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Transits: Venus Retrograde


Transits In Astrology: Retrogrades

On this Page:

  • The significance of Venus Retrograde.
  • Venus Stations Retrograde and Direct transits through the houses of the natal chart.
  • Venus Retrograde transits in conjunction to natal planets.



"Mercury Retrograde" has certainly become a buzzword - or buzz phrase - these days. The Venus Retrograde cycle is lesser known, and it occurs less frequently than Mercury Retrograde, but it is a significant time nevertheless.

What is Venus Retrograde? Occasionally, Venus appears to be moving backwards in the sky. "Appears" is the key word here, because, technically speaking, no planet actually moves backwards in their orbits around the Sun. In fact, they don't even slow down. Retrograde-station-direct cycles are essentially illusions that result from our point of view from Earth, simply because the Earth is also orbiting the Sun at a different speed than the other planets. Venus is Retrograde approximately 40-43 days every 18 months.

As the planet of love and values, Venus retrograde periods are times when we re-assess what--and who--we value. It is a period that most astrologers consider inopportune for getting married or starting a new relationship. Financial undertakings are not advised during this period as well.

When Venus is retrograde in the natal chart itself, the feeling nature is deep. Socializing is taken seriously--rarely lightly. The individuals can be somewhat shy in youth, as there can be an awkwardness felt concerning small talk and social graces.

The Karmic Insight report has this to say about Venus Retrograde in the natal chart: "You have had a prior lifetime or lifetimes in which your love was unrequited or lost or somehow denied expression and fulfillment due to circumstances, and this both intensifies and complicates your personal affections in the present. You may feel there is "never enough" which can lead to greediness for friends or lovers, or even for money or food. On the other hand, you may withhold affection, be unable to attract true affection, or withhold commitment in love due to the shame or hurt you had. A new feeling toward love and relationship can evolve as you learn to trust yourself and let intimacy into your life."



Venus Retrograde periods:

December 21, 2013 to January 31, 2014
13° to 29° Capricorn

July 25 to September 6, 2015
14° Leo to 1° Virgo


***Read more about the current Venus Retrograde cycle here.


Venus Stations Retrograde and Direct - Transits to the Houses

What house(s) in your natal chart is Venus transiting when it is Stationing? Note the degree at which Venus turns Retrograde and find where that degree is found, by house, in your natal chart, then read the interpretation for Venus Stationary Retrograde below. Then note the degree at which Venus then turns Direct and find that point in your natal chart (it's likely to be in the same house or an adjacent one), and read the interpretation for Venus Stationary Direct below. These interpretations (source: Day Watch Report Package) indicate the areas of life affected by Venus's stations.

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 1st House
You are moving into a period when you may spend some time rethinking what you want to get out of the way you present yourself. As you see indicators that you are not maximizing your personal image, you have the opportunity to prune, trim, reshape, or even redesign the way you appear both physically and personality-wise. There could be a new you in the making, or just a more refined and efficient version of what went before. Under any circumstances, give yourself a second look so you can decide if you appear to be living up to your maximum potential. Appearances can be everything, and keeping them up can be a personal statement of your inner value.

Venus Stationary Direct in 1st House
Over the past few weeks, you may have developed a bit clearer vision of how you would like to present yourself and how you want to benefit from the way people see you. As you fine-tune your image, you will also be impacting your ability to earn and benefit from the way you are viewed and judged by others (for the better). What you rearrange on the outside is just a reflection of what's going on inside, however, and the more consistent one is with the other, the easier you will be able get what you want, when you want it.

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 2nd House
You are entering a period when you may realize that you are not getting enough of what you want from your physical and financial resources. At least, you may feel that way, even if it's not entirely true, so you should take some time to sort out actually overlooked possibilities from simple discontent. What do you really want, and does what you possess really promise to deliver it? It may be partially that someone (or something) is putting up temporary resistance, or you may just be up for a change of attitude. Separating what you have and want from who you are and want to become may be the most important issue addressed.

Venus Stationary Direct in 2nd House
Sorting out your resources and prioritizing what you have in hand may have required some shifting over the past few weeks, but you'll find that plans can begin to firm up as you decide what you want to heat up and what should be put on the back burner. Possibilities that pay off short-term should be optimized first, but do not entirely round file potential moneymakers that take longer to mature. Knowing what you really want and who you want to deal with is the determinant -- indecision leads to undoing, so when you step forward, step with confidence and commitment. Indicate and you will vindicate.

