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Venus Retrograde at Birth


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Venus Retrograde in the Birth or Natal Chart

Venus is retrograde approximately 7-8% of the time, so that approximately 7-8% of people are born while Venus is retrograde.

When Venus is retrograde in the natal chart itself, the feeling nature is deep. Socializing is taken seriously, and rarely lightly. They can be somewhat shy in youth, as there can be an awkwardness felt concerning small talk and social graces, and an aversion for superficialities. Love is extremely important to a person with a retrograde Venus, but they may not be explicit about it enough for others to know just how deeply they can love. There is always more to this person than meets the eye. Their love life (and sometimes financial life) can be hidden in some manner.

People born under Venus retrograde have to watch for self-sabotage in love relationships. There may be an underlying feeling of not being "good enough", attractive enough, or loveable enough. Deep insecurities can be present. Self-love can be an issue. Fears can lead them to overcompensate, such as overeat, serial date, etc.; or can have the opposite effect wherein the person tells themselves they don't need love. The same person can swing from both poles in one lifetime. A balance, of course, is ideally sought.

It is especially important for Venus retrograde people to avoid looking for happiness outside of themselves. Create happiness within, take responsibility for your own happiness, and then the love that you deserve will come to you.

Relationships can seem to make or break a person born with Venus retrograde, and this is because they take relationships so very seriously. There is a deep-seated fear of rejection with this position. Emotionally, there can be a very long recovery period after a break-up, unusually so, whether the Venus retrograde person has physically moved on or not. It can take many years to emotionally get over a difficult relationship or break-up.

Venus retrograde people can have an unusual set of values regarding love relationships - at least that's what others may think. Nevertheless, their ideas are very important and real to them, and many Venus retrograde people follow a strong moral code - it's just not necessarily the same code the majority follow!

Some retrograde Venus natives seem to be buying love, or they may show their love through materialistic attention more than others if they are not comfortable with what they have to offer as a person. Love and money can be tied together too closely with this position. Venus retrograde natives may in fact lose money through relationships.

There can be privacy or secrecy around finances with retrograde Venus. Perhaps they keep a hidden stash, or conversely, they might privately struggle with debt, they could be a closet shopaholic, or they might secretly gamble, for example. There may also be a problem asking for what they are worth. There may be inhibitions when it comes to accepting money, asking for a raise, or going after high-paying jobs. People with Venus retrograde in their charts may not charge enough for their services.

There can also be too-high standards for themselves with this position. While retrograde Venus people abhor superficiality in others, they may be focused on superficial aspects of themselves, such as through excessive body awareness/shyness or worry about their physical beauty. This is ironic, and people with this position should seriously consider why they have different standards for themselves than they do for lovers.

Insecurities can lead to over-compensation, often with the traits of the Venus sign, as a means to avoid laying their hearts on the line. For example, emphasis can be on sex rather than intimacy, or material gifts rather than more spiritual or direct demonstrations of affection.

Venus retrograde is sometimes associated with delayed love or delayed marriage. However, many retrograde Venus natives do form early close unions. Generally speaking, though, they often take a long time to really give themselves up to the whole process of union. There can be a lot of hesitancy.

Retrograde Venus natives are often misunderstood. This has to do with two things: for one, their ideas about love, marriage, women's roles, and relationship are not necessarily traditional; for another, they may keep their true feelings to themselves, compounding the problem. Defense mechanisms can make it appear that retrograde Venus natives are not as emotional as they truly are. In fact, they feel very deeply and take a long time not only to warm up to and trust someone, but also to move on after a difficult relationship.

They can be deep thinkers when it comes to love and relationship, seeing issues and flaws that others may not always see, and this can be one of the reasons why their ideas and attitudes are off the beaten track. Many are strong women's rights advocates and have a particular soft spot for victims of rigid rules and expectations.

Retrograde Venus natives can be a little difficult to love, as they seem to need more reassurance than others. There can be difficult childhood or early love experiences that contribute to complicated needs and fears in their current love life.

I do not believe that when Venus transits retrograde, people born with Venus retrograde have a grand old time. They may be a little more accustomed to the energy that is present during the 40 or so days of Venus retrograde, however, so they might appear to handle this period better than others.

Born with Venus Retrograde: In the Signs

The following are possible manifestations of Venus Retrograde in the signs.

Venus Retrograde in Aries

These are not your typical warrior, risk-taking Venus in Aries people. With Venus retrograde in Aries, there is a shyness present that is certainly attractive, but that is not necessarily as open and free-wheeling as the rest of the Venus in Aries group. There can be a very strong defense mechanism in love - these people will not like others knowing they fear rejection, and will not like to talk about, or admit, having been rejected in love.

