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Progressed Moon's Aspects


Secondary progressed Moon & Its Aspects

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  • The Progressed Moon in Aspect to the Natal Chart - Overview
  • The Progressed Moon in Aspect to Planets and Points in the Natal Chart

Progressed Aspects:

The Progressed Moon in Aspect - Overview

As noted before, the Moon progresses approximately one degree per month or less. The aspects it forms to both natal and progressed planets and points have a short-term effect in comparison to those made by other planets and points. The progressed Moon aspects reveal our emotional orientation at that time in our lives.

Harmonious aspects of the progressed Moon indicate periods when one feels natural or comfortable in the areas of life affected. Challenging aspects indicate periods of time when we feel that our natural responses do not bring us what we want in the affected areas.

Take into consideration the progressed Moon's relationship with the natal Ascendant. With challenging aspects, we can feel a bit (or a lot) "off". Social, emotional, or physical discomfort are all possibilities. With harmonious aspects to the Ascendant, we feel emotionally "well". We feel that our environment and the situations we are in support our natural responses to life. We feel good, and our popularity with others increases. We might meet, or associate with, people who make us feel good or facilitate our natural expression.

Our emotions can drain our physical energy. At the end of a hard day emotionally, we can feel as if we've run a marathon. The progressed Moon's challenging aspects to the Ascendant suggest periods of time when we feel emotionally drained, out of sorts, and less equipped to handle life's pressures. In contrast, harmonious aspects of the progressed Moon to the Ascendant point to times when we feel emotionally effective and full. Either state, of course, will affect our personal sense of well-being, our physical well-being, and our personal popularity.

Trines and sextiles of the progressed Moon do not always correspond with times in our lives when major events happen. However, we feel these aspects in little ways. For example, a woman who, because of scheduling and time problems, was unable to fit exercise into her daily routine began an exercise routine when the progressed Moon trined her natal Mars conjunct Ascendant. Although we cannot classify this as a major event in her life, it was a personally significant time when she was feeling good about herself. We can say that circumstances were such that she could make time for her exercise program. However, it is more likely that her emotional orientation was such that she made time for exercise. From the outside looking in, her circumstances didn't seem to change at the time of the trine--she still had a busy career and family life. It was a personal choice she made, likely because she felt better about herself and made exercise one of her priorities. She was emotionally ready and disposed.

The Progressed Moon in Aspect to Natal Planets and Points

The following are general interpretations of the Progressed Moon in conjunction, sextile or trine, and square or opposition natal planets, Ascendant, and Midheaven. Source: Day Watch Report.

Progressed Moon conjunct Ascendant Your ability to lead with your emotions is in high gear, and speaking from the heart will tend to spotlight you wherever you go. Total honesty goes with it, if you want it to work at all, so make sure you choose your stage well and avoid mirrors, which will only slow you down. Now is not the time to be self-conscious.

Sophia Mason, in Delineations of Progressions (1), said this about progressed Moon in conjunction to the Ascendant: "Many changes are in store. If single and good aspects prevail, the person may marry. Whether it is the natal or progressed Moon, there is a likelihood of increase in family, either through marriages or birth. An excellent time for anyone who deals and works with the general public. When the aspects with the progressed or natal Moon are favorable, others see the native as a warm, sensitive and caring person. Possible benefits through older women or a parent. Difficult aspects produce unstable emotions, tears and over-reactions to the statements of others."

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Ascendant You can present yourself with confidence because what you have to do is backed by comfortable feelings; you project no discord to confuse others. When you say it, it's obvious you feel it as well. Your creativity and the excitement of new learning and fresh ideas show on your face -- no worry lines there.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Ascendant Getting things accomplished, either at home or at work, can be either helped or hindered by uncertainty about how to present yourself. It's hard to be completely forthright when you have an ulterior object in mind, and when that shows it can make you seem less than sincere. Just make the necessary proposals without undue personal testimony.

Progressed Moon conjunct Midheaven You are at a point when how you feel about your career and the information you would like to see spread about you could have a great effect on your reputation. Emotional decisions that are right for the heart may impact seriously on the rest of your life, so choose wisely and for the long term.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Midheaven If a professional or career opportunity feels right, it probably is, and now is the time to say yes. Even in small things, your judgment calls for how to further yourself are running above par, so you are for the moment your most highly trusted consultant. Your ability to move along quickly and with confidence adds even more to the picture.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Midheaven Your current emotional situation is not a good one on which to make career decisions, as your feelings will change but the results of the actions you take will not. It is easy to make rash moves that feel so right but whose percussions you will regret. Avoid getting swept up now so as not to get swept out later.

