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Virgo Daily Horoscope


Virgo Daily Horoscope

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February 7, 2016

The Moon ends its transit of Capricorn at 1:00 AM EST, when it enters Aquarius. A Sun-Mars square this morning can stir up impulsiveness. We have "spring fever" well before the season. Driven by a restless desire to do something, without a well-defined goal we tend towards impulsive actions and get ourselves into needless arguments. Our reactions tend to be defensive or competitive. We are not very willing to compromise or negotiate. We are more inclined to injury and accident under this influence. Energy output can run high if we choose to focus. Helping us along is a Venus-Mars sextile that encourages cooperation. Our desire to harmonize, create something wonderful, and connect creatively with others may help soften some of the rough edges.

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This Month: Virgo

February 2016

Romantic and creative energy is pleasant this month, dear Virgo, and you appreciate this, but your focus is also shifting towards getting important work done and pursuing health goals. Friendships and romantic connections are easy and natural in the first two weeks of the month. You are also communicating with ease, although there can be times when you're so busy that you can be a little impatient or impulsive in speech, movement, and with the written word.

The 2-3 is a wonderful time for kicking a bad habit, taking action on a creative project, moving a relationship forward, or getting something off your chest. Something you do or, more likely, say can be a wonderful release. You are more willing to let something go in order to move forward, or you could be especially focused on making improvements that may not have instant results but you sense will be worth the effort in the long run. You're less likely to allow others to pull your strings right now, but you're also patient enough to recognize the value of taking a break from the driver's seat from time to time! You might feel especially close to someone or a vision/project.

The 8-9 is strong for overcoming any latent fears about expressing yourself or presenting a project or idea. People can be helpful, and you can feel especially optimistic about the future. Personal appeal is huge now, particularly as people are drawn to your open spirit and tolerant attitude. Around the 13th, your sense of timing is excellent. You might find the courage to approach someone you've been shy about contacting. If you have a project that you want to publish or launch, you might consider the 9-13 for doing so.

From the 16th forward, you may have wonderful ideas for improving your daily environment. There can be good connections with the right health care expert for some, or information coming in that helps generate ideas for taking better care of your work and health. Artistic touches and general harmony can be goals now. From the 19th, you may be focusing on partnerships and social matters as well. This theme will grow in March, but for now, you might look to a special friend or partner for inspiration.

Jupiter's presence in your sign since September has likely helped boost your confidence and stimulated a desire for a little more independence. You're learning to believe in yourself, and this cycle continues until October. This month, Jupiter opposes Chiron, peaking on the 22-23. Circumstances may be such that you recognize fears and insecurities that may be holding you back from fully realizing Jupiter's opportunities and gifts, and your relationship status or a partnership itself may be an area of uncertainty. Address any feelings of unworthiness or guilt that may emerge now. Allowing yourself to be ruled by others' emotions and opinions is a draining experience, and you owe it to yourself to look for happiness within. Itís also important to avoid letting others make decisions for you. The Full Moon on the 22nd, in fact, awakens a strong desire to go your own way and to more fully believe in yourself. Feelings and personal needs that you've been neglecting emerge now for attention.

The 24-26 is excellent for work-related maneuvers and a practical yet innovative approach to family and home life.

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This Year: Virgo

2016 Yearly Horoscope Overview

2016 can be a popular and fruitful year, dear Virgo. Bountiful Jupiter continues to transit your sign until October 9th, encouraging you to find everything to love about life, and about yourself as well! Jupiter comes around to a sign for approximately a year, about every twelve years. This particular Jupiter transit occurs while your sign is receiving some challenges from Saturn, Chiron, and Neptune, however, so it may feel a little tamer at times. This may in fact be a good thing, as Jupiter can be extravagant and excessive on its own, and often needs a little Saturn to bring it down to earth.

When Jupiter isn't beleaguered, life is all about discovery, experimentation, opening up, getting around, and enjoying experiences that you typically overlook or don't often feel empowered enough to grab. This is a time for a fresh start in some significant way. For some, it will be about home and family. For others, it's about finances. April and May are special for a sense of freedom on financial or intimate levels, and much of the first six months of 2016 is powerful for finding yourself, or your voice, through creative projects and communications. New ventures can be especially successful, but so can reviving projects already in progress. You're seeing opportunities where you previously saw obstacles.

