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Lunar Cycles Graph


The current month's Moon cycles are presented here. In astrology, the Sun-Moon cycle is most commonly tracked, and it is depicted in the Lunar Cycles Graph, as well as lunar cycles with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. See below for information about how to use the graph in order to elect the best dates to begin new projects, as well as the meanings of each lunar cycle.


Lunar Cycles Graph


Monthly Lunar-Planetary Cycles

Most people are familiar with the lunation cycle that forms the basis of our months. During the approximately 29 and a half day cycle, the moon forms a conjunction with the Sun at the New Moon, an opposition with the Sun at the Full Moon, and squares with the Sun at the quarter phases. But it is also forming aspects with the other planets in the sky.

This chart graphs all of these lunar cycles with a separate line for each of the planets that the Moon is aspecting. When the moon is conjunct the planet (a New Moon for the Sun line) the line is at the bottom of the graph, when it is forming an opposition (a Full Moon for the Sun) it is at the top of the graph. These mark the two extremes or poles of the cycle. When the line is crossing the middle horizontal line, the moon is forming a square with the planet. All four positions can be strong and intense times, though the conjunctions and oppositions are perhaps the strongest.

Note that placing the oppositions at the top of the graph does not indicate that it is a peak or better time than the conjunctions at the bottom. In fact the opposite is often true, and they are drawn this way only to correspond with the usual method of displaying the New and Full moons.

Bottom of Graph - Conjunctions
This marks the time when the moon is conjunct the planet and it is the beginning of a new cycle. A time to begin new endeavors associated with the planet and to make changes to existing ones. The issues of the planet are often emphasized and are often strongest at this point.

Top of Graph - Oppositions
This marks the time when the moon is opposite, or 180 degrees away, from the planet. It corresponds with the Full Moon in the sun/moon cycle. It is a time of fruition, revelation, and emotional stress. Issues are often clear at this time, sometimes painfully so.

Middle Axis - Squares
This marks the time when the moon is square, or 90 degrees away, from the planet. It is a time of change and sometimes stress. A time when things can take the wrong turn and go astray.

The Moon's Planetary Combinations

Issues concerning the self, the spirit, the emotions, nurturing, and vitality. Fluctuations in your emotional needs and the support you want from others and the support you give to others. These emotions may attach themselves to many situations and circumstances but fundamentally they work like an infant's need for a mother's attention and love, so at strong lunar times you may find yourself confounded by a surge of childish emotions during grown-up situations.

Thoughts often arrive on emotions and we think about the things we feel for. Thoughts will generally be colored by our emotions while the moon is conjunct Mercury, and we will think most clearly and perceive our own emotions objectively while the moon is opposite Mercury. During the squares our thoughts and emotions are often at odds with each other.

Venus is the planet of love and appreciation. It is the planet of discrimination and filters the emotions into likes and dislikes or love and hate. Much of art is recognizing what is pleasing or displeasing to the soul. This cycle marks times of attachments, in love, art, decorating, music, and all the things we find pleasing in the world.

Mars is a call to action, a desire to be doing something. This can lead to productive work or times of irritability and impulsiveness. When the moon excites Mars emotionally and there is no outlet, it can turn to frustration, anger, or aggressiveness.

Optimism, generosity, and expansiveness mark the Jupiter urge. The feeling that not only is there room for you in this world, but that there is room to grow. Jupiter times can be marked by socializing, parties, and spontaneous actions.

The moon and Saturn pull your emotions between possibilities and reality, between yearnings and disappointments. Though discipline and control are the key to making hopes come true, the first emotional reaction to Saturn is usually dejection - like a child reacting to a stern father saying no. But, like most fathers, the no is seldom final and if you use this cycle to sift the truly impractical from what is possible you can achieve most of what you want by letting Saturn work for you.

This cycle focuses on change, both the yearning for change and absorbing the shocks from change. Emotionally it may be a reaction to a surprise or change, or a fascination with new technology or the unusual and the eccentric.

The rise and fall of sensitivity to the emotional world beyond you. This could be marked by the emergence of subconscious images, an identification with pop culture through music or movies, or a yearning to lose yourself in escapism, alcohol, drugs, and religion.

Dealing with the past, karma, the dead, and the things you've repressed. When emotions are unusually strong or powerful it often indicates that there are issues from the past that remain unresolved. Some issues are mythic in nature and can only be acknowledged and never entirely resolved.

At the conjunction the moon is at its north node, the dragon's head, and is a time to absorb spiritual lessons and learn from others. During the opposition, the moon is at the south node, the dragon's tail, and it is a time to teach, create, or use what you've learned.

How you feel about the image you make and how you appear to others. A cycle mixing pride with self-consciousness. Put yourself forward when the moon is on your ascendant and hold yourself back when it is in opposition.

Recognition and acknowledgement from the world. Don't expect much praise when the Moon is opposite your Midheaven and let your feelings be known when the Moon is conjunct it.




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