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Libra Daily Horoscope: Tomorrow


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The Astrology of Tomorrow - All Signs

July 30, 2015

The Moon continues to transit Capricorn until 5:41 PM EDT, and opposes Mars this morning, which can serve to fire us up. Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune. The Moon's sextile to Saturn this afternoon can bring out the Capricorn Moon's reliability and sense of responsibility. The Moon enters Aquarius at 5:41 PM. Later today there may be a slightly disorganized feel. We are a little more likely to latch onto impractical goals, and there may be some carelessness with Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune. It's hard to know what we want and where we're headed under this influence, and passive-aggressive behavior is possible, as we may not feel effective enough to take direct action or assert ourselves directly. There may be a desire to act upon an impractical fantasy, or an unusual impulse.

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A New Sign? There is a lot of talk about a "new sign", Ophiuchus, and how this might shift Sun signs to encompass different dates. We are receiving many emails about whether or not we will be updating the site with the new dates and new "sign". At Cafe Astrology, we use the Tropical Zodiac, which is not constellation-based so that axial precession and the discovery of a new constellation does not affect the zodiac signs, just as it hasn't been an issue in the past (axial precession is by no means a new phenomena). Your sign remains the same.

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