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Astrology Symbols - Signs


Signs of the Zodiac - SymbolsFollowing are the symbols, or glyphs, that astrologers use for the signs of the zodiac

You can refer to this list to help you read your natal chart to determine the sign position of each planet and luminary. With a little study, the glyphs are generally easy to commit to memory. 



The Ram. This symbol is easier to recognize than many because it actually resembles a ram's horns.



The Bull. This symbol resembles a bull's head and horns.



The Twins. Two lines joined together represents Gemini's symbol -- the twins.



The Crab. Some consider Cancer's glyph as representing breasts, demonstrating the nurturing quality of Cancer.



The Lion. Leo's glyph may represent the two valves of the heart, since Leo rules the heart; alternatively, it can be considered the mane of the lion.



The Virgin. This symbol is similar to that of Scorpio, except instead of the tail pointing outward, it curls up into itself.



The Scales. This glyph can represent the setting sun, or scales for weighing.



The Scorpion. This symbol is similar to that of Virgo, except that its "tail" points outward.



The Archer. A simple-to-remember symbol that resembles an arrow.



The Goat. Perhaps the most odd-looking of the group, this glyph can be thought of as the twisted horns of a goat.



The Water Bearer. This symbol resembles waves in the ocean, making it easy to associate with the Aquarian Water Bearer.



The Fish. This glyph represents two fish, joined together.


See our Astrology Symbols & Glyphs page for a more comprehensive symbol table.

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