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Saturn Transits to Planets


Saturn Transits: Predictive Astrology - Techniques for Predicting the Future

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Saturn Transits to Personal Planets: Trines & Sextiles

Every now and again, we are blessed with a pleasing dose of practicality and a measure of control. Although Saturn transits are not traditionally considered "blessings", Saturn does seem to know when we are in need of some stability, steadiness, and even "cooling down", and these periods are often when Saturn trines and sextiles our personal planets or points. Self-reliance is characteristic of these times, and some of us are less sociable during these transits. However, if this is the case, it is intentional and we don't feel forced into solitude or "left out" like we might when Saturn transits in hard aspect to our personal planets. Life seems to be more cut and dry in the natal areas affected, which include the affairs ruled by the personal planet itself and the houses ruled by that planet. Moderation in these areas is easier to maintain.

Saturn Glyph SymbolWhen transiting Saturn trines or sextiles our natal Sun, we feel more comfortable with who we are. Because we have a more mature grasp of our own capabilities, we project a more responsible, perhaps serious, and self-assured personality to others. We may be more open to receiving grounded, practical advice. Our lives seem more stable during this time period, likely because we are able to look at ourselves in a realistic and reasonable manner. We are less vulnerable to self-delusions. One of the major sources of stress and guilt in our lives stems from uncertainty. We might want to stop to think about how much stress comes from  overestimating our responsibilities and inevitably failing to meet them. Things nag at the back of our minds. Saturn offers us realism, and with transits to the Sun, we see ourselves more clearly and realistically. This transit tends to reduce the uncertainty, at the very least with regards to our capabilities, and offers a welcome reprieve from feelings of guilt and fear. At these times in our lives, we know what our responsibilities are, and we meet them.

When transiting Saturn trines or sextiles our natal Moon, we feel more in control of our emotions, our domestic affairs, and our personal habits. We feel considerably more mature and capable of handling our personal lives. Family matters assume more importance in our lives now, and we meet our responsibilities with maturity and competence. We have much to learn from older people in our lives, and during this transit, we are more likely to actually listen to what they have to say, and learn from them. Which house does the Moon rule in your chart? (There may be more than one). Wherever you find Cancer in your chart, you will notice this mature and steady energy. For example, if the Moon rules your 5th house, you might be less inclined to jump into a romantic fling during this transiting trine and more capable of dealing with children. You might begin a new romance that is considerably more mature in nature than previous ones, or your current relationships might become more practical or reliable. Because the fifth house rules our creative self-expression, and Saturn has a stabilizing and realistic effect, we might turn our hobbies into businesses during this transit. At the very least, our self-expression becomes more sober and practical. If the Moon rules our seventh house, we might notice that our partnerships (including marriage) become more practical and goal-oriented. We are able to manage these relationships with more maturity. If we are not involved in a partnership before the transit, we might enter into one, simply because it is a more relationship-friendly period of time when we get serious about our commitments.

When Saturn transits trine or sextile Mercury, we are more apt to organize our lives and to improve our skills. Progress made during this transit period is likely to bring us rewards in our careers and/or our social lives--if not now, in the future. Our thinking is clear, and we can study and absorb information, perhaps not more readily, but certainly more deeply. What we learn now, we retain. Our thinking is more realistic and practical. We are less inclined to jump to conclusions or to make poor judgments, simply because we take into consideration the consequences, the probable outcome, and the bottom line. This is not a time when we take risks unless they are very educated risks. We tend to rely on time-honored, traditional approaches to new ventures. We are able to formulate plans, lists, and budgets and we think things through.

When Saturn transits trine or sextile Venus, our romantic lives and our financial lives become more grounded. This is a good time to formulate a plan to curb spending and to cut away some accumulated debt, as our outlook is more reasonable and practical in these matters. We might begin a more serious romance, or our current relationship may take on a more responsible, mature, or serious tone. Relationships begun during this transit have a good chance of being long-term. We may be more inclined to socialize with older or more mature people, or we may cut back on socializing of our own doing, perhaps to reserve more energy and time for serious creative endeavors or romantic relationships. We might find that circumstances are such that we mix business and pleasure in pleasing ways, or we make social contacts that lead to business propositions, or we turn an artistic hobby into a business. Our overall manner in social situations is more mature, and we can easily make a good impression with our peers and with those older than us.

