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Planetary aspects between natal charts in synastry are explained and interpreted. The meaning of the following aspects in chart comparison are presented: Moon in easy aspect to Neptune, and Moon in challenging aspect to Neptune.

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Synastry: Moon - Neptune Aspects Between Two Charts

When the Moon in one chart forms an aspect to another person's Neptune

If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme concerns heightened sensibilities, appreciating and caring for each other, including accepting each other's flaws, and finding ways to be of service. Inspiration and faith is vital to your well-being.

Easier aspects: Moon sextile or trine other person's Neptune

There is an intuitive understanding of each other that is caring and gentle. At times, you even seem to anticipate each other's moods and responses. You can think the same things or want to say the same words at the same time. You share an artistic attunement or at least a strong artistic appreciation. Although you will uncover your partner's blind spots, you know how to be understanding.

Challenging aspects: Moon square or opposition other person's Neptune

There is a tendency to misunderstand or misread each other's signals, so you will have to spend more time processing hurt feelings or perceived slights. Be careful of addictive behaviors and habits or too stressful environments or activities. This aspect can lean toward avoidance or neglectful behaviors. Make sure you are always truthful with each other and, even when things are difficult, be willing to express your feelings openly. It's the only way to preserving your deep connection and protecting the natural sweetness of your partnership.

* Interpretations from Compatibility & Conflict report.

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