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Leo Moon Sign Compatibility

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Moon in Leo Compatibility


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Moon Leo-Moon Aries

Both of you very much wish to believe in your own personal strength, and may mask feelings of weakness, inadequacy, or neediness. Proud and fiercely independent (especially Aries), neither of you readily admits that you need help or support.

Both of you harbor a secret (or not so secret) desire to be the center of attention, to be on top, or to dominate - and you may compete for that position in your relationship. However, both of you also respect strong individuals and appreciate one another's integrity and individuality.

There is much compatibility between you if your strong egos do not get in the way.

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Moon Leo-Moon Taurus

Both of you are stubborn, loyal people who will protect and stand by loved ones in good times or bad. You are both constant in your affections and seek a partner who is warm, steady, and committed, rather than one who keeps you guessing. Material comfort and success are also quite important to you, but for different reasons: Taurus wants the security of money in the bank, as well as the comfort it can buy. Leo has an innate sense of grandness and generosity, and likes to be impressive. Differences in the way you use your material resources could become a major issue between you, and since you are both quite inflexible and opinionated, it may be difficult to reach a compromise when you do disagree. Leo can be very loud and melodramatic at times, which upsets Taurus, who wants, above all else, peace and serenity at home.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Leo-Moon Gemini

Leo is usually sunny and upbeat, and has a fun-loving, child-like side that Gemini brings to the fore. Gemini is humorous, witty, and rather detached emotionally, able to see the funny or ironic side in any situation, and often unable to resist joking even at the most inappropriate times. Gemini doesn't take life (or sometimes other peoples' feelings) too seriously. This can be offensive to Leo, for Leo has a strong sense of pride, a need to be appreciated, and, yes, taken seriously at least sometimes!

For the most part, however, you get along and complement one another quite well. One difference between you is that Leo is emotionally steadier and more constant, while Gemini's interests and feelings fluctuate and change quite frequently.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Leo-Moon Cancer

Proud and somewhat self-centered, Leo very much wants recognition, appreciation, applause, and to be the favorite or the center of attention. Leo craves affirmation and love but may be hard to know really well, as weaknesses, problems, doubts or insecurities are rarely admitted.

Leo has a dramatic streak and tends to exaggerate or blow things out of proportion. Wounded pride or a feeling of being ignored, neglected, or "not special" are Leo's particular sensitivities. Cancer is a much softer, more private, sensitive shy person than Leo is, much less of a showman, and Leo's histrionics are too much for Cancer at times. Leo is usually sunny, sociable, good humored, while Cancer is often moody and needs to withdraw sometimes. Cancer has emotional ups and downs, while Leo is fairly constant emotionally. You may be a complementary pair, though, because Cancer is supportive and will not compete for dominance with Leo, and Leo appreciates Cancer's supportiveness and sympathy. You are both very protective, loyal, and warm toward one another.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Leo-Moon Leo

Both of you love to be made to feel that you are very special and important, the favorite, the best! Proud and somewhat egotistical, you are sensitive to being ignored, slighted, or put in the background. You need personal recognition, appreciation, and respect very much, and you also want to be associated only with people you admire and respect.

You both have a warm, sunny disposition, and you don't want to acknowledge your own problems or weaknesses, so you generally show only your bright face to the world.

Both of you are also rather theatrical, dramatizing or exaggerating your own feelings or emotional responses. (If you like something, you ADORE it. You're not just irritated, you're ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS, etc.). This is one way that you dominate, overpower, or try to control (in a subtle way) the people closest to you.

You are both strong individuals and the obvious problem you will face together is: Who's the boss? If either or both of you are too insecure to be able to share the limelight with someone else, you will not be very happy together. On the other hand, if you are secure in your own worth, you are likely to admire one another enormously.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Leo-Moon Virgo

You are opposites in many ways; Leo is warm, expressive, lively, and somewhat narcissistic, while Virgo is modest, subdued, reserved, and somewhat self-effacing. Leo exaggerates or dramatizes life, while Virgo is realistic, impartial, and factual. Leo needs personal recognition and attention and a sense of being Important, while Virgo is quite content being in the background as a helper or assistant rather than the Star. Leo is also lavish with praise and affection, while Virgo shows love in quieter and often more practical ways. Sometimes Leo craves more warm appreciation and applause than Virgo gives. Virgo has a critical, perfectionist side which can be difficult to live with - especially for Leo who is sensitive to personal criticism.