You're certainly vying for more freedom, but responsibilities to home and family do need attention. There can also be some ups and downs or times of dysfunction in a partnership that can seem to intrude on this very powerful time of self-discovery. Don't be afraid to work on making yourself happy - in fact, it's the major key to success now. Explore independence. Let your personality shine. Others are enjoying, recognizing, and even applauding your creative endeavors. Some are turning to you as a leader.

A Solar Eclipse in March is an important one for recognizing partnership needs, and the Lunar Eclipse in September can push the matter. Use the energy of the Lunar Eclipse in late March to sort out any tricky financial problems, particularly related to debts and shared resources.

You need to test and taste experiences for yourself and by your own guidelines in order to truly believe in them. Taking the lead is important in 2016. Attend to your responsibilities, but draw up boundaries with others if they are over-stepping (and current influences suggest that they are likely to do so). This is a time for taking some of yourself back, as you've been giving so much that you may have begun to forget what you truly want. Neptune and Chiron in your partnership sector all year and beyond can have the effect of blurring boundaries to the point that what you feel you need may in fact be what a significant other wants. Jupiter in your sign is attempting to even this out.

You have wonderful opportunities to work on your communications in 2016, particularly from  is essential this year, particularly in the first seven months, when assertive, fiery Mars moves through your solar third house of communication for most of that period, some of this time in retrograde motion. You are taking charge and taking the lead when it comes to learning, communicating, commuting, and connecting. There may be some problems with brusqueness and a tendency to impulsive speech and movement, but you'll get the chance to refine this, particularly in June.

Love should be more about your needs this year than about giving if you've been out of balance in this arena. In reality, relationships are rarely even in the give and take department - there is a natural ebb and flow in relationships as there is in other life arenas - but overall, this should balance out. In 2016, it's your turn to take some personal space and to rediscover your personal needs.

The work you do on sorting out your finances, debts, and obligations begins to pay off considerably by the final quarter of 2016. Confidence in your own income or ability to provide for yourself and any dependents gets a real boost, and this can translate to improved earning power. This will increase considerably in 2017, but for now, you'll begin to see some nice progress. Many of you will be boosting up and improving your comfort and feelings of security in the home.




This Year in Love: Virgo

2016 Love Horoscope for Virgo

Jupiter having moved into your sign on August 11th, 2015, is the big headline for this period, dear Virgo. This transit that lasts until September 2016 occurs only every 12 years (approximately).

This Jupiter transit boosts your confidence, personal presence, and likability factor. People enjoy your company and are drawn to your positive energy. You feel more entitled to happiness and rewards, and this tends to bring positive opportunities into your life.

If you've done your inner "work" well, this can be an especially rewarding period. Your confidence in yourself and faith in the world are growing exponentially. You are more willing to have new experiences and to rid yourself of those things that have been holding you back from truly living and owning your life. You are taking more "me" time, which is in fact long overdue.  

The last time Jupiter transited your sign was from August 2003 to September 2004 (and before that, from September 1991 to October 1992). Jupiter transits are different for everyone, and different for each person at different cycles in their lives, but it can be helpful to look back at these periods to see what was going on then.

Keep in mind that although Jupiter transiting one's own sign is generally considered fortuitous, it's a more independent and freedom-seeking period than a relationship-focused one.

From October-November 2015 forward, the North Node is in your sign. This will continue throughout 2016 and until May 2017. This transit brings a strong need to discover your independence, and very much reinforces the transit of Jupiter in your sign - freedom and independence are everything to you right now! Your challenge is to learn how to rely on yourself, which ultimately will bring you joy and opportunity. This does not mean excluding a partner from your life. It simply means that in order to experience balanced relationships, you need to work on building internal peace, rather than focusing on achieving peace and balance through relationships. It's time to take care of yourself and discover or re-discover your true needs and desires!


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