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 3rd House
For a period you may find yourself wondering if the people you're involved with on an everyday basis are worth all the trouble, and you may consider doing a little pruning of timewasters and social situations that give less satisfaction than they promise. In fact, you may discover that less is more in terms of your social appetite and a breath of peaceful fresh air beats the excitement of a crowded venue. The issue is an internal one, and giving up at this point may actually result in getting more down the line as you resolve your priorities. In fact, in the end, you may find you save money in the process....

Venus Stationary Direct in 3rd House
You may have found some difficulty lately getting what you want across to others, making your desires and wishes known in ways that are not misunderstood. A period of clarification is now underway, during which you can clear things up and get what you need from the immediate surroundings without having to repeat yourself so much. Partially, that's due to general happenstance, but equally important is putting your own thoughts in order and being sure of what you want, so you can ask for it clearly and effectively. When you are coming from a solid place inside, your follow-through will take care of itself.

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 4th House
During this period, what you want to hold on to and what you want to let go can be a recurrent issue. Not so much in the outer world, but rather the inner. The set of circumstances that really makes you feel at home and well supported emotionally and spiritually ask to be defined or, rather, redefined. Are you where you would like to be? Are your values abiding or shifting? What is your personal bottom line? As you address these questions, you may find yourself redefined and more secure from within and therefore better able to go after goals on the outside, especially in you interaction with others.

Venus Stationary Direct in 4th House
Core values may have been at issue recently, with the need to take a second look at what is really meaningful to you and what is passing fancy. Such changes are now likely to solidify and give you a better sense of personal objectives and what your inner bottom line goals should be. Dispense with that which does not feed the soul but only gives temporary amusement. Quality, not quantity, should be the watchword -- follow your heart, not just your appetite, and you'll find that you will be well-filled. And don't forget that when you give, you get, so an open and generous hand now means instant good karma.

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 5th House
This may be a period in which you choose to refocus your creative impulse and redefine what truly satisfies, as opposed to what merely amuses. The appetite for joy can immerse you in flowing river, when you discover you only had your toes in the water before. When the muse ceases to inspire, be ready to try for another, either personally or artistically, so you begin to feel properly plugged in again. Who you want to play with and what you want to play at are particular reflections of who you are and who you want to be -- as you resolve one, the other comes into plainer view and the way is clear.

Venus Stationary Direct in 5th House
Stirred and circling creative urges start to take more concrete shape now, and it's time to select those projects that have real sex appeal and drop the humdrum. Conflicting desires begin to show signs of harmony, and spontaneity becomes its own reward. The essence of choosing is the sureness of your choice, and confidence in your decisions will now begin to pick up the pace. This actually impacts on your wellness, and the better you feel, the better you are -- and the more you will accomplish as a result. Take a deep breath of desire, and you'll find it satisfies.

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 6th House
The everyday care of the smaller necessities in life are highlighted during this period. First, you may feel you are not getting your daily due and proper attention -- but then you may discover it is because you haven't really asked for what you truly want. Learning new and more satisfying ways to address your personal habits and those of others will refresh once you take a closer look. This can mean taking better care of yourself, eating what truly satisfies, and turning the necessities of the daily grind into the opportunities of ever-evolving accomplishment. Life is one thing at a time, each well done.

Venus Stationary Direct in 6th House
Knowing what you want to get out of your daily routine is essential to making it work for you and not you work for it. That may have been something of an issue of late, but clearing things up is the order of the day now, so go ahead and prioritize. Setting clear goals makes the details of achieving them that much easier, so the more specific you can be, the better. By clearing your decks, you open up your path, so don't be afraid to dispense with time-wasters and overstated tasks. By sticking to just what is necessary, you lighten your own responsibilities and enable partnering to expand your horizons.

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 7th House
At this kind of period, the usual joys of partnership may appear to have become a bit tarnished, so it's probably time to get out the polishing cloth. In some ways you may be asking not for more than what you want, but what you don't want at all, and that cannot satisfy. If you depend on habit, relations cloy, for it is only what you know you want right now that ultimately fits the bill. So be willing to spend some time winnowing your relationships, keeping what really works and letting the rest pass. When clearly stated desires are again being addressed from both sides, that's when life begins again.

