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Transits of the Moon


Transits of the Moon: Predictive Astrology - Techniques for Predicting the Future

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  • Overview: Transits of the Moon
  • Transits of the Moon to Natal Planets and Points
  • Transits of the Moon to Natal Houses


Because the Moon moves around the zodiac so quickly (completing a cycle in approximately 28 days), transits of the Moon are truly "transitory". They are brief in duration and not as meaningful and significant as outer planet transits. However, they are quite important when electing a date for a special event.


Moon Transits to Natal Planets & Points

Moon conjunct Sun
Your personal New Moon is a time of new beginnings. Your needs are aligned with your wants right now, and it's an opportune time to make a few resolutions. Things seem to play in your style, so you don't have to stress or strain. The inner harmony you experience now is reflected in your outer experience and contributes to your personal success. You could experience some change or undergo inner changes that stimulate a new undertaking, relationship, or attitude change. You act with more confidence than usual. Without even trying, you are likely to draw attention to yourself or to receive support. This is an ideal time to establish inner peace and balance.

Moon sextile Sun
This transit offers you increased clarity derived from a feeling that what you want and what you need are in harmony. You are more willing to cooperate, and you naturally attract support from others and/or positive experiences that contribute to your success. Your gut instincts tend to serve you well now, as they are not undermined by fears or insecurities. Your intentions and actions harmonize, which improves your relationships with others and with your own body and spirit. This is a good time to heal, to clear your mind, and to "stop to smell the roses". You could experience an improvement in your family affairs or domestic circumstances, as well as your business pursuits.

Moon square Sun
You may become aware of a conflict between what you want and what you need. Even if you are not aware of this inner imbalance, it could cause some tensions or feelings of being unsupported by others or by circumstances in your life. This can cause you to be provocative with others, or it can spur you into finding answers to problems--the choice is yours! You may feel slightly out of step or out of synch, which could make you edgy. There could be a noticeable discrepancy between the demands of your personal life and what is expected of you at work. Minor problems in relationships are more likely during this transit. Arriving at decisions is harder now because you feel torn between choices. If this transit occurs during the night, you could have a restless sleep. Examining bad dreams can help you understand what is bothering you. Use the dynamic energy of this transit to identify problems in order to find solutions to them, instead of harping on what is going wrong in your life or taking it out on others.

Moon trine Sun
It's easy to put your best face forward and to cooperate with others because you are not conflicted on the inside. What you do and what you feel are in harmony, and you benefit from this clarity. The harmony that you feel between your body and spirit allows you to act more holistically and purposefully. As well, decision-making is improved. If this transit occurs during the night, you sleep better. You are expressing yourself more genuinely, and you are received well as a result.

Moon opposition Sun
Decision-making can be challenging right now, as there is a basic conflict between your instincts and what you feel you should do. Inner imbalance between your body and your spirit can wreak a little havoc on your personal relationships. You may become aware of a conflict between the demands of your personal life and your professional life. It is harder to get support from others due to your own inner struggle. Try to avoid over-reacting, as it will get you nowhere fast. Use this dynamic energy to identify areas of your life that are not serving your greater purpose, and then work towards finding solutions.

Moon conjunct Moon
This transit marks the start of your personal lunar month. You are emotionally charged now. You should be aware that your current state of mind can, in an indirect way, determine much about how you will be feeling in the month ahead. As such, make it as positive as you can. Honor your feelings, reach into your well, and pull out the feelings that support your larger goals. Familiarity, a sense of belonging, and emotional connections fuel your spirit now more than usual. You are more sensitive and responsive than you are typically. Relationships with significant women in your life may be especially prominent now.

Moon sextile Moon
It is easier for you to get in touch with your feelings and to recognize your inner resources now. A feeling of contentment and satisfaction can lead to inertia, or it can create opportunities for you to express yourself to others - the choice is yours. You are unlikely to break the routine for the time being, as a feeling of familiarity is a deep need. This is a good time for all things domestic--for bridging emotional gaps with family members, and for tending to domestic affairs with general success.

