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Monthly Horoscopes - September 2012

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Horoscope Quickies Sep'12


September 2012 Overview Horoscopes 

The following are overview horoscopes for an upcoming month, written by Annie. For our detailed September monthly horoscopes, see Monthly Horoscopes from September 1.


Notes/Overview: In September 2012, a New Moon occurs in Virgo on the 15th. Pluto turns direct on the 17th, and Uranus squares Pluto on the 19th. Although Uranus-Pluto has already occurred and will occur again in coming years, Pluto is stationary this time around, adding more intensity to the equation. A Full Moon occurs on September 29th in the sign of Aries.



There is a strong tendency to bury yourself in work and in your personal life this month, dear Aries. You could be especially interested in research and investigation. This is a strong time for investing in your future, developing your current projects, and for advancement driven by healthy competition. Until the 22nd, efforts at improving your health and self-care routines are in focus - you are in charge. Relationships heat up with Venus in your romance sector, boosting your attractiveness and desire for closeness, and Mars ramping up your sex drive all month. September is also strong for learning, communicating, and connecting. Doors are opening to you. The 17-19 can be intense for happenings in your career and your personal life. Extremes of feeling are likely, and power struggles possible. You end the month with a bang - the Full Moon on the 30th aligns with Uranus in your sign, and this can stimulate surprises and changes. Something that's been building inside you surfaces suddenly. Your desire for change is stimulated now and you may act on a whim. New friendships might be formed. Allow for many possibilities, put few restrictions on projects, keep your options open, and expect the unexpected.




September is a relationship-centered month for you, dear Taurus. Partnerships are animated and sometimes difficult. Competitiveness emerges, but the trick is to tone things down while being direct with someone close to you if problems reach a head. While you can be quite protective of your feelings in September, you're nevertheless inclined to flirt and socialize. You can revive a hobby or creative endeavor quite successfully now. You feel in charge in the areas of romance, creativity, and children. The 5-6 is strong for friendships and support. Conversations on the 9-10 can move your romantic or creative life forward. More volatile days are likely from the 17-19 and the 26-29. Something from the past could suddenly emerge and cause some initial discomfort. Ultimately, you're freeing yourself up of excess baggage. Deal with whatever emerges so that you can finally put the past behind you. Information that surfaces now tends to boost your ability to make a decision or come to a conclusion on a matter that has been in existence for some time. The last week of September brings stronger energy for work, even if emotions are wacky. It's also good for new or renewed health routines.




For much of September, dear Gemini, you're a little more introverted than usual. Your heart is with your home and family, or these areas of life demand more of your attention. However, there is a competitive element to your work all month. The Full Moon on the last day of August fired up your ambitions, and Mars moving through your work sector carries this energy through September. Even so, it's more about the little things that need your attention than major career goals. Mars is also quickening the pace of your daily life. You can ride on this energy by stepping up a health or fitness routine, but watch for overdoing. You are slightly more prone to accidents. Watch spending on the 17-19. On these same days, keep your eye out for those who want to push you into doing or believing something that makes you uncomfortable. People in your life may be a little unreliable then. All month, however, you have Jupiter working some of its magic for you. Jupiter keeps you in a positive, forward-looking frame of mind. Love this month is largely in the head. You feed your affections with communication. Friendship drama is likely on the 28-30.




You're clearing the decks on the home and family front this month, dear Cancer. You've done a lot of restructuring in this area of life, and you're now ready to move forward, hopefully more confident about your ability to manage your personal life. Romance can be passionate, animated, and possibly filled with fireworks in September. You have a stronger taste for spontaneity and risk when it comes to your sexuality this month, but you're also craving security and comfort in love. Ideally, you or a partner can combine the two in an appealing package. You're more likely to spend on comfort items and beautiful things this month, after the 6th. You're especially open to learning, and connecting with others brings new ideas and interests to your world. The 17-19 and 28-30 can bring tricky energy on the job or with a partner (and quite possibly both). Watch your reactions to people on these days - old wounds from childhood can be stimulated now. You can find quite a bit of joy in helping others in September. You're on the verge of big shifts and changes in attitude and desires when it comes to partnering.