Venus Stationary Direct in 7th House
If you're not sure of what you want out of someone, it can be hard to get it, an ordinarily easy give-and-take lately may have become more like push-and-pull. First, refigure out what it is you want to ask of a partner, then put it out clearly so there are no mistakes. That means as much knowing what you aren't asking for as what you are. Imagined or illusory expectations can make a muddle of things, but as you focus on your real desires, the small stuff starts to fade into the background, allowing real dialogue to begin. When you know what to ask for, others become the resources you would like them to be.

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 8th House
During this period, you may feel a sense that there is something you forgot, something missing that used to make you happy and has somehow been left behind. That often happens when you move on to the latest promises and developments and inadvertently leave the reasons we used to have fun in cold storage. It may be time to trade some of the new in for the old, to revisit what worked before as well as what might be the wave of the future. There are some things money can't buy (or, you forgot you already bought it), so don't spend unnecessarily when you can fall in love again with what you already have.

Venus Stationary Direct in 8th House
Ask and you shall receive, but you've got to know what to ask for and who to ask, both of which may have been the subject of some confusion of late. After feeling around for the answers, resolution now becomes more accessible and the resources available for you to draw upon become a bit more clear. The key may be to focus on one thing at a time and not to scatter your shots and waste your powder. Pick a target and go after it until it yields up what you want. Besiege the objects of your desire until they surrender to your resolve. A
broadening of your vision will result from drawing intensely on your surroundings.

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 9th House
Big plans and ideal notions may seem to satisfy less during this period, or may seem less affordable. Satisfying a large appetite can tire you more than trimming back and tasting only what truly satisfies. You may find that what you really want and believe in is getting dragged down by what you used to care about but which no longer carries its weight. If you want it, go for it, but if not, let it go without regret. Enthusiasm requires focus, and this is a good time to regain yours. When you think you're being denied, it may be that you're actually sated. Time to tune up those taste buds in every sense of the phrase.

Venus Stationary Direct in 9th House
Portraying your overarching vision to others may have been hampered of late by uncertainties about just what that vision is. Once you have reconsidered where you'd really like to go, it's time to pick up speed and cut a broad swathe through life. You can pick up momentum by cutting away distractions and making a firm thrust in the direction of your choice. Knowing what you want involves knowing what you don't, but you needn't be too specific to begin with. You can iron out the details later, now is the time to point and go. Decide which way you future lies, then release the brakes.

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 10th House
What you would like others to think about you can become a focus in this period. What is your reputation worth -- and, in fact, what is your reputation, anyway? The surest way to attain success is to define it well to begin with -- you can't get what you want if you don't know what it is. You may discover that what you are worried about not attaining is actually not what you want to attain in the first place, clearing the decks for real personal success. In the end, willingly redefining goals and clarifying expectations can make this a time that will both bring forth fruit and plant the seeds for another crop.

Venus Stationary Direct in 10th House
Establishing yourself in others' eyes means making decisions about what it is you want said about you. If you're mixed up about that, then that will be your image. So after a recent period of uncertainty and changing choices, now is the time to start making your selections and letting them be known abroad. Rewrite your personal résumé -- whether for employment or just life itself -- to reflect not only who you are and what you have done, but where you're going and what you want out of life. Put the words into others' mouths before they do it for themselves, and you'll find yourself self-tailored for success.

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 11th House
Taking things (and people) for granted can be an easy slip-up during this period. Longstanding friends and situations should not be allowed to become simply a backdrop, but rather reinvigorated, separating the wheat from the chaff. That also means not allowing yourself to become backstage to others who may have forgotten your importance, so it may be a good time to sort things out. Problems most likely come from individuals (yourself included) thinking more about personal ends than personal friends. It's time to get personal again and play it like you mean it -- a sure recipe for heart and hand alike.

Venus Stationary Direct in 11th House
Knowing who your friends are is essential to that feeling of warmth and support that keep the life fires stoked. There may have been some shifting lately in this respect -- not so much from without, but from within. Who do you want to be really close, and who just a good acquaintance? Sorting out who's company and who's a crowd can be well-tended to right now, based on coming to grip with your real inner feelings. Sort out the emotional wheat from the chaff, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Don't take for granted options you may want to return to later, but treat them with respect.