Moon square Moon
Minor forced changes to your routine or habits may upset you now. Friends and associates may burden you, and indecision keeps you from making good financial or business decisions. This can indicate a a brief period when you are not as popular as you normally are. Temperamentality is your worst enemy for the time being. You may be feeling stressed or unsupported, which can negatively influence your health. Feeling emotionally at odds with others will pass soon enough. For now, avoid taking little upsets to heart. It's probably best to avoid new initiatives on the domestic front as well as business changes.

Moon trine Moon
Your emotions are stable with this influence. Feelings of contentment and a generally good mood help you to deal with changes effortlessly. You are more receptive and are more able to rely on your instincts. Spontaneity is the key to success right now. New friends could be made. Occasionally, this influence brings you before the public in some manner. This can be a time of heightened yet manageable emotions. Family and financial affairs should run smoothly. Your personal popularity peaks. This is a good time for making business decisions, investing, and property deals, all things equal.

Moon opposition Moon
Emotional desire is strong, but could very well conflict with the demands of your personal life. Decisions made now, if you can come to any conclusions at all, may not be sound. Feeling emotionally out of step with others may get the better of your spirits for the time being. Your reactions are presently strongly emotional, and it is easy for events or for people to trigger resentments or buried emotions. You may take a trip down memory lane, but it might not be the most pleasant of journeys! Let the strong emotions pass rather than harp on them. Hold off on making business decisions or embarking on new projects on the domestic front.

Moon conjunct Mercury
Imagination is brought to your communications and your mental pursuits, and your ideas and thoughts flow smoothly. You are more inclined towards personal communications, social discourse, and sharing. As well, you may easily get caught up in reminisce. Conversations or thoughts about the past are featured now. Your mind is more receptive and alert than usual, and you may find yourself especially busy and curious, but perhaps too scattered to concentrate for very long on any particular subject. Your memory is particularly sharp. Connections could be made or enhanced with younger people. You express your feelings in an honest way, and you are likely to be preoccupied with personal matters. Seeking advice could be a theme now, whether you are the one looking for it, or others are turning to you for answers.

Moon sextile Mercury
This influence brings imagination to your mental pursuits. In business terms, it's a strong influence for negotiation, trading, and communications. A positive connection to a younger person may be made now, whether it's a new connection or simply a boost to an existing relationship. You are at your most persuasive. With your heart and head cooperating with each other, you're in the position to make wonderful connections. Conversations are warm and heart-to-hearts could be on the agenda; and common interests with your loved ones are the most likely topic. This is an especially favorable transit for public speaking and presenting your ideas with flair.

Moon square Mercury
Don't sweat the small stuff.
What feels right clashes with logic right now. What you say may be a misrepresentation of your true feelings and emotions. Car and other transportation troubles, as well as computer glitches, miscommunications, and dealing with red tape, are more likely now than usual. You could encounter delays in business, and there might be some minor troubles with younger people or siblings. It takes extra effort for you to understand others, or they to understand you. You're less likely to be objective and prone to changing your mind frequently, so it would be better to postpone important decision-making. Although you are in the mood to talk about personal matters, you could be communicating with an air of defensiveness. Avoid getting stressed out over the little things.

Moon trine Mercury
Your head and your heart agree with one another now, so take advantage and open up the lines of communication with others. You are in a more sociable frame of mind. It's easier than usual to flaunt your talents without even trying, and articulating your feelings without upsetting anyone comes easily. This is an excellent transit for taking tests, studying, writing, promoting, advertising, and public speaking. Your mind is especially alert and perceptive, and your memory retentive. Capture your ideas on paper so that you can use them to improve your personal affairs and business at a later date. If you need to, schedule negotiations, trades, and other communications now. Honesty will get you everywhere.

Moon opposition Mercury
Minor disagreements, especially over domestic matters, are more likely than usual now. You may be talkative, but not necessarily saying much! Little disturbances coming from the outside are likely more a reflection of your own nervousness and sensitivity to the emotional "weather" around you. It can be hard to stick to the facts and to remain clear-headed under this influence, so do what you can to avoid scheduling negotiations, test-taking, or contract-signing now. Also, because you are not received as well, public relations initiatives should be postponed. This is a time when things like the car breaking down, missing the bus, lost emails, and other minor mishaps involving getting from point A to point B and communicating effectively occur.

