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Synastry: Moon - Mars Aspects

When the Moon in one person's natal chart forms an aspect to another person's Mars:


When the Moon conjuncts Mars in synastry, there is a strong attraction that is both physical and emotional. We are combining yin and yang planets here, and these tend to generate much fascination and attraction. Over time, the Moon person might find the Mars person both insensitive to his or her needs and feelings, and overreactive to his or her needs and feelings! The Moon person might find that Mars comes on a little too strong when times call for more sensitivity or moderation. The relationship is sure to be an emotional one, with plenty of hurt feelings now and again, and joyful moments when the two come together again after an argument. The two people are very involved in each other's lives, and have a hard time being objective. Decisions they make as a couple tend to be very subjective and personal. A lot of touchiness from both parties generally characterizes the partnership.



The square and opposition are rather similar in nature to the conjunction, but more problematic. The emotional rollercoaster can be trying—particularly for the Moon person. The Moon person finds Mars overly aggressive, pushy, and defensive. The Mars person feels the Moon person is too demanding and needy. The couple reacts in instinctual, spontaneous ways to one another—to a point that there is little reason or logic involved. With a propensity to react to each other without thinking, it is easy to imagine that plenty of hurt feelings are a by-product. Defensiveness, nagging, and "immature" behavior are all strong possibilities with this combination. Co-dependency issues are also quite possible. These people arouse each other's passions—both pleasant and difficult ones. The Moon person might want a promise or a commitment from the Mars person, and find it challenging that Mars prefers to take things one day at a time. The Mars person's displays of independence and self-assertion can be seen as dominating by the Moon person, and it can threaten the Moon person's very sense of security. The negative and angry interplays between these individuals will play out most powerfully when they live together—things can actually get a little nasty. Particularly with the square, the Moon person might tend to complain and dump emotional hurts and frustrations on the Mars person. The Mars person has a way of pulling out dependency in the Moon person. Even if the Moon person is an emotionally "together" person with others, the chemistry between Moon and Mars is such that Mars tends to draw out any needy and/or fearful/depressed feelings in the Moon person. It's simply very hard to relax in one another's company. Resentment towards one another, over time, is likely. This is a very temperamental combination.



A trine or sextile between the Moon and Mars is a powerful indicator of attraction. It brings much mutual fascination, and is especially strong with the trine. The relationship has a very animated and lively quality. The Moon person nurtures and feeds the Mars person's ego, providing plenty of "strokes". While the Moon person has a soothing and calming effect on the Mars person, the Mars person encourages Moon to be brave and confident. Through each other, the individuals learn much about their instincts and needs. Because reactions to each other are very spontaneous and instinctual, the relationship can be somewhat tumultuous at times, but for the most part, it's a pleasing interaction. Although the couple tends to argue perhaps more than most, they extract joy and emotional reward from the interactions.


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