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Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

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Moon in Virgo Compatibility


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Moon Virgo-Moon Aries

You will need to do quite a bit of adjusting in order to harmonize with one another on a daily basis, as your personal habits and instinctive emotional responses to situations are very different, and may become a source of considerable irritation over time.

Virgo is careful and needs to thoroughly analyze a situation before proceeding. Aries, on the other hand, is impulsive and direct and often abrupt. Aries will act first, and think about the consequences later. Aries is prone to emotional outbursts and short-lived, but frequent, flares of temper. Virgo is rather sensitive and becomes nervous, fretful, or anxious by Aries's brashness.

Virgo is a bit of a worrier, and Aries, who hates to admit ever feeling frightened or insecure, may scoff at Virgo's concerns and worries.

Also, Virgo is something of a perfectionist, dislikes making mistakes, and can be very critical of self and others. Aries has a strong need to take chances on new ventures, to be daring and original, and is bound to make numerous mistakes in the process. Virgo's criticisms can be very discouraging to the bold pioneer in Aries. One way you can support each other is for Virgo to help organize and practically implement some of Aries's creative ideas.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Virgo-Moon Taurus

Both of you derive security from contact with the earth (gardening, camping, living in the country), from working with natural materials (making bread, using clay, wood-working, using natural fibers) or from developing manual skills and practical expertise in some specific area. You are both rather cautious, carefully analyzing or ruminating over a possible change before proceeding. Taurus, in particular, is rather slow to come to a decision and dislikes changes in the personal or domestic sphere, but once a choice is made, will go ahead with equanimity. Virgo, on the other hand, worries, frets, and is very particular and difficult to please at times. Taurus's steadiness, even temper, emotional strength, and stability is very comforting to Virgo at such times. Also, Virgo does not "let go" emotionally or sexually very easily, and Taurus, who is more comfortable being sensual and instinctual, helps Virgo to be more at ease too. Taurus's lazy, sloppy side can be very annoying to Virgo at times. For the most part, however, you are quite compatible.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Virgo-Moon Gemini

Both of you are very active and inclined to try to do too many things at once, scattering your forces and depleting yourselves through overwork or compulsive busy-ness. Gemini is mentally restless and needs the stimulation of new ideas, intellectual challenges, and a variety of people to interact with. Gemini is something of a social butterfly also. Virgo is more practical, down-to-earth, and conscientious. Modest and self-critical, Virgo is a hard working perfectionist with a talent for working with details and organizing practical affairs. Also, Virgo is fastidious and particular about food and nutrition, health and hygiene, and having everything in its proper place, which can be difficult for Gemini to live with at times. Virgo is more disciplined than Gemini, and more concerned with self-improvement.

Gemini is witty, humorous, and plays more easily than Virgo does. You both enjoy word games, or games that hone and test your knowledge or intellectual skill.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Virgo-Moon Cancer

Both of you have the emotional habits of worry, anxiety, and over-concern about loved ones or life in general. You are both caring and supportive, but you express this in different ways. Cancer is more emotional, compassionate and tender, and appears more sympathetic than Virgo, who wants to help but may seem unemotional and critical at the same time. Virgo's support is often shown by doing something practical, taking care of something concrete and tangible (running errands, doing the shopping, take care of business, etc.) while Cancer empathizes with others' feelings and personal experiences far more easily.

Virgo is fastidious and particular about food, health, and personal habits, and can be very fussy about order, tidiness, cleanliness, proper behavior, etc., which makes Virgo difficult to live with sometimes. Irritability over others' inefficiency, lack of punctuality, or sloppiness is also a habit of Virgo's. Virgo's perfectionism is also turned inward as well, so that Virgo may feel inadequate or that accomplishments are "never enough". Learning self-acceptance, self-love, and relaxation are important for Virgo's well-being, and Cancer can contribute significantly to this because Cancer is more accepting and non-judgmental than Virgo is. Cancer, on the other hand, has a lot of emotional ups and downs and appreciates Virgo's quiet devotion and faithfulness.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Virgo-Moon Leo

You are opposites in many ways; Leo is warm, expressive, lively, and somewhat narcissistic, while Virgo is modest, subdued, reserved, and somewhat self-effacing. Leo exaggerates or dramatizes life, while Virgo is realistic, impartial, and factual. Leo needs personal recognition and attention and a sense of being Important, while Virgo is quite content being in the background as a helper or assistant rather than the Star. Leo is also lavish with praise and affection, while Virgo shows love in quieter and often more practical ways. Sometimes Leo craves more warm appreciation and applause than Virgo gives. Virgo has a critical, perfectionist side which can be difficult to live with - especially for Leo who is sensitive to personal criticism.