A strong theme in September is an increased desire for comfort, dear Leo, but you are also likely to feel compelled to finish some ventures. Avoid a mad rush to close projects, but if something has to go, let it. Apply yourself vigorously to your most important projects, but don't push yourself. Venus enters your sign on the 6th, when the desire for pleasure and comfort begins to rule. Others are especially appreciative of your sense of style - you turn heads. You prefer the company of others, rather than going it alone. Others notice and perhaps admire you for your pleasant demeanor, which feeds your ego and renews your spirit in turn. Your home and interactions with family are lively and spirited in September, but sometimes challenging, particularly the 26-27. Friends are supportive and friendships tend to be pleasant in September. New connections can be made, and they're rewarding. Avoid over-committing, both socially and professionally, however. Brainstorm about business and your finances on the 9-10. The 17-19 and 28-30 can be a little tense and one way your body could react to the stress is to become sick or tired.



When it comes to your career, look for openings and opportunities everywhere, dear Virgo. This is not the time to be a shrinking violet with Jupiter opening up opportunities for you when it comes to career and reputation. Higher-ups are looking on you more favorably than ever. While Jupiter's transit will last until next June, in September, your personality is shining - more noticeable than usual, and projecting more strength. The Sun is in your sign until the 22nd, and Mercury until the 16th. Mercury is your ruler, but this planet of communication also rules your career, reiterating the theme that it's all about your personality right now. Put forth the very best version of yourself. Watch carefully, however, for drama in your personal life that just doesn't suit you or your current path well at the moment. While you're raring to go and busier than your usual "very busy" state this month, your love life may be complicated and less outwardly rewarding. Love is not exactly on the back burner, but it's complex, private, and at times confusing from the 6th forward. Major shifts in your expectations from, and attitudes toward, romance are on the horizon. Take extra time to sort out your feelings.



This is the last full month in which Saturn is in your sign, dear Libra, that is, until 2039! Ideally, after its nearly 3 year transit, you've learned to be more self-reliant, mindful, and mature, and your expectations have become more realistic. Nevertheless, you're likely to feel considerably lighter and freer as Saturn moves on next month. You're simply a little older and wiser! This month is very much about clearing the decks and putting the past behind you, but not before you reflect on the inner changes that have been made in the past year or so. The Sun enters your sign on the 22nd, launching a power month in which you are more explicitly in control of your destiny. The phrase "character is destiny" applies well at this time. Until then, work on ridding yourself of excess baggage. Pruning and clearing efforts now will increase clarity and focus. Dates to watch for are the 19-20 and the 26-30. From the 28-29, you can find yourself in high demand. Relationship dramas are quite possible. A Full Moon in your opposing sign (Aries) is usually dramatic on its own, but this one is highlighting the Uranus-Pluto square which is in direct competition with your sign. Surprising events can occur now, all designed to promote making big changes.



Mars in your sign all month supplies you with plenty of energy and motivation, dear Scorpio - sometimes running a little overboard, but harnessed well, you can accomplish much. Work may be more available to you, for those looking. Personal magnetism is high with both Mars (all month) and Venus (from the 6th) angular in your solar chart. Again, this extra presence can be a little problematic, particularly the 26-27, but you can actively work to turn it to your advantage. You can be especially charming on the job. Your ruler, Pluto, is stationing this month, and this can certainly add intensity to the mix. Ultimately, you'll find that as it moves forward after the 18th, you'll have a good sense that your personal plans, and particularly learning endeavors, projects, and interests, move forward as well. Pushing yourself beyond your limits can lead to a variety of health complaints, so do your best to learn what those limits are. Stress and tension are likely to be most noticeable on the 18-19 and 28-30. The last two days of the month can involve work conflicts. Avoid pushing and strong-arming as much as possible. Patience may be on the short side in September! Love is easier to attract while pursuing business goals. Intimacy for partnered Scorpios can be richer and more fertile than usual.



