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Sun-Moon Blends: Aries


The following Sun-Moon interpretations for Sun in Gemini are partial descriptions from the Heaven Knows What report. The report itself features refinements to the interpretations that incorporate other positions and aspects in the personal natal chart, written by Grant Lewi.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aries

You are quick as a cat, witty, versatile, mobile, both in mind and in body. You are a witty companion, a dangerous opponent, especially in a battle of words, for your retorts have a lightning-like speed and a sharpness of intention that can get through the thickest skin.

Not a profound thinker or a careful student, you none the less have a vast fund of information, stories, and quips. Something is always reminding you of something, and the result is likely to be the delight of the assembled multitude. You are the life of the party. Your aptness in human relations makes you popular, and you are likely to reach some important position through popularity. You will rely on wit to replace hard work or justice, and quickness to replace serious application. Wherever you may be, you are a sort of soldier of fortune, romantic, individualistic, versatile, a fighter who wins the battle of life less by combat than by being in so many places at once that blows cannot hit him.

Though you make friends readily, slap people on the back intimately, and leave them pretty much set up over their own importance and your own good fellowship, you are pretty hard-headed underneath. A certain selfishness marks you, and in the middle of your good humor you are looking out for number one. Shrewd in business matters, you will accumulate a competence not by saving, which very thought is foreign to you, but by slapdash methods. You have such infinite faith in your own powers that so long as you have your health you can't imagine not being secure.

You are pretty likely to slide through life easily, without too much harm or trouble, for your emotional nature is inclined to be happy-go lucky. You're ardent - for a while - but it takes a persistent and tolerant sweetheart to get along with you for very long, for your mind (and heart) wanders and perhaps even forgets to come back. Two marriages at least are generally indicated by this position.

Intellectually of great possibilities, the danger of this position is that glibness and facility will make it unnecessary for you ever to develop your mental or personal powers past the elementary stages. In any case, physical activity will be marked, and whatever field you may be in you will be on the move all the time, not only mentally, but also physically and geographically. This is a restless combination, and you will move around from place to place, from study to study, from occupation to occupation, or from sweetheart to sweetheart, as if by second nature.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Taurus

You are one of the most popular people you know. Your cleverness makes friends and your stability keeps them. For, underlying the fluency and facility of Gemini, is the solid rock of Taurus, and though the circumstances of your world may bring you disappointment and unhappiness through separations from, or unreliability in, those you love, you yourself remain untouched and loyal to your ideals and your friends.

You are romantic without being fickle; you will rarely let go of a firmly established relationship. You make a good executive, having persistence and determination that may surprise those who see only the surface glitter and charm of your nature. You also have marked intellectual and artistic gifts.

You are likely to see through people pretty thoroughly at the same time that you are tolerant of them. But you aren't fooled. The simpleton, the rogue, and the four flusher appear to you in their true colors, no matter what mask they wear, and you have your own capable way of seeing that they don't hurt you, at the same time that you don't hurt them. This is a good combination for worldly progress, giving you sound business judgment and common sense as well as an aptitude for tipsiness intricacies.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Gemini

Nerves are your bte noir and a kind of continuous high-voltage runs through you restlessly affecting both your mental and emotional natures. You are quick to enter into and quick to jump out of romances, and before you marry you are pretty sure to know from experience what you are up to. At least no one will ever say you jumped at the first chance you had.

You will rarely admit that you are fickle, for you have some plausible explanation to offer for all the variations in your heart life. What the cause really is you only know - probably a critical approach to other people that brings their flaws to the surface and causes you to tire of or become disappointed in them. You exhaust their possibilities quickly, and your variety is so infinite that while they are still trying to catch on to you, you are off to some place or someone else. There's more than a little of the gossip here. You have tremendous intellectual and artistic possibilities once you have learned to concentrate, which is the chief lesson you have to learn, and if put to it you can be successful in business, for you are extremely adaptable. You are independent but know how to yield opportunistically when the occasion arises.

You are popular and a great traveler, loving to be on the go and to have lots of people around you. To you even strangers are preferable to solitude, for you haven't a great deal of self-sufficiency and require people around you. Having lots of friends and probably also lots of relatives, you don't have much trouble accomplishing this, but you have to be careful that people, parties, and gatherings aren't wearing you out even when you think you are having the best of times. You need rest, relaxation, and quiet and should train yourself to get plenty of them, despite your wish to be always on the move.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Cancer

You receive impressions like a wax plate, remember them well, and give them off readily. You are sensitive, your memory is good (for personal matters), and you give off what you feel and think volubly but more in personal ways. You talk a lot about people and have many grievances that you don't hesitate to air. You are nervous anyway, and have to fight nerves all your life, and the success of your fight depends in large measure on your mental training. If you concentrate on some study or pursuit, putting your mind on it and keeping it there, you'll find your nerves disappearing as if by magic. But if you allow the intimate, personal side of your life and all the petty little problems to which your sensitive nature is heir to absorb your thoughts, you will find yourself becoming progressively more nervous.