Also, Leo is sometimes outlandishly playful, and Virgo may be embarrassed by Leo's antics. Virgo's conservative style and concern propriety may clash with Leo's flamboyance.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Virgo-Moon Virgo

You have very similar temperaments, so you understand one another quite well, but you also share the same weaknesses. Both of you have refined sensitivities and are quite particular and discriminating in your tastes, your personal habits, your diet, etc. Your less than desirable habits or tendencies include being overly fastidious and finicky, compulsively worrying about mistakes, focusing on problems and flaws instead of successes, and demanding perfection of yourself and others. Both of you can be difficult to live with! You should avoid nagging one another over trivialities.

On the positive side, you will lavish care and devotion on the people and things that are important to you. Behind a rather unemotional, efficient manner, you are both quite giving and concerned with others' well being.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Virgo-Moon Libra

Both of you are perfectionists in your own ways, though what "perfection" means to each of you differs. Libra wants the perfect relationship, one that is beautiful and harmonious and free from all tension, conflict, or dissonance, and also one in which both partners share equally in everything, are able to discuss everything together, and always work out a fair, equitable solution to any problem that arises. It may be difficult for Libra to accept the cruder or less-than-ideal aspects of a partner's character or appearance. Virgo is a perfectionist in the sense of wanting perfect order in the environment and paying meticulous attention to detail, being fastidious and particular about hygiene, health and diet, or correct behavior and procedure.

Virgo is also self-critical and often tries to live up to impossibly high standards for behavior, appearance, performance, or technical ability.

Both of you have rather refined sensitivities. You also respond more reasonably and logically, rather than impulsively or emotionally, to most situations.

One difference between you is that Libra can see merit in just about anyone's viewpoint and often doesn't have strong, extreme views, while Virgo does have very clear, definite ideas, and the annoying habit of correcting other people when they are "wrong".

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Virgo-Moon Scorpio

Scorpio is quiet, deep, and complex emotionally, and often hides feelings or jealousy, guilt, and other powerful emotions out of a fear of being misunderstood. Scorpio needs passion, drama, and intensity in order to feel completely alive, and may intentionally or unintentionally stir up personal crises or emotional storms in order to have those feelings. There is an underlying attraction to anything secret, dark, and mysterious, including the hidden or dark side of people. Negatively, Scorpio can be subtly manipulative and controlling, Positively, Scorpio can be immensely loyal, a deep and faithful friend or lover.

Virgo is quite different from Scorpio in that Virgo responds logically and rationally to situations, rather than irrationally and instinctively as Scorpio does. There may be something in Virgo's background or in the way Virgo was raised that makes Virgo careful, shy, or restrained about being too emotional or sexual, and Scorpio's very intense feelings may be difficult for Virgo to understand or enter into.

Also, Virgo is quite self-critical and is therefore very sensitive to criticism from others, so Scorpio should be careful of lashing out or being sarcastic when in a stormy mood, as this hurts Virgo very much.

The two of you do share a tendency to probe and analyze yourselves and others, and a desire to change and improve yourselves as well.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Virgo-Moon Sagittarius

Virgo is practical, careful, discriminating, and somewhat conservative, while Sagittarius is idealistic, generous, looser, and more of a gambler. Where Virgo tends to play it safe or to follow a logical, well-defined, and secure path, Sagittarius is inclined to take risks and act on faith. Sagittarius is an optimist, while Virgo, though not exactly a pessimist, is certainly a realist.

Virgo is precise, fastidious, and loves order, while Sagittarius can be careless and indifferent to the minute details that mean so much to Virgo.

Virgo will stay on a budget, while Sagittarius finds it irksome (if not impossible) to do so! Virgo is punctual; Sagittarius, often, is not. Sagittarius tends to exaggerate and promise more than is possible, while Virgo is sober, clear, and impartial, and also more diligent about carrying out promises.

