emphasis is on positive communication with many people on a daily basis.

In dealing with relatives, neighbors and people in your everyday environment you should use care, for it is possible that they may try to influence you with their ideas which may not always be in your best interest. Discuss your plans only with those people who will not try to hinder your endeavors, but avoid lengthy, drawn-out conversations.

During this period you will find it very difficult to work under pressure. Impatience and anxiety will be your worst enemy this year. Due to this condition, there may be many changes and modifications that could impel you to become involved in projects that you never dreamed of.

Due to the fact that you will probably be more tense and restless than usual, it is important that you guard against possible health problems, such as respiratory difficulties like colds, flu, pulmonary congestion and bronchitis, by getting adequate exercise and relaxation and spending some quality time outdoors.

You will tend to meet people who have different beliefs than you who will open up new possibilities for you to explore. You will be especially attracted to Sagittarians who will be a positive influence on you.

This general uncertainty has the same effect on your love life, where it could produce changes or even new conquests, infidelity or seduction. If you are married, you need to break away from your daily routine and find some new way of excitement to prevent a marital crisis.

Solar Return Ascendant in Cancer

This year domestic and family matters will be of great importance to you. It may bring up memories of your relationship with your parents and the effect they had on you, both positive and negative, and the traditions and memories of your childhood that will aid you to grow and mature. Your sensitivity will increase considerably and you will be more susceptible than usual to sudden, unexpected mood changes. During this period you will be more emotional than usual and more likely to express these feelings openly. If by nature you are not very demonstrative, you may surprise those around you (and yourself) with your emotional outbursts, but if you are, by nature, used to expressing yourself freely, you may find yourself losing control in some emotional situations when you do not wish to. This would be especially difficult at times when the affection you express for another is not returned. Remember that you are strongly under the influence of the Moon this year!

During this period you could be confronted with an act or circumstance that touches you deeply. This could be something that was started before your birthday and is now completed. Although the result may not be completely favorable, you will realize, without a doubt, that it is necessary for your growth. Be aware of the fact that you could be more trusting than usual, thereby exposing yourself to undue pain or suffering. You should look at it as a growth experience which will, in the end, produce beneficial results.

If you are involved in politics in some way, this will be a good year to get more involved, increasing your influence in this arena. It is also a good time to put down roots, if this is appropriate and desirable for you. It may be the year you find that property you have been looking for. The most favorable months for this will be just prior to your next birthday. Purchasing real estate or a new home, redecorating or otherwise improving your present home, as well as strengthening love bonds and family ties, are all very favorable now.

During this period you may have some digestive problems brought on by too much anxiety or hypersensitivity. It is important that you don't eat when you feel tense or talk about your problems during meals. You should chew your food well before swallowing and have a varied diet. Avoid red meats and fried or very oily foods that are difficult to digest. In women, this influence can increase fertility and the possibility of pregnancy.

In general, this will be a time when you won't be inclined to have many surprises or extraordinary events occurring. You will very possibly find more Capricornian traditional and conservative people crossing your path. These are people who can help you in practical ways to achieve more stability in your life. You will meet worthy people whom you can trust and maybe someone older than you whom you can lean on.

Solar Return Ascendant in Leo

This year you will be inclined to express yourself in a more intense and dramatic way. Your authority will increase and you will try to impose your opinions on others and dominate each situation. There is a tendency to call attention to yourself and to exaggerate everything. In no way will you be unnoticed during this period and you will continually search for the approval of the public. Increased energy will impel you to undertake new activities or to work intensely on your projects, which could lead you to the brink of exhaustion. In general, this will be a happy time and you will be in good humor, providing that no one opposes you; otherwise, you may respond in an impatient and sometimes aggressive manner. If by nature you are a timid person, this year will show a great change in your personality and you will fight, more than usual, to attain the place in life that you think you should have. But if you already are a person of strong character, you should remind yourself of this extra forcefulness you feel and avoid falling into situations where your pride and selfishness can get you into trouble.

Your creativity will be notable and it could manifest at all levels. If you have artistic abilities, this is the year to dedicate your time to them, since you will feel a great personal satisfaction in developing your talents. Your personal magnetism is also accentuated during this period, bringing love affairs, conquests and adventures. No doubt you will participate in numerous parties and amusements in general. You also could be attracted to games of chance and can expect a certain amount of luck. There is a possibility of receiving income from some speculative business too, where a certain degree of risk is involved. You will have high physical energy and will enjoy the practice of any sport.

