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Planetary aspects in the natal chart are explained and interpreted. The meaning of Sun conjunct Moon (the Sun in conjunction to the Moon) in the birth chart.

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Sun conjunct Moon

Sun Conjunct Moon
Unless the conjunction occurs in different signs, those people born with Sun in conjunction to the Moon have a "double dose" of the same sign. That sign assumes more importance than usual. Because the wants (Sun) and the needs (Moon) are aligned, these people have marked singleness of purpose. Generally, they come across as rather uncomplicated in terms of what they want out of life and their means of getting to that place. They are able to make decisions without too much struggle, simply because it is not their tendency to spread themselves around in order to find all of their options. Some people with this aspect are self-centered, but this is not always the case. Subjective, yes. Decisive, yes. Focused, yes. But ignorant of others' needs? Not likely. They might seem that way at times, especially when they've made a decision with such lightning speed that those around them can't possibly imagine they've included anyone else's needs in the equation! They might also seem that way when they offer advice that seems so very cut and dry. The truth is, they don't usually struggle with options, and they tend to have their finger on the pulse of exactly what they need, want, and are willing to do. But these people are very much in touch with their need for others, or at least a significant other. They are sensitive creatures, especially the men. They live and breathe the Sun and the Moon in tandem, so the drive to find a partner is powerful.

Sun conjunct Moon people are creatures of habit. They are attached to the past and to their heritage. Yet they are also emotionally impulsive, as their actions express their emotional wants. They possess admirable vitality, and they don't have much patience for people who go through a lot of physical and emotional ups and downs. Sun conjunct Moon people are highly intuitive. They are in touch with the moment, and they can actually "read" people and situations quite readily.

Some Famous People with Sun conjunct Moon: Annie Lennox (in Capricorn), Harrison Ford (in Cancer), Harry Hamlin (in Scorpio), Martin Sheen (in Leo).

Sun conjunct Moon in the natal chart suggests a strong-willed individual who is also rather subjective. The native is quite comfortable with him- or herself, which is helpful for focus and concentration, but can be challenging in partnerships because of a rather insular and self-reliant personality. Lack of objectivity can be a problem, as the native tends to take things quite personally and is rather self-involved and self-contained. In intimate relationships, there is a decided lack of flexibility in the nature that can be frustrating to partners.

General discussion of Sun-Moon aspects.

Alternate interpretations:

Sun conjunct Moon: The two Lights in close proximity tend to focus one's attention on matters related to the house and sign in which the conjunction occurs. An advantage of this narrow focus is an ability to pursue a goal with persistence and tenacity. A disadvantage is a tendency to imbalance or extremes, which can manifest as a certain degree of self-will, or obstinacy, or vanity. It would be wise to heed the advice of the old saw: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." -- Interpretation from our Career Report.

Sun conjunction Moon: The Sun in conjunction to the Moon shows that the native was born near the time of a New Moon, which means that the Sun and Moon are likely (but not necessarily) in the same sign. The mighty rays of the Sun overshadow the New Moon, robbing it of its own light. We cannot see a "new Moon". The people born in this phase are very subjective. They have moods that fluctuate and actions that are very, very spontaneous. This can be rather baffling for friends and family, as they never know where this child is coming from. It can be difficult to gauge the mood from one minute to the next. The difficult side of this aspect brings about an impatient and impulsive nature that can at times be very inconsiderate.

The new Moon (the emotional response) is a time of new beginnings. The native will like to start new things but often will give little practical thought about an objective. This erratic and sudden action will be reflected in everything these children attempt. They must learn to think ahead, learn to take ownership of their actions and take responsibility for what they do. They must learn to be more aware of the impressions and the effects that they have on others. These kids seem to be unaware of what they are doing and of the strong impact the moods have.

There is a strong vitality. The child may often feel a rush of energy from within that is just bursting to get out. This is part of the reason for the erratic behavior. The child goes with flow and does not quite know why. As these kids get older, they will become more aware of how the emotions work. But they will grow faster and feel more at peace with themselves if they are encouraged to accept a definite lack of patience - acknowledging this seemingly lack of logic. If time is spent to teach this child to be more rational and think things through, everyone will cope better. -- Interpretation for the KidZone report.

Sun conjunct Moon: You are very aware of your feelings. If there is a conflict in what you "can" or "should" do as opposed to what you would "like" to do, you must question the reasons for difference. If not, suppressed emotions will surface, making you touchy and irritable or withdrawn and depressed. Once you confront your difficulties, you will be able to relate your conscious actions to subconscious demands and take charge of your life in a manner entirely comfortable with your being. -- Interpretation from the Spirit Success report.

Sun conjunct Moon: You have great internal strength and tend to be independent, preferring to lean on yourself more than on those outside. The ability to work with those older and younger than yourself is a real gift, and this talent makes you a natural mediator or go-between. You are self-motivating, able to take care of yourself, and autonomous to a high degree. You work well with others. -- Interpretation from WinStar.

Sun conjunction Moon: No matter in what sign or house the conjunction of the Lights occurs the person will be so strongly marked with the characteristics of that sign that lacking knowledge of this true Ascendant even the most competent astrologer is likely to be misled and judge him to be born with the sign rising in which the conjunction took place, and whatever matters are ruled by the House in which conjunction occurs will play a very important part in the life. In the First House he is an out and out egotist with very little love for others save in so far as they serve his ends; in the Seventh, his world pivots on the mate; in the Tenth House or sign he will sacrifice all other considerations to rise in public life; in the Twelfth House or sign the conjunction will give a strong tendency to drink, bringing trouble; in the Third and Ninth Houses it will brighten the mind and induce travel from which he will benefit; in the Second House it will bring wealth, especially if in good aspect with Jupiter. But if the conjunction of the Sun and Moon is closer than three degrees it has a tendency to deplete the vitality and if the conjunction is also a solar eclipse, and the child survives, this will be particularly noticeable, all through life. People who have such close conjunctions or eclipses become listless, dis-spirited and out of sorts every time there is a new Moon. The conjunction or eclipse does not seem to interfere with the good effects in other departments of life. -- Max Heindel.

Sun conjunct Moon: You have great internal strength and tend to be independent, preferring to lean on yourself more than on those outside. The ability to work with those older and younger than yourself is a real gift, and this talent makes you a natural mediator or go-between. You are self-motivating, able to take care of yourself, and autonomous to a high degree. You work well with others. -- Zet software.

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Interpretations written by Annie Heese unless otherwise noted.