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Planetary aspects in the natal chart are explained and interpreted. The meaning of Sun trine Mars (the Sun in trine to Mars) in the birth chart.

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Sun trine Mars

Sun trine Mars, Sun sextile Mars
People born with flowing aspects between the Sun and Mars are generally enterprising. They have powerful stores of energy that they can draw upon when needed. These people respond to problems or challenges with a spirited and enthusiastic confidence that is admirable. They are naturally competitive, and this trait is generally well-received by others simply because it is unforced, unaffected, and sincere. These people truly believe in fair play, and they seem to be in love with life. When they are expressing competitiveness and courage, it's easy to smile and accept these traits as positive ones rather than being rubbed the wrong way. These people generally have good physical vitality.

It is interesting to note that these people are not naturally combative. Many enjoy sports or games that are competitive, but not violent. Breaking the rules of a competitive game is particularly upsetting to those with Sun in easy aspect to Mars. This is largely due to the fact that the will (Sun) is connected to the desire nature (Mars) in a pleasing manner, so that the natives are more able than most to control their desires, aggressions, and instincts. They know how to be fair, and they expect others to be fair. As such, sneaky behaviors, uncontrolled impulses, violence, and rage are offensive to them. They know how to direct and control their own impulses and desire natures, and they fully expect others to be able to do so!

The main difference between the sextile and trine of the Sun and Mars: The trine is a more natural energy. Those with Sun trine Mars naturally and without thought are courageous and enterprising. Those with Sun sextile Mars have the opportunity to draw upon their courageous and enterprising spirit, but effort is required to pull these energies out of themselves and to apply these energies in their lives. With the trine, the characteristics of Sun-Mars come so naturally that the natives may not even realize just how much endurance, confidence, and enthusiasm they possess. Because the sextile requires some effort and thought, those with Sun sextile Mars often have many creative tools at their disposal, and they can be effective strategists and leaders.

Some Famous People with Sun sextile or trine Mars: Angelina Jolie, Neil Armstrong (the first man to step on the Moon), George Lucas, Warren Beatty, Donald Trump.

General discussion of Sun-Mars aspects.

Alternate interpretations:

Sun trine Mars: Your ability to assert yourself and pursue the fulfillment of your needs and desires is strengthened through the energy of your Sun in trine aspect to Mars. When you find yourself in situations which require you to take positions of leadership, you are quite capable of rising to the challenge. When you feel you need support, you can also reach out to others who will enjoy sharing the experience with you. Understanding that you are a strong woman and allowing yourself to test your strength in pursuit of your aims brings renewed vitality into your life.  -- Interpretation from the Astrology Profile for Women report.

Sun trine Mars: You are a very constructive individual, full of energy and vitality. You will find yourself attracted to enterprises that entail some type of risk or that require great decisiveness because you feel that you have the necessary strength to overcome any obstacle. You are very positive, frank, open and direct with your opinions. You are willing to help those in need and you will be a support for many people around you.

You will feel attracted towards people who, like you, are open and sincere. You will always be active and willing to undertake new paths. You will find support in strong people with a dynamic character. It is probable that the relationship with your father is very dynamic and gives you strength and self-confidence. In time, you will choose to marry an aggressive, active and protective partner.  -- Interpretation from the Adult report.


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Interpretations written by Annie Heese unless otherwise noted.