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Virgo Daily Horoscope


Virgo Daily Horoscope

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The Astrology of Today - All Signs

June 30, 2015

Again today, the Moon is in Sagittarius all day, encouraging a more spontaneous and spirited approach to the world. Venus is approaching a conjunction with Sagittarian ruler, Jupiter, exact early tomorrow. This is a generous and charitable aspect that can have the effect of opening our hearts (and possibly wallets). However, first, both Jupiter and Venus form a quincunx with Chiron. There can be a questioning of our goals, or possibly our beliefs and faith, as doubt and uncertainty are possible. We may feel a little lost and susceptible to influence. If we are not self-aware, we might push impractical ideas and projects ahead, only to face obstacles. Circumstances are such that we need to make adjustments to our plans and goals. We may need to tame expectations of ourselves and of others if they are unreasonably high. Insecurity involving others might make it awkward for us to express our affections naturally or flowingly.

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This Month: Virgo

June 2015

Your professional presence is more powerful this month, dear Virgo, and you are in the position to impress people with your energy, confidence, or motivation. While there is a strong emphasis on work and responsibilities to the outside world, the Full Moon on the 2nd brings your attention to home and family. This is an important time to settle things in your personal life. You can be more dedicated to your goals or your career now. Until the 11th, there can be some rethinking, redoing, and backtracking on projects, but this is important work. The 10-13 can require some relaxing of your mind, as planetary shifts occurring then favor creative thinking rather than precise or detailed work. There can be some hard-to-define yearnings and feelings, and possibly some confusion, largely related to a partnership or important person in your life. Give people space, and give yourself time before coming to important conclusions. From the 16th, clarity is increased, and energy for professional new beginnings or renewed faith in your goals is with you now. The 20-22 brings a wonderful aspect to perfection involving Jupiter in your privacy zone and Uranus in your intimacy sector. This can point to breakthroughs of sorts when it comes to insight into your own psychology, an intimate relationship, or a support system. Some of you could experience a release from a private burden or a debilitating secret. Your love life or your feeling are more private, intimate, and possibly complicated from the 5th forward. In the last week of June, a new vision for the future comes to you and a sense of purposefulness boosts your confidence. There is decreasing emphasis on performance and building focus on personal happiness goals.

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This Year: Virgo

2015 Yearly Horoscope Overview

2015 continues to emphasize behind-the-scenes work and service, as well as new insights into your deeper nature, dear Virgo. However, by September, you're ready to share yourself with others, and they receive you very warmly. In fact, there can be a blast of popularity in the last four months of the year and extending into 2016. The year ahead is about healing and getting into better touch with your innermost needs and wants, after which your confidence builds to the point that you can put your self-realizations into action. People begin to really "see" you, enjoy your presence, and want more! Being around you makes others feel good.

An interesting combination is with you in 2015: Jupiter, ruler of your home, family, and personal life, moves into your sign from August 11th forward, stimulating your confidence, a love of freedom, and your desire to really experience life in new ways. Much of the year, responsible and restrictive Saturn transits Jupiter's sign, Sagittarius, and the same sector that Jupiter rules. So, while you're busy expanding, learning, connecting, and engaging, you're also doing important work on your self-image, foundations, and domestic life that involves pruning, simplifying, and structuring. This is not the easiest of Saturn transits, but it may very well tame the more excessive, over-the-top, and wasteful tendencies of Jupiter's transit in your sign. It may be one of the tamer Jupiter transits to your sign in your life time (there is a year-long Jupiter transit to your sign every 12 years or so), but perhaps a more balanced one as well. There can be a lot of focus on serving the family again this year, but there will be distinct periods in 2015 when the family also serve you, give back, and help you out. There can be changes with parents, children, support, and home life that are significant, but these involve both challenges and rewards, setbacks and advances. In the first half of the year, find the time for rest, reflection, and healing as much as is healthy for you. Connect with your spiritual needs and take advantage of any opportunity to learn about what attitudes you've been wearing that have prevented you from pursuing your own happiness and life experience. We often feel guilty without knowing fully why, and Virgos tend to have this problem more than most. This is a time for discovering irrational feelings of guilt and working on ridding yourself of them. This is a time for giving back in areas that you've felt indebted or unbalanced, and for spiritual self-renewal. Ideally, you'll discover what has been holding you back from enjoying life, and then take this lesson forward as you pursue your dreams.

Jupiter moving into your sign mid-August certainly nudges you forward, but retrograde Venus from July 25-Septemer 6 can point to more inner work. The Solar Eclipse mid-September in your own sign will give you a nice push. You'll have a sense that you are able to start fresh. In October and November, you're raring to go with Venus and Mars in your sign, highlighting your uniquely appealing traits and stimulating your drive and energy levels. You also benefit from a powerful transit beginning in October that stimulates your desire to express yourself in new, transformed ways. You will be finding yourself, and your voice, through creative projects and communication channels. While this period is more about you and your personality, romantic expression reaches new heights as well. Children may be thriving as previous obstacles are overcome. From September forward, pressures on learning, schooling, and producing are lessened considerably. This is a time when you are seeing opportunities where you previously saw obstacles. You are less guarded about what you say and do, and thus feel freer to express yourself.

Your love life continues to be on the tumultuous side, and while the last few months of the year are strong for you personally, from November forward, both easy and challenging energy is with you for love relationships and business partnerships, if applicable. There can be problems stemming from family that weigh heavily on love matters. Watch that a relationship doesn't become so draining and demanding that other areas of life suffer. Draw some boundaries and look out for yourself. Working towards more financial independence continues to be important this year, and is easier than it was for most of 2014. Mercury retrograde periods, generally three per year, are times for catching your breath, looking at your life and projects a little more critically, and making important edits. In 2015, these occur from January 21-February 11, May 18-June 11, and September 17-October 9. Other important dates to watch for include May 3-19 and June 6-23 when actions and communications that are too impulsive or over-the-top can negatively impact your reputation or career. These need not be difficult, and in fact some of your impulses may be genius on some level if you've lacked courage to make important changes, but it's important to think twice at these times. Check with what's in your heart before taking action and speaking out. Take full advantage of a powerful lineup of planets in your sign that boost personal appeal in mid-October to early November.

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This Year in Love: Virgo

2015 Love Horoscope for Virgo

The Full Moon is in your sign on March 5th this year, and this happens while Venus and Mars are in your intimacy sector - emotions and passions run deep. You might come to an epiphany about your feelings.

The Solar Eclipse on March 20th, 2015 can push a partnership matter forward. This is the first in a series of cosmic nudges to sort out your relationships (the series lasts until 2017). In the weeks and possibly months after this eclipse, a new beginning may be experienced in a partnership, whether this is a new relationship itself or a different attitude or approach to committed partnerships.

Venus is retrograde from July 25 to September 6, 2015, which affects all of us in general, mainly in the areas of love and finances. These matters are not straightforward during this period, and it is a time for reviewing our attitudes rather than forging ahead boldly into new love relationships or financial projects. For you, this retrograde occurs for the most part in your privacy sector, which is not directly connected to love. The emphasis on past matters is especially strong for you now. Past actions might come back to visit you, and for some, past partners reappear in person or in your thoughts to an unusual degree. Karmic circumstances are occurring now. The first few days of the retrograde cycle, Venus is in your sign, and you might experience a false start of sorts. With big activity on the horizon, this is a powerful period for really getting to know what it is you truly want, because the cosmos are granting you the opportunity to pursue it after the Solar Eclipse in your sign in September and a beautiful connection between Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto from October forward.


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