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Aquarius Daily Horoscope


Aquarius Daily Horoscope

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May 1, 2016

The Sun forms a sextile with Neptune this morning, and we have better access to our imagination and intuition. What feels like serendipity experienced now may actually have to do with a good sense of timing and feeling in synch. We are more generous and charitable with our time and energy. We are able to see people and situations from a different perspective--one that allows for, and finds beauty in, differences. Charitable acts can be satisfying. This is a good time for self-improvement programs or efforts. Instinctual judgment is enhanced under this influence. The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 10:34 AM EDT, when it enters Pisces. The Pisces Moon is compassionate, sensitive, giving, and perceptive at its best and noncommittal or avoidant when challenged.

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This Month: Aquarius

April 2016

Uranus is quite active this month, dear Aquarius, and as your ruler and a long-term guest in your communications sector, this puts a big spotlight on matters of enterprise, initiative, independence, communications, transportation, connections, and learning. The New Moon on the 7th aligns with Uranus, and is another push to action or inspiration.

You can discover the right information at the right time, particularly from the 9-12. Your mind is likely to be flooded with exciting new ideas and possibilities now. Things that you've previously resisted learning can suddenly become appealing and relevant. You might make connections through the internet, on the phone, or even in the neighborhood that impact your life greatly. Your personal magnetism is strong. Conversations with friends can be inspiring and stimulating. There may be opportunities to meet someone special through groups, acquaintances, and networking. Your creative powers are strong.

Another strong theme running through April revolves around home life, family, and personal matters. Increasingly as the month progresses, you're looking for familiar, safe, and secure situations and setups. Slowing down, taking time to for yourself, and connecting with family become more attractive as April progresses, and this is a good thing, not only because it's part of a natural solar cycle, but also because of retrograde activity. While the first half of the month can feel exciting, it's better not to take on too much, as you might find that it can be difficult following through. Feel the inspiration, but hold off on making big commitments until you're certain your new ideas have staying power.

Mars is retrograde from April 17th to June 29th, and in the first leg of this retrograde cycle (until late May), your social life can become complicated. A friend may be distant or in a phase of rethinking matters. Friendships, in general, require more care this month and next. Misunderstandings can be frequent and complications can arise. You might also take this time to re-assess your longer-term goals, group associations, friendships, educational situation, and communication projects. The past can look a little more tempting at this time, and this is especially so with Pluto also turning retrograde around the same time (the 18th). There can be a possibly obsessive focus on problems of the past. Take the time to review your feelings, but don't let them distract you from your current path for very long. The initial intensity will soon subside and you'll be in a strong position for observing and understanding your deepest desires, fears, and attachments.

Later in the Mars retrograde cycle, you'll be reassessing long-term goals and possibly your career path or recent choices. Prepare for this, but for now, pay special attention to how you might improve your life on a social level. You may be returning to old groups or even friendships, but not all answers lie in the past, so take a second look but keep your options open.

Fortunately, from the 5-29, Venus is enhancing your overall charm. There can be special invitations and more opportunities to enjoy yourself. The important things to remember this month are to avoid taking on too much and to proceed slowly but surely. Look to the past for some answers, but don't dwell so much on the past that you miss the beauty of the moment. Around the 22nd, look for opportunities on the career level and be ready to perform - others are taking notice of your talents. However, honor the need for home, family, and support systems as well.

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This Year: Aquarius

2016 Yearly Horoscope Overview

In 2016, there is a continued focus on your intimate life, dear Aquarius, until September. You are more introspective than usual, and perhaps quite selective about what you share. There is a lot on your mind, and not enough time to share it with everyone. Your approach to friendships, networking, and group associations is changing; and so are your core values. More time to yourself ruminating can do you a world of good now, although people in your life may find you hard to reach at times!

Fortune or luck is found behind the scenes and even beneath the covers while Jupiter continues to expand your intimacy sector until September 9th. You're discovering and embracing your deeper desires and needs. There may be stronger focus on one friend or partner during this period. It's a powerful time for dealing with deeper psychological matters as well. You may be able to hone in on problem areas that have been holding you back from embracing the happiness you deserve.