Mariah Carey, Venus retrograde in Aries; Jack Nicholson, Venus retrograde in Aries; Audrey Hepburn, Venus retrograde in Aries

Venus Retrograde in Taurus

Strong emphasis can be placed on the sensual side of love, or the security of it, with Venus in Taurus retrograde. These people should avoid spending too much money on their lovers and consider that they are enough. Of course, this puts them in a vulnerable position, as many retrograde Venus people fear that they are not enough. They may be considered selfish or self-centered. Although they can be very sensual and present, there may be a level of intimacy lacking if they are insecure.

Adolf Hitler, Venus retrograde in Taurus; Richard Dysart, Venus retrograde in Taurus.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini

When Venus is retrograde in Gemini, the person may not be as sociable and seemingly open as the rest of the Venus in Gemini group. They might place especially high value on daily involvement and both the quality and quantity of their communications in a love relationship, however, equating lack of communication with lack of love. These people may appear cool and intellectual with their affections, when in fact they love very deeply. A detached manner can be donned in order to hide their vulnerability.

Courtney Love, Venus retrograde in Gemini; Doug Savant; David Morrissey; Amy Brenneman; Joss Whedon

Venus Retrograde in Cancer

With Venus in Cancer and retrograde, the love nature can be very introspective and loving, although many people might not know how much these people care until they truly get to know them. This is a very emotional, sensitive position. Rejection, difficult break-ups, and dissonance in love can stick with these people for years. It can be challenging to get over hurts. If insecure about what they have to offer, they can be so maternal in their demonstrations of love and affection that they run the risk of smothering a partner.

Wentworth Miller, Venus retrograde in Cancer; Courtney Cox, Venus retrograde in Cancer.

Venus Retrograde in Leo

With Venus in Leo and retrograde, the need for reassurance common to many people born with Venus retrograde is pronounced. There can be a tendency to be devout and loyal to the wrong people, or to stick with a bad relationship for too long. When insecure, they may show affection through generous gifts, which can be misunderstood. Retrograde Venus in Leo may not be as confident in love as the rest of the Venus in Leo group, although they may not let others know this, nevertheless acting with pride and hiding their wounds from love, or covering up their fear of rejection with a veneer of confidence.

Amy Winehouse, Venus retrograde in Leo; Harry Connick Jr.; Louis C.K.;

Venus Retrograde in Virgo

With Venus in Virgo and retrograde, there can be some timidity when it comes to sharing their hearts. They tend to show their love through helping, being of service, and tending to the practical side of a lover's life. Women with this position may have a hard time believing in their own lovability and attractiveness; men with this position may have unusual attractions or fixations that could stem from a fear of closeness.  They can be slow to develop serious relationships, and can have a very difficult time moving on emotionally after a relationship comes to an end. They have strong feelings about relationships and assigned roles, tending to reject the traditional, and many are feminists.

Charlize Theron, Venus retrograde in Virgo; Mila Kunis, Venus retrograde in Virgo; Robert DeNiro, Venus retrograde in Virgo; Julio Iglesias, Venus retrograde in Virgo; Chrissie Hynde, Venus retrograde in Virgo

Venus Retrograde in Libra

I have not encountered anyone with this position and can find only a few famous people with it (In the 1900's, Venus was retrograde in Libra for only a few days). However, I can theorize that with Venus in Libra and retrograde, the love nature is very refined. There can be some challenges, particularly for women, truly believing in their attractiveness. While they may not judge others based on looks alone, they tend to feel self-conscious about their own physical appearance. In love, there can be a great need for closeness and companionship, but some shying away from true intimacy. They can be very idealistic about love and their feelings can be hurt easily. There can be a lot of indecision when it comes to entering and exiting love relationships, and some over-analysis of their partnerships.

Bruno Bettelheim, Venus retrograde in Libra, Arthur Godfrey, Venus retrograde in Libra.

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

With Venus in Scorpio and retrograde, there can be an intense need for privacy in the love life. Deep fears of rejection can be present, and relationships are taken very seriously. People with this position often reject traditional gender roles and relationships. There can be some resistance and hesitancy about entering a new relationship, but once established, retrograde Venus in Scorpio natives can stick around for a long time, even if the relationship is challenged or toxic.

Jodie Foster, Venus retrograde in Scorpio; Ted Bundy, Venus retrograde in Scorpio

Venus Retrograde in Sagittarius

With Venus in Sagittarius and retrograde,

Pat Buchanan, Venus retrograde in Sagittarius; Lynn Carey, Venus retrograde in Sagittarius

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

With Venus in Capricorn and retrograde,

Seth Green, Amber Valletta, Elizabeth Banks, Christian Bale, Bridget Regan, Kimberly Wyatt, Alice Eve, Sean Kingston.