You have a great need for peace, quiet, and stability around you and should therefore establish yourself in your own home as early as you can and stick to it, though you'll probably be able to think up thousands of reasons why you shouldn't do this. But you have a real need for domestic stability, and this should be in your own home rather than in that of your parents. Until the emotional side of your nature is dominated either by intellectual training or by favorable domestic environment or both, you are likely to flounder. Once these matters are settled and you don't have to think so much about personal troubles, you will be amazed at the depths of contentment you are capable of.

You are self-reliant with a kind of defensive insistence on independence, and if need arise you can take care of yourself in the business world through some independent type of work, or something that requires quickness, aptitude, and a sense of people or words rather than strenuous concentrated effort. You have a peculiarly sure conviction that your own opinions are right, and once you think you have sensed the inner core of a subject, a person, or a problem, nothing can sway you from that conviction. It's almost as if you had, or believed you had, a magic power of divination in which you have the utmost faith. Thus you are a hard person to fool, having a curious knack for ferreting out the other fellow's purposes. You would make a good detective if you could stand the detailed ground work, for you can be very subtle when the need arises, and are on to all the curves with which human beings fool one another.


Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo

An apparently happy-go-lucky nature conceals a good deal of sound good sense in you, just as the apparent fickleness of your romantic life conceals a deep-seated loyalty and fidelity. On the way to stability in love you go through a lot of indecision, wavering, and probably vocal lamenting of the difficulty you have in making up your mind. But when you do make it up and get married, you stick. You are clever and quick intellectually, with a ready grasp of facts, information, and people. You have great staying powers and can master anything that you set your mind on.

Early in life you are so sociable that you may not give much attention to studies, skimming the surface and getting by with your quickness rather than because of any strict application to work. But as you grow older you become more serious minded and are likely to go on studying and learning all your life. Your love-life is extremely important to you, and you will give up anything in the world to have peace and security and love around you. You hate quarrels and, though you won't allow yourself to be imposed on, will keep the peace for a long time even under pretty trying circumstances. When aroused, you are capable of high temper and of speaking your mind in no uncertain terms. You are ardent and demonstrative and, because of your sunny disposition and lively witty speech, popular and sought after socially. If in a woman's horoscope, this may make you a leader socially or even politically, for you are able to use your popularity to good practical advantage.

Considerable luck in life attends this position. You are blessed with a "personality" and with a good level head, and you should fight down as unworthy the dejected states you fall into. You are lucky and, if you put your energies to constructive use, can do a good deal in the world through ability and popularity.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Virgo

You're moody and temperamental. under a sprightly and gay exterior you hide a world of woe and may look upon yourself as a Pagliacci sort of person - laugh, clown, laugh - or the smile that hides the breaking heart. There's a good deal of self-dramatization here, with a tendency to feel misunderstood or unappreciated.

Your romanticism is highly colored by a worship of the mind, and your constant aim is mental affinity - with a contradictory inclination for thinking yourself intellectually above your circle, your sweetheart, your husband, or your wife. This is part of your tendency to discontent, for in some way or another the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. You have a hard time settling yourself for long, and this carried into intellectual and employment matters causes you to jump from one thing to another, always finding a good reason for doing so, but at the same time not getting deeply into anything. You have a hard time completing jobs, tiring even of the things you start with great enthusiasm and you are similarly capable of dropping people who have been in their day grand passions.

Although this position gives the creative flair, or rather a desire to be an artist or writer, it rarely gives the concentrative ability necessary for success along these lines. The urge is less creative than it is an admiration for intellectual people and a desire to belong in their circle. Thus you are likely to be imitative rather than original and to take Stevenson's injunction "to play the sedulous ape" too seriously and too absolutely. You succeed best in business if you can bring yourself to stick to it, for you have quickness and adaptability, and putting these to constructive use will make you a valuable asset to some executive or organization.

Seek first contentment - an ability to relax and be happy in your world as you find it - and second, purpose and stick-to-it-ive-ness, after which your mental facility and business sense will show forth to good advantage.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Libra

You are an active, imaginative, romantic person - clever, sociable, and idealistic - and you lead an active life in which you combine business and pleasure to good advantage. A good amount of luck in material matters eases your way of life, and you are able, through influential friends and your own efforts, to rebound from the varied experiences that come your way. You have a good deal of optimism and elasticity and don't stay down in the depths for long.

