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Taurus Daily Horoscope


Taurus Daily Horoscope

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September 3, 2015

The Moon is in constant Taurus all day, and our emotions are steady for the most. Common sense tends to rule when it comes to handling domestic matters, money, and work. Earthy activities and sensual pleasures appeal now more than usual, and we find a sense of peace and contentment with that which is familiar and reliable. We instinctively know that patience is required for matters to naturally move forward. Later today, Mercury forms a quincunx with Neptune. There can be uncertainty and indecision now, as it can be difficult to draw upon intuition or to combine logic and intuition in a cohesive manner. Alternatively, the tendency to daydream can be high, and seems to be at the expense of productivity and/or clear communication.

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This Month: Taurus

September 2015




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This Year: Taurus

2015 Yearly Horoscope Overview

In 2015, you continue to seek comfort, but also growth and improvement, in your domestic world, dear Taurus. It's one of your priorities, and the "work" you do with family and in the home can benefit you for years to come. While career matters are not in strong focus at this time, you are planting seeds now that are important for future growth in work and business. In fact, it's a powerful time for beginning long-term projects. A strong time for updating your home and moving your family relationships forward in happy ways occurs from April to June. If there are hatchets to bury in your closest relationships, this is the time to do so. Make a permanent mark. It's also a strong time for dealing with your insecurities or negative self-image. Get comfortable with yourself - the cosmos are fully supporting this endeavor! You'll benefit greatly and indefinitely, but especially in the second half of the year, when energy is ripe for expressing and sharing yourself in powerful ways. There may be a new hobby or creative activity that you take on, and for some Tauruses, you'll be bringing an old interest or pleasure back to life. If you've always wanted to pursue a specific craft, art, or creative interest, now is the time to do so. You'll also have over eight months in 2016 to get on this.

Your romantic life can blossom in the second half of 2015 as well (from August 2015 until September 2016). People are very interested in you romantically speaking, and opportunities can abound. Even so, another influence this year, Saturn in your solar eighth house, can have you a little reticent about getting in too deep. This could be due to emotions or life circumstances. Either way, intimacy is an area that you're taking more seriously this year. There can be major opportunities on creative and romantic fronts beginning in mid-October which will allow you to make powerful, possibly even obsessive, connections. Some of you could be reaching a broad audience, publishing your creative works, for example. At this time, creativity finds a successful channel or outlet, and you are pouring more of your heart and soul into what you create and share. Some Taureans will connect romantically with someone whose culture differs greatly from theirs or will become involved in a long-distance romance.

Seriousness in partnerships continues this year, but is also wrapping up. This is a time for coming to terms with recent relationship decisions and realizations. Those of you who have made or strengthened a commitment will now focus on the merging process, which isn't always easy. Others who may have broken long-term commitments now face the challenges of reorganizing their lives in an "un-coupled" state - also difficult, but totally doable. Continuing this year, there are great benefits to living a more organized, scheduled life. Do your best to get solid health and fitness programs in place. Connect with the joy of being of service and doing your share. April's Lunar Eclipse will help give you the boost you need. In the last two months of the year, you begin a cycle, lasting throughout 2016 and into 2017, that encourages all things creative, romantic, and self-expressive. At times this year, there can be a sense that you're missing something, or constantly making adjustments. Dealing with guilt and worries can take its toll. This is also a time for managing your debts and shared finances. For some, there can be decreased intimacy or a more serious approach to your intimate world. There can even be some disdain for the confines of a merged, intense relationship. Money matters with a partner or ex-partner can be challenging, but also need some serious sorting in order for you to get back on track.

While Venus is retrograde from July 25-September 6, take your time when it comes to decisions revolving around home and family. You could experience slow-downs at this time. Motivation can drop temporarily. Watch for excess with money, gambling, or other forms of over-the-top behavior from mid-April through to the end of May, but do take note of new, off the wall ideas for making money, as these may be worth something. Good prospects for business may be found in real estate, family-oriented business, publishing, and the food or travel industry. Instability is lifting. March and September bring strong energy for new beginnings when it comes to your social and romantic life. Be especially attentive to cues to take better care of your health and daily routines in April. By September, Saturn's opposition to your sign lifts, and this takes off some of the direct pressure that's been on you to perform and measure up. 2015 is first very much about getting comfortable in your own skin, after which it's about sharing yourself with others with more confidence and self-assurance.

