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Leo Daily Horoscope


Leo Daily Horoscope


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The Astrology of Today - All Signs

August 29, 2015

The Moon ends its transit of Aquarius at 4:52 AM EDT, when it enters Pisces. This morning, Mars forms a quincunx with Pluto, and a strong desire to prove ourselves may be at the root of confrontations and bull-headedness at this time. Feelings of anger, competitiveness or anger can be difficult to manage or understand, especially since they may be displaced or unresolved as they've built from other times. Avoid forcing issues. Today, a Full Moon occurs when the Sun in Virgo opposes the Pisces Moon at 2:36 PM EDT. We are challenged to find a balance, and this lies in identifying and expressing our spiritual needs, while maintaining order in our everyday lives. This lunation aligns with Jupiter and Neptune, which are moving towards an opposition, exact in mid-September. Illumination of a dream or a desire to attach more meaning to our lives can happen now. Attempting to find a balance between attention to our practical affairs and to our spiritual needs is important now. It's also important to avoid looking for salvation through a relationship, person, project, or business, as we may be putting too-high expectations on things and on others when we should be looking within for happiness. Ultimately, this ends up putting too much pressure on a relationship, person, plan, or enterprise, which is thus set up to disappoint.

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This Month: Leo

August 2015

With all inner planets as well as Jupiter in your sign this month, not all at once, but for part of August, there is a lot of attention on you, dear Leo. This is an important period for self-development. The one planet that does stay in your sign all month, Venus, is also retrograde the entire time, and this brings in some trickiness. While you're certainly called to action and in the spotlight, it's also important to take some time to reflect, withdraw, reconsider, and review things. Your personality, image, attitude to anything new, initiating qualities, immediate responses to stress, self-identity, and communications are all themes that retrograde Venus touches. Refining and possibly redefining some of these things may be in order. Be aware that you may at times come across aggressively without the explicit help of charming Venus, and consider toning things down for better results both personally and professionally. Particularly from the 15th, watch for overly impulsive behavior. Additionally, Jupiter is leaving your sign on the 11th, but this doesn't mean the planet of good fortune has left you behind. The new year-long cycle begun now is one in which you are building or growing your resources, and for some, it can mean more earnings or a stronger feeling of abundance. Saturn is on its last leg of its journey through your family and home sector, and its forward movement early August can force the need to firm up these areas of life. You'll feel better equipped to take care of business. There can be people returning to your life, either in the flesh or strongly in the mind, particularly around the 12-15. The last week of the month is important for work, business, and money, particularly the 23-26 when the Sun and Jupiter align in your resources sector. The 29-31 can bring awareness of matters of ownership or debt that require attention.

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This Year: Leo

2015 Yearly Horoscope Overview

You're likely to enjoy much success on a personal level in 2015, dear Leo, with Jupiter continuing to transit your sign until mid-August. You'll feel the most power of this influence from April 8th forward. You're reaching a broader audience and many of you are enjoying chances to travel or to learn exciting new things. You're exposed to ideas and perspectives that inspire you, and others are receiving you warmly. Continuing this year, you crave intellectual stimulation. Others are seeing your value and recognizing your creative, unique qualities. There is a new focus this year on creative talents, hobbies, pastimes, and recreational pursuits. How you spend your leisure time is in question, and many of you will be attempting to make better, or more practical, use of your energy and time, as well as your talents and gifts. There can be very rewarding work and effort going into hobbies and creative pursuits. You may have less time to "play", or what you prefer to do with your leisure time can change considerably as you incorporate more structure and discipline into your life. Some of you will be working determinedly on a hobby or honing creative skills now. This trend continues into 2017, but you'll be getting a strong hint of it in 2015. For some, a romantic relationship can become more serious, and for others, there is less desire or perceived time for dating and attention to casual relationships.

In the summer, you'll be doing some clean-up work regarding home, family, and personal matters that have been challenging in the past few years. This is due to Saturn's return to your solar fourth house, and for those born late in the sign, to a square position with your Sun. This is a time for paying special attention to getting your home life organized, secure, structured, and in better running order. Challenges within the family may surface (or resurface) for attention. However, by September, Saturn moves into favorable position with your Sun after spending almost three years in conflict with your sign, and you'll be embracing responsibilities rather than feeling weighed down and overwhelmed by them. This is also a good move for improved health, a fact that is reinforced by a Jupiter-Pluto contact with you from October forward. Many of you will be enjoying a stronger feeling of well-being and vitality in the second half of 2015. Again this year, extra attention to communication and communication skills can have big payoffs, until October-November. This is a time for skills development, pursuing a specific line of study, gathering facts to back up beliefs, and making meaningful contact with others. Health and daily routines continue to transform this year as you discover new methods to replace ones that have become inadequate. Particularly from October forward, you'll be experiencing more rewards for the improvements you make. There is a stronger feeling of being grounded now, and opportunities to heal the body and mind open up. You might turn around a difficult financial situation at this time. Natural talents may be used more fully in the work you do.