Some people in your environment may feel the effect of your somewhat domineering approach but will not try to inhibit you. This year you will want to start many new projects. You will probably make them public before your next birthday. To avoid tension, you should try not to insist on having your own way with projects and endeavors that you are not directly involved in.

It will be a year of great activity. It is important that you maintain a good balance and that you alternate your activities with periods of rest. You run the risk of over-extending your efforts and arriving at a point of exhaustion. If you have any problems with your heart, you should be especially careful this year. However, in general, a serious illness is not likely due to your strong vitality, fortified by the Sun.

You will be guided more by your feelings than by reason during this time and therefore your romantic encounters are inclined to be less conventional or less durable. If you are in a committed relationship, it would be advisable not to try to dominate your partner as you will probably come on a little too strong. And this could cause a problem in the relationship. If you are single, you will encounter new situations, but they may not be long-lasting.

This is not a good year to resolve unsettled issues from the past or to try to get approval from the public as you may have in previous times as you will tend to be more demanding and revolutionary than normal and may alienate others by your forcefulness.

Solar Return Ascendant in Virgo

Your mental or intellectual activity will increase considerably this year. Your capacity to analyze and your attention to detail will be greater. You may feel the desire to study something new, or improve the way you do your present work. You may get more interested in service projects which improve the lives of others. You may concentrate on helping those around you by solving problems, distributing information on health issues, or getting involved in environmental concerns. It's important for you not to neglect your own interests. However, you will find that, in one way or another, the things you do for the benefit of others will bear fruit for you in the future.

You could get so engrossed in your work that you lose yourself in details. Having a practical outlook is the key to finding good solutions. Don't spend too much time unnecessarily analyzing data and avoid wasting time on unimportant things. Deal only once with matters that you have to attend to. Then come to a conclusion and don't turn back again to analyze the topic in question. This only wastes a lot of time, entangles you in your own thoughts and has an immobilizing effect on you. If by nature you are less than meticulous in your work, you may find it easier to organize your thoughts and your work this year. If you are already very detailed and analytical, you should try to take time for some kind of physical activity so that you can remain more balanced between mind and body.

You could become less inclined toward a lot of social activity and be more drawn in and thoughtful. However, it is not good to be too reclusive and isolate yourself too much. This would give you too much time for self-criticism and dissatisfaction. You should see that you have a balance again between work and play.

Physically, you could be more nervous than usual which could result in intestinal disorders or other illnesses caused by nervous tension. It could also cause insomnia, brought on by too much mental work and excessive worry. It would be advisable to practice techniques such as Yoga to calm and focus the body and the mind. Highly competitive activities should be avoided if possible. You also should maintain a balanced diet of foods that are easy to digest. You will be inclined to want to improve your body and your health this year. It will come naturally to you now, and it would be a good time to go on a diet, if you feel you need to. You could benefit by boning up on subjects such as nutrition and the various kinds of alternate medicine that are available to you. Good health is one of the themes for this year.

During this period you may come in contact with intuitive and sensitive people who will share with you their hunches and visions of things to come. It would be wise for you to listen to what they say to you if you believe they might be relevant and true for you. Examine them carefully and determine their value. But, on the other hand, don't accept everything you hear without question. Be discerning and evaluate everything.

You will find yourself being more cautious and critical in your relationships. Things that never used to bother you will now become issues for you. You may not see your partner as clearly as before. You may find Pisces natives entering your life this year. Although you will find them appealing, you could also be annoyed by their emotional approach. And you may find them too dreamy and impractical for your Virgoan thinking.

Solar Return Ascendant in Libra

Your social life will flourish this year. Your attitude will be more open and agreeable, bringing new people into your life and also strengthening old friendships. You will prefer to be with others rather than being alone. You will meet people who will play an important part in your future. There is a possibility of beginning a significant professional or business relationship that could lead to a deep romantic tie later on. If you are single, you may establish a relationship that could turn into a committed partnership in the future. If you are already in a relationship, you will feel inclined to share many activities with your partner and could work on joint projects together. If you are seriously involved with someone, this may be the year you make the big commitment! In any case, this year should bring you the affection you yearn for.

Your artistic inspirations and a need for harmony in your environment will be emphasized. Most of the time you will find it easier to be diplomatic and agreeable when dealing with others. If by nature you have a strong and more aggressive temperament, you will tend to be more agreeable than usual during this period. But if you tend to be generally more easy-going and passive, this year you will need to guard against being too easy and agreeable. You will also lean toward physical ease and comfort. Your decision-making abilities may not be functioning as well as usual.

