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When Will You Marry? - Your Romantic Destiny Through Astrology Review

When Will You Marry? - Your Romantic Destiny Through Astrology


Author: Rose Murray

Published: 2004

Astrology Level: 2/3

Our Rating: A

Our Review: 

Rose Murray wrote two books dedicated to determining one's romantic destiny. The first book, When Will You Marry? Your Romantic Destiny Through Astrology, offers a variety of tips and specific indicators of favorable times for romance. She discusses Venus and Mars as timing indicators, and believes that when Venus is going through the sign of your Sun by transit, you will be at your most attractive and charming, and when Mars is transiting the sign of your Sun, passionate times are in store. Better yet, she proposes, is when both Venus and Mars are in the same sign of your Sun. Also, if Venus and Mars are in a compatible sign with your Sun sign, this should favor romance. 

Major transits to your "love planets", which include planets that occupy your 5th and 7th houses, that rule your 5th and 7th houses, as well as Venus and Mars, are also indicators of romance, according to Murray. She suggests to first determine your love planets, and then look for transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto by conjunction, trine, and sextile to these points. She offers more details, such as more specific issues surrounding each type of transit, eclipses,  and new moons.

Murray discusses progressed "marriage aspects" in addition to the above. Using secondary progressions, she suggests looking for some key aspects, such as when the ruler of your Ascendant aspects the ruler of your seventh house, a conjunction, trine, or sextile between Venus and Mars, or Sun and Venus, etc.

She believes that the Sun/Moon midpoint is an important timer for relationships, as well as a vital factor when comparing two charts in synastry. Arabic parts are discussed, celebrity charts are given as examples, and "mutual money luck" significators are considered.

Although the book offers techniques and explanations for beginners, beginning astrology students might quickly become confused, as the book offers quite a few points and details to consider. However, it is for this exact reason that most intermediate astrology students will find the book satisfying and useful.


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