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 12th House
At this period, it may be somewhat difficult to put a finger on exactly what/whom it is you want to get your hands on. The urgency of desire does not yield enough specifics, leaving you wondering what's going on. Final decisions are best not made, especially ones about how you feel, as there may be good things for you assembling in the wings that you don't know about and which you don't want to cut yourself off from. Time is not of the essence, even if it seems like it, and some retrospection on who and what has served you well in the past will serve you well now. Feel yourself out before you tie yourself up.

Venus Stationary Direct in 12th House
A period of being rather afloat in your desires is beginning to pass. You can't always get what you want -- but you generally have to know what you want in order to give it your best shot. Right now, however, you may find that the best decision is no decision at all. Leaving things alone to grow or to be handled by circumstance may be preferable to what might otherwise be uneducated guesses. It may be better to commune with yourself for a while and decide later. It can be better to be motionless and still, so you can feel the wind changing, than to row in the wrong direction.


Venus Retrograde Transiting in Conjunction to Natal Planets

During any given Venus Retrograde period, Venus may transit conjunct a natal planet or point (or more than one sensitive point in your chart). The interpretations below (source: Day Watch software) show what happens when Venus transits conjunct a natal planet or point while in Retrograde motion, and then returns to "revisit" the conjunction after turning Direct.

Venus Conjunct Sun (Retrograde)
Venus making a turnaround on your Sun introduces you to a few weeks of reevaluation about just how you want your personal sun to shine and upon whom. You may find you have been giving more than you've been getting -- or should get, in some areas -- this would be a good time to pull back a little and have a look. Perhaps you should wait until results are in before going that extra mile in hopes of greater reward. Don't give it away free unless you know it's from your heart, and then don't ask for payback. If you can't afford it, don't do it, wait until you can.

Venus Conjunct Sun (Direct After Retrograde)
Venus returning to forward motion on your Sun favors flashing some raw personality and being totally up front about what you want. Where there may have been confusion and uncertainty before about your aims, set your sights on your chosen desire and go for the gold. Don't be afraid to make the first move and swing your lasso as you close in on your quarry -- before you know it, you'll have your heart's desire trussed and safely inside your corral. The time for riding herd and waiting is over -- cut and brand your choice grade A, then sit back and enjoy it.

Venus Conjunct Moon (Retrograde)
Venus on pause as it touches your Moon may give you pause to reconsider how much your desires draw you into relationships, and how you can get more out of it. An open hand means an open heart, but glad handers can put a crimp in the joy of giving and being close. Take a look at who has the privilege of enjoying your company and make sure it's a two-way stretch. It's a period for emotional insight and selection, to separate true joy from simple fun, a time to learn to treasure what you really want and dispense with what gets in the way. Turn to the true, savor the sweet, know how to truly identify both.

Venus Conjunct Moon (Direct After Retrograde)
Venus making its turn on your Moon adds breadth to the palette of your emotions and you can open up a range of subtle pleasures that might have been eluding you before. Feel free to respond just as you feel and don't hold back waiting for something better to come along. Loosen ties of inhibition and release inner tensions that might have held you back from admitting what it is you really want. You can't get what you don't admit to, so honesty is the best policy and will also have the effect of getting you out of situations you'd just as soon avoid.

Venus Conjunct Mercury (Retrograde)
Venus backing off your Mercury can mean a change of heart, a change of mind, and a change of goals over the next few weeks. What had strong appeal before may shift and shift again, so don't tie yourself down to a deal or a price -- personally or financially -- until you've got all the information. Redesigning for beauty and pleasure should be the order of the day, and you've got time to try the options, so taste whatever and whomever you can until you've got just the right mix. Don't feel pressured to make a decision, but savor the moments and make the most of them.

Venus Conjunct Mercury (Direct After Retrograde)
Venus getting back into gear on your Mercury can put matters of taste and choice into the foreground and clear out the cobwebs of your mind where your discerning eye roams. Ways to make life more beautiful simply by rearranging things to suit your real needs can make you realize that simple acquisition is not always the pillar of pleasure it sometimes seems. A good word, a pleasing thought, and a thoughtful deed all reflect the beauty that is already within you and without you. The ability to put away what cloys and replace it with the fresh flowers of your invention dominates your canvas.

Venus Conjunct Venus (Retrograde)
Venus making a turnaround on your natal Venus is a rare event and a unique time to take some careful reconsiderations about what it is you really want out of life and what you'd like to do with it. All that glitters is not gold, and the next few weeks can provide you with special insight to separate the costume jewelry of life from the carats that really count. The opportunity is here for an emotional housecleaning followed by a new start that will pull together what you really value and establish better ways to go about getting it. Choose wisely, then sparkle plenty.

