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Synastry: Mercury-Venus Aspects

When Mercury in your chart forms an aspect to another person's Venus

When Mercury in your chart forms an aspect to your partner's Venus, exchanges of ideas are exciting. You are inclined to "chat" with each other a lot, finding much to share with one another.

When your Mercury forms a challenging aspect (square, opposition, or quincunx) to your partner's Venus, the exciting exchange of ideas may eventually be the source of some conflict. This is not a highly challenging aspect. In truth, the fact that these two planets form an aspect at all is quite stimulating, suggesting a flow of ideas between the two of you. However, a challenging aspect can suggest that both of you compete a little in your communications. Instead of truly listening to each other, and taking turns expressing yourselves, you often cut each other off in your excitement to share each other's own stories or perspectives. One or both of you, perhaps at different times, may sometimes feel the other person is self-centered.

Try not to let this problem become a major source of irritation—it needn't be! Be aware that the way your energies combine creates an exciting and stimulating flow of ideas and exchanges.

Your partner might sometimes interpret what you say as somewhat shallow or unnecessarily factual. A healthier approach would be for your partner to encourage you to spice up your chatter with feeling and imagination, helping you to infuse your conversations with more warmth and color. You might find your partner's conversations a little vain or illogical at times. Ideally, you will add some analysis and facts to his/her stories, helping your partner to expand his/her conversations beyond simply putting himself/herself in the spotlight. Your feelings towards each other are sometimes misunderstood too, with one of you perhaps feeling more romantic and the other person feeling inclined towards logic. Your Venus partner, in particular, might be in a romantic frame of mind, only to face a certain level of detachment in your Mercurial responses.

When the aspect between Mercury and Venus is a flowing one (sextile or trine), your Venus partner expands your horizons in the areas of leisure and the arts (music, culture, art, and literature, for example), and, often unconsciously, attempts to "soften" your sensibilities. While your Venus partner is subtly sensitizing your outlook, you stimulate your partner to talk about, and give form and structure to, these pleasures. There is a natural and mutual sensitivity to each other, and very often you are capable of finishing each other's sentences because of this attunement. You encourage each other to express yourselves, and there is an easy flow of communication as a result. How comforting! In fact, this aspect helps smooth over other areas that might be problematic in the relationship, simply because there is an uncomplicated element to communications that helps put both parties at ease. When the aspect is a conjunction, the interaction can go either way, but it is very likely that you find a lot of common ground and complement each other well.

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