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Planetary aspects in the natal chart are explained and interpreted. The meaning of Sun semi-square Mars (the Sun in semi square to Mars) and Sun sesquiquadrate Mars (also called sesquiquadrature) in the birth chart.

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Sun semi-square Mars





Sun semi-square Mars, Sun sesquiquadrate Mars

Impatience is a shortcoming with this aspect. What you instinctively want to do is often at odds with what you think you should do. Not being in touch with your desires causes you to change your plans and your goals frequently. The manner in which you assert yourself can sometimes offend others, as it seems to be too raw and impatient. Defensiveness and volatility are traits that you learn to manage as you mature.


Alternate interpretations:

Sun semi-square Mars: You are full of energy and passion. Your intensity and power color everything that you do. Planning and focus are very important because your goals switch and your desires are always changing. When you are angry, thoughts of revenge and general hate or avarice drag you into a pattern of destruction. Your energy stays productive when you acknowledge, then harness your desires. -- Interpretation from the In-Depth Profile report.

Sun in hard aspect to the Mars: Personality difficulties that need to be acknowledged and overcome may relate to an impulsive, over-confident, argumentative, brash and self-centered attitude. This creates general social difficulties and strained relations with others. On occasion, there is a liability to go to extremes and react violently. Often, failures are caused by placing too-heavy demands upon you and upon others. A positive, creative outlet should be found to channel your energy - perhaps sports. -- Interpretation from the Character Profile.

Sun semi-square Mars: With your Sun in semisquare aspect to Mars, you can be strongly aggressive at the wrong times. If you've not accomplished integrating your own needs to take charge of your life, you may also attract men who are overly belligerent, strong-willed or too controlling. It's important that you learn how to handle anger, whether it's your own or somebody else's. Finding healthy ways to express your personal assertiveness can open a lot of doors, but there will be times that you seem to break down a few doors just because there seems to be no other choice! Knowing that you can't always control or change the actions of others will also help you determine when you need to step out of the way of another person's anger or aggression. Sometimes the winning posture is stepping aside with dignity. -- Interpretation from the Astrology Profile for Women report.

Sun semi-square Mars: Your drive to succeed is strong, but you often push yourself in a direction against your own best interests. Your ambitions may find you at odds with authority figures again and again. A tendency towards arguments and emotional drama exists. -- Zet software.

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Interpretations written by Annie Heese unless otherwise noted.