Moon conjunct Venus
You are more approachable during this transit, and you could have the chance to improve your personal relationships. An invitation to a pleasurable event or activity is possible, and sometimes this can mark the start of a new friendship or love affair. This is an affectionate and friendly influence--not wild or exciting, but pleasing and perhaps a little self-indulgent. Your personal popularity moves up a notch. Being pampered and pampering are desires, and anything that brings more beauty and harmony to your life is favored.

Moon sextile Venus
Love and romantic matters are favorable for you now. You might enjoy a happy social event or other pleasurable activity. It's a good influence for beauty treatments, redecorating, and the arts; and favorable for scheduling dates. This transit increases intimacy and improves relationships with others, particularly with women. It's also a favorable time to ask for help from others if you need it. Increased sensitivity and warmth helps endear you to others.

Moon square Venus
You are a little more vulnerable than usual, likely because you don't seem to know what you want for the time being. There could be clashes between your desire for familiarity and your need for pleasure right now. Social upsets are possible, or you may find that you are unable to do something pleasurable even though you would really like to. This sometimes triggers an attraction to someone who is simply not right for you, or minor problems in existing love affairs. On other occasions, this can signal a new love affair or friendship, particularly with a female. Domestic matters could annoy you. Avoid money transactions if you can.

Moon trine Venus
This is a favorable influence for scheduling dates and for love in general. You are somewhat vulnerable, wearing your feelings on your sleeve. This can indicate happy social events, and is fortunate for beauty treatments, pleasurable outings, music, the arts, and holidays or gatherings. It's good for money as well, but you might spend it as quickly as you earn it! You are especially warm and friendly with people you meet, and others sense your sincerity. You are more approachable than usual, and loving feelings influence--and enhance--your sex life. This is a favorable time for decorating your home (or your body!), throwing a party, or simply going out for a coffee with a buddy.

Moon opposition Venus
Interference that prevents you from doing something pleasurable may be in store for you now. For example, you might want to go out but your friends don't want to, or can't, accompany you. Domestic matters might burden you. Minor social upsets or problems with love affairs are possible now. An unusual attraction to someone perhaps unsuitable is possible. There could be minor problems with money, and some hypersensitivity that undermines your good humor or that disrupts cooperation with others.

Moon conjunct Mars
Your emotions intensify and you instinctively desire change and adventure. It would be wise to keep your cool and avoid confrontations. Excessive haste or rash behavior can leave you vulnerable to accidents or injuries, but healthy risk-taking might simply serve to enliven you. This sometimes points to a passionate time, or a new relationship with a man. This is a time when you are likely to feel irritable if you don't have something adventurous, challenging, or physical to do. This is a good time to take a chance, say what you feel, or do something exciting outside of your normal routine. Taking the initiative is appropriate now. You are braver and more decisive. Your instinctive reactions are quick, your sexual appetite is voracious, and you naturally take the lead.

Moon sextile Mars
This influence heightens your feelings, awakens your impulses, and stirs your passions, mostly in a positive way. This is sometimes an indication of connections made with men. As well, passionate liaisons occasionally begin under this transit. You are more in tune with your natural impulses, and less inclined to think things through before taking action. It's an excellent period for taking the initiative. Expressing your feelings comes naturally now, and you make no apologies for doing so! This transit gives you self-confidence and backbone without backlash from others. You are more resourceful and independent, and less demanding of people around you, which tends to earn you respect.

Moon square Mars
This transit fires up your feelings and stirs up your need for action, activity, and challenges. You are more inclined to act on impulse now, and you could be quite temperamental. You may easily fly off the handle or simply jump into a situation without considering the consequences. There could be problems with men. It could also be a rather passionate time, simply because, for the time being, you tend to be ruled by your passions. Doing something rash is quite possible now, but it's not always a bad thing. The dynamic energy of this transit could give you just the right kick in the pants to push you out of a bad situation, for example. Still, it would be wise to use some caution, and don't push yourself too hard. Over-reacting to a situation could tick others off, although you don't much care at this time!