September is a stronger month for taking charge of your career, recognition, and accomplishment, dear Sagittarius. While your responsibilities tend to increase at this time of year, this time around you have Mars moving through your privacy sector, and there can be some escapist tendencies. Listen to your body's signals and exhaustion limits. Old angers and current suspicions may be aroused this month, and you may be dealing with some disappointments about how things have played out. You may very well be correct on some points, but you are unlikely to take solid action until the second week of October. This is a time for processing and absorbing, and possibly letting go. Your love life is private and can involve some sacrifice this month. Feelings are complicated, and especially so on the 28-30, when something comes to light that demands your attention. Freedom and control are issues now. With Jupiter in your partnership sector until next June, doors are opening for happier relationships. Consider reorganizing your finances this month, as changes in spending, saving, and budgeting are necessary. Also watch for a tendency to take risks with your money, and this does include lending.



Your desire for adventure, new experiences, and thirst for knowledge are stimulated this month, dear Capricorn. Towards the end of September, you'll be buckling down, but until then, while work and home life do need attention, ideally you'll be feeding your need for non-routine experiences. Nevertheless, pressures this month are building. With Pluto in your sign stationing this month and under pressure, circumstances are such that you are pushed towards learning more self-control and self-mastery skills. Letting go of an attitude or situation that has been driving you to act in ways you don't truly feel comfortable with may be difficult, but ultimately will bring a strong sense of relief and will build up your own inner strength. If you don't make necessary changes, you might attract more pressure from people and outside circumstances to do so, possibly in ways that make you feel helpless instead of empowered. Intimacy strengthens in existing relationships from the 6th. Be as present as possible, even if your social and professional lives tend to demand your attention. Your ruling planet, Saturn, is on the verge of changing signs after an almost 3 year stay in the sign of Libra. This will put Saturn and Pluto, two big planets in your life, in mutual reception. This combination can be powerful indeed, particularly when it comes to new ideas and directions. For now, clear the decks, take stock of the general direction you'd like to steer, and let go of the attitudes that keep you locked to the past.



This is one of the better months of the year for love relationships, dear Aquarius, particularly around the 12th and 20th. Your manner is especially appealing once charming, compromising, and loving Venus enters your partnership sector from the 6th forward. Jupiter is already bringing good vibes to your life through your romance and play sector. Mars angular can also pull out passion in you, and this can be highly attractive to some. Your ambitions are stimulated and sometimes challenged under this influence. You can be motivated to prove your worth, to advance, and to accomplish, or perhaps instead to go your own way and assert your independence in the professional world. It's a time for taking the initiative, but draw on the charms of Venus and your stellar negotiation skills at the right moments so that you don't push people away from you. There can be equally strong desires to hold on to information and to give it out freely, particularly around the 18-20. For some of you, secrets or elements of the past can be revealed. Certainly, there's an increased desire to express yourself in some way - finding the best channel may be difficult but ultimately helpful. Avoid paranoia, but do take extra measures to keep those things you'd prefer to be private tucked away safely.



Close relationships make headlines for you in September, dear Pisces. Communication will be the key. Open up the airwaves, allow a partner to have a say, and listen as much as possible. The 15-16 brings a chance to start fresh, either with someone new or with a current partner. This is the time for focusing on the present and the future, not the past. Energy levels should be good, and you should be able to draw upon your fair share of motivation. A course or travel plans might be especially attractive now. Money might come from an unexpected source, but you have to think outside of the box, and outside of your neighborhood or routine. Try to detach yourself from tension that may be experienced in group situations or with acquaintances this month, as there can be so much more than meets the eye in these areas of life. Money and business worries or changes can lead to some stress as well, particularly from the 18-20 and 28-29. You might share some grievances about how someone else is handling your money or whether you're being shown the respect you deserve. Perhaps a friend or associate is somehow in a position to affect your own earning power, is trying to pull you down a road you don't want to take, or you are desirous of more financial freedom.


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