When Saturn transits trine or sextile to Mars, we experience a period of time when disciplining ourselves is easier. We are more in touch with our bodies in the sense that we see them for what they are, and many begin exercise programs during this transit. (This is, incidentally, one of the best aspects for starting an exercise routine, another being Saturn trine Ascendant). Self-discipline and self-motivation, a necessary cooling of the passions, increased focus in work and activities, and a sense of purpose are themes now. We feel in control of our passions and our impulses, and we face life with more purpose and maturity. We are more practical than usual, and our progress in most projects is perhaps slow but steady. This can be a very productive time in our lives.

Important Note: We have lumped together the trine and sextile aspect because they are similar in nature. However, there is a distinct difference that should be kept in mind when reading the interpretations above. While the changes come quite naturally and flowingly with the trine, the sextile represents opportunities that need to be grabbed. In other words, we need to be more conscious of opportunities with the sextile in order to benefit from the positive aspects of the transit.


Saturn Transits to Personal Planets: Conjunctions

Saturn's influence is direct and personal when it transits conjunct a personal planet.

When Saturn transits conjunct the Sun, our level of maturity, realism, and responsibility come up for inspection. The goals we have set for ourselves, as well as our very character, are now re-evaluated for strength and purpose, and tested against reality. Saturn has a way of slowing down our life, as if it is forcing us to take a really good look at it. Because the Sun rules our vitality, we may feel that our energy is somewhat depleted. We begin to feel our age, and the pressures that may go along with it. We may feel alone and un-parented or unsupported. We may be assessing our achievements to date, and we are extremely sensitive to whether or not we have been recognized on a professional level as well as on a personal level. Whether our talents and abilities, and our unique individuality and character, are recognized by others becomes especially important to us. We tend to be self-critical and/or we feel that others do not support or recognize us enough. This process is necessary, as we are learning to see ourselves more realistically—without rose-colored glasses—so that we can move forward with a stronger sense of purpose. This may be a time when we cut out projects or possibly relationships that are no longer working for us, or that have been built on weak foundations. We are essentially conserving our energy for those things that do work for us, and we work on building and strengthening them.

When Saturn transits conjunct the Moon:

We are acutely aware of our support systems when transiting Saturn conjuncts the Moon in our birth charts. An increased awareness of the flaws or weaknesses in our support system is likely now. This can lead to some feelings of isolation or a feeling of being un-parented and alone in this world. The purpose of this transit is for recognizing how our emotions that are not being met, acknowledged, or supported is negatively impacting our lives, and for taking steps to change that.

This is a strong period for introspection. We might discover that we have not left enough doors open to our inner worlds, or that we have not been supportive of others in tangible ways. This may be the reason we are not getting back what we want from important people in our lives. Or, we might come to the realization that we have been overdoing our support for others and ignoring our own needs for nurturing, support, compassion, and love. Steps need to be taken now to strengthen our ties to others by first working on ourselves.

Demands from family and loved ones might be, or seem, greater now than usual. Or, you might be pulling yourself back from others, perhaps in self-pity or due to fear that your needs will not be met. If you are going through a self-pitying phase, allow it to happen for as long as it serves its purpose. Sometimes we can draw great strength from these phases. In fact, this transit eventually leads us to discover our own inner courage and strength. Take some time to be alone, to reflect, and to understand what it is you want back from life on an emotional level. Deeply ingrained personal habits are also something to re-assess. Some might need to be left behind in order for you to move forward in a healthier manner. You might feel a little hardened or toughened up, but as long as this puts you in a more realistic state rather than a resentful one, this may not be such a bad thing. In fact, it may very well be exactly what you need right now.

When Saturn transits conjunct Mercury:

Seriousness of thought is likely now, as you crave simple answers and truths. You may be doubting many of the ideas you've had to date, or the projects you've been putting your energy into. The purpose of this transit is to pare down your thinking process, improve your communication skills, and simplify your tasks. You may experience a certain disdain for superficial interactions with others, either because you now view them as unnecessary, fake, or distracting. You may feel a little stiff around people as a result. Others might notice that you are a little withdrawn socially, perhaps sarcastic or negative in your speech, and less available in general. You might be pouring more of your energy into a particular project, study, or course and have little time for others as a result. This is not the best time for presenting your ideas, as you might be finding that others are not supportive of them. However, it's an excellent period for reviewing, reassessing, perfecting, and improving ideas, projects, skills, and communication so that in the future, you will be more confident about all of these things. Some projects or ideas might need to be left behind so that you can conserve your energy for those that truly work for you, and that you can feel honestly confident about. You are becoming more mature in your thinking, and while you may be swinging to a more negative or critical outlook in the initial stages of this transit, this process may be necessary in order to reach a balanced, mature, and realistic state.

