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Scorpio Daily Horoscope: Tomorrow


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April 30, 2015

The Moon continues its transit of Virgo until 10:03 AM EDT, and its trine to Mercury before going void at 8:24 AM is good for busy work and communications. The Moon is in Libra from 10:03 AM forward, and  balancing our personal desires with those of another is likely to figure strongly now. "Paralysis by analysis" could be an issue, as the tendency to weigh all perspectives and to consider all possibilities can leave us sitting on the fence, afraid to make a definite decision, but in the hours surrounding the Moon's sextile with Saturn late afternoon, we are more clear-headed and equipped to make plans. Moderating, negotiating, and compromise are themes. Mercury enters Gemini tonight, where it will transit until July 8th - longer than usual due to Mercury's upcoming retrograde in Gemini from May 18-June 11. When Mercury is in Gemini, we are especially communicative, curious, and sociable. Mercury feels right at home in Gemini, one of the signs that it rules. We are especially astute when it comes to arguing or making a point. We are attracted to wordplays, puns, and negotiations. We are easily distracted.

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