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Planetary aspects in the natal chart are explained and interpreted. The meaning of Sun trine Moon (the Sun trine the Moon) in the birth chart.

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Sun trine Moon

Sun trine Moon, Sun sextile Moon
The emotions and the will are at peace with one another, suggesting a rather balanced personality. The "messages" received in childhood were not contradictory overall, and these people have a stronger sense of purpose and appreciation of harmony than most people. Many people with these aspects are personally popular, likely because they expect harmony in their relationships. Sun sextile or trine Moon people are generally very attracted to relationships and are attractive to others. A certain level of self-confidence and a sense of security make these people quite easy to deal with on many levels. Their relaxed, easygoing disposition puts others at ease.

When the Sun and Moon are in harmonious aspect, the natives may not be prepared for conflict and could be inclined to avoid rocking the boat. They may acquiesce a little too often, if only to maintain a feeling of balance and harmony, as conflict is something they not only dislike, it's something they might fear. The tendency towards too much acceptance--of the self and of others--is most prominent with the trine. These people must be encouraged to question life, or they run the risk of taking things for granted.

Vitality is usually good and quite constant. These are not hard-driving people, unless other indications in the chart point to it, but the constitution is generally strong. At any rate, they are not prone to the kinds of ups and downs that plague those with challenging aspects between the Sun and Moon. This is because their goals and their emotional needs are in harmony, despite being different.

The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Venus and Neptune have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.

Some Famous People with Sun in Harmonious Aspect to the Moon: Sextiles - Jennifer Aniston, Matt Dillon; Trines - Tyra Banks, Oliver Stone.

When the Sun and Moon are sextile or trine, the native is unmistakably accepting, although rather strong-willed as well. There can be a tendency for the native to expect to get what he or she wants, simply because the desire nature is at peace within him- or herself. Complacency is a possibility and often a complaint of the native's partners. However, the ease with which this native deals with others can certainly be an asset. People with these aspects who don't go the complacent route are very much primed and ready for relationships.

General discussion of Sun-Moon aspects.

Alternate interpretations:

Note: sextiles and trines are also considered "soft", "harmonious", or "flowing" aspects.

Sun in soft apsect to the Moon: Confident and basically self-assured, you know how to work for and not against, yourself. Your life goals are in sync with your emotional nature. You are basically well balanced and this aspect supports favorable outcomes even during crisis times.

Mom and Dad were probably quite satisfied with their relationship when you were born. Of course there's no telling how things eventually played out, but your earliest impression of relationships was most likely a favorable one. -- Interpretation from the Your Life Path report.

Sun trine Moon: You have a good balance between your ego and your emotions. Your inner balance will lead you to act with tranquility and moderation, and you will accomplish the things that you set yourself to do without many problems. You will feel secure, firm and stable with the decisions you make.

Your home influence was benign and, in spite of the problems that you have gone through, you do not have a tendency to act unconsciously or destructively. You will build a harmonious home, where you will act with authority but without losing your sensitivity. The partner you choose will respect you and show you gentleness. Your relationship with your father will always be very beneficial and constructive.

As a parent you will be very positive to your children and will put all your energy in their education and upbringing. You will be protective, authoritative and proud. -- Interpretation from the Adult report.

Sun trine Moon: You have a good understanding of who you are and what you can accomplish. You often help your friends to make the decisions that will bring their lives into balance through needed adjustments. You believe in paying attention to stress signals that threaten your equilibrium and correcting your problems through adapting to change. You are exemplary of the blending of the Yin and Yang or the harmonious merging of spiritual needs and bodily expression. -- Interpretation for the KidZone report.

Sun trine Moon: You are very fortunate in being able to grow and progress throughout your life without major difficulties. You can always find the resources you require at hand plus the necessary instruction in how to use them. An inner vision, coupled with the ability to see the "Big" picture, often finds you working as a go-between with others. You could even have a special gift for spanning the generation gap, bringing older and younger spirits together. A love of animals, children, older people, and the needy and downtrodden in general, is a lifelong trait. -- Interpretation from WinStar.

Sun trine Moon: Traditionally, this aspect brings a certain amount of "good luck" into your life. You have the ability to accomplish whatever you set out to do, but first you must convince yourself that this is possible and decide to actively pursue your goals. You have a true gift with people. Your intuition is powerful, and you long for harmony in your environment and in your relationships.

Your relationship with your parents contributed to your growth as an individual. Perhaps they encouraged you to establish your own individuality rather than becoming what they wanted you to be. Because you are honest and sincere for the most part in your dealings with others, you usually find it easy to become involved in relationships. You seek to continually move forward in life and need growing room to do so. Because of your calm and soothing personality, you cope well with problem situations. In your love relationships you prefer stability and balance to up-and-down affairs. You and your partner will support each other and will grow a great deal through your relationship. Because you are rather even-tempered, you can provide emotional stability for a partner who is less secure. You have a stronger sense of purpose and appreciation of harmony than most people. You are attractive to men, and a certain level of self-confidence and a sense of security make you quite easy to deal with on many levels. Your relaxed, easygoing disposition puts others at ease. You may acquiesce a little too often, if only to maintain a feeling of balance and harmony, as conflict is something you dislike and even fear on some level. The tendency towards too much acceptance--of the self and of others-can suggest that you run the risk of taking things for granted. Your vitality is usually good and quite constant. You are not necessarily a hard driver, but your constitution is strong. Although you are unmistakably accepting, you are also rather strong-willed. Your partners may complain that you are too complacent. -- Interpretation from our Love Styles report.

Sun sextile or trine Moon: The good aspects of the Sun and Moon make for general success in life, health, fair financial conditions, good home surroundings with faithful friends, and esteem in the community; they favor a rise in life because of the person's innate ability, which either gains for him the recognition of people in a position to help him rise, or impels him to carve his own way. -- Max Heindel.

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Interpretations written by Annie Heese unless otherwise noted.