Progressed Moon conjunct Sun Expect a bit of an ego boost for a while, as your one-two Sun-Moon punch is right in tune in your Sun sign. So for the moment you may be best off putting your eggs all in one basket where you can take advantage of big steps forward without dividing your energies. Presenting a solid front is easy and puts you ahead of the game.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Sun Your inside and outside are working hand in glove for a while, so you can probably rely on your instincts when making emotional judgments. Similarly, you're more likely to be seen as an integrated personality, one to be relied upon. You're all of a piece, and the pieces all fit together.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Sun Your feelings may be somewhat at odds with the path you are used to taking, so second-guessing yourself before you step ahead too irretrievably may be a good idea. If you don't feel comfortable with what you're being asked to do, that may be simply an indicator that you are on new ground and are mastering the learning curve.

Progressed Moon conjunct Moon The comfort zone comes home as familiar feelings frame your world and you can lean on old standards to express yourself. You can't go too wrong if you just let your first reactions be your final choice -- pick up on the next round of life as the logical step past the last 27 1/2 years. You're at a milestone of growth, your progressed Lunar Return, so celebrate.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Moon First feelings will probably be the ones to count on for a while, as although exterior settings may have changed, you can read what's going on inside well enough to rely on your instincts, so you probably won't have to second guess yourself or others. Play it like you feel it, spend extra energy elsewhere.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Moon New emotional environments require you to step up to the plate and swing at some new pitches, so don't expect the same old fastball down the middle. Keep an eye out for someone to throw you a curve - especially if that someone is you. Monitor your first reactions, as they may not be the best. Have a plan B.

This is a time of change and challenge at the emotional level - particularly where home and family matters are concerned. You need to identify situations that aren't working for you, especially any that leave you feeling insecure or frustrated: these are the things you need to work on now.

Progressed Moon conjunct Mercury Your emotions are well-attuned with your mind, which means you can say how you feel in rather great detail and be on the mark. Insights are particularly strong and clear, so internal picture painting depicts a sparkling landscape with unusually deep perspective. You can justify every reaction, push your own buttons.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Mercury Putting your feelings into words only enhances them, so don't be afraid to say what you mean from the heart. Your words will not fail you, and backing them with your emotional take makes them seem all the more reliable. Your inner world has immediate contact with the outside without much ado, so honesty pays without modification.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Mercury Sometimes you have to justify your reactions, but painting elaborate inner landscapes may only spin your wheels, so go with your head or with your heart but don't try to make them match too carefully. It may take some time to iron out internal inconsistencies, but in this case time is on your side.

Progressed Moon conjunct Venus Sometimes it's better to give than to receive, but right now you might concentrate on being on the receiving end. Your feelings are particularly in touch with what you want, so since you've got it all picked out, what better time to ask for it? At least jot it down and put your request in because you know it's right.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Venus If your feelings tell you you want it, now's probably the time to go out and get it. The more emotionally satisfying it seems, the greater the reward in the end. Sometimes you jump for situations and then change your mind later, but right now your judgment is steady and rewards sought now will age well and give dividends.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Venus Deciding who or what truly pleases may be a puzzle right now, as what's available may not feel quite right and what seems perfect doesn't seem to be on the market. That's a temporary situation, however, as what fails to satisfy in the short run may be just the ticket down the road. Avoid hasty internal conclusions.

Your romantic and social life is apt to be in a state of change now - perhaps even challenge. Adjustments need to be made; there will be changes in plans at the drop of a hat. Not a good time to buy or sell real estate as a rule, if you can help it. Dealings with the public are not likely to be a piece of cake - you've got to be on your toes.

Progressed Moon conjunct Mars The impetuous heart can inspire actions of courage or decisions that should have been given more thought. The urge to act on your feelings is strong, and you can make your responses heard dramatically and effectively, because your sincerity will not be doubted. Just remember that when you fire both barrels, you're temporarily out of ammo and will have to reload.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Mars You are likely to be able to act without misgivings or inner indecision for a while, which will speed up your life. If it feels right, do it, and generally whatever you do will feel right afterwards. You don't have to do much inner consultation, as the flow between heart and hand will be uninterrupted.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Mars You sometimes have to make your move, even though your heart isn't fully behind it. Having mixed feelings about your actions doesn't help with follow through, so it may be time to make your judgments based on outward analysis alone and do what you have to, despite misgivings, letting your gut catch up to it later.