Also, Leo is sometimes outlandishly playful, and Virgo may be embarrassed by Leo's antics. Virgo's conservative style and concern propriety may clash with Leo's flamboyance.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Leo-Moon Libra

Your Moon signs are quite compatible and you will find that you both have much to enjoy in each other! Both of you are personable, friendly, and affectionate, with a strong romantic streak, but of course you are different in many respects also.

Leo is individualistic and proud, while Libra is more concerned with "us" rather than "me". Libra is more aware of others' needs than Leo is, and more willing to accommodate them. This can be a significant problem for Libra at times - being too obliging, too eager to please, compromising too much. Being indecisive is also a habit of Libra's. On the other hand, Leo is naturally rather self-centered, more dominant, certain, and decisive, but extremely good-hearted, so it is unlikely that Leo will take advantage of agreeableness in a partner. Libra is very concerned with what is fair, and over time, can easily begin to resent giving in to a partner. Leo is honorable and truly appreciates Libra's willingness to see both sides of a situation. You respect each other, and have fun together, and this is a major sign of compatibility! Both of you enjoy romantic overtures of love, with Leo perhaps more in need of them. Leo, you have found a true emotional match! If you live together, there is a likelihood that Libra will be a little more submissive then Leo, as Leo's inner strength is unmistakable, and most apparent behind closed doors and in domestic situations. Libra is likely to find this inner strength attractive indeed.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Leo-Moon Scorpio

Temperamentally, the two of you are like night and day. Leo is basically sunny, open, warm, and fun-loving, and not given to a great deal of introspection or serious self-analysis, while Scorpio is very private, emotionally deep and complex, and rather hard to get to know. Scorpio is a much more suspicious or cautious soul than Leo is. Behind Scorpio's reserve lies much sensitivity and intense emotion. Scorpio distrusts superficial appearances and is always seeking the hidden meanings or deeper motivations in people, dredging up the buried past, or looking for the fly in the ointment. Leo accepts things as they are (or appear to be) much more readily, and may feel that Scorpio makes unnecessary trouble by probing so deeply all of the time. The truth is that Leo is very proud and wants always to be thought well of - and would therefore rather not discover anything within that is less than praiseworthy. Also, Scorpio has a jealous, distrustful side that Leo, who is basically straightforward and open, doesn't readily understand. Leo may get exasperated with Scorpio's lingering suspicions.

Scorpio is drawn inward to the depths, to darkness and mystery, while Leo is more outward and seeks the light, bright side of life. Leo, for instance, needs and enjoys people, is much more social, and loves to entertain. Scorpio would prefer an evening alone or spent in an intimate atmosphere with a few close friends, where the interaction is likely to be deeper and more revealing.

There really need not be a conflict over these differences in your emotional natures, as long as the two of you understand and accept them. You are both very strong-willed and somewhat inflexible, and you insist on being yourselves despite the differences between you.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Leo-Moon Sagittarius

Both of you are basically friendly, cheerful souls and you reinforce one another's essential optimism, generosity, and playfulness. Much emotional harmony exists between you. Together you feel expansive and enterprising, and you enjoy games, sports, gambling, carousing, and life in general!

Some differences may arise between you, though. Sagittarius is more restless, more of a wanderer than Leo, who is more constant and steady emotionally. Sagittarius needs to feel free and cannot tolerate being completely domesticated or tethered to a possessive partner. Leo, on the other hand, is loyal and wholehearted in love, and wants the complete attention and devotion of a partner.

Also, Sagittarius is rather blunt and tactless at times, which can offend Leo's strong pride. Leo takes Sagittarius's candid statements very personally, very much to heart, whether Sagittarius means them that way or not - yet Leo will often pretend that nothing is wrong (again, the strong pride!). For the most part, however, you suit one another very well!