Venus Conjunct Venus (Direct After Retrograde)
This second glance of Venus to your own natal Venus marks the year's renewal of your goals and inner desires and paints a pattern of the year to come concerning what/who you really want and what you can reasonably get. It's a time for flowering reflection on how to reconcile wishes and requirements in a way that will make both beautiful blossoms and a bountiful crop. Part of that is revitalization of your own beauty and desirability -- like attracts like, and the better you look the better you'll get, both inside and out. Once you know you where you're going, you're halfway there.

Venus Conjunct Mars (Retrograde)
Venus making a temporary pullback on your Mars will provide you with a period of some weeks to reconsider just what you want to focus your energies on. What really turns on your enthusiasm enough to put out for it? And, just as important, what no longer does? Making these kinds of decisions now will pay off in a leaner, more motivated you down the road -- and you might as well do it with a will, as you'll probably have to, anyway. You'll find yourself evermore able to find that crossroad of opportunity and desire that both boots your metabolism and fans the flames of your heart.

Venus Conjunct Mars (Direct After Retrograde)
Venus doing its spin on your Mars can provide the perfect opportunity to take action and grasp what had previously been out of reach. Where you might have been experiencing changes of desire and uncertainty of choice, you can now launch yourself into the chase and bring down your quarry with glee. Don't look only to your ends, but to your means, for there's a revived joy in the chase that makes each moment rejuvenating and energizes whether you achieve instant success or not. The satisfaction comes in playing the game and knowing you're fully up to it.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter (Retrograde)
As Venus stops in her tracks on your Jupiter, this is the perfect time to step back and take a closer look at your appetites and whether they satisfy the way they should. Does more satisfy you less? Are you barking up the wrong tree part of the time, when you could be getting more bang for your bucks? Are you biting off more than you can chew? All these questions and more like them are likely to come up, giving you the opportunity to trim the fat while discovering new ways to light your fire. Feel free to think big, just don't feel pressured to go for more than you want, or for what you no longer want at all.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter (Direct After Retrograde)
After a period of some uncertainty of realistic goals and directions, Venus turning forward on your Jupiter means forward can be the name of the game for a while. Once you have figured out what it is you didn't really want, it's time to take a really big bite out of what you do. A large appetite is favored and you won't be greedy to take as much as you want, as long as you don't waste it. Life can be feast or famine, but right now table up to the feast and enjoy the fruits of your imagination, the creative design and insight that got you here in the first place.

Venus Conjunct Saturn (Retrograde)
As Venus takes a backward jump right on your Saturn, you may have a few weeks to consider what barriers you have adopted, perhaps without realizing it, and what restrictions you have taken to heart that may not be keepers. It is one thing to accept a situation you cannot change, but quite another to choose between options. The same goes for the shoulder you lean on. Do not trade freedom for what you would like to have in your pocket if it's not necessary to do so. For the next several weeks you have the window of opportunity to sort all this out, so don't miss the chance!

Venus Conjunct Saturn (Direct After Retrograde)
Venus hiking back on your Saturn can allow you to tap resources you didn't know you had and particularly learn to make use of and take joy from opportunities you might have overlooked or thought insufficient to be of real use. The joy of efficiency, a tightly run ship, and the elegance of simple form regain appeal as a result of the disappointments of previous waste and surfeit. It's not just what you have, it's how you use it that engenders beauty and personal satisfaction. Less may not always be more, but less to tie you down and trip over returns the spring to the elastic step and strength to the resilient frame.

Venus Conjunct Uranus (Retrograde)
As Venus suddenly backs off from your natal Uranus, you have the chance to rethink how far out you want to go with your taste, your desires, and your relationships. Now is the time to sort out the original directions that will come to satisfy you from the quirks of taste that will pass and perhaps burden you with residue. The difference between a unique approach and a lapse in taste can become especially clear, and you should spend some time figuring out which is which before proceeding onward. Remember, you'll look back with either pride or embarrassment, so choose wisely.