Venus Retrograde in Aquarius

With Venus in Aquarius and retrograde, there can be a strong need for unconventional relationships. People with this position often reject traditional gender roles and relationships. There may have been some repression of natural urges in childhood to express their more unique qualities and idiosyncrasies.

Kate Moss, Venus retrograde in Aquarius; Ellen DeGeneres, Venus retrograde in Aquarius; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton); Debbie Allen; Billy Ocean; Anita Baker; Brett Butler; Carolyn Bessette Kennedy; Patrick Dempsey; Rainn Wilson; Stacey Dash; Gaby Hoffmann; Liam Aiken.

Venus Retrograde in Pisces

With Venus in Pisces and retrograde, there may be a strong tendency to romanticize the past, to keep their affections private, or an attraction to secret relationships. There may also be awkwardness with outward expressions of compassion, even though the native is a compassionate soul. These people may need to really work on feeling deserving of a partner who openly acknowledges the relationship, or of a relationship that doesn't involve excessive sacrifice or imbalance.

Charles Lindbergh, Venus retrograde in Pisces; Tallulah Bankhead, Venus retrograde in Pisces; Langston Hughes, Venus retrograde in Pisces.

Some famous people with Venus retrograde in their natal charts:

Kate Moss, Venus retrograde in Aquarius; Amy Winehouse, Venus retrograde in Leo; Mariah Carey, Venus retrograde in Aries; Robert DeNiro, Venus retrograde in Virgo; Julio Iglesias, Venus retrograde in Virgo; Jack Nicholson, Venus retrograde in Aries; Audrey Hepburn, Venus retrograde in Aries; Adolf Hitler, Venus retrograde in Taurus; Chrissie Hynde, Venus retrograde in Virgo; Courtney Love, Venus retrograde in Gemini; Jodie Foster, Venus retrograde in Scorpio; Ted Bundy, Venus retrograde in Scorpio; Charlize Theron, Venus retrograde in Virgo; Mila Kunis, Venus retrograde in Virgo; Ellen DeGeneres, Venus retrograde in Aquarius.

Venus Rx Tables - When is Venus Retrograde?

In the following table, Venus is Retrograde (Rx) from the date when it states Venus Rx (and the sign) until the next Venus Direct date.

Jun 16, 1900     5:20 PM                                      Venus Rx Can
Jul 29, 1900     9:30 PM                                  Venus Direct Can

Jan 24, 1902    10:02 PM                                      Venus Rx Pis
Mar  7, 1902     7:46 AM                                  Venus Direct Aqu

Aug 27, 1903    12:36 PM                                      Venus Rx Lib
Oct  8, 1903    11:36 PM                                  Venus Direct Vir

Apr  5, 1905    10:54 PM                                      Venus Rx Tau
May 18, 1905     1:04 PM                                  Venus Direct Ari

Nov  9, 1906    10:36 AM                                      Venus Rx Sag
Dec 20, 1906    11:26 AM                                  Venus Direct Sco

Jun 14, 1908     9:51 AM                                      Venus Rx Can
Jul 27, 1908     1:25 PM                                  Venus Direct Can

Jan 22, 1910    12:24 PM                                      Venus Rx Pis
Mar  4, 1910     8:55 PM                                  Venus Direct Aqu

Aug 25, 1911     2:54 AM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Oct  6, 1911     3:24 PM                                  Venus Direct Vir

Apr  3, 1913     2:46 PM                                      Venus Rx Tau
May 16, 1913     4:37 AM                                  Venus Direct Ari

Nov  6, 1914    10:11 PM                                      Venus Rx Sag
Dec 17, 1914    11:29 PM                                  Venus Direct Sco

Jun 12, 1916     2:48 AM                                      Venus Rx Can
Jul 25, 1916     5:48 AM                                  Venus Direct Can

Jan 20, 1918     2:51 AM                                      Venus Rx Aqu
Mar  2, 1918    10:24 AM                                  Venus Direct Aqu

Aug 22, 1919     5:51 PM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Oct  4, 1919     7:46 AM                                  Venus Direct Vir

Apr  1, 1921     6:19 AM                                      Venus Rx Tau
May 13, 1921     8:28 PM                                  Venus Direct Ari

Nov  4, 1922    10:21 AM                                      Venus Rx Sag
Dec 15, 1922    12:07 PM                                  Venus Direct Sco

