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Planetary aspects between natal charts in synastry are explained and interpreted. The meaning of the following aspects in chart comparison are presented: Moon conjunct Mercury, Moon square Mercury, Moon opposition Mercury, Moon sextile Mercury, and Moon trine Mercury.

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Synastry: Moon - Mercury Aspects Between Two Charts

When the Moon in one chart forms an aspect to another person's Mercury


Moon conjunct Mercury in synastry:

You enjoy long, intimate conversations, confiding in each other, sharing your inner feelings and thoughts. You enjoy "psychoanalyzing" each other and others as well. At worst, this can degrade into gossip and at best it can provide a depth of mutual understanding and self-discovery that is enlightening, nourishing, and refreshing. Moon has a seemingly uncanny ability to sense what Mercury is thinking or wanting to say. At times, Mercury's responses may seem overly logical or rational to Moon, who could be in the mood to enjoy more tender, hard to define moments. Mercury is compelled to find answers to Moon's comments, complaints, and problems. Sometimes, Moon isn't really looking for answers. Instead, Moon is simply looking to express feelings to get them out in the air, and answers or solutions are not necessary.


Moon opposition Mercury in synastry:

Lively, insightful conversations are frequent in this relationship. You love confiding in each other, pouring out your deepest concerns, fears, and hopes to each other. You also enjoy discussing and analyzing issues at length. In general, these conversations are enjoyable and enlightening, but occasionally they may degrade into gossip and Mercury may sometimes take an overly intellectual, cool, detached approach to Moon's feelings. You may find that you take each other rather personally, with Moon being particularly sensitive when Mercury takes on a cerebral approach or stance on an issue.


Moon square Mercury in synastry:

Mercury needs to guard against the tendency to be critical, unsympathetic, and overly analytical of Moon's feelings, personal tastes, and habits. Mercury may feel that Moon is overly sensitive to criticism, and refuses to acknowledge responsibility for the problem as well. Petty annoyances, minor disagreements, and bickering can be avoided only if you both learn to listen sympathetically and to communicate clearly with each other. Avoid focusing on "syntax errors" with each other. How things are said are not as important as the meaning behind them. Taking things too personally can get in the way of true communication.


Moon trine Mercury in synastry:

Mercury very easily stimulates Moon towards self-expression. This aspect means that you feel very comfortable chit-chatting about practically anything under the sun! This ease with one another is probably noticeable right from the start of your relationship, and the easygoing nature of your interaction will feel tremendous! Who else could you share such personal issues with in such an easy manner? You enjoy long talks and you feel very much at home with each other. You are able to openly share your feelings about various issues, whether they are political, religious, or personal in nature. You will find that as you spend more time together, your tastes, interests, hobbies, and activities tend to blend together harmoniously. The feeling of friendship and inner understanding of each other is very satisfying and of a very positive nature.


Moon sextile Mercury in synastry:

Long, friendly conversations are frequent in your relationship. You are able to openly share your inner feelings and concerns, and very often you may feel that there are very few other people that understand and appreciate you as well as your partner does! This is true even in the early stages of your relationship. The deep level of mutual understanding and appreciation inclines your friendship to be a long, harmonious one. Mercury feels comfortable and at ease with Moon, and often encourages Moon to talk about anything under the sun. You may find that you easily share personal information with each other, and feel comfortable doing so, as each of you is sincerely interested in what the other has to share. Both of you may enjoy little changes and "busy-ness" in your environment. Sharing memories with each other can be a favorite pastime. This interchart aspect suggests that you have an opportunity to solve problems in a rational and reasonable manner. Enjoy!

General notes on Moon-Mercury contacts in synastry:

When handled well, the Moon person brings imagination and "color" to the Mercury person's thought processes. Communication is stimulated. When challenging, the Moon person is bound to find the Mercury person too rational, nitpicky, and detached from time to time; while the Mercury person can be irritated by the Moon person's seeming oversensitivity and mood swings. This can be rather challenging in a close relationship.

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