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Cancer Daily Horoscope


Cancer Daily Horoscope

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The Astrology of Today - All Signs

May 6, 2016

The Moon is in Taurus all day, and a New Moon occurs at 3:29 PM EDT in the sign. This is a good time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Bull. It's time to enjoy life's simple and physical pleasures--savor good food, and enjoy activities that bring us in touch with nature and with our bodies. It's time to stop and smell the roses, and to become more aware of what makes us feel comfortable and secure. This is a good cycle under which to re-evaluate our relationship to money and possessions, and to discover what truly makes us happy and fulfilled. With this potent Taurus energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives. It's time to make some solid yet realistic plans. This New Moon aligns with Mercury and Venus (widely), but is close to their midpoint. As well, it forms a trine with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and also with Pluto in Capricorn, as well as a wide sextile with Neptune. This suggests many channels for expressing ourselves, and many opportunities before us.

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This Month: Cancer

May 2016

This is a strong month for your social life, dear Cancer, even if there are some complications to deal with. Relationships in general are in focus, and for the most part, people are helpful and supportive of you.

There are plenty of wonderful spots this month, although they seem to be concentrated in the first half of May. There are many opportunities for good conversations particularly about past matters, resolving problems, forgiving, connecting, and giving others the benefit of the doubt. There are also treasures to be found in old projects, studies, and interests. Old friendships might be revisited. Travel plans may need some time to come together, but can be in strong focus. Rethinking some details of recent plans can work to your benefit in the long run. Partnerships are supportive and there can be good energy for legal and educational matters. Special dates for such opportunities are the 1-3, 9-10, 12-13, and 30th. The New Moon on the 6th can herald new beginnings related to friends, group associations, and important ideas and dreams. Your appetite for pleasure is also very strong in the first half of the month. Control this while still enjoying yourself, and life is good.

From the 9th forward, motivation to pursue personal interests or studies increases, and this will get even better in the next several months. Work and health matters can turn a corner as well, although there may be some hurdles to get over around the 21-22.

Your generosity and openness tend to attract friends and positive attention in general. While friends can enter or leave your life now, you're in a better position to learn who is truly on your side. There can be an increase in your personal influence in groups, with friends, and with a partner. You might especially enjoy coming to someone's aid. An overdue conversation might occur, and relationships can subtly improve. You may return to old or abandoned dreams and plans with new excitement.

The second half of the month is trickier than the first, but manageable. The 21-22 brings sudden awareness of something that's not working in the world of your work, daily routines, or health, or the need to make adjustments and meet deadlines. The 26th finds the final perfection of a Jupiter-Saturn square that serves as an important reminder of the limits of time and energy. If you have taken on too many personal projects or interests, you could find that this impacts your attention to responsibilities or professional goals. Look for ways to divide your attention in a more balanced way, even if this means cutting back on certain activities. Otherwise, the activities that you enjoy most can eventually feel burdensome. Frustrations aside, this is good time for structuring and simplifying your life in key ways.

Mars moves back into your romance and creativity sector on the 27th for the final month of its retrograde cycle, after which it will turn direct and spend even more time in this part of your solar chart. This can be a time for rediscovering old passions. There may be some delays in a creative project or even a romance, possibly due to setbacks, indecision, or stalling. However, you'll have plenty of time for sorting out your desires, needs, and goals in the coming months.

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This Year: Cancer

2016 Yearly Horoscope Overview

Major themes in 2016 are learning, skill-building, work, health, and family and home life, dear Cancer. This may not be the most glamorous of years, but it's a time for getting your life into better order and laying important ground work.