Moon trine Mars
This transit boosts your self-confidence and ability to assert yourself without ruffling the feathers of people around you. Your desire nature and your emotions are cooperating beautifully just now, which increases your resourcefulness and independence. Others allow you to be yourself, and you feel "in sync" with your environment. You can more confidently rely on your instincts now, and you react well to competition. This influence heightens your feelings, awakens your impulses, and stirs your passions, mostly in a positive way. This is sometimes an indication of connections made with men. As well, passionate liaisons sometimes begin under this transit. You're a natural leader under this influence, so it's an opportune time to take the initiative. Do something that breaks the routine or that you've always wanted to do but have been hesitating to do due to shyness or fear. You'll pull it off with finesse now.

Moon opposition Mars
Acting on impulse is what this transit tends to spur you to do. On the negative side, you could be very temperamental and touchy. Used positively, you could possess just the right amount of verve to do something you've never done before. Be aware that you are ruled by your passions now. A new connection with a man, or problems with males, may feature. You could get caught up in a domestic squabble. Although overly hasty or rash actions taken now could rebound on you, some healthy risk-taking could simply help you to break the routine and get you out of a rut. This transit excites your passions, and you are less in control of them than usual.

Moon conjunct Jupiter
Elevated moods.
This is a lucky, expansive, happy, and prosperous period. Some sort of emotional relief is likely, particularly with regards to your personal life. Domestic changes and legal affairs are favored, particularly dealings with property and renovations. It's a good time to write, teach, learn, publish, promote, and take tests. You may enjoy opportunities to do any of these things now. Your personal popularity increases, in direct proportion to your own elevated, positive mood, and some kind of recognition or honor may come your way. It's a better time of the month to buy a lottery ticket. Your desire for pleasure is strong. Occasionally, losses are required in order to see gains. Disagreements with others are rare during this period, generally because you are more likely to take the high road than to resort to pettiness.

Moon sextile Jupiter
This signals an emotionally upbeat period when you enjoy your family, friends, and social life. Legal and real estate matters proceed smoothly. Public relations and general good favor and approval are more likely now. You may stumble upon opportunities to expand your horizons through travel, higher education, or contact with those of a different background than your own. This is a fortunate, albeit brief, period for achievement and recognition in business. This is a favorable influence for learning, teaching, taking exams, publishing, and promotion. Business opportunities may present themselves. Occasionally, a loss is necessary in order to achieve a gain. This sometimes indicates the beginning of a friendship, particularly with someone who expands your mind or your social circle.

Moon square Jupiter
You may be feeling less hopeful or optimistic during this brief transit. On the contrary, you could be feeling over-confident or enthusiastic to the point of over-excitement and potential letdown. The bottom line is that you are not especially realistic due to moodiness. Minor annoyances, such as unexpected bills coming your way or arguments with others over personal philosophies, may be part of the picture. This is not an ideal time for publicity, promotion, or legal matters. You are more sensitive to injustices (or perceived injustices), but you should avoid behavior that is self-righteous or haughty. Don't get your knickers in a knot over simple differences of opinion. Self-indulgence is more likely now. You're not as inclined to consider the consequences of over-eating, over-drinking, or overdoing in general.

Moon trine Jupiter
Positive thinking.
Happy feelings, the desire to "do good" and to honor your inner code, and faithfulness are characteristics of this period. Your positive state of mind can attract others, as well as favorable circumstances, to you. It's a better time of the month to buy a lottery ticket or to engage in reasonable speculation. You are more tuned in to the "big picture" and less inclined to worry over details. Others might find you particularly wise right now, and you are more generous with your time, energy, and money.

Moon opposition Jupiter
Living beyond your means.
You're given to excesses just now, and it can be hard to think of the consequences of overdoing things when you're in such an elevated mood. This is a "borrow from the future" energy. Try not to commit yourself to something that you don't have the resources for. If you can, hold off on publicity or promotion activities. Don't let differences of opinion get the best of you. Otherwise, this is a sociable and mostly pleasurable transit.

