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Scorpio Daily Horoscope


Scorpio Daily Horoscope

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The Astrology of Today - All Signs

November 26, 2015

Saturn forms a square with Neptune this morning - the first in a series that will recur in June and September, 2016. We've likely been feeling this energy in the past weeks and it will stick with us for much of 2016. Some feelings of disillusionment can come now as our dreams and ideals can be put to the test. Questioning our faith in our dreams can lead to lack of follow-through or wasteful activities and avoidance of responsibilities. Ideally, this crisis leads to a realignment of material goals and spiritual ideals as we assess what is truly meaningful to us. Financial restrictions may seem to block our plans, or we could feel a sudden lack of inspiration. We might be forced to face issues we've been avoiding or putting off, or deal with addictions, money drains, and other behaviors that have been dragging us down. Sacrifices may need to be made in order to gain materially or spiritually. It's important to simplify and detoxify, but also reach out to others for support and guidance. Over the coming year, it will be important to take a hard look at our addictions, fears, and attitudes that have us chained to situations and that keep us from growing and moving on/forward. The Moon is in Gemini all day.

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This Month: Scorpio

November 2015

November has the potential of being a quieter month for you, dear Scorpio, even though it's a power month in some key ways. You are certainly attracting attention and in charge. After a couple of months in which you tended to keep to yourself more than usual, you're considerably more engaged and ready to make things happen. Others are noticing and hearing you loud and clear in the first three weeks of November. This is a time for really shining and for feeling more in control of your life, particularly having to do with your image, body, and personality. The New Moon on the 11th is in your sign, and gets a nice boost from Jupiter and Pluto. This brings strong energy for new starts. Begin your solar year with confidence and mindfulness. In the week following the New Moon, you may decide to begin important projects. There can be important new business or financial initiatives now. Even so, while you begin the month quite active with friends and groups, two key planets, Venus and Mars, move into your privacy sector on the 8th and 12th. This points to some need to pull back from overly demanding and competitive situations, and perhaps people. With Venus and Mars in your solar twelfth house for the remainder of November and beyond, close relationships may require some personal sacrifices or privacy. A lot is going on beneath the surface or behind the scenes, particularly having to do with your feelings and desires. You could be reassessing your feelings and attachments, or current pursuits. While you could be wrestling with some decisions, you can in fact be a real dynamo with a little extra solitude and time to yourself. Your social life will continue to assume importance with Jupiter in your social sector for another ten months and the North Node now here for a year. In fact, important benefits and lessons come through connections with friends, associates, and groups. However, it now becomes essential to divide your time effectively. The Sun and Mercury moving into your sector of resources, natural talents, and self-worth on the 22nd and 20th respectively stimulates a desire to build up your resources, improve your bottom line, and develop what you already have. The last week of the month is a little tricky. A square between Saturn and Neptune that will be with us until September 2016 off and on comes exact. This can introduce a dilemma that revolves around money, resources, recreation, children, or dating/romance. If you've been spending too much on entertainment or romance, you'll feel the pinch and will need to take some steps to cut back. This can manifest in several different ways, depending on your current life situation, but generally will involve awareness of an addiction, oversight, overindulgence, or neglect in some area of your life that now requires a reality check and some buckling down so that it doesn't drag you down. Do your best to examine the ways you spend money, and eliminate wasteful practices and attitudes, as well as redundancies. Look for creative ways of making do with less. Consider writing, teaching, or otherwise communicating your ideas in order to improve your financial status.

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This Year: Scorpio

2015 Yearly Horoscope Overview

The year ahead is strong for career, reputation, and networking, dear Scorpio. Saturn is finishing up its transit of your sign, returning to Scorpio this summer, and then moving on, not to return until 2041. This releases a lot of the direct pressure you've been feeling to mature, take on more responsibility, and perform. You'll feel this increased freedom most until June and after September. Until August, you're in the limelight in some way. People are noticing your talents and efforts. They're taking interest in what you've learned and what you can do. This can be a period of growth in your career and reputation, and while responsibilities can also increase, you're more than willing to take them on. At the same time, you're beginning to feel a strong need to improve and structure your finances and your natural talents. You may be feeling a pinch or a feeling of lack in these areas, and you're likely to put more effort into making adjustments and improvements. In many ways, this is a year for building, developing, and shaping your life in concrete, material ways. Your goal is to feel more rooted and stable. Some of you have totally restructured your lives in the past year or two, and now you're working on rebuilding it - starting from scratch in some manner.