From mid-September, your focus begins to turn outward and onward. While some introspection continues to benefit you all year, this is a time for adding some adventure and action to the mix. Many of you will be focusing on learning, traveling, and publishing. It's an excellent time for boosting your skills in preparation for a career peak of sorts happening in 2017 and 2018. Connections with faraway cultures, people, or a broader knowledge base can open up opportunities to grow personally. Teaching and sharing knowledge can be in strong focus. It's a good time for publishing and media.

Money matters continue to require attention this year with eclipses occurring that shake things up. There can be changes in a spouse's income for some, or in your support systems. Financially, when Jupiter moves into the ninth house in September, the picture looks brighter - not that it was difficult before then, but there is now more forward motion, easier flow, and an optimistic approach to earning and acquiring. It's more about your power to earn than about dependencies on systems and other people. This can also be a time for investing in higher education or specialized training. Until September, incoming support can be strong. It's generally a good time to borrow, within reason, of course.

Regarding career, while there is some activity with Mars in Scorpio (from January 3-March 5 and then May 27 to August 2nd), overall this is not an area of much change in 2016. You're likely to be adjusting your goals and doing some extra thinking about career aspirations, particularly in June, which you can apply or put into action in July.

There is a Lunar Eclipse occurring in your sign in August, and this is the first in a set of eclipses that are designed to pull you out of usual habits when it comes to close partnerships and matters of independence. This process occurs from August 2016 to January 2019, and will force issues that may have been brewing. You have a lot of time to sort out your needs for both autonomy and partnership, but you'll start to see signs of the need for changes this August.

Intimacy and depth in love relationships is emphasized until September, after which freedom and discovery become stronger themes. June and July seem to be the busiest times for love and attraction. There can be times when you might go out on a limb for pleasure and romance in June.

There is especially good energy with you for communications, publishing, and learning. Particularly from September forward, Aquarians who are studying or specializing can find good channels and connections for expression and improvement. April is also quite strong for connecting and sharing ideas. Relationships with fellow students as well as teachers are strengthened. Beneficial friendships may be formed through your pursuit of education goals or through travel. From December forward, and well into 2017, you benefit from a wonderful angle between your rulers, Uranus and Saturn, connecting you in beneficial ways with friends and groups. This can be a stabilizing time, when finding a good work-life balance comes naturally.

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This Year in Love: Aquarius

New! 2016 Love Horoscope for Aquarius

Jupiter is moving through your intimacy sector until September 2016, dear Aquarius, and you're exploring your deeper needs and desires. This is about seeking out and finding joy in your closest relationships and getting in deeper touch with your needs. People help you during this period. You may be less independent than usual, but this is can be a wonderful thing, as you opening up to others' involvement in your life.

There tends to be more ease and flow to the deeper aspects of any love relationship. You are more natural and open when it comes to sharing yourself on intimate levels. Your intimate life can feel richer and more rewarding. You may be opening up to new ways of expressing your inner world or sexuality. This is a time for slowing down and enjoying the more languid moments of relationships. There can be someone who helps open you up to new ways of relating.

Jupiter can work magic on your intimate and sexual relationships. Sexual opportunities are likely to abound, or your focus on one partner becomes more expansive, warm, and intimate. Your private life may feel like a magical secret garden at times during this Jupiter transit that lasts until September, 2016. Jupiter's trine to Pluto from October, 2015, to June, 2016, gives this transit even more depth and punch. For some of you, this can point to a friendship that deepens or turns into a serious partnership.

A Lunar Eclipse in August, 2016, occurs in your sign, and this is the first in a set of eclipses that will fall in your sign and your opposing sign from August 2016 to January 2019, along your identity-relationship axis. During this period, you'll be doing a lot of "work" on discovering what you want, both as an independent individual, and in partnership. This series of eclipses points to some drama as you make important discoveries about who you are and what you want.

Pluto in your privacy sector can have the effect of stirring up a lot of psychic and emotional "slush" to deal with at times. You may keep a lot of this to yourself, but of course, the process can indirectly affect your relationships, ultimately for the better!

Because your romance sector ruler is Mercury, your close relationships are...cont'd

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