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Capricorn Daily Horoscope


Capricorn Daily Horoscope

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The Astrology of Today - All Signs

February 12, 2016

With the Moon in Aries all day, our reactions are quick and decisive. The more impatient side of this Moon position is likely to come to the fore this morning, when the Moon forms a square with Pluto and aligns with Uranus. We can accomplish more if we are careful not to be too hasty. Our feelings and desires are fiery, immediate, and hard to ignore. The Sun and Moon harmonize this evening, and we can enjoy increased clarity derived from a feeling that what we want and what we need are in harmony. We are more able to cooperate with others under this influence.

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This Month: Capricorn

February 2016

You're in a great position to shine for what you do best in the first two weeks of February, dear Capricorn. Your charm is strong, people are appreciating your input and drawn to your personal style, and you are clearer about your goals and feelings. Opportunities to express yourself eloquently can emerge, particularly around the 6th and 8-9.

All month, you are rather anxious to turn over a new leaf, excited about new ideas, and ready to put plans into motion. The 2-3 is stellar for personal influence, connecting with friends, working towards a cherished cause, and putting your talents to good use. Changes you are making now can be defining. You are discovering your own true personal power, and many of you are doing so through networking, sharing, and connecting with others.

On the 8-9, Venus in your sign connects with lucky Jupiter and healing Chiron. Energies are ripe for looking at life in an especially positive way. There can be opportunities and opening doors in matters surrounding romance, travel, education, creativity, or children. Personal magnetism is strong. This can also be a time when a passionate belief gives you the courage to express yourself without fear and disclaimers. Friends or associates can be a source of opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience around the 13th. This can be a strong time for publishing a work, joining a group or workshop, furthering a cause, or making a new friend. You may be exposed to a broader viewpoint through your connections, and this changes your personal philosophy in positive, growth-oriented ways. People you meet now could have a strong impact on your future.

There is also a stronger interest in money matters and personal resources this month. The New Moon on the 8th brings take-charge energy for these matters, and the week following it is excellent for making money and also for acquiring new things. This can be a time for bonuses and raises for some of you. From the 16th forward especially, you're in a good position to assess where you stand on business, financial, and practical matters.

The Full Moon on the 22nd occurs in your adventure and learning sector - an area of your solar chart that's already hosting Jupiter and the North Node. This awakens a need to follow your interests, to pursue a new way of thinking or personal interest, to expand your knowledge, to share your ideas with others, and to break the routine in significant ways. This is about venturing forth into some unknown territory in order to discover new ways of looking at your life, which requires some courage. With a Jupiter-Chiron opposition coming exact around the same time, you can more clearly see the fears and insecurities that may have been holding you back from heartily pursuing these goals. Addressing these issues is important now, as you're better off overcoming any fears of not knowing enough or of not being able to express your ideas clearly.

The 24-26 and the 29th are excellent for coming across good financial or business advice. You feel better equipped to make important decision. You feel better if you take a conservative approach. Love matters are also particularly influenced by practical considerations.

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This Year: Capricorn

2016 Yearly Horoscope Overview

The year ahead is strong for learning, broadening your horizons, and career advances, dear Capricorn. Jupiter transits your sector of spirit until September 9th, helping you to see the positive in whatever you do. Take advantage of any opportunity to learn, grow, and improve during this fortunate transit. There can be opportunities to publish, share ideas, and connect with people who help open your mind and expand your consciousness.

All year, you're encouraged to build your faith and understanding of where you stand as well as what you believe in. Study, learn, and connect in order to make the most of this positive time of growth and perspective. This is also a strong time for teaching, guiding, and mentoring. There can be recognition for your wisdom.

In March, use the energy of the Solar Eclipse in your communications sector to push a communications project forward, and the power of the Lunar Eclipse for sorting out your ambitions and career aspirations.

Socially, there can be some hiccups in 2016, particularly from May 27-June 29. This can also be a time for reorganizing some of your long-term goals and plans. Any slowdowns or delays occurring now can be fortunate - they help you make important changes and edits, or to perfect and strengthen a project.