When Saturn transits conjunct Venus:

What has carried you to date in the world of your social and romantic relationships may no longer feel satisfying or worthwhile for you during this transit. It's time to assess your relationship needs, attitudes, and capabilities. You may be withdrawing yourself emotionally as you become more serious, critical, and concerned about a significant relationship in your life. You may begin to see serious flaws, and any superficial interactions may begin to bother you. You might temporarily have a hard time "going through the motions". Fears that you might get hurt could be self-fulfilling prophecies if you are not careful now. While you should definitely take some time to come to terms with what you are now seeing, you should also understand that in the initial stages of this transit your thinking is skewed towards the negative. You are losing the rose-colored glasses and eventually you will be able to see your relationships in a most realistic light--you will see them for exactly what they are. However, the first stage of this process is rather severe and unforgiving, so take your time before making any major decisions.

Differences in values between you and a partner may be glaring now. How each of you approaches the relationship in terms of commitment, loyalty, and pleasure are likely to be issues on the table. As well, you are now especially concerned with how a partner makes you feel attractive and wanted. The quality of your relationships is most important to you now.

Saturn has a way of identifying weak links or weak foundations and applying pressure on them. Thus, relationship tests may occur now. It's time to work to improve and strengthen these weaknesses. Letting go of things that truly do not work for you anymore may be necessary, but there is also a strong probability that an existing partnership can be redefined and strengthened.

This can also be a time when you begin to question your ability to attract others or what you want from life. Questions of beauty, attractiveness, social charm and grace, and financial power can be themes now. You may no longer be comfortable with the ways you have employed charm or attractiveness in the past. You may become very self-critical in these areas. You no longer see yourself for what you want to see. This can all take place in your inner world, but for many, there is an external trigger in the form of an event or circumstance that changes your perception of things. Eventually, you will come to a point where you are more confident of how you go about attracting love, money, favors, and pleasure into your life, and this comes from arriving at truths and realities.

It's a strong period for reassessing your spending habits. Financial stresses may be part of the picture now, leading to a more conservative, mature, and realistic approach to handling your finances.

When Saturn transits conjunct Mars:

The purpose of this transit is to cool your passions in some manner, to conserve your energy for what truly matters, and to discipline your approach to getting what you want from life. Circumstances may be such that you are required to exercise restraint in your life now. You may be encountering resistance or blockages if you push yourself too hard, assert yourself too strongly, or express anger in an excessive manner. Something may happen now that restricts your freedom of movement in some manner, and you are in the position to redirect your energies. Initially, you might feel frustrated and thwarted, or you may experience a lack of drive and enthusiasm. As the transit progresses, you will be learning to direct your energies into endeavors that are truly helpful and useful to you. You might also be learning to curb some of the excesses in your life, as well as to go about getting what you want in a more mature, temperate, and moderate manner. You will be examining the ways you express your anger, how that has hindered you in the past, and how you might better do so in the future.


Saturn Transits to Personal Planets: Squares & Oppositions

Saturn's influence is felt more acutely and in the form of a challenge when Saturn transits square or opposition to a personal planet.

When Saturn transits square or opposition the Sun, we may experience some form of disillusionment with regards to an important person in our life, with authority figures, with personal plans and achievements, or with aspects of our own personality. We may feel "left out", blocked from advancing in our chosen life path, and lacking in energy and confidence. Ego boosts don't seem to be forthcoming, or if they are, we don't see them in such a light. Some sort of buckling down is necessary at this time, and is often perceived as limitations coming from other people or from circumstances. Financial blocks are quite possible at this time, especially if the Sun is associated with the second or eighth house by position or rulership. Physically, this is apt to be a rather low period when we don't have that extra "oomph" or drive to accomplish things. A general feeling of "slowdown" is likely, and if regular tasks seem more overwhelming than usual, it is likely due to poor spirits and lack of motivation. Sometimes, this transit is associated with problems with the teeth, bones in general, and the skin. It is also associated with mechanical breakdowns in your life. However, these generally happen because you haven't been managing your life effectively, and Saturn calls upon you to identify the weaker areas of your life, and to fix or strengthen them. Take the time to sort out your life, improve your work, and to become more efficient. If things or people leave your life, it is likely because the connection between you was weak, or they somehow no longer serve a healthy purpose in your life. Taking a slow and steady approach to life is necessary now. Pushing too hard will likely lead to frustration and setbacks. Take it easy and work on self-improvement. Results are not immediate, but will eventually come and bring healthy rewards. Note that with the first Saturn square to the Sun after the transiting conjunction can mark an important turning point for health and wellness, and in some cases, career.

