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Scorpio Daily Horoscope


Scorpio Daily Horoscope

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May 4, 2016

The Moon is in pioneering, enterprising Aries all day. While this influence can be a little impatient and lacking in staying power, it's also very independent, open, and brave. We are more inclined to stand up for ourselves if necessary. Some self-focus is healthy now as we need to understand our needs. Later today, the Sun in Taurus and Saturn in Sagittarius approach a quincunx, perfecting very early into tomorrow. This can indicate temporary doubts. Lack of faith in what we are doing can temporarily hinder our movements and initiatives. We might now see the need to adjust our plans based on new responsibilities or a reality check.

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This Month: Scorpio

May 2016

A major focus this month is your relationships, dear Scorpio, and it's an important one. Sorting out problems and enjoying special moments with people in your life are satisfying activities in their own right, but can affect many different life departments as well. Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd in your partnership sector, and Mars is retrograde all month, so there can be some complications and challenges to overcome, but overall, this is a strong time for exploring feelings and attitudes. The New Moon on the 6th tends to get the ball rolling, but most of the first half of May is strong for re-defining relationships and relationship needs.

Jupiter's direct motion on the 9th contributes to hopefulness about your connections as well as long-term plans. Essentially, it's bringing your social life to life! This will be more obvious in coming months, but for now, you're finding more joy in connecting. More and more, group activities and associations reveal themselves as avenues for fulfilling your own goals. Jupiter turns direct at the same time that Mercury forms its inferior conjunction the Sun in your partnership zone, pointing to a whole new perspective of one-on-one relationships.

Love is gracious at this time, and special dates for building faith include the 2-3, 9-10, 12-13, and 30th. Some of you might reconnect with an old friend or partner, or reach a new understanding of a past relationship. Increased clarity comes not only from willingness to learn from others but also helping them to express themselves. Willingness to let someone else take the stage opens up new levels in personal relationships right now, which have a chance to grow. Editing and revising work are strongly favored this month as well.

The 21-22 is a trickier period of May that can bring revelations and possible conflicts to the foreground. Money matters can be a big theme now. There can be a tug of war going on with someone or within yourself over money, possessions, and matters of control. Whatever emerges now can force a needed change.

In the last week of May, do a reality check with money and resources before putting more of these things into your projects. Rules and limits can need some attention. This is a time for dealing with recent excesses with activities that have taken you away from your practical responsibilities too often. Simplifying your life should be the focus for best results.

From May 27th, Mars spends the last month of its retrograde in your sign. The usual channels for asserting yourself, pursuing your desires, and expressing anger are not available or seem blocked or inappropriate now. Until you find new ones, you could feel a little frustrated. Watch that you don't allow unacknowledged or buried desires drive your behavior. You may not be as quick to take action. Examine the ways anger has helped or impaired your life so that you can find better ways of managing it. Focusing on review, editing, and digesting rather than new initiatives is your best bet now, and may very well lead to better results down the road. Slow down, rethink, and regroup.

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This Year: Scorpio

2016 Yearly Horoscope Overview

2016 is an important year for expanding your contacts, building upon your natural talents, and putting your financial affairs into order, dear Scorpio. Jupiter continues to harmonize with your sign until September 9th, and this boosts your overall mood as well as protects you from too much focus on petty problems.

Fiery, assertive Mars, one of your rulers, is a guest in your sign January 3-March 3, and then May 27-August 2nd - a total of four months compared to the average two. This boosts your energy and personal power levels, and motivates you to pursue personal plans.

However, there are hurdles, particularly while Mars is retrograde from April 17-June 29. Until the retrograde period, be sure not to overplay your hand. While Mars is retrograde, energy may be wasted, or you could feel as if you're spinning your wheels from time to time. Desires can be complicated, and you might often feel frustrated as you don't know where to direct your energies. Learn about your innermost desires and motivations and focus on reorganizing during this period, especially May 27-June 29, and then apply what you've learned as you move your plans forward with more clarity and confidence in July.

This is an important year for your social life and creative world. There can be some drama and eye-opening experiences in romance with both Solar and Lunar eclipses stimulating your sectors of romance, creativity, and friendship in March and September. Any feelings you've kept at bay about people in your life are awakened and can seem urgent.

A new communications project can excite you and bring you into contact with interesting, helpful people, particularly from March to June. Some of you are expanding internet businesses now. You are in a great position to build a following for your projects and ideas. Learn, share, and enjoy the enthusiasm.

Avoid, as much as possible, taking on so many things that you don't have the time to specialize. Jupiter's enthusiasm is a wonderful thing, but it can sometimes lure us into thinking that life will always be this exciting, when the truth is our energy levels ebb and flow.

Money matters require special attention again this year. This is about moderation and simplicity with Saturn in your resources sector for all of 2016 and 2017. Cutting back on personal expenses can help boost business income, which looks quite strong until September. Think in terms of reorganizing and cutting back on redundancies. Consider that entertainment or romance may be, in some way, draining either your bank account directly or indirectly as these things can take you away from earning what you're worth. Of course, you need to have some fun, and this is fine, but there can be some real areas of waste in these areas with Neptune in your creativity, romance, and children sector. Saturn in your money zone wants you to earn what you're worth and to take charge of your income and possessions. Beginning in December, you'll have an easier time finding innovative ways to boost your financial status.

From September 9th forward, Jupiter moves into your spiritual house of endings and  will be a guest there for thirteen months. This is a time for discovering the benefits of enjoying moments of stillness and solitude, and getting more comfortable with alone time, as well as spiritual renewal. Faith in yourself follows faith in your intuition. This is a preparatory year that precedes the Jupiter in Scorpio transit that will begin in October 2017. It's a time for resolving any feelings of spiritual debt you may have to the world and to others. While this is a somewhat private period, and happily so, it's also a time when coming to peace with yourself improves your feelings of self-worth and even your finances. There can be work done behind the scenes now. Pay special attention to the need for some level of retreat and to spiritual needs and concerns for excellent results.

2016 is strong for socializing, communicating, making powerful connections, sorting out finances, and healing. Make time for yourself and peace with others for maximum success and reward.

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This Year in Love: Scorpio

2015-2016 Love Horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Pressure is releasing during this period of your life, and while the two major astrological factors behind this are not directly affecting your love relationship sectors, dear Scorpio, this definitely does free you up for kinder, easier times with others.

The first factor is Jupiter moving out of your professional sector on August 8th, 2015, and into your friendship sector. This transit will last until September 2016, and brings a general feeling of ease with others. This sector of your solar chart rules acquaintances, friends, teams, and groups, and brings benefits to and from any of these. While Jupiter in your professional sector was not a difficult transit, it nevertheless had your attention on your performance, which can be sexy to some, but may have also left less time for close relationships.

The second factor that points to an easier time for relationships is Saturn leaving your sign, this time permanently (or at least for 29 or so years), in September, 2015. Saturn in your sign since October 2012 has brought quite a bit of seriousness to your personality. While it has ideally left you feeling stronger, more mature, and more organized, there has been energy surrounding you that may have cut you off from love opportunities. As well, spontaneity has not been your forte.

Until mid-September when Saturn leaves your sign, you can be busy building strength and balance in your life, and the work that you do on these matters will serve you very well in the future. Jupiter's move into your friendship sector in August does help, as there is a stronger feeling of being supported by others than was the case in the last couple of years.

These shifts are very important for spontaneity, good humor, and warmth of presentation, as some of these qualities have been a little lacking recently. You are likely to feel considerably lighter during this period of your life...cont'd

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