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This Year in Love: Taurus

2014 Love Horoscope for Taurus

The big astrological headlines of 2015-2016 when it comes to love, dear Taurus, are: 1) Saturn, the rather serious planet of restrictions and rules, moving out of your partnership sector and releasing its hold on one-to-one relationships, as well as out of a rather difficult opposition to your Sun, and 2) Jupiter, planet of expansion and generosity, moving into your romance sector and into harmony with your sign.

These moves tend to point to more freedom and exploration... and fewer rules and obligations.

Jupiter's transit of fellow Earth sign, Virgo, from mid-August 2015 to early September 2016, is an earthy and warm one. It's certainly less showy than the Jupiter in Leo transit that has been with us from mid-2014 to mid-August 2015. However, in your solar chart, Earth signs rule the most expressive, creative, and outgoing sectors. As such, Jupiter in an Earth sign (from mid-2015 to mid-2016) points to a freer, more expressive, and more creative "you", in your own rather humble and grounded way.

Until mid-August 2015, Jupiter continues to increase your attention as well as joy and happiness levels on the home front and with family. However, if you use this rather quiet transit well, and you look very carefully for opportunities, you can better prepare yourself for the more overt opportunities of the upcoming Jupiter in Virgo transit. These come in the form of feeling especially comfortable in your own skin. Slowly, you are building up more and more confidence. You may be getting settled in physical ways on the level of house and home, or connecting in more rewarding ways with your family or like-family loved ones. However, you are also more fully connecting with what you need and want on a very basic, fundamental level. The better you get in touch with yourself and your basic needs, the more natural confidence you'll have when Jupiter enters Virgo in mid-August 2015, and encourages you to share your affections and creations with others.

The Jupiter in Virgo transit lasts just over a year and helps to open up channels for recreation, play, entertainment, hobbies, and creativity. It can also bring more opportunities to date and connect with others romantically. These are not necessarily the types of relationships that lead quickly to marriage, but they're likely to be enjoyable and confidence-boosting. And who knows what my come of your newfound freedom to explore?

Keep in mind that although Jupiter enters your romance sector on August 11th, 2015, this ingress happens at a time when Venus is retrograde, so that romance may be off to a slow start. Venus is retro from July 25-September 6, 2015, and during this time, you may be looking back more than forward. Old relationships come into your mind's eye, and for some of you, people from your past reappear. However, as Venus picks up direct speed in September, and especially in October, you'll begin to feel the added boost and energy that it provides you, nudging you to go after your heart's desire, and to release some of the inhibitions that have been holding you back from experiencing joy. You deserve this time! In fact, September is also when Saturn finally moves out of your partnership sector for good (or at least for another 29 years or so). This also means that Saturn is no longer opposing/directly challenging your sign.

Relationships may have felt like burdens at times during Saturn's transit of your partnership sector. Certainly by September 2015, and probably much sooner if not already, you'll know which relationships didn't quite measure up, and which relationships are viable.

However, relationships begun this year and in the last year tend to be long-term, solid ones. Some of you are entering more mature, committed relationships, or relationships with a more mature partner.

Even so, Saturn is moving into a house that does affect an existing partnership for those of you who are coupled. This is now about the resources of a relationship, and shared money may be an issue. It's also about intimacy and sexual sharing, which might now be scrutinized. For those people not currently partnered, there can be changing feelings regarding intimacy nevertheless.

Self-awareness is strong with Saturn in your solar eighth house (from 2015-2017). The tendency to nurse a fantasy about a partner, yourself, or a relationship is lessened, which on one hand can bring up too much seriousness or possibly even a bit of bitterness in some, but on the other, it means you're accepting people and yourself for who you are, and this is important for any serious partnership. There is less of an inclination to play or put up with emotional games. In the coming two years, you have a chance to truly explore fears of rejection and power issues. There can be challenges with a partner over money and sharing of chores or responsibilities - who does what, who doesn't do what, who contributes more or who contributes less, etc...cont'd

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