When Saturn transits square or opposition the Moon, we may be feeling overlooked, left out, on our own, and even uncared for. This transit sometimes occurs when changes on the domestic front leave us feeling "alone in this world", such as when we move out on our own, are separated from family or other loved ones, and so forth. Domestic problems may be part of the picture, often connected to women and sometimes the mother. Everyday coping skills can be compromised at this time--chores and routines seem to be harder to do or more burdensome than usual. It can be hard for us to take risks at this time, and we are likely to focus on the negatives in our lives. Fears and insecurities of all kinds are magnified during this period--fear of rejection, fear of what the future might bring, fear that we won't be able to handle our lives masterfully, and so forth. Although we may long for emotional support from others, we don't receive it well if it is forthcoming. We may be given to sulking, feeling sorry for ourselves, dredging up the past, and focusing on what we haven't done or can't do. We may be feeling awkward and self-conscious, and consequently less sociable as spontaneity is lacking for us now. It is important to remember that this is very much our perception at this time, and it can be managed if we are aware of the general meaning of Saturn's influences. It is a time when we are called upon to take a realistic look at our personal and emotional lives. This is a period when progress on the domestic front is slow, delayed, or denied. Our personal popularity is weakened temporarily, and business may also be affected. The best way of handling this energy is to recognize that it's a time to slow down and re-evaluate our personal lives, and that pushing ourselves to do too much will be frustrating and possibly costly. We need more rest than usual, and we need to learn to rely on ourselves for the time being. This is a time when we are called upon to examine our priorities and make necessary changes to our daily routines in order to improve our lives.

When Saturn transits square or opposition Mercury, we may have a pessimistic attitude towards our lives, feel misunderstood, and find ourselves in conflict with others on intellectual levels. We are likely to experience communication problems. It can appear that others are not especially sympathetic to our point of view. However, it is important that we examine how we are communicating with others, as it is likely that our words are strongly colored with negativity. It is very hard for us to see the "big picture" during this period. In some cases, we may end friendships over disagreements at this time, or come close to doing so. This is a time when we are called upon to examine our thinking patterns to find rigid or negative attitudes that have been holding us back from advancing. We are ridding ourselves of projects that no longer serve their purpose, and learning to cut out the fluff in our lives so that we can focus on projects that truly matter. It's not the best time to present your ideas, but rather to reassess them, and work on perfecting them for presentation at a later date. You are seeking truths now, and in the process, you might experience many doubts.

When Saturn transits square or opposition Venus:

This might be a time of relationship tests, struggles, or trials. You may not be attracting things and people that you want in your life as easily as you were before this transit, and this can be eye-opening. It's a signal to work on improving your manner as well as the things that you offer to others in partnership. There may be many doubts raised now and you could be withdrawing or holding back a little as you attempt to figure out what you need, want, and can give. You are working towards ridding yourself of self-delusions when it comes to close partnerships, socializing, finances, and attractiveness. In the process, you might feel disdain for superficial interactions and resent "going through the motions" on a social and/or emotional level. Your goal is to find deeper connections to others. Relationships built on weak foundations may not survive, but other relationships can be improved and strengthened.

Financial matters might be stressful for the time being, which forces you into a position of conservation and moderation.

When Saturn transits square or opposition Mars:

This is a time when we face obstacles, blockages, or opposition to our sense of freedom, our drive, and our ambitions. Excessive or wasteful endeavors and personality traits may need to be tempered now. You are becoming more cautious now, and you might experience a temporary loss of enthusiasm or setbacks that make you doubt your ability to win in life. You are learning to live life in moderation, but it may be frustrating at first as you face tests, rejections, or trials that remind you that pushing too hard or too fast doesn't always yield the results you crave. It's time to slow down a little, catch your breath, experience some defeats, all in order to come back stronger, more controlled, directed, and mature in your expectations and approach to the world.


Saturn Transits to Other Natal Points

Transiting Saturn conjunct, square, or opposition Jupiter
Transits of Saturn to Jupiter deal with your life priorities, and how they can better be organized or structured, as well as your expectations and general outlook on life, and how you can come to a more realistic, mature, and balanced state of mind. You may be required to re-align your plans and goals, particularly in business, towards more realistic avenues. Circumstances are such that you may need to pare down your endeavors and concentrate your energies on fewer, higher quality projects. Life situations or blockages bring you to question whether your expectations are too high or unrealistic.

Transiting Saturn sextile or trine Jupiter
Your expectations and outlook on life are considerably more realistic now as you naturally seek balance between too negative and overeager attitudes. It's a strong time for realigning your projects and getting your life priorities straightened out. You are concerning yourself with the long term now, and practically preparing yourself for a better future.