Venus Conjunct Uranus (Direct After Retrograde)
Venus tripping again forward over your Uranus can bring new and unusual fruits to your garden of delights, if you're ready to take a chance and stray off the beaten path. Give in to sudden urges, explore new feelings, or dive into a new look that's more cutting edge and self-inventing. Meat and potatoes have come to be more than a bore of late, and exotic pleasures are only a wish fulfillment away -- make the wish, fill up. Involve all the senses, broaden your palette, bring beauty to the fringe, and don't recoil from surprise but embrace it. It's all yours to take, if you ask and then listen.

Venus Conjunct Neptune (Retrograde)
Venus turning her face on your Neptune for a brief moment right now can give you the chance to reevaluate visions that might not be pulling their weight in terms of results and could use a little adjustment. Fantasy and desire can be a mix that departs from real possibilities, and it's good to stand back and get a grip on what can and cannot be before you sacrifice real futures for pipe dreams. Wanting can lead to getting, but there's no guarantee, so select the desires with the most weight and drop the ones that only weight you down. Dreams come true when you attend them well, now's the time to catch up.

Venus Conjunct Neptune (Direct After Retrograde)
Venus taking off from your Neptune is the stuff dreams are made of, and what may have been iffy or poorly conceived quite recently now appears to have substance and real possibilities. This may particularly apply to shared visions and mutual ideals that require participation and a joint effort to achieve mutual goals. Too much glare can spoil the picture, so keep the lights low and let the imagination roam without tripping each other up on the details. You're not looking to reproduce the exact same dream, only to dream together. The essence of fantasy is to rise above reality, not to drown in it.

Venus Conjunct Pluto (Retrograde)
Who controls what you want? Do you? Sometimes it's hard to say, especially when you feel in competition with others for what you might be choosing on your own. Venus backing off your Pluto (it's happening to all your age mates) should make you realize that there's no real competition for what you really want, although keeping up with the neighbors could pull the wool over your eyes. When you back off initial confrontations, you may find that there's no real issue and, in fact, only common ground. Take the time to spell it out so everyone feels comfortable and on the same page.

Venus Conjunct Pluto (Direct After Retrograde)
Venus kicking off from your Pluto pushes must-have issues to the fore and you may find yourself at loggerheads with others who want what you want and may not want to share. Remember only that compulsive needs fulfilled seldom satisfy for long, so if you're feeling driven, keep one foot on the brakes. Fighting for fleeting fantasy, however urgent, is probably not worth the effort, and the most powerful will is the one that can keep still, so don't feel you have to prove yourself. Let others drain themselves in the fray, while you shoot for bigger game and longer-term satisfaction.

Venus Conjunct Ascendant (Retrograde)
Just as you were looking so good -- or thought you were -- Venus backs off your Ascendant and you find there's some real room for touchups. Actually, you realized that you were shooting for something you didn't really want to begin with, so resize your image and try again. You will probably find over the next few weeks that maintenance you thought was essential is optional and you only need to do enough to live up to your own internal positive image. Relearn how to love yourself and what you see in the mirror, and the world will follow. You can only project what you feel, and let the rest follow.

Venus Conjunct Ascendant (Direct After Retrograde)
After a time of some uncertainty and perhaps self-doubt, Venus pushing into forward motion right on your Ascendant makes you look and feel particularly desirable right now. Touch up changes have made your image sparkle and now is the time to cash in on your efforts. You'll get what you want by personal appearance and not by proxy, so show up if you want to impress and collect. Act like you deserve it all, and you'll get it without argument -- but do it with grace so the less fortunate don't hold it against you. Don't act full of yourself, just be full of yourself -- you're worth it.

Venus Conjunct Midheaven (Retrograde)
If you thought you had your rep sewed up, break out the sewing machine. Venus in a fallback on your MC means there are some frayed edges in what you'd like the world to know about you that had best be patched up. It's not so much repair as reformation, as maybe you weren't going for what you really wanted to begin with and you need to reshape your reputation in the image of your newly formed desires. Tune into the pipeline where stories about you are concerned and edit the storytellers. If you know what you want said, you can write the book -- now's the time to spend the time.

Venus Conjunct Midheaven (Direct After Retrograde)
Venus shoving off into its new path right on your Midheaven is a bounteous gift to your reputation and career efforts, and the good things you hoped would be said about you actually start to circulate. However, don't waste time basking in the limelight, but get in there and make hay while this sun shines -- as this, too, will pass. Now is the time to trade on your elevated status -- the chance to rise up into the higher atmosphere in the coming months. Listen carefully to others, however, to be sure that you are indeed fulfilling their expectations.

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