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Synastry: Mercury-Uranus Aspects

When Mercury in your chart forms an aspect to another person's Uranus

When Mercury in your chart forms an aspect to your partner's Uranus, highly energetic communications figure strongly in your relationship. Whether this leads to open-minded and growth-oriented communications or stressful interactions depends on the aspect that joins Mercury and Uranus, as well as the individuals involved.

When your Mercury forms a challenging aspect (square, opposition, or quincunx) to your partner's Uranus, your partner is stimulating and intriguing but can also often throw you off course with his/her surprises. Your Uranus partner might find that your opinions are too superficial or traditional, while you might find his/her opinions too off the wall. You can be very impatient with one another. You might find it hard to truly depend on your Uranus partner. Appointments/dates may be cancelled without warning, for example. Communication between you could often be stressful.

When the aspect between Mercury and Uranus is a flowing one (sextile or trine), your Uranus partner is an intellectual companion. You are very perceptive and intuitive with one another, often able to finish each other's sentences. Open communications figure strongly in your relationship, unless other harsh aspects involving Mercury are present.

The conjunction of Mercury and Uranus between charts can possess shades of both the challenging and flowing aspects mentioned above. From our Romantic Compatibility report: You inspire each other to develop original, creative ideas. Uranus awakens, enlivens, and sometimes radically changes Mercury's ideas and perspective. There is a strong impulsive quality too, and together you tend to make decisions quickly and on impulse! This is fun and exciting when the decisions are relatively harmless (for example, suddenly deciding to go to the beach), but care, of course, is needed before making more important decisions. Mercury has an uncanny understanding of Uranus's originality and unique qualities, and there are times when the two of you feel like true peers. The two of you grow intellectually when you are together, and there is a true feeling of learning and going somewhere in the relationship. When the two of you brainstorm, you come up with truly unique and inventive ideas.

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