You take advantage of stings as you find them, for you have no wish to mold people or the world to your will, but rather make it your practice to adapt yourself. Thus you are able to find something to interest you or something with which to earn your living wherever you pop up. Being a restless and active person, you're likely to pop up almost anywhere on a moment's notice.

You like to travel and would be a Nellie Bly, the World Traveler, if you could be. This failing, you travel when and as you can or else take out your restlessness in the variety of your friends, sweethearts, books, or studies. You are nervous and voluble, a good conversationalist - maybe too good - for your stories are likely to become detailed, complex, and long. You're a yarn spinner, delighting in anything that smacks of the personal or the romantic, but an absence of malice removes you from the gossip category. In matters of the affections you are passive rather than ardent, and you quickly wear out the possibilities of your sweethearts and go on to new fields. You'll stand for no fooling, and will leave a sweetheart (or wife or husband) rather than tolerate any personal or financial injustice from him. This position inclines to two marriages. You survive emotional turmoil and change well, rebounding from disappointment and going on.

This is a good position for dealing with large groups of people, and in social work, personnel work, or executive duties involving many individuals, you can be successful.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Scorpio

Your intellectual quickness and your emotional depth can combine to make you a forceful, magnetic, and versatile person if you can ever get them working together. The danger of your nature is that sensationalism, over-emphasis on the personal and self-indulgent pleasures of life, will absorb your vitality and your energy. You can so easily become a playboy (or playgirl!). You are sensitive to the impressions you receive from other people, intuitive, and magnetic, and your power over others is your strength and your weakness. When you are living on the cold, detached, intellectual, and analytical plane you control others through a sort of impelling diplomacy. But when you are pleasure - or sensation - seeking, others control you. Of considerable brilliance and promise, you tend to fall in with evil companions and to be attracted to the waifs and strays of the world. You have to be continuously careful of your associates not only because "a man is known by the company he keeps" but also because you're prone to take on the color of your surroundings and therefore, the better the surroundings, the better color you take on. Without caution, you can be like the chameleon which, being put on a Scotch plaid, went crazy trying to make good. You will rise when the tide is rising and sink when it sinks, if you aren't always vigilant in keeping alive your driving force.

Ambition is not natural to you for you prefer ease and pleasure to other things. All manner of self-indulgence is dangerous to you: watch out for it. Emotionally you are ardent - while the emotion lasts - but unlikely to find happiness through your emotional life. The objective, detached approach is best for you in all things. The hard streak applied to the world makes for progress, but applied to love makes for unhappiness. Both men and women with this position have their major trouble through [love relationships]. You are better equipped for an artistic or professional career than for business, for your highly personalized nature demands a personal rather than a routine recognition. Through expression of your own ego in the arts and professions you tend to build constructively on your need for acclaim and to turn your pride to good account. Look out for a tendency to drift and daydream. And look out that ability to plan and visualize does not turn into mere opportunistic scheming over petty matters off the beaten track of progressive living.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius

You're a romantic. you believe in the far away and long ago. Things at a distance make an appeal to you with the result that you are always on the move. Either you are actually traveling or you are getting the satisfaction of mobility in stories and yarns, real and imagined, of out of-the-way places such as you read of in romances. This is O.K. so long as your yarn-spinning stays in the realm of the imagination purely, but when you apply that imagination of yours to your friends and start to tell tall tales about them - look out! You love to hold the center of the stage and to appear to know the inside dope on any and all subjects - with the result that what you say is frequently unreliable. Not that you mean to tell untruths, but your imagination is so vivid that you really believe what you say and can make others believe it.

You must cultivate mental accuracy, for the analytical and scientifically critical bent is not native to you, and you're gullible as well as inventive where stories are concerned. With any encouragement at all you will believe in ghosts, witches and warlocks, spiritualism, and the weird products of seances. Stay away from things like this, for they only feed your imagination with trouble-making imagery. A tendency to tell all you know and to invent what you don't know is likely to get you into trouble. There isn't an ounce of malice in your nature, but you can set whole neighborhoods by the ears with a carelessly dropped hint of scandal.