At first, Virgo may find Sagittarius's optimism and playfulness refreshing and attractive, but over time the two of you could have serious differences, especially if you try to convert one another to your own way of doing things.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Virgo-Moon Capricorn

You understand one another very well, for you have very similar temperaments, and your responses to people and to situations are quite similar. Both of you are practical and hard-working, with a strong need to be useful and productive, and to accomplish something concrete. Work, responsibilities, or business come before pleasure and play for both of you, and you may neglect your emotional needs. You downplay feelings and desires that seem childish or unrealistic.

Both of you have a strong need for material security, and very much prefer a safe, logical, and well-defined path, rather than taking risks.

You are responsible in your dealings with others. In fact, you share a tendency to be overly conscientious, to expect too much from yourselves, and to be far too harsh with yourselves at times.

Faithfulness and constancy in love and friendship are very important to you both, and you naturally feel very comfortable together, knowing you can trust one another to be reliable.

Sometimes your relationship may become dry - all work and no play. You both need to relax more, and to pay more attention to your fun-loving, emotional side.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Virgo-Moon Aquarius

A major difference in your temperaments is that Aquarius, deep down, is rebellious toward authority and rather indifferent to convention and tradition. Aquarius has a taste for excitement and needs to experiment and shake things up once in awhile. Virgo is more careful, and feels much more comfortable and safe following a secure, tried-and-true path. Virgo loves order, while Aquarius disrupts order so that something new can happen.

Also, Virgo is more introspective and serious about self-improvement than Aquarius, who is interested in social improvement, but is often out of touch with their own feelings and inner life.

Compatibility Rating: (See color codes below)

Moon Virgo-Moon Pisces

You are opposites in many ways, yet your differences can be complementary and you can certainly learn a lot from one another.

Virgo is factual, organized and efficient in dealing with material affairs, with an eye for details. Pisces is more imaginative and dreamy, and can be a tad disorganized or foggy when it comes to practical matters.

With Virgo, intellect often rules emotions, but with Pisces, feelings dominate. Pisces is sentimental and compassionate and may give unwisely or indiscriminately to people in need, with little concern for what is actually appropriate; Virgo also has a helpful, nurturing side but is more dispassionate, and definitely knows when to stop.

Also, Virgo is very much a perfectionist, critical, and often has impossibly strict or high standards for self or others to live up to. Pisces is the opposite: tolerant, accepting, non-judgmental, loose, often undisciplined. Virgo is drawn to this quality of unconditional, uncritical acceptance in Pisces, and Pisces can benefit from Virgo's sense of order, clarity and simplicity.

Both of you have a timid side to you and a common sensitivity to the world. Both are suited to work in the helping professions or along artistic lines (with Virgo emphasizing technical ability and craftsmanship, Pisces emphasizing inspiration and imagination). Although your emotional temperaments often seem to be literally "opposite", you do share a common introspective quality that you appreciate in one another.

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Color Codes - Moon Signs - Quick Interpretation:

  Very Compatible - TrineMagenta Pink is Hot - Your Moon signs are trine. Your individual emotional dispositions are similar enough to understand, and different enough to be exciting.
  Electric Attraction - ConjunctCrimson Red is Bang-On - You share the same Moon signs. Your emotional natures are so similar, it's uncanny. Your relationship is very intense.
  HarmoniousLight Purple is Harmonious - Your Moon signs are sextile. You appreciate one another's emotional style. It's easy to collaborate with one another.
  Opposites AttractPink is Opposites Attract! - Your Moon signs are opposite. You find each other fascinating, frustrating, and intriguing--all at the same time!
  Compatibility QuestionableBeige is Huh? - Your Moon signs are semi-sextile. You don't really understand each other's styles of expressing emotions. Your relationship requires some adjustments.
  InconjunctOlive is Paradox - Your signs are inconjunct. If an attraction exists, it's magnetic and binding, but it's hard to find the reason for it, and plenty of adjustments are necessary.
  Squaring OffGreen is Clash - Your signs are square. It's very challenging to understand each other's styles of expressing feelings, and clashes are frequent.


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