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Planetary Aspects


Planetary Aspects in the Natal Chart:



The Quincunx (Inconjunct) Aspects

The Semi-Sextile Aspects

The Quintile and Bi-quintile Aspects

The Parallel Aspects

Although most interpretations of planetary aspects can be found by clicking through on the links above, we are also working on expanded interpretations for individual aspects:

Sun conjunct Moon
Sun semi-sextile Moon
Sun semi-square Moon
Sun sextile Moon
Sun quintile/biquintile Moon
Sun square Moon
Sun trine Moon
Sun sesquiquadrate Moon
Sun inconjunct Moon
Sun opposition Moon
Sun parallel Moon
Sun conjunct Mercury
Sun semi-sextile Mercury
Sun parallel Mercury
Sun conjunct Venus
Sun semi-sextile Venus
Sun semi-square Venus
Sun parallel Venus
Sun conjunct Mars
Sun semi-sextile Mars
Sun semi-square Mars
Sun sextile Mars
Sun quintile/biquintile Mars
Sun square Mars
Sun trine Mars
Sun sesquiquadrate Mars
Sun inconjunct Mars
Sun opposition Mars
Sun parallel Mars
Sun conjunct Jupiter
Sun semi-sextile Jupiter
Sun semi-square Jupiter
Sun sextile Jupiter
Sun quintile/biquintile Jupiter
Sun square Jupiter
Sun trine Jupiter
Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter
Sun inconjunct Jupiter
Sun opposition Jupiter
Sun parallel Jupiter
Sun conjunct Saturn
Sun semi-sextile Saturn
Sun semi-square Saturn
Sun sextile Saturn
Sun quintile/biquintile Saturn
Sun square Saturn
Sun trine Saturn
Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn
Sun inconjunct Saturn
Sun opposition Saturn
Sun parallel Saturn
Sun conjunct Uranus
Sun semi-sextile Uranus
Sun semi-square Uranus
Sun sextile Uranus
Sun quintile/biquintile Uranus
Sun square Uranus
Sun trine Uranus
Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus
Sun inconjunct Uranus
Sun opposition Uranus
Sun parallel Uranus
Sun conjunct Pluto
Sun semi-sextile Pluto
Sun semi-square Pluto
Sun sextile Pluto
Sun quintile/biquintile Pluto
Sun square Pluto
Sun trine Pluto
Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto
Sun inconjunct Pluto
Sun opposition Pluto
Sun parallel Pluto
Sun conjunct Chiron
Sun semi-sextile Chiron
Sun semi-square Chiron
Sun sextile Chiron
Sun quintile/biquintile Chiron
Sun square Chiron
Sun trine Chiron
Sun sesquiquadrate Chiron
Sun inconjunct Chiron
Sun opposition Chiron
Sun parallel Chiron