Moon conjunct Saturn
Situations that require you to keep a cool head will work out well under this transit. You are not easily swept away by your feelings now, enabling you to effectively tend to business. Authority figures or people who are older than you could figure prominently now. A heightened awareness of your responsibilities, or taking on new responsibilities, characterizes this influence. It's easier for you to buckle down and work, organize, and plan. What you output now will benefit you down the road, as it's likely to be solid and realistic. This is a good time to make plans and lists. Some of us feel lonely or unsupported under the influence of this transit. Others welcome the feeling of self-reliance that comes now. A domestic problem or a burden might drop into your lap now, but you are likely to handle it well.

Moon sextile Saturn
Although there isn't much in the way of instant gratification for the work you do now, you will see real benefits from your efforts down the road. Connections with older people or authority figures can be made and are generally positive now. Because you are not easily swept away by your feelings at this time, you can take advantage by making clear-headed and realistic decisions. You are more reliable than usual, and more willing to go it alone. Others might find you a little distant emotionally, but they also view you as responsible and competent.

Moon square Saturn
You may need to work overtime, or you could feel a pinch with your finances. Some feelings of being blocked are possible now with Saturn, the great teacher, activated and urging you to slow down. There may be problems with older people or authority figures. The rewards for your hard work are unlikely to be obvious right now. Domestic affairs may be a little messy. A feeling of being unsupported, alone, or too independent might grab hold of you for the time being. Expressing your feelings or your need for others is hard to do at the moment. Treat this period as a time when you are learning to rely on yourself.

Moon trine Saturn
New responsibilities may come your way now, or there can be a heightened awareness of existing ones. It's relatively easy to discipline yourself and work hard now. The work you do now will have real benefits down the road, although it may not be immediately obvious. Others would be hard-pressed to sweep you off your feet or sway you from your path right now! Appeals to your emotions won't work as much as appeals to your common sense, logic, and sense of responsibility.

Moon opposition Saturn
Feeling blocked from expressing yourself makes for a less than spontaneous period. Avoid clashes with authority figures or older people--you simply aren't getting the recognition you deserve right now, but this influence will pass soon. Saturn often brings with it some blockage, hardship, or restriction. Your plans may hit a snag or two, or they simply don't materialize as expected. You could feel misunderstood, your efforts could remain unrewarded, or you are not as physically energetic as usual, for example. You could also view situations (or people) with some mistrust for the time being. Because you may temporarily feel down or drained, this period is best used for rest.

Moon conjunct Uranus
Expect the unexpected!
Your desire for change is stimulated now. This is a period when you may act on a whim, or you could encounter something surprising. Nobody can force you to do anything just now--you are only in the mood to do things voluntarily. You are quick-witted, inventive, and your moods may be contradictory. New friendships sometimes form under this transit. You are more spontaneous, ready to embrace the new and untried and to break the routine. Opportunities could seemingly come from out of the blue. You could, for example, have a chance meeting with someone or an experience that is a little loopy. A change of pace is likely. Experimentation and improvisation are what work best. Allow for many possibilities, put few restrictions on projects, keep your options open, and expect the unexpected.

Moon sextile Uranus
Breaking the routine is something that would please you now. This transit sometimes indicates a pleasant surprise, a chance meeting with an old acquaintance, an invitation, or some other interesting event that enlivens your day. Experimenting with something altogether-new is favored now. Others appreciate your unique or quirky qualities. Although patience is not your strong point now, your openness to the unexplored serves to cut boredom.

Moon square Uranus
Departure from the norm.
Some sudden, although likely minor, changes are in store. Family or friends may be erratic, hard to pin down, or simply absent when you need them. Your own mood may be rebellious or standoffish. Plans may change direction unexpectedly. Part of you is itching for change, and this could be the reason why you are more likely to attract unusual circumstances now.

Moon trine Uranus
You may be the recipient of good news regarding family or domestic affairs. Unexpected visitors, unexpected visiting, or chance meetings are possible now. You are more inclined to take emotional risks than usual, although you are also unlikely to go over the top. This transit awakens your mind, enabling you to respond to a higher state of awareness. Intuition is at a high, and you are open to progress and improvement. You are magnetically attractive to others, and they recognize and accept your unique traits.