You are romantic as well as adventurous and not very constant in love, though when you fall you generally stay put for some time. You are restless, however, and tire of people, and this position frequently leads to more than one marriage. You need mental training and should forego the reading of novels and romances for some definite, set line of study, which will do much to overcome restlessness. You are popular, lively and gay in company, very expressive, and a pretty good listener. Your facility in speech and movement makes you a good actor while your peculiar brand of tact makes it possible for you to succeed in a business or political career. You are a hard person to pin down and can get around a good many situations that would stump others. But you aren't invulnerable and are likely to meet your match some day, unless you train yourself strictly in logical mental processes, when your quickness, shrewdness, and insight into people will carry you far.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Capricorn

You hide a world of determination under a very genial and apparently "easy" exterior. You are a source of surprise to friends and associates who may think they can put things over on you. They find out. You are affable, courteous, social, generous, but no one can impose on you, and your business judgment is amazingly shrewd. You are likely to get pretty much what you want in the world by taking people unawares, for you chat gaily, talk volubly, get apparently sidetracked from the business in hand - and before you know it your vis--vis has agreed to something that maybe he doesn't want to.

You have a fine sense of justice and, despite a show of independence and individuality, are strictly conventional. You bargain shrewdly, but you are fair and utterly honorable. You are intensely ambitious, and when you settle yourself into a career, after early casting around, you go far, for your nervousness and restlessness are well controlled. Your intellectual grasp of matters, including yourself, replaces an early, highly personal attitude, and a sort of intellectual detachment lends direction and force to your life. Emotionally, though you are a good fellow, you are somewhat cold in personal dealings, though a sense of justice is likely to prevent any overt unkindness. You are highly sensitive and also conscious of other people's sensitive points, though it may suit your purposes to ignore them, when you can be unkind, with a wide-eyed astonishment at the other fellow's bewilderment and harm.

You are analytical rather than creative, and rarely go in for the arts; professional and business life are your best media. You are somewhat selfish, especially where your career is concerned, and capable of the utmost in diplomacy where it seems called for. But you don't think it good policy to antagonize people, however insignificant. "Good policy" is your constant aim, and through your capable mentality, your determination to succeed, and your ability to pick your way carefully in human relationships, you can carry yourself a long way up the ladder. A little more of the personal touch, a little more susceptibility to romance, lend warmth to the character.

A just, dependable, and loyal friend. Without these, you are a little cold, but your very detachment is your strength and your foundation.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius

You have extraordinary gifts of foresight and insight - a kind of visionary intellectual quality that makes the potentialities of the future clear to you in terms of the present. You have a ready intuition for things and for people and through ability to organize and express what you understand so clearly can achieve success either in the sciences, the arts, or in any branch of activity that requires control over the minds of men, such as politics, law, or religion.

You see through things and, being at heart a Romantic, you express what you see in terms that have a universal appeal to your circle, whatever it may be. You are genuinely humanitarian in your outlook, generous-minded and desirous of helping others - probably through improving them intellectually or aesthetically. This is therefore an excellent position for a teacher, and whatever walk of life you may be in, you will in some way lead and teach those whom you contact.

In romance your idealism leads you far and wide in search of perfection and complete sympathy, so that you may appear fickle and unstable.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Pisces

Intuition is your best friend and your worst enemy. It is your best friend at the times when it is accurate, and your worst enemy when it is wrong - because, right or wrong, you have a sense of its being right - and it can lead you into very profitless paths. You are sensitive and impressionable to other people and highly protective in getting your emotions into a place where they can't be hurt. This makes you at times more voluble in defense of your rights, your loves, or your opinions than you have to be. You have a habit of explaining your motives at considerable length, as if the entire world cared about the whys and wherefores of your mental and emotional processes. You are highly introspective and capable of holding fixed ideas about yourself which may be completely at variance with the facts.

You believe yourself misunderstood and nurse an image of yourself as you really are, in the firm and somewhat hurt conviction that the rest of the world doesn't see or appreciate the real you. Your emotional life is tortured by your mental processes, for in addition to being very affectionate you are also very critical, and you have a hard time reconciling the two. You crave sympathy, understanding, and love, but this doesn't prevent details from interfering with the course of love and diverting you from it. You'll seek an intellectual, or an aesthetic, affinity, and perhaps leave out, or be totally ignorant of, realistic considerations.

You have a quick, perceptive mind when you aren't daydreaming or absorbed in your own woes. You make a good shrewd business man, being able to detach your ideals from matters of business and act according to the routine and motives around you.

You tend, under any circumstances, to fall into periods of dejection and depression varying in intensity and length, and your constant aims should be objectivity, detachment from your woes and problems, and optimism. Most of the troubles in the world never happen, but in your mind they all happen very vividly, plus a lot of woes that never were on land or sea. Build up a sense of your own worth, step out into the middle of life, and your internal troubles will take care of themselves.

In any case, this is a highly charitable position, and if you have money under it, you are a philanthropist in the true sense of the word. Even if you haven't much, you tend to give a good deal of it away.

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