You could be plagued by doubt and more than once confronted with the difficult task of choosing between two or more options. You will find yourself listening to the opinions and suggestions of others, not able to decide. Your need for balance and fairness won't allow you to take lightly the decisions you have to make.

This influence also brings issues related to legal documents, litigation, and paper work in general. Any legal or bureaucratic problems can be resolved swiftly and smoothly. Any legal cases initiated or judgments requested will probably be solved with comparative ease.

You will be inclined to want to improve the way you look. You may wish to change your hair style or buy new clothes. You may decide to go on a diet or firm up at the gym. Others will probably notice and compliment you on your improvements.

In respect to your health, Libra rules the kidneys and it would be wise to drink a lot of fluids to eliminate the toxins in the system. Under this influence you are inclined to become lazy as far as physical exercise is concerned, which could lead to circulation problems. Besides that, you may develop a sweet tooth during this time.

In spite of your desire for balance and peace, you might find that you attract Aries types who will challenge you to confrontation. Perhaps it is a family member or business associate, who will become very dominant and demanding, creating conflicts and fights. It will up to you to keep the peace!

Solar Return Ascendant in Scorpio

This will be a year of internal regeneration. You will be prompted to go within to confront your most profound feelings and your deepest inner self, which always produces tension until you are ready to come to terms with yourself. Your attitude will be very confrontational and authoritative. You should be aware of how you handle yourself and maintain control. This year you will be tested. You can expect to encounter certain adversaries and opposition. You will be dealing with the results of your past actions. If what you have sown is positive, then what you reap will be the same. Very possibly, you will not be aware of your past errors. You could, therefore, experience some types of restrictions or problems during this period. For example, you may not have taken something that deserved more attention seriously enough. Or you may have neglected to act on an issue that could been turned in your favor later on. Or you may have acted too aggressively in some situation.

Don't let negative emotions like anger, bitterness, jealousy, hate and vengeance control you. This makes it more difficult to deal with matters successfully. It will be a year to work on those emotions and undo the blockages that have stood in your way too long. It will not be an easy task, but it is certainly not impossible either.

In general, the obstacles that seem to come during this period will be due to many unexpected things occurring one after another which will tax your patience greatly. However, you will find the necessary strength to deal with them.

If you are naturally calm and easygoing, you will find yourself being more demanding and explosive. If you already have an aggressive and demanding personality, you should search for positive ways to use this energy in order to avoid problems. In either situation, it would be advisable to engage in some physical activity during this year such as walking, gymnastics or sports. This will help you to relax and get a restful night's sleep.

Some type of psychological counseling or therapy should prove to be extremely beneficial during this time.

On the other hand, you will become more intuitive and your interest in extrasensory perception and the paranormal will be increased. Trust your impressions and perceptions because they will undoubtedly be quite accurate.

You may also be dealing with money matters, mostly concerning the possessions and finances of others. At this time you have a good chance of receiving money through inheritance or legal judgments in your favor.

Physically, you could be subject to sexual infections or inflammations during this time. In women, this influence affects your fertility and can sometimes result in unwanted pregnancies.

You may be involved in an intense, or even tragic, romance. There could be jealousy and scandal involved. However, it is also possible to establish lasting, stable relationships by expending a little effort. You might be attracted to the sensuality of a romantic Taurus. Your sex life will be very intense.

Solar Return Ascendant in Sagittarius

This is a period of expansion, personal growth and general good luck. You will feel a desire to expand your sphere of interest beyond that with which you are familiar. Your idealism will also increase, and you will have a strong interest in the fields of religion, philosophy, law, metaphysics, and in advanced science. You will draw people to you who are positive and helpful.

Your desire for independence will be strong, along with a desire to travel and become acquainted with distant lands. If you have been thinking about taking a vacation, this is a good year to do it. You will carry out your plans with great enthusiasm. And this year you think big! Nothing less will do.

You may feel discontented and restless with your normal, daily routine. There will be a tendency to exaggerate, to be overly optimistic, and to be so preoccupied with the outcome that you ignore any potential dangers. You will have faith in yourself and your plans, but there is a risk of making mistakes that you will later regret if you do not plan well and pay attention to necessary details. Be positive but realistic!