Moon opposition Uranus
Something that jars you out of your routine is possible now, such as a confrontation, unexpected change of plans, or acting on a whim. Keep your options open because your schedule is unlikely to materialize. Projects begun during this transit are likely to change in unexpected ways. Whether you treat unexpected changes as a disruption or as a welcome breath of fresh air will determine your mood. Some domestic upsets and upheavals are possible. You could be searching for a loophole or a way out of emotional responsibilities, and you are certainly not in a compromising mood. Sometimes this correlates to problems with electrical appliances, or weather that interrupts plans.

Moon conjunct Neptune
Others would be hard-pressed to pin you down to something concrete or formal right now. Your feelings are boundless, you are easily touched, and you are enthusiastic, perhaps exaggeratedly so. However, you are more easily led astray and prone to disappointments. You are easily seduced, swayed, and in extreme cases, even cheated. You could also be the one who is deceiving or seducing! You may enjoy a reward for your past efforts. This is the time when you could have a deja vu, a eureka of sorts, or a time when you "just know" things without relying upon rationale or logic. You attract attention in a quiet way now. Note that you may demonstrate impracticality when handling business and domestic affairs. It's better not to work against the cosmos by attempting to make something official just now.

Moon sextile Neptune
You are more compassionate, giving, and charitable under this transit. It's a strong influence for the arts, especially photography, music, drama, poetry, and any artistic field that appeals strongly to the emotions. You might take a trip down memory lane--a pleasant, and perhaps wistful, one! You are more intuitive and even psychic right now. If this transit occurs while you sleep, your dreams may be especially insightful or even prophetic. You are inclined to daydream and to make wishes. You might enjoy some kind of reward for your past efforts.

Moon square Neptune
Issues from your past may come back to haunt you, or you may simply remember things that temporarily undermine your happiness. This transit's effects range from some feelings of wistfulness or confusion to emotional chaos. Avoid money transactions or new business initiatives if you can, just for the time being, as you are unlikely seeing the whole picture. You may feel you have been deceived or misled, but self-deception is the more likely scenario. You are hitting a detour now from the middle road. In some cases, this represents suffering from confusion, gossip, or backbiting. The desire to escape is strong now.

Moon trine Neptune
Although this influence is subtle, you are likely a little more charming, compassionate, and easily touched now. You are more vulnerable than usual, and open to outside influences. You could be taking a detour away from your routine--or you could be longing for a break now. Your imagination is enhanced, and your sympathy for others is strong. You can more confidently rely on your intuition under this influence.

Moon opposition Neptune
You are more open to outside influences and energies right now, but this could leave you quite vulnerable to being led astray. The desire to escape the daily routine is strong now. You could be feeling quite sleepy or lacking in willpower with this transit in effect. Be aware that you could inspire some confusion in others, and you might even have to deal with disappointments, deceptions, gossip, or backbiting. This is a less than ideal time to handle business and domestic affairs, so if you can, put these off. Impracticality is what this transit is about, so it's best used for reflection, rest, and creative inspiration.

Moon conjunction Pluto
You are more given to emotional extremes, and you have an "all or nothing" attitude. Emotional entanglements are possible now, although many of these could only be happening inside of you.  Avoid an "if you are not for me, you're against me" attitude. You could be driven now to alter your home environment, your relationships, or your business. It's a good time to quit a bad habit, as this transit supplies you with more guts than usual. If this transit occurs when other hard aspects also are in effect, you could become entangled in some form of power struggle.

Moon sextile Pluto
The ability to keep your emotions on the inside today may be a strategy that turns out to be most successful. This is a good influence for business, obtaining loans, taxes, and joint finances. Your sex life or creative impulses can get a boost. Events occurring now might involve some kind of karmic repayment or benefit. You are more able to influence others, and you are personally popular in an understated, quiet way. You might find a lost item, find a new use for an old item (or even person), or discover connections to your past that help you today.