Transiting Saturn conjunct, square, or opposition Natal Neptune
You may feel at odds with your fears and phobias, having a difficult time understanding yourself and coming to terms with bad habits, anxieties, and addictions. There can be some self-criticism as you begin to see some of your escapist tendencies for what they are, or you could feel especially frustrated with your more irrational addictions and fears you've previously accepted as you now see them in a harsher light. You might often have the inexplicable feeling that something awful will happen - a feeling of doom. Old bad habits may resurface for resolve. There is likely to be some form of disillusionment happening now, with previously held beliefs, and possibly also with others who don't seem very sympathetic or compassionate. Beliefs or methods that previously helped to soothe you may no longer satisfy. Positively, and especially with the conjunction, this can be a time for overcoming a fear or addiction, although there is likely to be initial impatience and a struggle involved.

Transiting Saturn conjunct, square, or opposition Chiron

You will be learning about your own inner strength during the course of this transit. Circumstances will put you in the position to question your own integrity and grow to a position where you respect yourself more, by eliminating attitudes that no longer serve a greater purpose for you. Frustrations with the demands, rules, or expectations of others are likely to surface in the process of these discoveries.

Transiting Saturn sextile or trine Chiron
Learning to let go of regrets is a major theme of this transit. By working on facing up to your responsibilities, following the rules, and adopting a humbler approach to others, you gain a greater sense of purpose. You stand to learn much from your experiences and interactions with others now.

Transiting Saturn in aspect to the North Node
When Saturn transits in aspect to the North Node, the manner in which you associate with others in terms of give-and-take and learning experiences, comes into question. Negative, greedy, or irritable attitudes towards others are things that you are learning to rid yourself of. You might meet mentors or those older or wiser than you who have something important to teach you. Hard aspects are associated with troublesome social relationships or withdrawal from socializing as part of a necessary process of personal growth. You are learning to rely on yourself, as well as to adopt a humbler approach to others.

Transiting Saturn conjunct, sextile, trine, square, or in opposition to the Part of Fortune
With these aspects, you are learning to find happiness in the more simple things in life, as well as in living a more structured and responsible existence. The square and opposition may bring temporary trials, delays, frustrations, or oppositions that force you to pare down your life in realistic ways, or to face responsibilities that you may have neglected.


Keys to Handling Saturn Transits:

Saturn teaches us about the value of moderation and caution. Perhaps the best way to "handle" hard Saturn transits to personal planets and points is to avoid fighting these lessons. Accept that, at this time in your life, things may move at a slower speed (even a snail's pace). Saturn wants us to work hard, put our energies into practical, useful, and meaningful projects, and to live in the here and now. This period in your life is a time for building a solid foundation. Understand that moderation at this point in your life is necessary for your spiritual growth and your physical body as well. Avoid blaming others for where you are at now--doing this will only lead to feelings of melancholy and anger. Know that this period in your life, while temporary, is a time for learning about your personal limits as well as your inner strength. Carry these lessons as you move beyond this phase, because how you handle your life now will make all the difference the next time (7 years later) Saturn makes a hard aspect to the same planet or point in your chart.


Saturn Transiting the Houses

A general description of transiting Saturn - excerpt from the Sky Log report:

"The planet Saturn is currently casting a gray light on your circumstances -- but is it the bleak gray of sorrow or the clear, comforting gray of wisdom and digested experience? That's the choice. Saturn is classically viewed as the "bad" planet, the "Greater Malefic." Don't believe it! Used correctly, its transits can bring dignity and self-respect. Essentially, Saturn is about maturity. The part of your life that's being touched by the Saturnian energies needs to grow up...which, despite the lies we're all told, is not a process one mysteriously completes on one's twenty-first birthday. There is an area of your life where you have simply outgrown yourself, at least inwardly. The task now is to adjust your outward circumstances to reflect the maturity you've already attained psychically and invisibly. It is a material problem, not fundamentally a psychological one. To succeed, there is first a need to face reality squarely, even if it's unsavory. Then to make a hard choice...that is, to reach an emotional bottom line and not be crippled by your awareness of the ambiguities in your situation. And finally, in a spirit of commitment, persistence, and self-discipline, to claim those circumstances in your life which reflect the hard inner work you've been doing over the last few years. That's Saturn in general."

Saturn Transiting the Houses

References & suggested further reading:

Saturn in Transit: Boundaries of Mind,... by Erin Sullivan. This book is heavy reading, but powerful and insightful.

Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The... by Stephen Arroyo. Excellent work. Deals with natal positions, synastry, and transits in relation to karma and spiritual growth.


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