Especially from March to June, practical matters tend to fare well. Some of you are enjoying financial improvements that come from paying more attention to downsizing, paperwork, and benefits that you've missed in the past. You're being "seen" for your hard work and responsibility. Improved health and daily routines contribute greatly to your success now, and these areas improve greatly after mid-March. You continue to project an image of self-value, and others more readily put their faith in you as a result. Better relationships with health care providers and co-workers can figure strongly now. Family relationships open up with more contact, support, and attention. During the summer months, you'll be wise to consider the work you've done on your personality, image, and identity since October 2012 when Saturn first entered your sign. This is about making final adjustments and absorbing what you've learned. People born late in the sign of Scorpio will be feeling Saturn's effects more acutely, and the best strategy for handling this influence is to focus on what you're doing to make your future more secure rather than on the problems and pressures of the moment. At the end of this, ideally, you're feeling wiser, more mature, and self-assured. You've learned that you can go it alone and succeed. You're more self-reliant than you have been for some time. Venus' retrograde from July 25-September 6 is a period of slowing down and reassessing recent advances in your career as well as partnership matters. Take in, absorb, and learn about your needs.

Now that you've put yourself out there, it's time to reap the rewards and build the momentum. From August forward, and even more so from October and into 2016, you'll be building a following for your ideas and your work. Networking is powerful at this time. Put the word out, mingle, connect, and exchange ideas for maximum success and happiness. Now that the pressure's off your performance, you'll feel freer to experiment. Many of you will be expanding your social life. You're experiencing powerful belief in the future, what you have to offer others and your community, and your own dreams and hopes. Your already considerable powers of persuasion sharpen. People look to you for leadership and/or advice, although this is the case in some form throughout 2015. Finances improve from increased responsibility and attention in the first half of the year. However, there can be some strain late in 2015, particularly if you are looking for funding for a creative project. Some of you could be feeling a pinch as your desire for pleasures and entertainment increases. Aim to simplify. Look for overlapping or unnecessary expenses and other redundancies, and aim to rid yourself of material clutter. Writing, teaching, and communicating your ideas could figure strongly in your business and may contribute more to your personal income than previously. You'll continue to work on letting go of baggage, both material and spiritual, and reaping the rewards of this. Mental and physical health continue to be in strong focus in 2015. However, a new trend is emerging that points you in the direction of developing friendships, sharing your expertise with others, and giving back to your community. The Solar Eclipse in March can bring a new beginning in your romantic life, with children, or a new creative direction for some. September's Solar Eclipse serves to jumpstart a new direction on a social level.

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This Year in Love: Scorpio

2015-2016 Love Horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Pressure is releasing during this period of your life, and while the two major astrological factors behind this are not directly affecting your love relationship sectors, dear Scorpio, this definitely does free you up for kinder, easier times with others.

The first factor is Jupiter moving out of your professional sector on August 8th, 2015, and into your friendship sector. This transit will last until September 2016, and brings a general feeling of ease with others. This sector of your solar chart rules acquaintances, friends, teams, and groups, and brings benefits to and from any of these. While Jupiter in your professional sector was not a difficult transit, it nevertheless had your attention on your performance, which can be sexy to some, but may have also left less time for close relationships.

The second factor that points to an easier time for relationships is Saturn leaving your sign, this time permanently (or at least for 29 or so years), in September, 2015. Saturn in your sign since October 2012 has brought quite a bit of seriousness to your personality. While it has ideally left you feeling stronger, more mature, and more organized, there has been energy surrounding you that may have cut you off from love opportunities. As well, spontaneity has not been your forte.

Until mid-September when Saturn leaves your sign, you can be busy building strength and balance in your life, and the work that you do on these matters will serve you very well in the future. Jupiter's move into your friendship sector in August does help, as there is a stronger feeling of being supported by others than was the case in the last couple of years.

These shifts are very important for spontaneity, good humor, and warmth of presentation, as some of these qualities have been a little lacking recently. You are likely to feel considerably lighter during this period of your life...cont'd

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