If you are by nature quite serious and reserved, this year you will surprise everyone. You will become more talkative and spontaneous. If you are normally outspoken and friendly, these traits may be even more emphasized. But regardless of your basic temperament, good humor will prevail and you will find ways to resolve any problems you may encounter.

You may be attracted to adventure and conquest. The new and unusual will appeal to you, especially if it involves a degree of risk or danger. You should be careful not to go overboard in your search for excitement. This spirit of adventure could bring you into contact with new people, cultures, and languages. You could be involved in a light-hearted romance that may or not last after the year is over.

Under the influence of Jupiter, there is a tendency to gain weight, particularly in the hips and thighs. Therefore, you should be more than usually careful about your diet. And, of course, getting a lot of exercise is desirable.

You are likely to meet some interesting people who will stimulate your intellect and expose you to new and exciting ideas. They also will encourage you to spread your wings and travel. This could be a social year for you where you can go places and do things you have never considered before. If you are single, you will have the opportunity to meet other unattached people. One of them could become important to you. However, the relationship will probably not turn out to be long-lasting. If you are in a committed relationship, you might feel a little restless with the restrictions that it places upon you. One solution is to bring the new friends you make home to meet your partner. This is certainly a year when you can explore and grow in mind and spirit.

Solar Return Ascendant in Capricorn

During this year you will be more focused on your ambitions and goals. You will give more consideration to your financial situation. You will also be inclined to look seriously at the work you do. If you are not completely satisfied with it, you will start looking around for something you like better - one that gives you more responsibility and rewards for your efforts. This could be the year you get a promotion as your superior will see you as a more conscientious and productive employee. Thanks to your conscientious and continuous effort you can achieve everything that you set out to do, but don't expect it all to come easy. Saturn ruling this year forces you more than ever to face reality and your own limitations. If by nature you are not very practical or ambitious, you will have to try harder to make that impression on those in authority and to convince them that you do indeed deserve the respect you are seeking. On the other hand, if you are already hard-working and fairly ambitious, this could be your year to jump up the ladder. In either case, you will have the opportunity to change your life in some significant way.

Maturing is the key for this year. You will feel your needs changing, and in spite of an inner resistance, a part of you wants to take on new responsibilities and forge ahead. You probably won't see the entire picture all at once, but it is probable that whatever you undertake now will bring you satisfaction for a long time to come. Now is the time to make the effort and to even sacrifice in order to realize your most important goals. You will probably not get a lot of help from others unless you are willing to do the work.

Others will notice the dedication you are making. They will recognize that you are serious and respond to you in like fashion.

This influence could bring some problems with your bones and joints. It would be a good time to have your teeth checked and also to pay more attention to the care of your skin, fingernails and hair. Be sure to eat foods that are rich in minerals. There is also a possibility that your new-found ambition could cause you to over-work and become run down, which could result in depression or frustration.

During this period you could be so busy and absorbed with your ambitions that you tend to overlook your emotions. You may become more aloof and not have as much time for socializing. As a consequence, your friends and acquaintances may back away from you, not understanding your new attitude. It is important to allow adequate time for others and not get completely caught up in yourself and your projects. When this year is over, you would not want to find yourself alone. You might attract Cancer-type persons who could be most beneficial to you now as they may offer you understanding, protection, and support in your endeavors. This year does not leave much time for romance, love and adventure. You will be looking for people who can be your friend and understand the efforts you are making to improve your position in life and earn more money.

Solar Return Ascendant in Aquarius

This will be a very unusual year. It brings different circumstances and experiences and changes in your daily routine. You will have a strong desire for more freedom. You may surprise others around you with changes in your normal, everyday behavior due to the influence of Uranus. You will feel the need for space and a lot of freedom of movement. Anyone or anything that stands in your way will not be tolerated. You are not willing to accept any kind of compromise and you will rebel against what you determine to be undue pressure to conform to the wills of others. If you are not this kind of person normally, the change in your personality will be very obvious. If you are already extroverted and changeable by nature, you should be careful not to go to extremes.

You will be thinking more toward the future than to the present or the past. Your creativity will increase and you will conceive ideas and projects that will be of great value to you in the years to come. You will be looking at what has up to now been important to you and want to discard some of it because your interests are changing at this time and you will be drawn to the new and unusual.

It will be a good year for social relationships and friendships. It also favors participation in group activities, clubs or committees that you may have thought of joining before, but have not acted upon. In spite of your sociability, tension may develop between you and people who may try to limit your freedom.