Moon square Pluto
If you can, avoid getting yourself entangled in messy, emotional struggles, as these are more likely to occur now than usual. You might get yourself into a disagreement about finances. Changes may occur now, but they are more likely to be internal changes. Sometimes this energy relates to dealing with endings, crises, or other transformations in your personal life. Negative potentials of this transit are beating a dead horse, wasted energies on obsessions, trying too hard to find the "truth", and suspecting a hidden agenda. Others might hold you at arm's length right now, or treat you with some suspicion. They could be displaying bouts of jealousy or holding something over your head. Intensity characterizes your relationships for the time being. Avoid mind games, and those who are playing them.

Moon trine Pluto
This is a great period for getting organized, downsizing, or otherwise improving your home environment. Starting a new fitness routine, kicking a bad habit, or anything that requires willpower is more likely to enjoy success. You have a new, intense, emotional outlook on life with the urge to get things done and to make a fresh start if necessary. Your attitude is that the old must now make way for the new. In some cases, a financial break comes now, a lost item is found, or a new insight into a nagging problem grabs hold of you now. It's easier for you to employ strategy, and you tend to read between the lines rather than accept life at face value. This is a time to engage in some sort of transformation in which you weed out the bad in order to more effectively use the good.

Moon opposition Pluto
An issue from the past may come up to haunt you now, or you could lose something. This is a time when that which is hidden has a tendency to surface. Someone close to you might be dredging up the past. Intensity in your personal relationships and/or some sort of inner emotional turmoil is possible. This is a time of emotional entanglements. You could have some difficulty in letting go of something, or could be dealing with people who are likewise struggling. Sexual tensions are also possible now. Avoid confrontations and mind games.

Moon trine Ascendant
This is a personally popular time when you are in good spirits, don an optimistic outlook, and enjoy supportive people and/or circumstances. This is a good time to start a new project or to start fresh in some manner. Business and domestic affairs tend to run smoothly.

Moon trine Midheaven
This is an excellent time for public relations, sales, promotion, and marketing. It's also a strong period for entertaining and attending social events. Making connections with like-minded people is easier now.


Moon Transits to Natal Houses

Moon transiting the First House
Your focus now is outward-oriented. You feel the need to express yourself--to manifest your inner world in the outer world in some manner. It's a good time to focus on new beginnings and fresh starts. At this time, your skin is thin--you are more sensitive to the vibrations and energies around you, particularly in your immediate environment. You are inclined to act on impulse, or to react automatically based on your basic emotional orientation, rather than approaching the world objectively. It's easy to be emotionally touched by something now, but also to feel hurt or disappointed. In the 2-3 days of this transit, you tend to take things very personally. Some restlessness is likely now, and could impel you to make some small personal changes, such as changing your "look" or your living environment in little ways. You might deal with the public in some manner. You could also be feeling emotional or sensitive about your appearance or manner.

Moon transiting the Second House
Your focus now is on emotional security. How much you have in terms of money and possessions can be an issue now, and tends to impact how you feel about yourself. This is not a time of emotional bravery. Rather, you tend to keep the status quo. You value predictability for the 2-3 days of this transit. You don't look for new experiences as much as you put effort into managing your life in order to feel solid and secure. Material or tangible things have more importance to you right now. Feeling emotional about your financial position could figure now.

Moon transiting the Third House
This 2-3 day transit marks one of the busier periods in the lunar month. Activities may be centered around making errands, short trips, phone calls, and other communications. Your mind tends to be restless, easily bored, and in need of stimulation. You could find it hard to focus on any one particular task. Your curiosity is ignited. New friendships or contacts might be made. You might find yourself talking more than usual, perhaps about the past. Emotional communications could figure now.

Moon transiting the Fourth House
Your attention turns inward and towards your domestic affairs during this 2-3 day transit. You feel the need for more privacy than usual, and you tend to focus on building or solidifying your home base. You have a greater need for security and the feeling of being safe and comfortable during this period. This is a time for building your sense of security. Family and personal matters take precedence over worldly affairs just now. How you feel about your support system at this stage in your life will determine your mood.