Jun  9, 1924     8:50 PM                                      Venus Rx Can
Jul 22, 1924    11:34 PM                                  Venus Direct Can

Jan 17, 1926     5:10 PM                                      Venus Rx Aqu
Feb 27, 1926    11:47 PM                                  Venus Direct Aqu

Aug 20, 1927     7:42 AM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Oct  1, 1927     9:50 PM                                  Venus Direct Vir

Mar 29, 1929    10:03 PM                                      Venus Rx Tau
May 11, 1929    11:02 AM                                  Venus Direct Ari
Nov  1, 1930    10:50 PM                                      Venus Rx Sag
Dec 13, 1930     1:23 AM                                  Venus Direct Sco
Jun  7, 1932     1:36 PM                                      Venus Rx Can
Jul 20, 1932     4:23 PM                                  Venus Direct Gem
Jan 15, 1934     6:45 AM                                      Venus Rx Aqu
Feb 25, 1934    12:43 PM                                  Venus Direct Aqu
Aug 17, 1935     9:41 PM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Sep 29, 1935    12:46 PM                                  Venus Direct Vir

Mar 27, 1937     2:06 PM                                      Venus Rx Tau
May  9, 1937     1:56 AM                                  Venus Direct Ari
Oct 30, 1938    11:22 AM                                      Venus Rx Sag
Dec 10, 1938     2:52 PM                                  Venus Direct Sco
Jun  5, 1940     6:05 AM                                      Venus Rx Can
Jul 18, 1940     9:13 AM                                  Venus Direct Gem

Jan 12, 1942     8:41 PM                                      Venus Rx Aqu
Feb 23, 1942     2:02 AM                                  Venus Direct Aqu

Aug 15, 1943    12:36 PM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Sep 27, 1943     5:15 AM                                  Venus Direct Vir

Mar 25, 1945     7:24 AM                                      Venus Rx Tau
May  6, 1945     5:03 PM                                  Venus Direct Ari
Oct 27, 1946    11:52 PM                                      Venus Rx Sag
Dec  8, 1946     4:32 AM                                  Venus Direct Sco
Jun  2, 1948    10:01 PM                                      Venus Rx Can
Jul 16, 1948     1:25 AM                                  Venus Direct Gem
Jan 10, 1950     8:36 AM                                      Venus Rx Aqu
Feb 20, 1950     1:04 PM                                  Venus Direct Aqu
Aug 13, 1951     3:51 AM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Sep 24, 1951     8:58 PM                                  Venus Direct Vir
Mar 22, 1953    10:53 PM                                      Venus Rx Tau
May  4, 1953     8:33 AM                                  Venus Direct Ari
Oct 25, 1954    11:36 AM                                      Venus Rx Sag
Dec  5, 1954     5:39 PM                                  Venus Direct Sco
May 31, 1956     2:04 PM                                      Venus Rx Can
Jul 13, 1956     5:20 PM                                  Venus Direct Gem
Jan  7, 1958     9:47 PM                                      Venus Rx Aqu
Feb 18, 1958     1:17 AM                                  Venus Direct Aqu
Aug 10, 1959     7:16 PM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Sep 22, 1959     1:15 PM                                  Venus Direct Leo
Mar 20, 1961     3:13 PM                                      Venus Rx Ari
May  2, 1961    12:15 AM                                  Venus Direct Ari

Oct 23, 1962    12:14 AM                                      Venus Rx Sco
Dec  3, 1962     6:26 AM                                  Venus Direct Sco
May 29, 1964     6:29 AM                                      Venus Rx Can
Jul 11, 1964     9:00 AM                                  Venus Direct Gem
Jan  5, 1966    11:21 AM                                      Venus Rx Aqu
Feb 15, 1966     1:41 PM                                  Venus Direct Cap
Aug  8, 1967    10:28 AM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Sep 20, 1967     5:34 AM                                  Venus Direct Leo
Mar 18, 1969     6:49 AM                                      Venus Rx Ari
Apr 29, 1969     3:20 PM                                  Venus Direct Ari

Oct 20, 1970    11:57 AM                                      Venus Rx Sco
Nov 30, 1970     7:03 PM                                  Venus Direct Sco
May 26, 1972    11:14 PM                                      Venus Rx Can
Jul  9, 1972    12:55 AM                                  Venus Direct Gem
Jan  3, 1974     1:07 AM                                      Venus Rx Aqu
Feb 13, 1974     2:28 AM                                  Venus Direct Cap
Aug  6, 1975     1:21 AM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Sep 17, 1975     9:47 PM                                  Venus Direct Leo
Mar 15, 1977    10:01 PM                                      Venus Rx Ari
Apr 27, 1977     5:49 AM                                  Venus Direct Ari