Saturn, your ruler, spends the entire year in your privacy sector, and this can have the effect of pulling into yourself more frequently. You could find it difficult to make commitments and you might feel drained by daily communications, particularly while Saturn squares Neptune, peaking in June and September. It will be important to make a conscious effort to reach out to others more often. The Full Moon on May 21st can bring strong awareness of health or emotional issues that have been standing in the way of progress. You may be attracted to alternative ways of living, and to self-study fields, such as psychoanalysis, which can be very helpful.

Pluto continues to transit your sign, challenging you to get in better touch with yourself and to embrace who you are. You are ridding yourself of false images, changing the way you view yourself and altering the ways others see you. There is a rebirth of your image happening now, and combined with Saturn's influence in your solar twelfth house, this is a powerful time for making personal changes. People are seeing a new "you", and it's more authentic.

2016 is an important year for professional and self-development, with less emphasis on love relationships. Without major influences on your romantic and partnership sectors this year, you're less likely to make big changes in your love life. Mid-May and the last week of June to mid-July are the stronger periods of the year for attraction and relationship developments, even if they are minor ones. Friendships and family relationships are transforming, however.

August is a strong month for money matters, particularly related to the home. This is a strong year for doing work from home and work on the home as well. Many of you are vying for more financial independence. Overall, however, there is more focus on developing your skills and reputation or status in 2016 than there is on increasing income, although an influence beginning at the tail-end of the year should place more emphasis on organizing money matters.

A boon to your career, status, or reputation begins in September and is with you until October 2017. This is a time of strong visibility, even if your private life is still quite intense and in focus. It's a period for reaching higher, embracing your ambitions, and putting yourself out there professionally. Bosses and parents are seeing you in a very pleasant light. Your services or charity may come before the public eye, and there are opportunities for recognition. There is more prestige or increased pride in your work. You can be a stronger manager, teacher, or leader now.

From December forward, until well into 2017, blockages are released, particularly emotional ones and matters related to housing, family, and home life. This is a constructive period when solutions to long-standing problems arrive and help free you from mental pressure.

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This Year in Love: Capricorn

2016 Love Horoscope for Capricorn

Until August 11th, Jupiter transits your intimacy sector, which can help boost the intimacy level of a relationship, or even with yourself, as you learn to open up and discover new ways to express your desires. This is a time for embracing your desires and needs. It's a time of learning about a partner, about yourself, and about the myriad ways of expressing your affection.

The summer of 2015 can be up and down for partnerships, but the bigger theme revolves around sorting out friendships. In August especially, you may be on the fence about an intimate relationship, uncertain of your feelings or a partner's feelings.

From August 11th, 2015, to September 9, 2016, Jupiter transits in harmony with your sign. While this is not a transit that directly affects relationship houses, it's a good time for enjoying yourself and for managing the usual stresses of life better.

From October 2015 to June 2016, this Jupiter transit gets a nice boost and impacts you even more deeply. Jupiter forms a healthy aspect with Pluto, which is transiting your sign for the long term, and this encourages you to express and enjoy the more positive aspects of the sometimes complicated Pluto transit!

Speaking of the Pluto transit, this year it affects those born January 4-7 most directly (this also applies to people with a Capricorn Ascendant of 14 to 17 degrees). Pluto is the planet of transformation and stimulates deep personal changes. Loved ones will need to be patient as you get in touch with your deeper needs, and perhaps your "dark" side as well. You are learning about trust, faith, fear, and courage--really big issues. Some of you are being tested, so to speak, and might be dealing with betrayals or other intense experiences that get you more deeply in touch with yourself and your needs. You are learning this year to get more control over your life, and it is not without its challenges. As your energy fluctuates and you go through many personal ups and downs, partners need to be patient and understanding with you.

With Jupiter helping out Pluto for most of this period, you're in a better position to embrace your deeper needs and wants, to understand and acknowledge your passions, and to find ways to channel this important energy. Discovering what makes you tick is part of this. Using it to make positive changes in your life is vital now.

A big theme during this period of your life involves deeper introspection, and it will be important for people in your life to give you the leeway to explore...more

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