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Leo-Moon Capricorn

Capricorn's essentially sober, conservative, and cautious disposition contrasts with Leo's exuberant, generous, dramatic temperament. Leo's tastes are lavish, bold, and colorful, while Capricorn prefers a subdued, simple, quietly elegant style.

Whereas Capricorn downplays emotions and emotional displays, Leo often exaggerates them. Like a child, Leo is eager for attention, love, praise, and recognition from others, while Capricorn, ever the adult, rarely admits needing people in that way. Capricorn is, or appears to be, more self-sufficient emotionally. While Leo is usually quite warm and personable, Capricorn is frequently detached, formal, and businesslike with people. For Capricorn, sharing is shown by dedication and faithfulness or by practical assistance - "actions, not words", and Leo sometimes craves more warm attention from Capricorn.

Also, Leo is more of an optimist by nature, whereas Capricorn tends towards pessimism or at least a clear-eyed realism. Leo's cheerfulness can lighten Capricorn's mood when Capricorn becomes too serious (which is frequently).

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Leo-Moon Aquarius

Leo has an inner desire to be special and important, to shine and be the center of attention, to direct or lead rather than follow. Leo wants to stand out from the crowd in some way, and is generally not a team player. Aquarius, on the other hand, needs to be part of a group or community. The fellowship, the togetherness, and the group solidarity are very satisfying and meaningful to Aquarius, whether or not Aquarius is the focus of attention.

Leo wants to be in control and can be very authoritarian (in a magnanimous sort of way, as in a "benign dictatorship"), but Aquarius has a rather rebellious, freedom-loving nature and resists Authority. Though having no desire to be on top, Aquarius will not be compliant or domesticated either.

Also, Leo is loyal, intensely personal, and rather narcissistic, while Aquarius can be rather cool and impartially fair. Leo sometimes feels hurt by being treated "just like everyone else"!

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Leo-Moon Pisces

Leo's basic emotional tone is vibrant, sunny and warm, while Pisces's is dreamy and moody. Leo has an underlying narcissistic streak and cannot bear to be ignored, unappreciated, or considered mediocre. Often Leo will exaggerate feelings, become loud, boisterous, and melodramatic in order to get attention. There is a strong domineering or controlling aspect to Leo's character as well, which makes Leo something of a household tyrant at times. Pisces, on the other hand, is very receptive and gentle, not aggressive, not a fighter. Because Pisces is so sympathetic and so readily identifies with other people's feelings, Pisces is inclined to give up personal desires and rights in order to make the other person happy. Thus a pattern may develop between you where Leo is running the show and Pisces constantly obliges or acquiesces to Leo's wishes. Compared to Leo, Pisces may be something of a door mat (especially if other astrological factors do not indicate a strong will or strong sense of self).

Also, Pisces is rather chameleon-like, emotionally speaking, and is strongly influenced by the emotional atmosphere and inner feelings of others in the environment, so when Leo is up, the warmth and optimism raises Pisces's mood considerably. But if Leo is feeling negative, this is very debilitating to Pisces.

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Color Codes - Moon Signs - Quick Interpretation:

  Very Compatible - TrineMagenta Pink is Hot - Your Moon signs are trine. Your individual emotional dispositions are similar enough to understand, and different enough to be exciting.
  Electric Attraction - ConjunctCrimson Red is Bang-On - You share the same Moon signs. Your emotional natures are so similar, it's uncanny. Your relationship is very intense.
  HarmoniousLight Purple is Harmonious - Your Moon signs are sextile. You appreciate one another's emotional style. It's easy to collaborate with one another.
  Opposites AttractPink is Opposites Attract! - Your Moon signs are opposite. You find each other fascinating, frustrating, and intriguing--all at the same time!
  Compatibility QuestionableBeige is Huh? - Your Moon signs are semi-sextile. You don't really understand each other's styles of expressing emotions. Your relationship requires some adjustments.
  InconjunctOlive is Paradox - Your signs are inconjunct. If an attraction exists, it's magnetic and binding, but it's hard to find the reason for it, and plenty of adjustments are necessary.
  Squaring OffGreen is Clash - Your signs are square. It's very challenging to understand each other's styles of expressing feelings, and clashes are frequent.



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