Oct 17, 1978    11:58 PM                                      Venus Rx Sco
Nov 28, 1978     8:09 AM                                  Venus Direct Sco
May 24, 1980     4:10 PM                                      Venus Rx Can
Jul  6, 1980     5:15 PM                                  Venus Direct Gem
Dec 31, 1981     2:45 PM                                      Venus Rx Aqu
Feb 10, 1982     3:38 PM                                  Venus Direct Cap
Aug  3, 1983     3:43 PM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Sep 15, 1983     1:22 PM                                  Venus Direct Leo
Mar 13, 1985     1:17 PM                                      Venus Rx Ari
Apr 24, 1985     7:09 PM                                  Venus Direct Ari
Oct 15, 1986    12:33 PM                                      Venus Rx Sco
Nov 25, 1986     9:47 PM                                  Venus Direct Sco
May 22, 1988     9:27 AM                                      Venus Rx Can
Jul  4, 1988    10:09 AM                                  Venus Direct Gem
Dec 29, 1989     3:50 AM                                      Venus Rx Aqu
Feb  8, 1990     4:16 AM                                  Venus Direct Cap
Aug  1, 1991     6:35 AM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Sep 13, 1991     4:56 AM                                  Venus Direct Leo
Mar 11, 1993     4:28 AM                                      Venus Rx Ari
Apr 22, 1993    10:14 AM                                  Venus Direct Ari

Oct 13, 1994     1:41 AM                                      Venus Rx Sco
Nov 23, 1994    11:57 AM                                  Venus Direct Sco
May 20, 1996     2:09 AM                                      Venus Rx Gem
Jul  2, 1996     2:51 AM                                  Venus Direct Gem
Dec 26, 1997     4:21 PM                                      Venus Rx Aqu
Feb  5, 1998     4:26 PM                                  Venus Direct Cap

Jul 29, 1999     9:41 PM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Sep 10, 1999     8:24 PM                                  Venus Direct Leo
Mar  8, 2001     8:07 PM                                      Venus Rx Ari
Apr 20, 2001    12:34 AM                                  Venus Direct Ari

Oct 10, 2002     2:35 PM                                      Venus Rx Sco
Nov 21, 2002     2:12 AM                                  Venus Direct Sco
May 17, 2004     6:28 PM                                      Venus Rx Gem
Jun 29, 2004     7:15 PM                                  Venus Direct Gem
Dec 24, 2005     4:36 AM                                      Venus Rx Aqu
Feb  3, 2006     4:18 AM                                  Venus Direct Cap
Jul 27, 2007     1:28 PM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Sep  8, 2007    12:14 PM                                  Venus Direct Leo
Mar  6, 2009    12:17 PM                                      Venus Rx Ari
Apr 17, 2009     3:24 PM                                  Venus Direct Pis

Oct  8, 2010     3:05 AM                                      Venus Rx Sco
Nov 18, 2010     4:17 PM                                  Venus Direct Lib
May 15, 2012    10:33 AM                                      Venus Rx Gem
Jun 27, 2012    11:07 AM                                  Venus Direct Gem
Dec 21, 2013     4:53 PM                                      Venus Rx Cap
Jan 31, 2014     3:49 PM                                  Venus Direct Cap
Jul 25, 2015     5:29 AM                                      Venus Rx Vir
Sep  6, 2015     4:29 AM                                  Venus Direct Leo
Mar  4, 2017     4:09 AM                                      Venus Rx Ari
Apr 15, 2017     6:17 AM                                  Venus Direct Pis

Oct  5, 2018     3:05 PM                                      Venus Rx Sco
Nov 16, 2018     5:51 AM                                  Venus Direct Lib
May 13, 2020     2:45 AM                                      Venus Rx Gem
Jun 25, 2020     2:48 AM                                  Venus Direct Gem
Dec 19, 2021     5:36 AM                                      Venus Rx Cap
Jan 29, 2022     3:46 AM                                  Venus Direct Cap
Jul 22, 2023     9:32 PM                                      Venus Rx Leo
Sep  3, 2023     9:20 PM                                  Venus Direct Leo
Mar  1, 2025     7:36 PM                                      Venus Rx Ari
Apr 12, 2025     9:02 PM                                  Venus Direct Pis

Oct  3, 2026     3:16 AM                                      Venus Rx Sco
Nov 13, 2026     7:27 PM                                  Venus Direct Lib
May 10, 2028     7:02 PM                                      Venus Rx Gem
Jun 22, 2028     6:12 PM                                  Venus Direct Gem