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Libra Daily Horoscope


Libra Daily Horoscope


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February 28, 2015

The Moon is in Cancer all day, where it feels right at home. Midday, the Moon squares Uranus and then opposes Pluto, and we may take a departure from the norm. Some sudden, although likely minor, changes are possible now. Plans may change direction unexpectedly. There can be some intensity in our personal relationships and/or some sort of inner emotional turmoil. Avoid confrontations and mind games. We can more easily access the healing potential of the Cancer Moon in the latter half of the day. We are insular and our feelings run deep, making it an ideal time to get in touch with what motivates us.

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This Month: Libra

February 2015

Your social life can have its ups and downs this month, dear Libra, and you're bringing strong, creative, and innovative energy to your work or daily routines in February. Any excessiveness when it comes to friendships and extra projects can become glaring this month, and you can reach some sort of epiphany. You are in high demand, but you can only do so much. You're not accepting the same old, same old when it comes to daily life and work, and social or romantic opportunities through these things are likely to present themselves. Even so, romantic matters can be complicated, particularly around the 9-12, but you seem to have a solution around the 18th, even if it comes as a sweeping decision. It's time to start fresh, and if it means shaking things up and a bit of drama, then so be it. From the 19-20, partnerships really begin to heat up. You have added courage to make changes, to innovate, and to get things going, and some of you may be in hot pursuit of exactly what you want in a relationship. You are especially willing to take a few risks, with your heart especially. Attractions and desires can come on suddenly and forcefully, and you won't accept anything less than pure sparkle in your associations. It can be difficult to think of much else. You can be especially impulsive now, but by the 24-25, you're ready to bring everything back down to earth. This is a strong time for coming up with a solid plan with someone special. In the last week of the month, there is continued focus on work and health, but it's more about making things work and getting back on track than shaking things up.

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This Year: Libra

2015 Yearly Horoscope Overview

Jupiter continues to bring benefits through your friendships, fills you with ideas and hope regarding the future, and rewards your efforts to reach out to others in 2015, dear Libra. You'll feel this most from April through June, but to some degree as well from the beginning of the year up until August 11th. Team or group work and networking bring opportunities and fill you with much happiness and hope. You'll also be actively reshaping your image, presenting a more authentic and confident "you" to the world, and learning the benefits of independence, healthy self-assertion, and self-assurance. This "lesson" is with you until October-November, when you begin to see the benefits of enjoying moments of stillness and solitude - getting more comfortable with alone time, as well as spiritual renewal. However, the groundwork is laid for these things starting mid-August, when Jupiter moves into your spiritual twelfth house. This new trend is, in many ways, a quiet, preparatory stage. However, it has its distinct benefits. Faith in your intuition builds as you search within and find answers. Compassion also increases, and you can find great satisfaction in helping and supporting others. You might work on ridding yourself of unhealthy guilt and a state of feeling in debt to others spiritually. While this is a somewhat private period, and happily so, it's also a time when centering yourself and coming to peace with yourself improves your communications and personal presentation. There can be work done behind the scenes now, which you may only be ready to release a year from now.

March and April can be an important period for starting a new job or health program. April brings a Lunar Eclipse in your sign, making it a good time to release or publish a project, make a career change, take on a new role, come out with a new look or image, or otherwise express yourself in new and exciting ways - you'll pull it all off. In the summer, you're likely to be dealing with financial problems that you may have left undone, unfinished, or interrupted. August can involve some issues to sort out with friends. From September forward, pressures on finances ease considerably. Ideally, you're in a much better, more mature place on this level. You know what you're capable of bringing in, and you have money matters sorted out and organized going forward. Helping you along is a wonderful aspect between your finance ruler, Pluto, and lucky Jupiter from October forward (until June 2016). This is a time for financial renewal, rebuilding, strategy, and improvement. It's also a powerful time for healing and strengthening family ties. You are becoming very comfortable with yourself on the inside, which of course will benefit you across the board. You do need to watch that you don't overdo service to others if it's interfering with self-care, and for escapist tendencies. Don't hide yourself away from responsibilities, as tempting as it may be.