Moon transiting the Fifth House
You are likely feeling decidedly more outgoing during this 2-3 day transit than you were feeling while the Moon transited your fourth house. This is an expressive few days--your energies are directed outwards as you feel more confident moving about in the world. You have an emotional need to be heard, seen, and noticed. An increased desire to create, and to display your talents, is often experienced during this phase. Recreation, hobbies, romance, and anything that gives you pleasure is now more important to you than usual. You are feeling especially amorous or at least more inclined to express your loving feelings now. Others tend to tune into you emotionally. You could get a sudden desire to see a movie, explore a creative urge, play a game, or take in a play, for example. Enjoy yourself and indulge your whims, within reason of course.

Moon transiting the Sixth House
After a somewhat naive and playful few days, while the Moon transited your fifth house, the current 2-3 day phase indicates a need and/or desire to perfect your craft. This is a time of dedication to work, health, and routine. This is a more introverted period when you might have your "nose to the grindstone", so to speak. You might set your feelings aside in order to take care of details now, or you could be more emotionally sensitive about your work, health, and daily routine. Your senses are more acute and you could find minor aches and pains are now more noticeable. As well, you could find that little things that are out of order in your life become more apparent. Cleaning and re-organizing may be in order now. Your mood is likely to impact your health more than ever. Try not to stress over little things. Instead, work on improving and perfecting the smaller systems in your life so that you can move on without guilt.

Moon transiting the Seventh House
Close personal and business relationships are highlighted now. How you feel about your close relationships or partnerships will largely determine your mood during these 2-3 days. You might have emotional confrontations now or warm, nurturing relations, again depending on your current circumstances. Sometimes this transit correlates with the need for a consultation, and usually one-on-one relationships figure. An increased need to be with people, to socialize, and to compromise are featured during this transit. More attention to physical appearance and attractiveness, as well as graciousness, could also figure. You are in the position to learn much about yourself by listening to others. The need to create or maintain a harmonious environment dominates now, but getting to that point can entail some conflict! Feeling emotional about your relationships could also figure now.

Moon transiting the Eighth House
There can be a hunger now for deeper experiences and more powerful bonds. Emotional commitments come into focus during the 2-3 days of this transit. You are looking for more meaning in your life, and any activity that stirs your emotions attracts. On a more mundane level, money and possessions could be emotional issues now. Be aware that you could over-react to matters during this transit, finding it hard to detach yourself emotionally in order to look at life objectively. You are not as sociable during this brief trend, preferring to analyze and feel out your life's circumstances than to put yourself "out there".

Moon transiting the Ninth House
Freedom on all levels is the focus during this 2-3 day transit -- not only physical freedom of movement and expression, but mental and spiritual freedom as well. The emotional need now is expansion and growth. You do not want to be limited by boundaries or barriers. This is a more gregarious placement of the Moon. Independence, new experiences, and intellectual growth are the major focus. You tend to take more trips or embark on adventures--however big or small--during this transit. Emotional boredom or restlessness could be at the root of this. Breaking the routine is in order. This is a good time to catch a break and get some perspective on your life. Feeling emotional about your opinions or beliefs could also figure now.

Moon transiting the Tenth House
Your attention now is on approval and recognition. The focus is on establishing some sort of order and control in your life. A stronger need for recognition and for concrete success is typical of this 2-3 day transit. Discontent with your position in life could be magnified now. Matters surrounding your profession or the authority figures in your life come to the foreground. Sensitivity to your reputation or how others view you can figure now. You are noticed for what you do (and don't do), what you have done (or haven't done). It's time to be on your best behavior!

Moon transiting the Eleventh House
This is a more sociable and gregarious transit of the Moon. Stronger social awareness and a desire to belong to a group may figure now, although sometimes it's more about expressing your own individuality and breaking the rules. Networking is the keyword for this 2-3 day period. It's a good time to spend with friends or groups. However, you are more sensitive to the moods of those around you, and you could be feeling emotional about your sense of belonging (or lack of) with like-minded people.

Moon transiting the Twelfth House
Heightened sensitivity and an emotional need to connect with your inner world is dominant during this 2-3 day transit. This is often a more introverted period in the lunar month when the focus is on your dreams and longings, personal creativity, and sensitivity. Time spent alone may be necessary, and some form of emotional retreat is natural. You could be more insecure than usual, and it's best to hold back on starting new projects for the time being.

Written by Annie Heese.

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