Progressed Moon conjunct Jupiter Don't be surprised if your heart is gaining a couple of sizes - this is one area in which you don't have to watch your weight. You're in an expansive mood in general, and your reaction is to wrap yourself around the situation and devour the whole enchilada. That, however, could involve some weight gain, so make sure your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Jupiter A warm expanse of emotional growth is underway, even though you may not be noticing it. It's naturally easier to reach out and be inclusive without being obtrusive, adding to your own inner life as you give to others. Generosity is its own reward, especially when you don't ask for one, and it will come back to you at just the right time.

Anticipating the wants and needs of others can be your ticket to success at a time like this. Travel, reading, and education broaden your horizons and bring opportunity. Interests related to law, politics, and publishing should fare well.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Jupiter This is a period when you can emotionally bite off more than you can chew, not so much because of greed or hunger, but because you keep changing your mind and wind up with too much on your plate. If you overreact once, don't do it twice. Digest what you've already got before you reach for another portion of the heart.

Progressed Moon conjunct Saturn You may find yourself a bit slower and more cautious to react when issues arise that trigger your warning system. It's not that you don't care enough, it's that you care too much and want to return only what is both safe and appropriate when called upon. When you say yes, you want it to last a long time.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Saturn If you react like an authority, chances are people will take you for one -- especially if you show (ho-hum) not much reaction at all. Clearly you must have been there, done that. Just remember that when you do volunteer an opinion, you can't take it back, so when you take a step be sure of foot.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Saturn It may be hard at times to separate unfounded fears from healthy paranoia, but in either case it will be difficult to throw caution to the winds for a while. Although you may generate delays, better safe than sorry, as long as you avoid gratuitous blame in the process. If it doesn't taste right, send it back.

Progressed Moon conjunct Uranus For a month or so you may find yourself responding to situations in unusual ways you might not have thought possible. Why waste time with the ordinary when you can try a completely new tack? In the process, it might be too easy to let harsh or untested opinions out of the box, so put a gentle hand on your approach.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Uranus Exploring new ways of expressing your feelings can open up new approaches to personal communication and introduce fresh ways to establish intimacy. You don't have to push things to the limit to get noticed, just a touch of the unusual or unique in your responses will turn heads sufficiently to get a second look.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Uranus It can be particularly easy to let surprise emotions out into the open without necessarily meaning to, which can stimulate inventiveness and originality or simply initiate social train wrecks, so be spontaneous but watch what you say. Unexpected honesty can be refreshing, but it can have consequences, so weigh them.

Progressed Moon conjunct Neptune Don't be surprised if you find yourself adrift on your dreams for the next couple of months, which can be a treat if you've cleared your decks of practical matters so you can let it happen. You can't be pinned down right now, so don't go there, but let yourself float and give your imagination full sway.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Neptune If intuitive feelings run strong, you can probably count on your hunches and go with what your insides are telling you. It's not a time for big gambles, just follow the small voice that's speaking wisdom which may be hard to put into words. Follow the tide, it's running your way if you just trust it.

Glamor, mystery, and intrigue fascinate you and play a larger and potentially more positive role in your life than ever now. Artistic or psychic talents meet with opportunity - they can make you shine, and there are openings for developing and using your abilities in these areas.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Neptune Emotional confusion can be the result of feelings that fall in and out of focus, situations arise where it's hard to put your finger on just how you want to respond. If you're not sure where you stand, let things go until you are on firmer ground and have tested the changing waters. When tides are changing, wait for them.

Progressed Moon conjunct Pluto You're at a point of emotional pressure where you may have to push to get what you want or simply try another tack entirely. It may be easier than you think to just turn around and insist on what you want, but you won't know unless you try it. Strong emotions can be a turn-on, power plays release pent-up pressures.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Pluto Taking firm but non-confrontational stands on how you feel about issues will not only give you the upper hand but create a following. Quiet faith in your position says more than a thousand verbal arguments, so simply proceed like you know you're in the right and your stream will become the mainstream.

Financial opportunities are there for the finding and the taking now, particularly where real estate is concerned (but also in other areas connected with home and domestic items). Finding out what people want and need, and then making sure you get a piece of the action in giving it to them, is the key to success now. A good time to investigate ways to improve health and diet.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Pluto It may be easier than usual to get yourself into personal power struggles just by honestly letting out how you feel about things, so watch your mouth and be ready to put a cork in it if necessary to avoid pointless confrontations. Flash points pass as quickly as they appeared, so you'll be glad you had your eyes open.

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References & suggested further reading:

(1) Delineation of Progressions by Sophia Mason.

Progressions (Astrology: a Language of Life) by Robert Blaschke

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