Physically, you will have a lot more nervous energy that could make you more anxious and restless than usual. It will be important to pay special attention to your nervous system. It is advisable to alternate periods of rest with your intense activity and spend some time outdoors with nature, especially in places where there is clean air and water. This will give you much needed relaxation and quiet. If this is not possible, soaking in water and listening to soft music would be very helpful.

This new obsession with freedom and variety in your life could bring you in contact with people who will want to organize you or control your actions. This will clash with your desire to go your own way. If you already have an important person in your life, they might be upset by the changes in you which could lead to fights or disagreements. You could begin a new relationship with a person who is attracted to your new persona. However, after this year is over, you may lose your interest in the unusual and strange, and your new partner will wonder what happened to you. Actually, this is not the best year for forming any permanent, binding unions unless you are by nature this Aquarius kind of person. In that case, your true character will simply be exaggerated now, and you will have found a person who is actually very compatible with you.

In spite of the complications you may experience this year, you can be sure it will not be dull. Let yourself enjoy whatever adventures you have and the new, fun friends that you have made!

Solar Return Ascendant in Pisces

Your imagination and creativity will be intensified this year, and your outlook on life will be less realistic than usual. You will be more sensitive and inclined to have your feelings hurt over things that would normally not bother you. During this period you could be more intuitive and perceptive. You may have unusual, visually powerful dreams, or precognitive dreams. You may become strongly attracted to the psychic world or to the paranormal. You may be drawn to study these subjects and to discover more about your inner self.

There is a strong tendency to get caught up in your own world of ideas but have difficulty expressing them to others. You will be so involved in your dreams and visions that you will have a hard time operating in the outer world and taking necessary action. You will find yourself less practical and logical than usual this year. However, your impressions of people and situations will be unusually accurate and perceptive. Listen to your inner voice. Trust it to guide you, in spite of your apparent lack of common sense. You can count on that "angel on your shoulder" to get you through this year.

Because you are more inclined to want to be helpful and have concern for the problems of others, you will tend to neglect your own needs. You could neglect your projects and responsibilities for the welfare of others, which you may regret later on. Remember that you aren't seeing as realistically or clearly as you usually do at this time. Don't let that upset you. On the other hand, while you are protecting and caring for the defenseless and needy, you could very easily become a victim yourself. You might find yourself looking for pity or inordinate approval from others for the work you are doing, which would not be in your best interest. If by nature you are a more rational, practical person, you may enjoy these new attitudes and abilities for this time. You may make some wonderful discoveries about yourself or reality which you can draw on a later time. However, if you are inclined to be more dreamy and sensitive naturally, this influence could cause you to become too impractical or vulnerable. In either case, it is recommended that you use special caution in making commitments, signing contracts, making investments or loans, or taking any action which binds you or obligates you in a romantic situation. Don't mix your emotions with your work or your money.

This year you might have to deal with karma that you have not taken care of before. This may be the time to work with it so that you can let it go. This is not the best time to make great financial or professional advances.

Physically, your most sensitive spot will be your feet. You might be subject to sprains, pains, or infections. Use good walking shoes and walk barefoot every chance you get. This year also could bring some ailments that are difficult to diagnose. That is because their cause is psychosomatic. You may have unusual or strong reactions to medications so don't hesitate to consult your physician if you sense that a treatment is not working properly for you. The desire to escape from reality may lead you to drugs or alcohol. If you already have an addiction problem, you will need to work with it very seriously this year. It is very important to control the use of any addictive substances during this time.

Since you will be having more than usual difficulty dealing with the real world, it would be advantageous for you to be in contact with people who are more practical and organized. You can hope that a Virgo walks into your life at this time for you could benefit from his or her clear-headed thinking. If you are in a committed relationship, your partner could be your connection to the real world. If you are not involved with anyone at this time, you should remind yourself that you might not be seeing that new person with true clarity. You will be inclined to idealize anyone you meet. It would be wise to postpone any new commitments until the year is ended.

Natal House Brought to the Solar Return Ascendant

The above interpretations of the Solar Return Ascendant sign can be combined with an exploration of the natal house where the Solar Return Ascendant is found. The matters of this natal house will effectively come to the fore during this period.

For example, if the Solar Return Ascendant is 10 degrees Leo, and 10 degrees Leo is found in your natal fourth house, then fourth house matters will be prominent in the year ahead.

HOUSE 1: Personality. Principal interest of the year.

