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Monthly Horoscopes - October 2011

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Horoscope Quickies Oct'11


October 2011 Overview Horoscopes 

The following are short overview horoscopes for an upcoming month, written by Annie for Essential Magazine. For our detailed October monthly horoscopes, see Monthly Horoscopes from October 1.



Others tend to look for a commitment from you this month, dear Aries. Whether you solidify a partnership or decide that a relationship is not living up to its potential, relationships are serious in October! Your mood, however, is romantic but playful. The Full Moon on the 11th can bring a long-standing problem to light. Career and finances are strong in October. It's a time for proving your worth, displaying your innate leadership abilities, and making important decisions. Be as aboveboard and professional as you can -- others are taking note!  Late October is favorable for taking out loans or refinancing, if necessary.



Work commitments may be hefty this month, dear Taurus, and you should watch for taking on more than your share. Frustration can come to a head around the 11th. October is one of the strongest months for you in 2011 for relationships, particularly towards the end of the month. You are taking the lead, taking action, and romantic interests are never short in supply. All signs point to you moving forward. Family life is animated and perhaps restless at times. Recently, you have been getting rid of the non-essential things in your life, and you could find that your attitude towards moving forward has improved as you rid yourself of excess baggage - the literal has led to the figurative.



Purely superficial elements of partnering are no longer tolerated, and a relationship can deepen, perhaps due to resolution of a long-standing problem, in October, dear Gemini. Getting serious about a romance or a creative project can figure strongly. Some of you may enter a business partnership. This is a favorable time for turning a creative undertaking into a profitable hobby. Job opportunities can emerge towards the end of the month. More determination and motivation will aid any new fitness or nutrition program started now. Watch for hurried speech and impulsiveness all month.



Issues surrounding family and career capture much of your attention this month, dear Cancer. A job offer may be hard to refuse around the 11th or a career matter reaches a head. Opportunities to strengthen a partnership this month are especially strong. Some of you may take a friendship into unexplored romantic territory, or meet a significant person through a friend or group association. You are also more focused and ambitious when it comes to your work, health, fitness, and self-care programs in October. You feel inspired and motivated to take better care of yourself.



Demonstrating the perfect balance of self-assertion and cooperation is your challenge this month, dear Leo. You can be impatient at times. A travel or education matter culminates around the 11th. An unexpected opportunity for travel may present itself, or new opportunities to further your education could arise. The people that you meet tend to stir you into new ways of thinking. You can take an idea to the bank this month, or a project can come to a satisfying conclusion. Decisions need to be made, but stressing over them won't help. Love can be found very close to home, perhaps even in the neighborhood.



You've been worrying about money much of the year, dear Virgo, and now is an excellent time to take charge of your finances. Yes, you need to buckle down, but it feels good to do so as you get your priorities straight. Romantic opportunities might come from people of an entirely different background or culture, or possibly through education and travel, in October. Relationships with siblings and neighbors improve and are a source of happiness. Many of you are enjoying more success in your studies. Nevertheless, energy levels are low or they fluctuate. Get extra rest to prepare for an especially busy Fall.



You are accustomed to making everyone else in your life happy, dear Libra, but this month you can tend to your own needs without guilt. It's a time for pushing your own personal projects and interests ahead. Surprises are in store in a close relationship around the Full Moon on the 11th. Clashes in values or conflicts over money with a friend can be irksome around the 26th, but money matters improve overall in the last week of October. It's a strong time to make an investment or to clear some debt.



Conversations open up this month, dear Scorpio, and you stand to either make a new connection that lasts in the long term, or to enhance the bond of an existing one. Nevertheless, you can be rather withdrawn until mid-month as you prepare for a new astrological year and build up your energy reserves. Career matters are fast-paced, stimulating, and sometimes rocky this month, as bosses can be demanding. You may need to watch what you say around the 26-27th. Personal charisma runs high, however, and love matters are strong.



While the desire to be with friends is strong this month, be careful that you don't over-commit in the process, dear Sagittarius, as you're likely to feel the weight of your obligations if you do. Be helpful and involved, but avoid the tendency to forget your own needs in the process. Increased clarity about a love affair or creative matter comes around the 11th, when a new relationship may begin for some of you. Recognition and possibly increased remuneration for your work is very possible in the last week of October. It's a time to shine your light. Be humble, but don't hide your abilities.



October is a strong month for creative pursuits and love matters, dear Capricorn. Your ambition is heightened this month, but you also enjoy contributing to a team or group effort, where you can shine right now. Your support is rewarded, as others can come to your aid or inform you of an opportunity for personal advancement in the last week of the month. With your strong involvement with friends, associates, and career, you will need to find a balance when it comes to attention to family, who will remind you of this around the 11th.



Developments in your career are favorable this month, dear Aquarius. You experience more motivation to realize your business goals and to improve your income from business. You could form alliances that further your professional goals or you might make friends through professional interests and contacts. While it's a generally good time for education, you might feel somewhat bogged down with responsibilities, so be careful not to take on more than you can handle. Partners can be demanding or cranky this month. Resolve to manage problems as they come up.


Financial matters need careful handling this month, dear Pisces, and you have all of the necessary tools at your disposal to make important changes to your spending and borrowing habits. Work can be demanding but also motivating in October. Conflicts with co-workers may arise, but if you tame impatience and attempt to work independently at your own pace, their likelihood decreases. Opportunities to break out of your normal routine abound and excite later in the month. It's also a time to shine on the level of communications. You can be recognized for your ability to express yourself.



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