Venus retrogrades mostly in your sign from July 25-September 6. With Jupiter leaving your sign in mid-August, this is a good time for absorbing the "lessons" that you've learned about how you present yourself to others, your image and manner, as well as your general outlook and attitude going into any new situation or endeavor. August may not be the easiest of months for you, at least on the surface of things. From September forward is a period of abundance and comfort. This is a time for enjoying the rewards of your recent good fortune. Finances can improve considerably for some of you, or there can be an increased sense of being fulfilled and content. Some of you could acquire a major new material good that you've wanted for some time, or you may be using savings and resources towards a new business pursuit. Opportunities can open up to expand your business or personal possessions. Some of you could publish a major work around the time of a Lunar Eclipse on September 27th. While Jupiter is helping you to earn more, Neptune continues to confuse money dealings with others. Again this year, it's important to watch your credit rating and your lending and borrowing habits.

2015 is strong for improvements to your health and well-being as well as your communication skills. Opportunities to expand your mind and enjoy new experiences are abundant, but as the year progresses, you're inclined to settle in and enjoy a feeling of being grounded and more disciplined.


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This Year in Love: Leo

2015 Love Horoscope for Leo

Jupiter continues its transit of your sign until mid-August. This is your time - a healthy level of self-interest is natural and necessary now. While this transit very often brings nice boosts to confidence and other rewards, it's not directly connected to rewards in partnerships. It's more about freedom of expression and learning about your own reach than it is about partnering and learning about a special person in your life. However, because Jupiter rules your romance sector, you can receive quite a bit of romantic attention and interest during this period. Whether or not you're ready to settle down and direct your attention to building a love relationship may be another story. You are feeling things out, experimenting, and enjoying yourself. Even so, Jupiter is connecting happily with Uranus again this year, and Uranus rules partnerships in your solar chart - see below for more about this.

Interestingly, as Jupiter comes to the end of its transit of Leo in August, Venus retrogrades in Leo (specifically from July 31-September 6). This is an ideal period for review, reflection, and reconsideration, particularly of your presentation and the impact of your personality on others - how this helps or hinders you.

Retrograde Venus affects all of us in general, mainly in the areas of love and finances. These matters are not straightforward during this period, and it is a time for reviewing our attitudes rather than forging ahead boldly into new love relationships or financial projects. Venus spends more time than usual in your sign this year because of the retrograde, from June 5-July 18 and then July 31-October 8! But from July 31-September 6, Venus is retrograde in Leo, and there can be some cooling off, reflection, and attention to the past. From September 7-October 8, and you are likely to enjoy the attention as well as the time to get more comfortable in your own skin. Retrograde Venus is a strong period for learning about what you truly desire, want, and need, as well as for making updates and edits to your own manner that ultimately help you to attract the right people into your life.

With the exception of the summer of 2015, Saturn is transiting your romance sector this year, and this brings more stability and groundedness to your life. It also points to a maturing process, for some, in your romantic life. This can play out in a variety of ways. This sector rules many things, including attention you receive from others, romantic or otherwise, belief in yourself as a unique individual worthy of attention, as well as casual love relationships - how willing you are to share your light. You are learning to be less dependent on others for applause and ego stroking with Saturn here. For some, there can be romantic "tests" or a leaning up process as you become a little more serious about who and what entertains you, and with whom you share yourself. Flaws in your love life may become quite glaring in your eyes. For others, there can be adjustments and changes to make in your love life, after which a relationship strengthens. What you want from a romance, as well as what you are realistically capable of giving back to a romantic relationship, is becoming clearer. You are sharing yourself more selectively.

As your partnership sector ruler, Uranus is always an important player when it comes to your love life (and business if it involves a partnership). In Aries and your solar ninth house for many years, some of you could be finding committed partnership through travel, higher education, or other forms of adventure and expansion beyond your usual boundaries. This trend is especially strong until June, 2015 as Uranus forms a trine with Jupiter in your sign. Some Leos may meet a partner who is from a very different cultural background. Already partnered Leos might embark on new adventures with a significant other. There can be some restlessness if you are not growing together and reaching beyond your usual routine....cont'd

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