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 1st house

You will feel confident and on solid ground in making your decisions. You will use your free will, and you will be very much aware of opportunities that come along. It will be a year of adjustment to your true and basic interests. You will be interested in developing your whole personality, including your physical body and the characteristics of your temperament. This influence reaffirms the power of your ego and increases your self-respect and vanity. The degree of your success will depend entirely on your own effort and initiative.

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 2nd house

You will concentrate most of your attention on your financial affairs. One of your priorities will be to increase your income and to improve the quality of your life. Unless there are other adverse indications, you will have a very favorable year for business, buying and selling, and investments in general. The degree of your success will depend entirely on your own effort. Your security system will change. Guard against becoming too materialistic.

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 3rd house

One of your principal interests will be communication, both in writing and in conversation, particularly in your immediate environment. You also could begin some type of study or take short trips to broaden your knowledge.

During this year you could have a closer or more important relationship with your siblings, neighbors, or other relatives. You will value their opinions more. However, there could also be some disagreements.

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 4th house

Your attention will be on your home. You probably will make some changes in your home or could even change your residence. You will have a great desire to achieve stability and to put down roots in your own place. Consequently, you will search for situations and people who can offer you material and moral security. Real estate investments may be very favorable during this year.

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 5th house

Love will be the principal theme this year. Your desire to achieve a stable and happy relationship will cause you to direct your attention to any problems within yourself that need to be dealt with. If you are not involved with anyone, there is a real possibility of beginning a new relationship. If you are already in a committed relationship, it will be a year of pleasure and enjoyment. In either case, your desire to enjoy life and to search for amusement will be accentuated. This could lead you into some risky situations.

Your contact with children will also be important. In the chart of a woman, this influence could indicate pregnancy.

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 6th house

There will be a tendency toward exhaustion and fatigue, and you will need to keep up your vitality. You should not neglect your diet during this time so as not to bring on any kind of illness. Maintain your positive attitude and avoid any tendency toward becoming a hypochondriac.

Your concern about work and your activities related to service will increase.

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 7th house

You will announce an important union during this year. If you have plans for marriage, it would be the right time to tie the knot. On the other hand, you also could get involved with some new business associations.

Your personality will be favored by the public and you will make a very good impression. This will benefit you, if your activities are related to dealing with the public or to politics. You also could get involved in some type of litigation or legal suit during this year.

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 8th house

You will become interested in the supernatural and start wondering about the mysteries of life and death. Your intuition will increase and you may have experiences of a psychic nature.

On the other hand, you could be exposed to certain risks or accidents. Be cautious and don't neglect your health during this period.

There is a possibility of receiving some type of inheritance or legacy or some type of financial aid from your spouse, partner, or business associates.

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 9th house

Your principal interest will be travel, particularly making a long journey to another country in order to increase your knowledge of the world. You will want to expand your consciousness and will become interested in subjects such as religion, philosophy, metaphysics or sciences in general. Your capacity to understand abstract ideas will be increased.

You probably will begin higher studies during this period, especially if your profession or personal interest is related to the law. However, don't allow yourself to fall into ideological fanaticism. It is important to remain flexible and be open to new ideas and information.

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 10th house

You will center all your attention toward the advancement of your career. You will direct your energies toward growth and expansion of your professional possibilities. Success will fundamentally depend on your effort and personal initiative.

During this year, you will want to make your dreams a reality and will develop definite objectives which will improve your future. Remember that success or failure of your enterprises will depend almost exclusively on your own will.

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 11th house

You will place your attention on friends who will have a more long-range influence in your life during this year. You probably will want to expand your social circle by meeting new people. This influence also could induce you to participate in groups or associations with similar interests. On the other hand, there could also be disagreements, arguments, or even separation from certain friends and acquaintances.

The realization of your goals won't depend totally on your personal efforts, but more on the collaboration of others. You will develop many new projects for your future.

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 12th house

You could be mainly interested in the study of metaphysics and in developing your intuition.

During this year, you could experience strong limitations on your freedom, brought about by your past mistakes. The same could apply to problems with health that require rest or confinement and to other problems you encounter with secret enemies who are opposed to your progress. During this period you will have to deal with karmic debts that influence the progress of your spiritual evolution. These tests will be difficult to overcome, and it will be necessary on your part to remain positive and not allow yourself to feel defeated.

These interpretations of the Solar Return Ascendant sign are from the Solar Return Report.


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