However, from September 17-October 9, take the time to back up and reassess recent projects, ideas, decisions, and endeavors rather than push forward blindly. It's an important time for making adjustments and important edits. While the last week of June through to early August stimulates a surge of ambition and energy for achieving your career goals, watch for over the top or impulsive actions and decisions from June 24-July 16. If courage is what you need to make important changes, then you'll find it then, but be sure that you know what you're doing. New energy is with you for disciplining yourself mentally in 2015 - a trend that will continue until 2017. For much of this year, Saturn is in positive relationship to your sign, and this fact alone helps to ease pressure on your physical body and stimulates a more positive attitude towards taking on responsibilities. However, as you adjust to this energy, you may feel some pressure mentally - to get organized, manage your daily affairs in a more orderly manner, and pay closer attention to time management. In time, you'll be working on honing and sharpening your communication skills, and you may be learning to communicate with more authority, or learning a particular skill or topic more deeply. With Jupiter in your privacy zone and stern Saturn in your communications sector, there will be times from mid-September forward when others find you hard to reach. Personal magnetism and sex appeal receive a huge boost from mid-November to December 4th, although most of October is also quite good for attracting positive attention.

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This Year in Love: Libra

2014 Love Horoscope for Libra

In the first half of the year, people in your life may barely recognize you at times, as there are strong influences on you that bring out perhaps unseen or rarely seen elements of your personality to the fore. For one thing, Mars is in your sign for an extended stay, until July 25th. This influence that began in December 2013 brings out your more assertive, go-getting, spontaneous, and possibly even volatile qualities. You are more direct, open, and sometimes impatient during this cycle. You want to have your way, and while Libras are known for their compromising ways, unacknowledged or buried desires now tend to rule.

As well, Venus, your ruler, is retrograde at the beginning of the year and until January 31st, and some of your naturally pleasing and appeasing traits are more difficult to see during this period.

Mars, the planet of energy, anger, activity, and sexuality, begins to move "backwards" (retrograde) in your own sign from March 1-May 19. During this cycle, you could find that you are less confident about expressing yourself in adventurous ways. You may be second-guessing yourself, and this is a natural process as you reassess how you have been going about meeting life and reacting/acting. It's a good time for refining these things. You could be a little tired and more accident-prone, so be sure to rest up. It's time to rethink, revise, and reorganize your plans. How you assert yourself and how you go about going after what you want out of life are two things that are up for review now. You are also examining the way anger has helped or impaired your life, and coming up with new ways to manage it. In the process, you can experience some real frustrations. The end result, ideally, is a much-improved you. Slowly but surely, from May 19th forward, you regain your confidence, finding that you believe in yourself for solider reasons than you did before.

With the North Node in your sign from February forward, this theme of learning to be independent is reinforced. Your challenge is to learn how to rely on yourself, which ultimately will bring you joy and opportunity. This does not mean excluding a partner from your life. It simply means that in order to experience balanced relationships, you need to work on building internal peace, rather than focusing on achieving peace and balance through relationships. It's time to take care of yourself and discover or re-discover your true needs and desires!

Again this year, you are more attracted to people who are free-spirited, individualistic, and possibly even eccentric or unstable as close partners; or you attract these types of people into your experience without necessarily wanting to! You are learning about giving freedom to others, and this isn't always easy, particularly in April and December, when disagreements about or with family can surface. Relationships can be unpredictable at this time. As a Libra, learning to detach yourself from some of the too-dependent elements of partnering can be a difficult thing, but if you learn that you can in fact subsist independently, you are more able to relate to others on a healthy level, more able to choose what and who is right for you in a relationship, and less likely to allow others to take advantage of your obliging nature.

Jupiter moves into your friendship zone in mid-July, making the second half of the year lighter and more sociable. This generally brings new or improved friendships into our lives, which should be the case for you, but because Jupiter forms a nice aspect with Uranus, ruler of your romance sector, which is in your partnership sector, this can influence your romantic life. This may not bring committed relationship energy into your world, but it certainly can help you to embrace the changes that Uranus is bringing to the world of your relationships. Some of you could be meeting a partner through a friend, partnering with a friend, or enjoying improved relations with a significant other. There is happier energy for dating as well. You are experimenting with relationships and attitudes that you never explored before, and opening your mind to new possibilities...

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