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Relationship astrology. The composite chart is the chart of a relationship. Composite chart aspects are explained and interpreted: The meaning of the following aspects are presented: Moon conjunct, sextile, trine, square, or opposition Jupiter.

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Composite Chart: Moon - Saturn Aspects

When the composite Moon is conjunct composite Saturn: 

While this may not be apparent at the beginning of your relationship, emotional heaviness is something you're bound to deal with. Some awkwardness or shyness with one another, however, is likely right from the start. It can be difficult feeling at ease expressing your emotions and innermost feelings/desires with one another for fear that the other person will somehow disapprove or fail to fulfill, acknowledge, or sympathize with them. Self-consciousness or awkwardness can be a real problem. You might avoid "messy" emotional expression, or keep things from one another as a result. Or, one person might attempt to keep emotional conversations going, but feel unsupported by the partner. Overall, there is a sense that you can't truly be yourselves or open up on an intimate, emotional level with one another. On the other hand, there can be a real sense of duty and responsibility to one another, long-term commitment and emotional maturity in this relationship. A strong feeling of needing one another is likely. There might be short separations and reunions. There can also be a sense that you're both strong or mature enough to deal with problems or hardships. There is a feeling that there is no rush while you are together, as you will have enough time to explore whatever you want to explore with each other at a later date, and this can be a very good feeling.

When the composite Moon is square or in opposition to composite Saturn:

Emotional inhibitions are bound to pose a problem in this relationship. While there can be a lot of frustrations, holding back, and feelings of being unloved or unsupported in this relationship, there can be a simultaneous feeling of neediness. There can be guilt trips or strong feelings of duty or responsibility for one another. You might be a feeling of loneliness while together, as there seems to be a barrier between you or a lack of basic understanding on a heart level. You might become fed up and separate, only to reunite again either due to feelings of guilt or dependency on one another. Coolness is often present when supportive sympathy or empathy would be more appropriate and helpful.

When the composite Moon trines or sextiles composite Saturn:

You are an emotionally mature and responsible couple, able to weather most any storm together and to hold it together through the toughest times. The feelings you have for one another are generally consistent and reliable, and while you are unlikely to plumb one another's emotional depths, this relationship can feel satisfyingly secure to you. There is a feeling that there is no rush while you are together, as you will have enough time to explore whatever you want to explore with each other at a later date, and this can be a very good feeling.

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