With Jupiter in your solar third house until September and Saturn in your solar sixth house all year, you're going to be doing a lot of learning, skill-building, and detail work, and yes, this can get overwhelming at times. Uranus in your career sector can certainly keep things up in the air, and with all of these factors combined, there can be a real sense that you're not sure where you're headed. However, be assured that what you're building now will eventually pay off. You definitely need to find ways to alleviate stress and lighten the load, particularly in March and May when time management is top priority. What excites you may not always be what you need to do for the time being, but finding a better balance between your activities and responsibilities will set you on the right path, even if the end goal is not yet in focus. Even so, you're likely to get a nice hint of what that might be, or at least a light at the end of the tunnel can appear, in December, when Saturn and Uranus form an alliance. This influence will follow you into 2017 and develop further then, and you're likely to find that hard work seems to be paying off.

The need for more self-discipline with your health and wellness programs as well as daily routines will make itself obvious at times this year. Areas of excess need to be pared down with Saturn in Sagittarius and your sector of work, health, and habits. Even so, work may require more learning, skill-building, and connecting. Paperwork, appointments, small trips, and errand-running can be in big focus this year. It will be important to improve your reliability and your ability to maintain schedules. Health and fitness goals are very attainable this year - it's in fact an excellent time to shape up.

Relationships with siblings and classmates can thrive. For some, neighbors can play key roles in your life this year. You can be very productive with studies, teaching, and writing. You are building your communications skills and are becoming far more confident about expressing yourself, and for good reason.

Love relationships can be angsty at times in the first half of the year. For much of the first seven months of 2016, Mars is heating up your desires and romantic life, some of this time in retrograde motion. The month of June may be the trickiest, when there can be a change of heart and some backtracking in romance. There can be hemming and hawing, some reconsidering of recent decisions, and for some, an old relationship comes into strong focus. A new approach to going after who and what you want becomes attractive, or downright necessary. July will see these matters clearing up, when motivation returns and you begin to slowly but surely express yourself more directly and spontaneously in love.

Alternatively or in addition, you can be feeling a great hunger to express yourself through creative channels. This can be a time for picking up hobbies or bringing old ones back to life in new, wonderful ways.

The last quarter of the year finds you more involved with family and home life, and quite a bit of joy in so doing. Some of you could be moving into bigger and/or better, more suitable homes, and others can be strongly focused on improving the ones they have. Family relationships can improve considerably. This is also a time when major new beginnings occur, even if you are not yet seeing where you're going with them (2017 is better for this). Some of the recent pressures on your time subside and you find it easier to center yourself and attend to your personal and emotional needs.

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This Year in Love: Cancer

2016 Love Horoscope for Cancer

Cancer love horoscope

For all Cancers, because Saturn is your partnership ruler, its movement in your solar chart and sign changes are significant in terms of what you are looking for in a relationship, as well as where you are more likely to find a partnership or where you may be focusing your energies in an existing partnership. From mid-September 2015 forward (until almost the end of 2017), we have a newer theme emerging. For one, you may be attracted to, or attracting, people who are Sagittarius-like, perhaps more freedom-oriented, philosophical, and adventurous. There can be less emphasis on more brooding, introspective types. You might also be working with a partner or meeting a partner through work or the fulfillment of your daily routine or health goals/issues.

Pluto in your partnership sector all year is nothing new for you - it's a long-term trend. This transit has the effect of ridding your life of superficialities in your close relationships, and slowly transforms your attitude towards committed relationship. You are learning about what partnering really means to you, and superficial or artificial interactions are no longer satisfying you, let alone carrying you.

Some of you could be dealing with obsessive behavior, either within yourself or coming from a partner, and fear of loss or betrayal. Lessons learned may not always be easy, but empowering in the end. This is especially true for those born July 4-9. Those Cancers born before these dates have already gone through the more acute elements of this influence, while Cancers born after these dates will experience this influence more directly in coming years. Your relationships may have distinct themes revolving around personal power, domination, jealousy, manipulation, or self-will. You are likely to be facing the deeper, and possibly darker, elements of your own personality through your close interactions with another. There can be power struggles and the facing of fears before eventual healing. For some, a relationship is taken to an entirely new level, and your life completely transforms as a result.

Another important theme during this period of your life is a trine between Jupiter and Pluto, which is active from October 2015 to June 2016. It...cont'd

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